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I have always had complaints because of my...

I have always had complaints because of my voluptuous tip. After many years of persuasion to my parents, I at last received an 'okay' last year. So last year, I researched many plastic surgeon, even abroad like Korea for their plastic surgeons being the best and well known in this cosmetic industry. However, for the job that I had and money spent flying in and out, also for the nose that I had, I questioned if they could work with it well. Not being racist, but Asian noses are usually lower, and because it is what they are working on almost every day - making it higher - I wondered if they will be good in making big nose smaller. So I changed my direction of research to a Middle East. I studied that they are good in making big noses smaller. I found many doctors in Los Angeles including docs who had Halle Berry's nose and many other celebrities but they charged for consultation and the price was way over my budget.
So I actually went to a consultation where my friend had her nose done. He looked at my nose and said it will be a very complicated procedure because my skin is so thick at the tip, and I have a bump so he'll have to shave that down, and he'll have to put a thin silicone in it. What?! A silicone? My nose is already high enough! And he kept on saying things that were unnecessary - not things that I want to hear and positive, but he quoted me at $4500. The price was really good but all the things that he said was not promising and it turned me even more down because he said he'll have to do an open rhinoplasty.
So next consultation I went to was Dr. Grigoriyants. When I saw his after pictures, I had a feeling. He has aesthetics on how a good nose should look like. I went through every single before & after pictures - looked for a patient who had similar nose like mine, and before I even met him, I wanted him to do my nose.
There was about 2 months wait list for consultation. When the date finally came, I went and had to wait about 30 minutes, went inside the room, waited another 20 minutes for the doc to come in. He said because my skin is so thick, I won't be getting the perfect narrow nose I want. But to achieve close to it, he said he'll remove maximum cartilage, shave my nose down a little and most importantly, close rhinoplasty. He quoted me at $8500, which was a little more than what I have expected, and I thought I should talk to my parents about it, but I just scheduled a surgery date to Jan 29, 2014.
In November 2013, it seemed like my work schedule wouldn't fit into my surgery date, so I called the doc to change the surgery date, and the fasted date was April 9th. Wow. Three months wait. This guy must be making a lot of money!

Day of operation

I had my rhinoplasty at last. It was actually written Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. I got to the USC Verdugo Hospital at 8 am, filled out paperwork, got to meet nice nurses in the same day surgery room, and I was told to change into a gown and lay down in one of the beds. I felt a bit weird laying down because I was not sick. The nurse gave me a shot (she said it was just water), stuck a needle and taped it on my arm. I laid there waiting for about an hour and a half, and finally a nurse rolled me out into the operation waiting room. Again, I felt so weird getting rolled out on a bed - I wanted to get up, walk and help him roll the bed. In the waiting room, I waited again - this time I didn't have my cell phone or books I can kill time with - I was so bored! Later, Dr. G finally showed up in his scrubs and he went over what he'll perform and left. And I waited and an anesthesiologist came in, introduced herself, asked me questions and left. I waited again, and an OR nurse came, asked me questions and left. I waited again,,, god damn it! so many waiting times! A few minutes later, the OR nurse and the anestheologist both came and gave me a shot through the needle the nurse stuck on my arm earlier in the morning, and asked me questions like what's the new in celebrity gossip, gwyneth paltrow stuff, and I remember saying I don't know anything about celebrities because I'm not really interested... and BOOM! No more memory after that.
Like in the movies, my eyes slowly opened, the world was a bit blurry, I wasn't in the room I was in earlier, and somehow this nurse knew I was awake right in that moment. He asked if I was okay, if I felt any pain, how I would rate my pain in numbers. He said the operation went well, will inject some pain killers, now get some sleep, okaaay? And BOOM!
I was in the recovery room I was in earlier in the day. The nurses there asked me if I felt any pain, and I did. The pain wasn't that much, just a discomfort, so I rated it a 3, and she went to get a Norco pill. I started coughing - felt like I had a cold because I could feel there was mucus in my throat and it sounded like one. I was expecting a lot of swelling in my eyes but I was surprised that I could open my eyes wide and big, so I asked the nurse if my face was swollen, she said no and showed me my face with her cell phone camera. And I was FINE! Except that my nose had tape all over, a cast, and some blood, there was minimal bruising and almost no swelling. That was quite unexpected but a very pleasant surprise. The nurses helped me change into my clothes - I felt embarrassed so I told them I can handle it but they just dressed me. There went so many things like the nurse teaching me how to change drip pad, signing out to leave, nurse giving me a cracker and water, watching me take Norco pill, and more... I remember glimpse of it but not precisely everything... Later my mom came to pick me up, that was around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I was going to leave, I mean "walk out", but the nurses said nononononono we got to get you a wheelchair. So I said I can walk..!! I feel weird getting wheeled out... they said NONONO it is our policy you must leave out on a wheelchair... They won. I had to sit in a wheelchair. A nurse wheeled me out to my mom's car. The picture was taken while my mom was driving me home.
When I got home, I felt fine just a bit out of place and dizzy, so I tried to do stuff and move. But I felt nausea in my stomach, so I forced myself to throw up, and I threw up blood. Just a little bit of blood which the nurse said was normal earlier in the hospital. I slept a little, woke up, and forced myself to throw up - this time I threw up a little more - the blood must have gone the other direction during operation. Later I felt so weird in the stomach again, gave me very upsetting feeling, so I forced myself to throw up again - this time throw up as much as I can so everything that was in my stomach could be gone. At last I threw up a lot of blood that discolored to brown. Throwing up mad eme feel soooooooooo much better. I didn't throw up after that.
I didn't think I could chew much so I just swallowed some blackberries, started taking antibiotics and slept. That was the Day of Operation. Yay!

