Grigoryant's Gal- Post op- 1 YEAR!

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Hey, y'all! First off, thank you everyone for...

Hey, y'all!

First off, thank you everyone for writing your reviews! They have been extremely helpful.

I want to pay it forward, so here I am!

Only a few people know I am doing this. I remember when I was younger I told my sisters that I wanted it done and most of them flipped out on me. One said I was being vain, one said I would be losing my "character", the other two said I didn't need it. I was very impressionable and I backed out. It's been years since then and I still stand by my decision to want to do this for myself. I am not telling anyone until after. (My husband knows and will be taking care of me during that week)

I chose Dr. Grigoryants based on a lot of wonderful reviews, great website photos, and 3 other consultations I've had in the past few years with other surgeons. I didn't mesh with the other surgeons and didn't feel at peace. I feel at peace with my decision this time and I believe my expectations are realistic.

I don't hate the overall shape of my nose, I would like the base not as wide, septum straitened, and the bump reduced. I like the fact that my tip is round and already has somewhat of a supratip, however I dislike how wide my tip is when I smile. My nose is also crooked (probably from the septum) hopefully it can be made straight and a little more symmetrical. I seem to rely on one angle for every photo. So annoying!

I am very hopeful about my experience with Dr. G!

2 months to go!

I hope Dr. G and I have similar visions for my nose.

I've been messing around plastic surgery apps on my phone. I try not to over manipulate the image to be more realistic (if that's possible). The following pics are a rough idea of my vision or my nose.

Paid for surgery yesterday!

I've been contemplating this surgery for so long it hasn't felt real until yesterday when I called and paid for it. I'm so excited and getting more and more nervous. I haven't really talked about what the process has been like up to this point so I will now.

After keeping up with all the rhinoplasties on this site for months and months, I found girls who went to Dr. G and I went to his website. I was really shocked at how many before and after photos he had. I sent the office an email with my photos as the directions on their website instructed to do and Dr. G wrote me back.

He told me all the things he had in mind for my nose and they were spot on with what I wanted. (Tip reduction/ hump reduction and alar reduction) For someone that was told for so long that there wasn't anything "wrong" with my nose, it was SO validating to be on the same page.

I felt really good about him and continued to follow the realselfers. He and his staff have been punctual and kind to me. The front desk ladies have thick accents and I think they are a little rushed when they talk to you, but it didn't bother me.

I originally scheduled last year for November. I had to reschedule because I was breastfeeding and decided it would be easier to travel once my little one was older.

I had a small gap in late April/early May I could schedule for where my husband would be able to come with me. I was told they only schedule three months in advance, so I waited patiently for February to come. I called Zara the first day in February! I got booked for April 30th.

So here I am waiting!

I live in Kansas. We are driving with my 1yr old daughter AND our dog! I just couldn't leave her behind, she's sooo attached to me. I am also still breastfeeding but my daughter is fine with bottles and I'll be pumping and freezing for that week.

Dr. G. said I can't breastfeed that week because I'll be on antibiotics. (I don't plan on taking any other medications, but don't hold me to it)

I can't believe it's almost here!

Took some selfies today

Only about 2 more weeks to go! Yikes! The nerves are starting to kick in. Had my blood tests done last week by the VA. They faxed the results over to Dr. G and I am in the green for surgery. Just waiting. I'm excited to visit California. My family eats a lot of fruit and veggies and I hear the farmer's markets are good. Anyway, here are some photos I took today in the car. Farewell bumpy, wide, nose!

having troubles uploading. I'll try again

We are heading out tomorrow for California!

The time has finally come for us to make our trek across the midwest. I am so excited and nervous. I just want to make sure that I express myself to Dr. G clearly and that we are on the same page. From what everyone has said about him, it shouldn't be too hard to talk to him. Less wide base, narrow the tip, reduce or completely remove bump. I have to keep reminding myself what I want. I feel like I'm blanking out now that it's almost here. Reminds me of A Christmas Story when the mall Santa asks Ralphy what he wants for christmas and he completely forgets and says "football". That's gonna be, Dr. G...that's what I want.

