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Well… like most of you, I have wanted this...

Well… like most of you, I have wanted this surgery for a very long time. The reason: plain and simple, I hated my nose. Like many, I struggled with having the trifecta of bad noses: size, bump, and profile. I hated all three characteristics, and I felt like I was born with a strangers I knew that I was meant to have a different nose, so after a year of research, I decided to finally undergo the procedure. I narrowed it down to two doctors Dr Ashkan Ghavami from Beverly Hills, CA and Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants from Glendale, CA.

Why I became a Grigoryants Girl !

After several months of research, I decided to go with Grioryants because not only did he have amazing reviews all around (all websites-including, his before and after pictures were also great. This biggest tip I have when choosing a doctor is to look at the before and after pictures and ask yourself two questions. 1. Does the person on the picture look better than before? 2. Does the nose look natural? Lots of doctors tend to give everyone the same looking nose, but there are only a few doctors that are truly talented to sculpt a better version of your nose that is customized to your face. He is truly an artist because he understands the different ethnic characteristics and takes them into consideration when performing the procedure. The other reason why I picked him was how nice, cordial, sweet, and professional he is. That is also why he receives so many amazing reviews. He will answer all your questions through the whole process and if you have and doubts or concerns he will address them all. ALSO! His consultation is FREE! Beware … however, if you schedule a consolation on the weekend you could be waiting from 1-3 hours! He is usually booked 3 to 4 months in advanced. My consultation was in February and my surgery was performed on July 3, 2014.

If anyone is curious as to why I did not go with Dr Ashkan Ghavami here goes…… for the following reason. 1. He charges between $250 to $300 depending on the season, and I read horror stories that he will still make you wait for hours even though you pay to see him! 2. Costumer service/ Bedside manners/Responsiveness all suck. My best friend schedule a consultation with him which she completely regrets and felt that his staff was cold and snobby. She also said that he rushed her during her consolation and she felt that unless she was famous or provided some value to his practice other than money …he could care less . Now… I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. You know... Maybe he was having a bad day or he wasn't on his A game. However, I was surprised to read similar reviews about his practice on this website. 3. He chargers double for a Rhinoplasty $14,000 and his reviews were not impressive at all. He even had a couple of “Not Worth it” reviews on this site included patience that were very upset with their results.

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in uploading before pictures. I was having a hard time finding normal front view pictures. Never liked taking pictures before, and I would always make silly faces because I hated my nose. I will try to find profile pictures next.

The longest Month of my life !

Seriously, it’s so funny how dead on people are on this website about their experience through the recovery process with rhinoplasty. Before getting this procedure, I read a ton of postings regarding the recovery process because I wanted to mentally prepare myself. OMG! I’m glad I did or I would not have Everything you will read is dead on and will be applicable in one way, shape or form. In fact, I guarantee that if you discovered this website before you undergo your procedure you will come back after and reread postings on recovery for mental peace and comfort.

What to expect in the first month of recovery: Anxiety, Fear, Sadness, Relief, Uncertainty, Joy, Shock, and, most of all lack of Patience. Be ready to ride a roller-coaster of emotions. First stop is anxiety - The first month of recovery is absolutely the hardest. Starting with the cast removal! The cast removal is an experience in and of itself. You will be anxious and excited and that will completely go out the door after they remove the cast and both emotions will quickly be replaced with shock and amazement with how different your face will look! For me, it was a total overhaul of my nose or at least that is what I felt at the time. It was drastically different. This might not be everyone’s experience, depending on the depth of the procedure but for me, he fixed my profile, narrowed my bridged and also my tip. Full overhaul, so when I looked in the mirror I didn't even recognized my face. Now, it is VERY important to remain calm because you will most likely freak out with this dramatic change. I even felt sad because at that moment I realized that my face would never look the same and it’s not like getting a hair cut because your nose will not grow back…
Anyway, Cast came off and I didn't feel like I was super swollen which worried me because at that time I felt like my nose looked pinched, and I was also concerned that my nose was extremely upturned which I did not want to begin with. I wanted a very slight slop. My nose looked so tiny and it freaked me out because if I was swollen, and my nose looked small. I questioned what the heck was my nose was going to look like after the swelling subside. Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants however calm me down and explained to me that my nose was extremely upturned because I had swelling on my bridge and over time my tip would drop.
The following 3 weeks are really hard because you will look in the mirror and some days you will love your new nose and other days you will question the results. I would also alternate from looking like an Avatar, Pig, Pug, Bug and Peter Pan. My eyes looked spaced out because of the swelling and needless to say it was not very fun. Again, be patient and take comfort in knowing that your nose will change drastically over the course of several months, and you are not an exception because that also went through my mind…. I was scared that I was an anomaly and had super healing powers and therefore would be stuck with an Avatar / Peter Pan nose….lol

One month ! loving my new nose!

I sincerely apologize for the pictures. I know they're not very good for the purpose of comparing before and after. I will take more and find better before pictures as well.
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