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Rhino & Tummy Tuck is scheduled for next week so...

Rhino & Tummy Tuck is scheduled for next week so this review is only focusing on the staff (for now).
Sona is amazing! I have my Rhino & TT next week and insisted that 9 days later i go back into surgery to have my breast aug. The doctor gave the a-ok and personally asked his staff that i get priority on the cancellation list. Well Sona made it happen. Honestly it was a group effort as I received calls from others in the office. But Sona was the one who did the leg work :) And if you ever have had to schedule meetings, appointments, whatever then you know its a lot of moving around, coordination, time and effort. I was totally excited until my pre-op, which was yesterday. The evening before I was up the entire night thinking how could i elect to go back into surgery 9 days later when i have no idea how i will be feeling after my Rhino & TT. WTHeck was I thinking!
So yesterday Sona called to see if I could come in earlier since Dr. G got out of surgery early. Well thats when i told her how i was feeling. She said "if you're not 100% ready then no worries, when you come post-op for the first surgery we can revisit the BA then".
Now that is some customer service! She made me feel right about my decision, no pressure and even gave a back-up plan. She is an exceptional asset to the office!

Surgery is next week... I'll be posting about the work then.

Only 4 more days!!!

I have nothing purchased, my sons winter formal today and daughters birthday party tomorrow. Then work on Mobday &Tuesday.
What are thee most essential I need to get because I times running out!

Almost there!

And yet still nothing purchased. I'll let you all know what I've purchased as I've been gathering ideas from previous patients. This website really does help.

should I eat today????

Is it better to not eat today so that the Dr. can remove more skin since my stomach isn't bloated? Or will it even matter since he's doing Lipo???
Help! I'm starving :)

TT review only - 11 days post op

Even though I'm off of work my days go by so fast- sorry for my late review! I'm 11 days post op. Had a rhinoplasty and TT.
I'm optimistic for others but definitely pessimistic in my own life. So average it out and I'm a realist. So this was my experience....
Day of: Susan was the OR's nurse and the only nurse that was awesome the entire 24 hours at Verdugo Hospital. Seemed that the other nurses were not educated in PS as I was in the maternity section. Also they were tight on their supplies. I mean come on I paid $600 can't I get some gauze pads to-go!?!?
I had a section in my TT at was not properly stitched so Dr. had to come and shoot me with lanocane (numbing meds) and stitch it right there in the room on my bed. Now it seems that my right side wasn't properly stitched either cause a portion of it is like smocked (sewing technique) so i took a picture of that area and emailed the Doctor. He responded the very next morning and said thats inflammation and should be gone in about 6-8 weeks. Also like to say that whenever i email with questions, he personally responds.
I'm middle aged, married for 20 years, have 4 kids so I don't expect miracles. But I've got to say that my pubic area is AWESOME!!! Dr. G lifted it and it looks amazing (mind you, this was included in the price!) He also gave me a shape and some curves. My side profile doesn't look as good but thats because I'm still swollen. Does anyone know when it will go down?
Yes it does look like ive had issues with my stitches but Doctor assured me all is normal, so I am hoping for the best.
Items on my list that I use:
Bio Oil- rub not on stitches but around my stomach
Gauze pads- the ones that have the center cut out for the drains (when dr took those out first it was "ouch" then it was "aww, thank God")
The wrap- your sent with from the hospital gives you to wear. Only wish they would provide me 2 of them as one is washing I could be wearing the 2nd one.
Pain meds at night- as rest is needed to heal
Lots of Water- I'm not much of a water person but lately I need it. Probably cause of the Rhinoplasty.

I haven't been eating very healthy (4 kids and a hubby makes it hard) but will try to incorporate it soon. I did buy 3 kinds of silicone gel sheeting but not using them yet since the wounds are still slightly opened. Thinking after my post op visit I will start them and see which one I perfer.
I also will be purchasing a cream for scaring (any ideas would be appreciated?!?!?) There's a new Mederma that just came out and it's used for night time. I'll check the reviews for that before purchasing though. Other than those items that's all I've really needed thus far.
Pics will be downloaded soon.

Rhino.. before I forget

I know I haven't posted my review about the rhinoplasty (hoping tomorrow I have time) but thought I'd quickly share what happened today before I forget.
I was cleaning my nose with a qtip and these string like things were coming out. I frecked out because i haven't read a review about this on anyones post. So there I go emailing Dr. and he responded about an hour after saying total normal as those are the sutures.

Before and post-op 11 days.

This was taken the same day as the last one I posted. You can see a major difference but again it seems that as the days pass, instead of getting smaller, my nose feels like it's going back to normal.

Gross but true!

since i can't blow my nose yet, I stuck in the mucus and as we know it comes out to my mouth (now that's pretty gross but we all know what I'm talking about). Anyhow, I end up spitting out blood and black stuff. I get the blood but wth is the black stuff?!?!

Just some Fyi on Dr. G - wonder if it's true.

I met the on-call Emergency Room doctor in the city of Oxnard the other day (long story) and we started talking since I had tape on my nose. he asked what happened so I told him my story. He mentioned his wife also got her nose job by dr. G and loves the results. He mentioned if I knew Dr. G was 3rd generation PS in his family! Grandfather, father and him. And that he probably has uniques techniques since his results are amazing.
Small world, renowned doctor, happy customers everywhere!!!

Today photos- Still VERY round :(

Looks almost like my original nose!

Tummy Tuck Question

OMGosh my stomach itches sooo much! Anyone out there has a remedy?!?! Please share!


Quick update... TT doing much better!!! Nose, well tip till looks big but profile is great. Hoping as everyone has mentioned, it's just swollen and in time it will get narrower. :)

long over due but not much change

Kind of disappointed to say that my nose hasn't changed much, like at all. Other than the side profile, the tip is still very round. Hoping it still will get narrower but even on good days it doesn't look that different. What makes me feel worse is my husband saying how it's going back to normal.
My tummy tuck is still numb and swollen but it's a total difference and I'm very happy with the results.
Unfortunately because my nose isn't what I wanted, I won't be going to him for my BA and Lift. Also I'll probably need a revision for the tip after a year. I mean, come on now, I spent thousands of dollars for a smaller nose and I only got a good profile it of it. That's not very fair.
Sorry, I guess I'm a bit bitter so I'll keep quiet now :)

So far so Goid

Haven't updated in a LONG time since I'm on the quest for a great Breast Lift with Implant doctor. Looking for the thinnest, smallest scars, preferably Lollicup incision, areoles must be small and symmetrical (not lopsided after paying thousands of dollars) and implants that are not out to the sides but nicely in the middle of my chest cavity. And definitely overly precautious about cleanliness, safety and longevity.
ANYWAYS... Here are some pictures of my tummy tuck, 3 months post op. But I am almost 4 months post-op, just waiting a few more days till exactly 4 months.

5'6 1/2", 135#, breast lift w/implant CA expert needed!

My goodness, why am I having a hard time picking a doctor!
What I'm looking for is a breast lift, high profile, 425cc, under muscle
- THIN scaring
- symmetrical nipples
- nice round nipples, not oval shaped
- not a huge anchor scar under breast
- fairly priced
- not a doctor that's so full of themselves that if I'm not happy with the results or if he/she makes a mistake, they won't fix it cause they feel they never makes mistakes
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Excellent staff, excellent experience

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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