I have been having some pretty crazy dreams lately. I dreamed that I was at my consultation and they started preparing me for surgery. I was like "Wait, this is just a consultation, I need to speak to Dr. G first!" the staff kept telling me that he no longer does in person consultations, only email. I was like "If I don't see him, I'm not going through with it" So they let me off of the operating table and i started looking for him in the hospital (which looked like a mall, accept the walkways were spiraling up, I passed a haunted room that was really scary and dark like a black pit(this dream sounds like Beatle Juice) finally I met up with him (at a bar, lol) and he started telling me all the things he would fix on me and finally I agreed to meet him back at the operating room. When I finally made it through the haunted maze of a hospital (which was packed with people) and back to the OR, I saw Dr. Gr walking in, he had a Jason mask on and was pulling up is mouth mask up over it. SCARY!!
The following night I dreamed I woke up from surgery only to find out that another person did my surgery and didn't change anything but my nostrils.

Think I'm a little anxious maybe? lol

So far my only post surgery items only include a neck pillow and bioten (spelling?) spray. I'll be consuming lots of fresh fruits and green smoothies to help with healing.

I'm off to bed!

Thanks for all the support!

I made it to the other side!

Just wanted to let y'all know I made it through surgery. I am enjoying the deep sleep today. My husband is busy keeping baby out and about while i rest. The sleep has been very healing for me even beyond surgery. I feel like i haven't had deep, deep sleep since munchkin was born. Everything went smoothly! I have more to update after i enjoy some more rest. No nausea, very little pain. Til next time, goodnight!

Day 2

The day before my surgery I had my consultation with Dr. G. His office staff was polite and thorough. I filled out a bunch of forms then went back to the room to wait for him. He came in, we discussed my vision for my nose and he added his thoughts. He thought my nose was a tad too long for my face, he also noticed i had a collapsed valve on my right side (something i never knew, but im excited about breathing better!) The collapsed valve attributed to the "dip" on that side which made my nose look really curvy. He asked me what kind of noses i like. I didn't really have an answer. I guess i like my nose just not wide and bumpy. So we decided not to raise the tip or scoop it out.( im pretty happy with my profile to begin with) Just shorten the tip, narrow tip/ nostrils, remove bump, repair collapsed valve.

I showed up the next day bright an early at 6am. Went to admitting then a holding room where i changed and got the IV line started. The staff at the hospital were soooo nice and comforting. The orderly came and got me about 7 and wheeled me into a pre-OR room where i waited more. Met with my anesthesiologist who was really kind. Then dr g. Came in about 745 looked at my face, chitchated a second then a nurse came in and wheeled me into the OR. I had to remove my underwire bra (for future reference) the last thing i remember was moving to the operating table then bam, lights out. Then i remember darkness and someone talking to me but i was too tired to move or open my eyes. I remember hearing myself say "my nose hurts" lol. Then someone shoving crackers in my mouth and pills. I must have been so knocked out. I couldn't even wake up when my husband came to get me. They wheeled me out to the car and he drove me home. I was still passed out. Got home got into bed and you guessed it..I passed out.

I don't remember anything of recovery except the crackers going in my mouth and someone putting my clothes on. They were so kind to me.

Day 1 I slept. I already had hydrocodone from hospital. It helped me sleep. I didn't take it that night and it was too uncomfortable to get into deep sleep. So i took one at 1am then i was out.

Day 2 (today) has been pretty easy. The only time i feel nauseous is when i change my drip pad. Only dull pain like a headache. And breathing through my mouth is much easier than i thought! Although when i sleep i breath out my nose still (it wheezes and wakes me up)

I didn't take arnica as you can see my pretty bruises. Swelling hasn't kicked in yet. I've been icing with pees. I've been eating from the farmer's markets and they have not disappointed! Pineapples are sweeter, cherries are rich with flavor, the watermelon tastes like bubble gum. Really enjoying California!

an interesting side note..

Dr G's staff told me to eat soft food for the first day or so then to eat whatever i want. Apparently they had some pts pass out at splint removal because they weren't eating enough. I can understand that, yesterday i didn't want anything. So i just drank smoothies and nibbled on fruit. Im happy to say my appetite is picking up and i can taste all my food. It is a little tender when i chew tho. Also i have this urge to blow my nose which is really annoying. The blood is turning into a clear substance now.

Day 3

Today has been a little tougher for me. Swelling kicked in as well as headaches. The narcos make me dizzy and yucky feeling. But i can't sleep good without them. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to come off them without this weird hangover feeling.