day of

5 days of recovery and Cast off day


On my 2nd day, I was so bored I wanted to go out, so I went out to groceries with my mom. However, I felt so dizzy and sick I couldn't go inside the market - I had to stay in the car and rest. Also I took a prescribed pill when I got home.
On my 4th day, I went out to movies and shopping. I had all eyes on me. Some people even turned their head as they were walking past me. Annoying! But I didn't care because I was too bored at home. No one's going to recognize who I am with the cast on my nose anyways :P
On my 5th day, I had to take an hour nap every 3 hours. It was very abnormal and unusual I was exhausted for some reason but I got my menstrual cycle the next day which might have caused exhaustion.
During the past 5 recovery days, what had been the most difficult was sleeping. Since my nose was all clogged up, I had to sleep with my mouth open which dried my mouth and my lips like a desert. It was really really painful. I regret not getting a humidifier. Those who are planning to get a nose job, GET A HUMIDIFIER!
I've been eating a lot of swelling free food: Pumpkin. Pumpkin reduces swelling (believe it or not). GET HUMIDIFIER AND A PUMPKIN.
I bled lymphs (clear blood) til the 5th day which was normal (I thought it'd stop on 3rd or 4th day but it didn't). Whenever I moved my mouth to eat, smile or yawn, it was really tight especially in between my nostrils area. I told people not to make jokes because it was painful not to laugh when it's funny. :\
There was a black string hanging from both sides of my nostrils that fell off while I was changing the drip pad. I was wondering what that black strings were...
Before I went to the doc before office visit, I was looking into my nostrils because it was so clogged up. What the hell was going on in there?! Surprisingly, I found there was a plastic thing deeply stuck in my nostrils and it moved as I was breathing. It didn't hurt, but it worried me because I thought it was silicone (which doc said wouldn't use) or a mistake the doc forgot to take out.
And on my 6th day, I went to the office to finally take my cast off. Before Dr. G came in, a nurse took the cast off for me. The skin of my nose was really gross for not being able to wash for a week. I told the nurse that there was a plastic thing inside my nostrils. She was surprised how it was stuck deeply in my nostrils. She used a tweezer to take the plastic, or what she called a "splinter", it hurt that it brought tears to my eyes. It was a thin piece of clear plastic that was half size of my finger which I thought was pretty big to be in my nostrils. As my soul was elsewhere (from seeing what was in my nostrils and the pain and refreshness) when the nurse was talking to me, a miscommunication started. She asked me if it fell off. I thought she meant "it" as to the black string that fell off while I was changing my drip pad. The black string was actually tied to one of the wholes that was in the splinter. That black string was what was hanging from both sides of my nostrils, that fell out during one of the recovery days. I said yes it fell off (the black string), and the nurse understood it as the other splinter fell out. And I was stupid not to think that the doctor would put two splinters because I have to nostrils!!! So she didn't take the other splinter out on my other nostril (I found it out when I got home). Anyways, when she did take the splinter out, it hurt but it felt so refreshing and nice. It felt GoOoOoOoD. I could breathe again!!! The nurse stepped out and Dr. G came in shortly after. He said the splinters are to keep the wounds separate so the walls of nostrils doesn't stick together while healing, and to keep boogers away from the wounds. He explained what he performed to my nose with a mirror and put beige tape on it that will help not to get swollen. He also said he'll inject some kind of steroid (I forgot what it was called) that thins the skin(?) after 9 months. I do have a thick skin around the tip of my nose, so my nose wasn't as pointy as my dream nose. Dr. G and other plastic surgeon during consultation mentioned that I won't be getting a narrow/pointy nose because of my thick skin, so that was expected.
And when I got home................. I looked into my nostrils because I still felt clogged up. And alas!!! Another splinter found on the other side my nostrils! Ho no...... I tried breathing out really hard so it comes out but nope, it didn't bother to move. So I emailed the doc saying "hey..... I have that plastic thing... can I try taking it out with my own tweezer?" LOL He emailed me right back saying "CALL ME". While I was pushing his numbers on my phone, the nurse who took the splinters called me and transferred to the doc. He told me he'd walk me through the phone to take the splinter out with my tweezer. I was a little shocked and scared to do it myself because I know how much it hurt when the nurse took out for me. Since I knew I was going to make weird sound as I take out myself, I told him I need to use flashlight on my phone to exactly where the splinter was and I'd email him back when I succeed. I didn't want him to hear my screaming for ten minutes.... :P How nice of me lol. But guess what. I was able to out in about 2 minutes. It did hurt. It brought tears to my eyes again. But it felt soooooooooooooooooo effin' good. I could breathe!!!! I emailed the doc right away that I succeeded. Tap tap on the shoulder to myself.
I still go "who are you??" whenever I see myself in the mirror. Seeing my new nose was and still is very awkward. It feels really tight when I smile. Smiling moves a lot of muscles of my face! Because of the swelling, my tip looked to lifted up like a pig/Michael Jackson. Maybe it looks fine but I'm not accustomed to it. I must to be patient.... I hope swelling goes away quickly! My coworkers said I didn't change dramatically. My father likes it because it looks natural and not 'same' as other people who have got their rhinoplasty. Some said my face became more feminine because my old nose was very big and masculine. I am looking forward to next few weeks for swelling to go away. Exciting.
As to pain, from the center corners of eyes to in between nostrils (where the incision was made, I believe) is very tight. It feels like I have bruise on my nose because it hurts like a bruise when I touch it. I didn't put make up on my nose area.
I need to revisit Dr. G in four weeks. Yayyy
Enough reviewing. I'll see you in four weeks. Bye!
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