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After years of wanting nose "refinement" and...

After years of wanting nose "refinement" and several consultations with "top" doctors later, I am finally pulling the trigger with Doctor Grigoryants. I am nervous beyond belief and of coarse am hearing from friends and family "are you sure"? But the reviews and patient photos lead me to believe he is the best for the job. I've lived with this nose for 50 years and am so ready for this!

So far, all contact with his office and the doctor have been virtual and over the phone. All all communication to this point has gone smoothly, and despite being a very busy man, Dr. Grigoryants has been very quick to reply to my barrage of emails.

Here are a few before photos.

Stay tuned....

More before photos

Night before ...pre-op done

Ok, so it's the night before my surgery and I finally met Dr. Grigoryants at my pre-op. I had a great first experience with him and his office staff. I am nervous about the outcome, but do feel we are in the same page, and we will go over the plan again tomorrow right before surgery. Dr. Grigoryants is soft spoken but obviously very confident about his work, and his approach is one in which he considers things such as age. Here a a few last pics of the old version of me. i will take photos tomorrow and if I feel up to it I will post them.

It's done!

I will apologize now for any typos...I'm in drugs LOL!

Let me start off by saying the entire experience at Verdugo Hills Hospital was great! The facility and the entire staff (pre-op, surgical and recovery) was amazing.

I don't remember a thing about the surgery and to this pint don't have pain...just slight pressure...very slight. I was nauseous and did throw up blood right after being taken to recovery. Coming off the anesthesia was the worst feeling for me. I don't like being "out of it".
After a total of 6 hours I was back resting in my hotel room.

Here are a few pics of today. Sorry for their orientation.

Thank you!

I have receive such positive and sweet messages in this dorum. Thank each and everyone of you!

Post-op days 1 & 2

Well the swelling has increased despite icing several times a day, but the good thing is I have no pain.. I stopped taking the perscribed pain meds yesterday an am just taking Extra Strenghth Tylonol 2x a day. Breathing is a bit better. My nose is not bleading...just yellowish drainage. Changing my bandage several times s day. Thanks to the advise of using throat lozenges....they have helped relieve my dry mouth/throat! (Can't get rid of my dry lips though).

Post-op day 2

Post-op Day 3 & 4

Hi everyone,

Here are photos of day 3&4. Today my bruising is really subsiding and turning yellow. Swelling is a lot better too. I'm still really stuffy and my nose is still draining, but other than that I feel great! H

Day 5

I sneezed and my nose started bleeding. I called th office at 7pm and they told me not to stress, I had prob. dislodged a blood boogie. The bleeding didn't last long. Tonight I will sleep sitting up.

Day 6 Cast removal

I had heard that getting the stints out and having your cast removed was painful. That was not the case at all... Dr. G has a very gentle touch. Do I like my nose? No, I LOVE it. I actually started crying when I saw it. I'm still a little bruised and have a bit of swelling, but I don't think it's bad at all.

The thing that struck me most was it is very obvious the doctor had actually listed to all of my wants and concerns...despite a short pre-op consult. He is truly gifted surgically, technically and yes ladies, he actually listens!

I was instructed to rinse my nose with saline, and tape it for one week. After one week tape only at night. No exercise or glasses for 1 month . I will see Dr. G in 6 weeks.

I will post weekly going forward to show your how my nose continues to settle. Thank you for all of your kind comments. This forum really helped me thru the entire process....and YES, I WOULD RECCOMEND DR.GRIGORYANTS

Post-op day 8

These little stubborn bruised under my eyes are taking their time to go away! No makeup no filter..NO OHOTOSHOPPING MY NOSE :-)

Life savers!

Here are the things that really helped me after my surgery:
NECK PILLOW...helps you sleep really strait up.
RICOLA THROAT DROPS: I can't express to you how dry your throat gets...these and a glass of water handy at all times really helped!
ARNICA GEL: I started dabbing this under my eyes 3xs a day right when I got home from the hospital. Some people don't believes it helps, but I do.

Oh and a THICk lip balm...Chapstick was not enough for me. I ended up using coconut oil and vasaline.

One week prior to surgery I eliminated all added salt and refined sugar. I upped my vitamin C and took Arnica Montana once a day prior to surgery and 3 times a day after surgery. Also one week before Isurgery, I started to take Bromelian, which is an enzyme that can help with inflammation...again some people believe this helps, some don't.
I stopped my perscribed pain medication the morning if day 2, and just took extra strength Tylenol when I felt necessary.


Day 11 post-op.


Today is day 11, and I am back at work...it's the first day I have put on makeup in over a week!!!

I have one tiny bruise under my right eye still, but it's not too noticeable with makeup. I can't tell how much swelling I have, but I am sure it's there. Also, I'm still in that "avitar" phase, where I can't fully smile, but I am loving how much more equal my facial features are now.

As requested...day 12

I posted pics yesterday, but a few of you mentioned the poor quality, so here are some I snapped this am with my phone.
I'm patiently waiting for the tip to drop a bit.

Side by side before and after.

You be the judge. My old nose was sort of s trademark, but my new nose is def. more feminine.

One month post-op

It's been one math since my surgery. I recently had a cold. I was so stuffy and blowing my nose aggravated the swelling, which still tends to be different every day. However, I still absolutely love my results. As wanted and expected, I think my tip is dropping ever so slightly.

7 Weeks post-op

Happy New Year!

Many of you have asked for updates....sorry for the delay, I was away for Christmas/NY.

I stopped taping at night a little over a week ago. I still suffer from occasional congestion and clear my nose every morning.

14 weeks post op

Nasal congestion has subsided. I still have stiffness and a bit of numbness. Still love it!

5 months post op

A few of you have asked for an update, so here it is. It's been just over 5 months and my nose keeps getting more and more defined. The tip is still stiff, but my nose is functioning well/normally....nothing new to add really. Still very happy I did this, although I'm still getting used to my new look, and more and more people are figuring out that I had it done.

9 months post-op

Hello everyone. I thought I would post an update. I'm 9 months post op and I am still am elated with the decision to have rhinoplasty and to have had Dr. Gregoryantes be my surgeon! My ONLY issue at this point is that I am still experiencing a constant runny or "booger" nose. Not major, but something I did not have prior to surgery. My breathing is fine though. Here are some pics.

1.5 years post Rhinoplasty...last update.

Hello everyone, this will most likely be my last update regarding my Rhinoplasty. In short, I am thrilled that I had this proceedure done ,and highly recommend Dr. G!
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