Lost my appetite today but have been trying to eat all day. Had smoothies, watermelon, pineapple, and a peanut butter sandwich. Think ill try some quinoa tonight. Just feel yucky. I think recovery may have been easier if id never started the hydrocodone.

So far the best thing i purchased was the biotene. Really helps at night. Also i have been drinking about 3 liters of water at least. Im really thirsty. The neck pillow was definitely worth it.

Sorry if this update is hard to follow! I feel a little loopy.

Still oozing pink/clear liquid. Still wearing my drip pad.

I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be easier and that today was hump day!

technically day 5

Garrr! So hungry but im too congested tp swallow! That's the hardest part for me. Its hard to drink or eat. Dr. G said that's common. I can take half a benedryl. Hopefully that dries me up. I feel like im turning into skellatore over here. Also my cast itches. I learned my lesson with vicoden. Never again if i can help it. Makes me so sick. Tuesday i get the splints off and i can't wait! I am only on Tylenol today. I hope my body evens out from all those vicoden soon.

Cast off!

I just updated this whole long shpeel and lost it! Bummer! Ill have to update again tomorrow with the details, but for!!! Im so so sooooo happy with it. Words cannot express my gratitude. I know its swollen, but i still love it! Update tomorrow, friends.

i wanted to go more into detail about my cast removal.

The day before I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic not being able to breath and swallowing became continually harder. I came to the point where i couldn't eat anymore because the pressure in my ears when i swallowed made me feel like i couldn't breath. I also think coming off of vicodin messed with my emotions/anxiety. Anyway! I emailed dr. G and told him what was going on. He said he could meet me the next day to take it off. I was so relieved. I was scheduled Tuesday because he doesn't work Mondays but technically my cast was ok to come off. Im soooo relieved he came in to help me out. At that point i didn't even care what my nose looked like, i just wanted that stuff outa my nose! After he removed the cast i was so shocked to see that cute nose staring back at me. He warned me i would look a little like a pig and an avatar. Im not quite seeing that. Every time i look in the mirror, i see a mole, i think cause my face is more narrow. Beady little eyes with a fat nose. Still happy with the nose itself! Just ready for swelling to go down.
If you're doing this with a baby, get extra help. I had my husband, and he was amazing, did everything for both of us all week, but now we're traveling home, we are both spent! Should've asked mom to come out. But we made it through.

Thanks for all the love and support, yall really mean so much to me.

I told my mom a week or so ago and her reaction surprised me. She said she was proud of me for doing what i said i always wanted. That meant a lot. I have since told two other sisters as well and they have been also surprisingly supportive. However, they're no where near as excited about it as i am and how y'all have been for me. If it wasn't for all you guys i wouldn't be here right now. All those reviews on here led to me finally having the courage to do it.

Thank you!

The waiting game. Warning- Gross!

My nose is still very swollen!

Today something cool/gross happened. Two scabs located on the internal stitches came out with some stitches. I know that may be tmi, but when you have crusties in your nose forever then finally their out, it's the best thing in the world. The alar sutures have completely closed and the clear stitches are almost completely dissolved or came out. Bruises almost completely gone. But I still look like a mole.

Irrigate and Lurbricate:
I have a routine that has made this whole process more comfortable. I take a shower every day sometimes 2x if i have time. I use the saline spray in the shower and let the steam moisten everything up. Then i get a q-tip and gently twist it in my nose to get any stuck boogers (because you can't blow your nose for an additional week after cast removal) usually because of the saline and steam you can get your nose really clear. I then apply vasoline (Dr. G said vasoline or olive oil. I tried both. I found the olive oil too runny) on the inside of my nose with a q-tip as well on the alars. I do this usually at night. Then I apply the tape. I keep vasoline and q-tips with me incase i need to gently itch my nose or moisten it.

Sometimes my nose looks like it has a significant bump. I assume this is swelling.

2 weeks post-op!

Finally took some photos today to show y'all the progress! I know I've complained about looking like a mole, but in all seriousness I am so glad I went through with this surgery. I was talking to a worker at Lowes today and I realized afterword that I didn't feel self conscious about my nose at all. Before when I would talk to people I would have this feeling like my nose was a distraction. ( I doubt any one was distracted by it, but I sure was) I feel like the surgery did exactly what I wanted. I wanted to draw attention to my eyes and let them take the focus of my face.

Swelling is going down but it's a slooow process for me. The "avatar" swelling between my eyes is being stubborn. It's also very hard between my eyes, almost like bone. The other day I wondered if Dr. G actually did more to my nose because it felt like bone up there. But that's silly. Why would he make it bigger?? lol. I'm also very calm with the swelling process because sometimes my nose looks gigantic, usually at night! Like way bigger than before. Dr. G. took away from my nose, he didn't make it bigger! So I'm just patiently waiting. However, even though the swelling makes it look huge sometimes, it still looks more symmetrical and less of a distraction on my face.

Couple of stitches fell out after my nightly shower routine (YES!!) Sometimes when the stitches are working their way out the tickle and poke the insides of your nose and OMG that's annoying!. Sorry, I run a tight ship with my nose. I like it cleaaan. It feels so weird to smile. Like my nose is really stiff and I just want to wiggle it around. I think it's my allergies acting up. Allergies since I got back have been crazy worse! It seems like EVERYTHING is bothering me. I wasn't bothered by my cat when I left. Why is he bothering me now?? Maybe it's not him, maybe it's pollen. Poor cat, I'm always blaming him for things. Lots of boogers and weird crusties coming out still. I think my stitches are almost completely out now.

Weird fact. I need to email Dr. G. Where my stitches are, there is a whitish looking flesh around the stitches, I thought there might be puss on it (or a booger). If it's still there tomorrow, I'm going to email him.

This was a really boring update, but I want to make sure I include all the details I can so y'all know what to expect or get scared if something like this happens to you.

i emailed Dr. Grigoryants

About the weird yellow scabs on my stitches. He said it was suture site irritation/infection. And that it was common. He told me to put neosporin on it once a day for 4 days and to keep him posted. I wrote him in the evening and he responded the same night! I feel very taken care of with him. Very grateful. Relieved it's nothing to worry about.

3 weeks post op

Swelling is continually coming down and my eyes are almost back to normal. There are a couple of concerns that have come up. 1) swelling on my left side is worse and it looks lopsided and crooked- i hope it's really swelling! 2) my smile looks soooo weird! I used to have more gum show. Hope my old smile comes back.

Breathing is almost 100% although at night it crusts up and i wheeze through my nose.

The in-laws are here and haven't noticed it. They're too distracted by my hair! No one has noticed. My sister said that now that my eyes aren't as swollen she hardly notices it. My husband says he can't imagine my old nose, that he's already forgot what it looks like. I take so many selfies now (i may have a problem LOL), i forgot the old me too....except when i smile...then its like "Who the heck are you?!!!"

I'm busy with my little one right now but i will load pictures later. :)

pics as promised!

I was going through some old photos on the computer today. I felt nostalgia for my old smile. booo. I'm still happy I did it, just waiting for my face to "normalize".

I found some pics of me that I thought would be interesting. One is when I was 3 months pregnant and so sick from morning sickness I was reaaally skinny. My nose looks small in that one. And in my 8th month preggers photo I was quite chubby and all the extra fluid made my nose look so huge! So I'm adding those photos for fun. Also, the fact that with different hair color I look like a completely different person! No wonder no one has noticed. :)
Will add more photos of the new nose at my month mark. Hope y'all are doing great and thanks for all the encouragement!!

Post-op 1 month!

Wow! It's been a month since my surgery! It feels so good to be on the other side after wanting this for so long. I still feel like a little kid at Christmas time. It is exactly what I wanted. I must have had realistic goals because even with swelling and the bump that may or may not dissipate, I'm still so thrilled with my nose. The improvement is amazing.

Nose still feels tight when I smile, but my smile is returning! I made time for hair and makeup today which was amazing! So I'm adding all my gussied up photos.

Swelling is a lot less, but stubborn between my eyes. My tear ducts are even swollen. I don't think there is one part of my nose that he didn't "help". LOL. Bridge, tip, alars, I got the works.

Alars are completely healed and the incision sites are healed. Every once in a while strange boogers come out and my nose feels swollen. Other than that, I'm back to normal. I have picked up running and start back with weights on Monday.

Will try to add no makeup photos tomorrow to show better detail.


There is more swelling on one side. It doesn't bother me at all. He did a great job on my nostrils.

thoughts today

Nose is still taking shape. I have started back with the weights and running. I lift three days a week and jog 3 days a week. I do really light running nothing more than 3 miles. I really don't notice any horrible swelling afterward but i had some soy sauce on a ton of rice and veggies last night and boy did i notice a difference in the morning! It's really sensitive to sodium. I normally have almost no extra salt so it's easy to pinpoint the cause. I haven't had any nosebleeds and i notice when i blow my nose more air gets through (and debree gross). My airways are definitely clearer. I looked in the mirror the other morning and was like "i love my nose!" Then this morning i was like "woah, what happened to you!" So go easy on the salt if you retain water easily.

I am still taping even though he said 1 month. I tape because it looks better in the morning when i do. I no longer lubricate and irrigate unless im stuffy or my nose feels dry/ichy.
Im so glad i did this. It makes me wish id done it sooner, but then i wouldn't have had y'all to help me find Dr. G and get through the whole journey!

I deal with fears sometimes that it will change over the next year for the worse. Esp with the swelling, that fear arises. Or what about 5-10 years down the road. Do y'all ever think about that too? Anyway, i try not to dwell on the unknown and just enjoy it now! It wasn't getting any smaller or straighter before surgery!

side by side comparisons

Had a request for some side by side comparisons so i made a few collages. I feel like the changes were really subtle. Especially after seeing these collages.

3 Months Post op!

Sorry I've been MIA. It's amazing how quick I've adapted to my nose. It used to be quite a distraction in my life. Now my life has filled up with so much more. Around the 2 month mark I noticed a bump that was more prominent on one site and it made the nose still look a little uneven. Now that the swelling has gone down it no longer really bothers me. It is still there, but the swelling makes it much more exaggerated. The tip has gone down quite a bit too. I had some professional photos taken for the first time in my life and it was a blast. Of course I'll be attaching some of those :) It feels so great not to think about my nose. I hope you all are doing great. I am going to email Dr. G tonight or tomorrow. I'll try to update and let y'all no what he said.

Felt like a rant

I can't believe a year ago this time I was anxiously searching the internet for doctors and info on rhinoplasties. Now it's over and I'm so so relieved that it turned out the way it did. I'm so happy! I notice I've been taking more risks and putting myself out there more. I'm usually quite introverted and have a hard time taking risks getting to know people. I get energy from alone time and painting/creating. Now that I'm no longer insecure about my nose I find myself in a lot more social settings and really enjoying myself. I think that being a stay at home mom has helped me appreciate the company of others as well.
My nose used to be a constant source of irritation for me. I felt annoyed that I was insecure about it. Like I just wanted to be free of that distraction. It worked...I hardly think about my nose and I am enjoying my life so much more than before.
I used to want to be a model or an actress when I was in high school. I would watch films or see magazines and be filled with inspiration and wonder. I was tall and would get approached in public by scouts but I would usually just toss the cards away because I was so insecure about my acne (hiding under pounds of foundation, that was the wrong color LOL) and of course my nose. It was easier not to try. In my family, honor, being smart, and prudent were strong values. Our appearances were never praised and the influence of "worldly" things was minimized. I'm grateful for my sheltered upbringing because it protected my innocence. I value my innocence greatly as an artist. I love my parents with all my heart. But there came a time (which happens to be now) when I needed to go my own way regardless of what they wanted for me. The funny thing is, I had no idea until this year how much I used to live to gain their approval. Someone once said to me "no one else has to live your life but you". I think this is true.
Out of high school I wanted to go to art school and maybe Hollywood. I was always playing around with the idea. My older siblings who had graduated college with degrees and couldn't find jobs kept telling me to ditch the art school dream and go medical. They love me and only want to set me up for success, but that sounds like soul suicide to me. I took a job as a dental hygienist assistant working for an uptight woman and her uptight father who was a dentist. To this day, that was the most miserable job I've ever done. I was in Afghanistan one winter night, sitting on my spot box next to my aircraft, eating a nasty Styrofoam tray of food in the freezing rain at about 0300 and I thought to my self (I will never forget this moment) "This is still better than working in that dentist office with all those stuffy uptight people." I'm probably paraphrasing but you get the point.
After years in the military, an amazing husband and a baby... the realm of art still calls my soul, SO.....
I decided to get some photos taken professionally (which is a huge step for an introvert) and am going to try some local modeling for some extra cash (to pay off this dang beautiful nose) I might get involved in some local plays. I'm tired of being afraid or listening to negative thoughts that have literally stolen years of my life.

It all started with the red hair...

One night, months ago, my soul was feeling restless and caged. I asked my husband to pick up red hair dye and I glopped in on my hair and voila! Red hair! I then started to plan my rhinoplasty and kept it a secret. Now I'm planning on taking acting classes, going to open calls and even considering art school again. I know this sounds strange but I feel like the red hair gave me super hero powers! It was the first thing I did that my family didn't think I should do and the dam broke. This fall I am starting the transition back to my natural hair color (light brown) but I needed to borrow some mojo from my inner-red head.
I'm so excited about the future, as long as I'm creating, that is a true adventure. Before the red hair, I was considering medical school because I'm book smart but deep down inside I knew that I would be miserable...but my family would feel happy and in control.
I'm not taking as much of a risk because my husband is in the medical field so I don't have to worry about making ends meet. But if you are young and have a passion for something, I encourage you to pursue it with ALL YOUR HEART. Take risks! Live! Life is short. If you find yourself in a position where you are having to make safer choices and are unable to pursue full throttle then I would say find a way to keep doing your passion on the side, meet others who are passionate...don't let that fire die.. If you have to, dye your hair red, or change your nose LOL, don't let anyone hold you back ;)

This rhinoplasty has freed me up. I really can't express the gratitude I feel for Dr. G and all of you on here! Not to mention proud of myself for taking a risk.

Ok...that's my soap box moment for the day. Wishing you all a great day!

3 month pics

about the nose... the tip is tight and I feel little scar tissue where the incisions were in the front. I still blow out little "hard candy" boogers that are strange. Everything else is back to normal. The inside is still a tad tight. breathing is good!

6-7 months update!

I apologize I haven't prioritized this review. I completely forget my nose most days. Sometimes I look at old photos and I'm like WOAH, what a honker! I'm going to add some of those photos for your viewing pleasure.

The tip still as some considerable swelling, but isn't big to me. It's such an improvement I'd be happy if it stayed this size.

The down side.. dun dun dun....

There is a small divot in one side. I looked at before pictures and it was there before (Dr. G said that this is wear I had a deviated septum and even asked me if I had, had a previous rhino!)
I'm wondering if this can be fixed.

Halloween was my 6 month mark and I sent him photos to look at. He said that he wants to see what it looks like at 12 months, when the swelling is mostly gone, to decide if I should get a revision. I'm kinda hoping there is an easy fix...It bugs me in pictures (but no where NEAR as bad as my old nose) Some days it's not as bad so hopefully when swelling goes down it won't be as drastic.

swollen days

The nose changes from day to day. Wanted to show a more swollen day. If you sent me a PM, bare with me im getting to them. Someone asked if id recommend bringing in pictures of noses of people we liked... id say yes, also i would bring in a photo of yourself to draw on, it might help. Bring in everything you want, it can't hurt. Don't judge your nose too early either. There is nothing you can do for a whole year anyway, try to relax and focus on enjoying friends, hobbies, and loved ones. Put your makeup on, dress up, treat yourself right, no matter what your nose looks like right now. You deserve it and are so valuable.

Lessons I've learned:
Even though my rhinoplasty came out beautifully... different insecurities still arose after surgery. It sounds cliche but if you don't love yourself before surgery, chances are you won't after. Im learning to treat myself good and not crucify myself for flaws....good lesson. Very cheesy. Haha.. kicking myself for all the time i held myself hostage from life because of insecurities!

Love to everyone who's been with me along the way :)

The "divot"

Here is an up close shot of the dip in my nose that bothers me. Most of it is shadow, but towards the top where the dip starts it feels like a small indent or hole in part of my bridge. BUMMER! I don't notice it in the mirror really. However in pictures it's becoming more obvious to me. Dr. G. wants to wait till the 12 month mark to decide what to do.

front before.

I had a request for a front shot of my face before. You can see the divot was already there

another month gone

I hope y'all enjoyed your holidays! Not a lot has changed with my nose. Still playing the waiting game with healing to decide whether or not to get a revision for the small dent on one side. I'm so much more confident taking pictures it's amazing. Plastic surgery is such a controversial subject in our society. However, body altercation has been a practice through the expanse of time and all over the world. To my knowledge (any anthropology majors feel free to correct me) we are the only society to set up beauty standards then crucify the individuals who wish to alter appearance to feel more confident and beautiful. it's a double edge sword. Maybe it's our cultculture's religious heritage that pushes against vanity and anything that is considered self serving. This could just be me because im a southern girl raised in a religious/anti plastic surgery environment. I remember hearing the men I was around talk about breast implants so negatively and talked in a derogative way about the women who had them...they'd say negative things about wearing makeup too..all while gawking at big boobed blondes with tons of makeup.

I am grateful for plastic surgery and will probably have my boobs done after im done breastfeeding. I wonder if out west or up north people are more open to plastic surgery. I hope our society will stop shaming people who just want to be happy like everyone else. I don't like demonizing models or Hollywood or plastic surgery. They are apart of our culture and if someone genuinely doesn't like our culture then they can be the change they wish to see and that IS WONDERFUL but don't crucify others who embrace their culture.

Will update with pics tonight!

9 month before and after pics

I only have one picture of this month. I am wanting to go back to my natural hair color but I'm not sure yet. Wanted to get more opinions. Should I stay dark or transition back natural?
I love my nose and had way to much fun making these collages. I made them on powerpoint. I hope they are large enough to see.


Had a request for a profile pic. Sorry, my phone camera is awful! I'll try to find some up close shots too for you.

Requested pics

I think y'all just wanted to see an up close, after, front shot, and a before profile to compare to my other profile. It is so hard to find up close before shots of my nose because I haaaated front angles. I have searched my computer. The only good front one from before is the one I already added. Let me know if you have any questions. I also considered adding pictures of the rental we stayed in. We loved it!

I really didn't want to add this one

First off, it's really blurry and far away. Mostly, I HATE it because my nose had a very odd bulbous shape. None of my family has this nose! I actually look more like my mother now and many people have told me so which is awesome!

Columella right after cast removal compared to 7 months

Here you go!
It did change! I didn't even realize it!

For all my friends in the early recovery phase

I had a couple of PMs asking for pics of my uneven swelling. Here you go! I still have days that it looks bigger. Diet is a big contributor to my swelling. When I eat low sodium/low inflammatory foods, my nose looks smaller. The photos attached are of the first 3 months.

11 months!

Gah-lee! The time has flown. I've been really busy with full-time school and my two year old. I should be doing hw right now but my daughter just went to sleep and I just want some down time.

Still love my nose. The divot is still there. I will be sending Grigoryants photos of my nose and asking him if there is anything we can do for the weird dent on one side. I think both sides have the minor dent but it's only noticeable on one side. I remember following girls on here then once their surgery was over they stopped updating as much and slowly disappear. I understand now why they went MIA. After about the 6 month there isn't much to update. My nose has pretty much settled in and I feel like my pics and posts are a bit mundane. Anyway, just wanted to check in and let yall know I still love my nose and it hasn't fallen off my face or anything ;)
Will post better pics at the 12 month mark.

1 Year Post-Op Photos!

So it's been a year! Wow, I can't believe it! My little one needs me right now. here is a front face shot for now to show my results.


1 year post op with Dr. Grigoryants!

Another before and after

1 Year follow up with Grigoryants

I finally got around to emailing Dr. G pics of my nose. I showed him that the dent was still there. (the "dent" was already there before surgery it just wasn't as obvious because of my bulbous tip) He told me that we could add cartilage or do fillers to fix the dent. I asked him which he preferred, he said fillers because I have thin skin and cartilage would probably show through in a few years. Thank God he is honest! I definitely don't want weird things poking through years to come. So I might be going back to him in the future to get some fillers in my nose. I don't trust anyone else. I may have to find somewhere closer tho... :(
Dr. G said that after the first few rounds of filler to my dent, it would probably stay for 1-2 years and I wouldn't need to keep coming back in for fillers all the time. I wish I knew a surgeon near me that I trusted.

All is good tho. I feel beautiful and am still very grateful for this surgery!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grigoryants was always polite with a no BS attitude. He was very clear about what he thought we should do and also listened to what I wanted as well. He took very good after-care of me. He responded to my emails quickly and Zara was very kind. She helped me with payment/ scheduling and all of my questions along the way. I am very happy with my experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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