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It's been a long road.. 10 years long to be exact!...

It's been a long road.. 10 years long to be exact! I am a research NERD... I will destroy or back up pretty much anything with extensive unbiased research. Hence the long road. Haha

I did not exactly hate my nose but i surely did not LOVE it. I mastered the resting B*tch face and was fine living life as "God created me".
Everyone around had their opinion, naturally. "Don't do it. It fits your face." Ughhh.. ok, Thanks? What ever that supposed to mean.

My 2015 new years resolution was to research the procedure, plastic surgeons and to find out if and what sinus issues i have could be addressed in addition to making it "cuter".
to be continued...

Research, back ground checks complete...

It took me 3 to 4 months to narrow down my list of 10 surgeons to Top 3 "Elite". 1. San Fransico bay area (hometown) 2. East coast 3. Los Angeles area
I had two in person consultations (LA & SF) and one email consult (NYC).

SF consultation: 7 week wait for a consult, no weekend availability, nice staff & easy to book. It was informative but I could almost taste a the sugar coating, sprinkles of arrogance and tangles of " personal connections" braided into the answers of the questions I asked. It made me wonder... does he do this because he enjoys his line of work or the social class it allows him to be a part of. Hmmm.... on to the next.

NYC was just too impersonal for me personally. I like to feel vibes and it is difficult to have that in a email. So I passed.

LA consultaion: 16 weeks out to book a consultation, saturday availability, staff was nice, easy to book an appointment & let me know what to expect at the consultation and that they were booking surgeries all the way out in to February 2016 already.This office was buzzing with people & phone calls. Coming in for pre op, cast removals, 1 year post op & walk ins to schedule consults. I was overwhelmed in a good way. Feeling very confident in my decision to see this doctor. My consultation was quick but not so quick that I felt rushed. All my questions were answered, straight up, no nonsense. This is what could be done & what could not, Cost, pre & post op requirements and expectations. Direct and to the point. I appreciate people that can be direct and patient with questions.
I am not afraid to ask questions. I ask difficult questions mostly because I like to get a sense of how a person responds outside of their comfort zone, when they are no longer in control of the conversation.

You probably guessed I decided Dr.#3 Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants .

He's absolutely amazing at what he does. His before and after photos do all the talking and convincing. There are soooooo many photos available to view on his website and by realself reviewers. All ethnicities, all skin types and pigmentation but most importantly NO two noses look the same! What a relief.

Waiting game....

I knew Dr.G was the one, I could hardly contain myself. I was ready to go in to surgery the next day if I could! But like they had mentioned from the initial phone conversation they were booked in to 2016. I was placed on a waiting list for first available cancellation. 5 weeks went by without a call, I didn't want to be a pest and call every week so I told myself to call in 6 weeks. Tah-dah... wish was answered they called me the next day and offered a sugery day in 4 weeks! A few days before my boss was scheduled to be out of the office for 10 days. It couldn't have worked out any more perfect! Eeek! Is this real life?! Am I mentally prepared for this? Oh God what did I get myself into!?

With every passing week came new emotions, worries, "What If's" and anxiety. Ughhhh... What a roller coaster. The days would not go by fast enough. I lagged to get my lab work done, I was almost talking myself out of it. Thankfully they called to remind me to get it done & pay for all or half of the cost of sugery. I had 1 week left, it was now or never.....


What a whirlwind it has been. I had surgery with Dr.G 10/15/15! I was not able to update as often as I planned due to nausea from looking at a small screen/keyboard on my phone and SIMPLY being completely drained from not eating very much.

Surgery was GREAT. It was approximately 2.5 hours. My nurses and anesthesiologist were so sweet. I laughed from the moment I walked in to the outpatient surgery prep room all the way to the "Island" (OR room). Dr.G's surgical team was absolutely amazing! We laughed about who was REALLY in charge of the room and who decided what music type of music they would be listening to during the procedure. (The WAVE) I felt completely safe and so calm without one single WORRY. Next thing I knew, I woke up from the most amazing nap of my life :)

Post-Op recovery room: I woke up to my sister and nurses laughing. I told the i did not want to go home, I wanted to stay in the hospital with my new friends. Apparently, I was talking to my sister and the nurses without opening my eyes before I was completely "awake". They told me stories about how hilarious I was, I was kinda bummed they didn't record me. haha
They gave me a cracker and pain medication. I didn't feel that i needed it but the said just in case. I was able to stan up and dress my self . But after trying to be wonder woman and do things on my own I quickly became nauseated. The combination of the pressure I felt on my face and residual anesthesia I vomited. Oh GOD! Worst part EVER. I am by far the worst thrower upper alive. Ughh it came out my nose and burned like a no other. I must have swallowed a lot of blood while in surgery . They were so kind to help me stay clean and let me rest a little longer. The rest of the day was quite a blur. I was in and out of sleep at home, only waking up to take meds or Ice my face.

Three Key things I learned that i believe were critical the first 3 days:
1.ICE ICE ICE! Ice your eyes and cheeks off and on for 15-20 mins, first 48 hours.
2.Take your meds! Use an alarm clock/calendar reminder on your phone to set reminders.
3.Eat small amounts of soft, dry food (crackers, cereal, bread) and smoothies, drink lots of water. To ward off nausea and keep hydrated.

I didn't take my Norco at all. I feared becoming constipated! No, thank you. It was the #1 reason for not taking the Norco. Also there was zero pain, the feeling of pressure would not go away with any amount or type of pain medication. I took 2 over the counter Tylenol every 4-6 hours for the headache I would get from swelling and pressure, literally around the clock for 3 whole days.

Swelling and Bruising peaked at day 2 and 3. Geeze Louise! I scared myself at times.
The cast and splints were more of nuisance than anything, tape would feel tight at different times throughout the day.
By day 4&5 swelling had dropped from my eyes to my cheeks. Ughhh, that was something else. My upper teeth ached making it difficult to eat solid foods. Nothing I couldn't deal with.

I didn't mind not eating solid food because if i had to chew something for more than a few seconds I would feel as though I was suffocating . These little things are what I feel you can not prepare for. Oh how I missed being able to breathe through my nose… sigh…..

before & after photos :)

18 Days Post Op... update.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lapse in time, I caught a cold 4 days after having my cast & splints removed. This Seriously killed my Vibe. :/ I went back to work, I should have probably stayed home another few days to beat my cold. The excessive boogers (mucus), sinus and facial pressure was tremendous. Getting back to my normal routine was a challenge. I didn't realize how easily i was zapped of my energy just from normal activities. I called Dr.G to see if they would allow me to take some cold meds and they said it would be best to avoid them, But being it was 1 week after having my cast removed I could Blow my nose after a shower. OMG! I cant remember the last time i was that excited to blow my nose! Let me tell You, It was to better than a glass of water on a hot day. All sorts of stuff came out couple scabs, loose stitches and boogers. Golly, did it feel amazing to breathe through my nose!

Oh, My Nose! It is still quite tender to touch. The tip and bridge are sensitive to pressure when i wash my face. I literally wash my nose with soapy warm cottons balls and gently rinse. I can tell there is a lot of swelling in and around my nose and honestly, the lower 2/3's of my face was still odd looking . Left side more than my right. The bruising is all gone. I love My Nose but it does get swollen at times throughout the day depending on my level of activity. Dr.G only has me taping at night, it is not my favorite thing to do, as the tape really sticks well and hurts to remove if it hasn't been on for a few days. I do recommend keeping a low sodium diet.I did not for several meals and i paid for it that night. My eyes look sunken in and appear to have dark circles i think it is mostly shadowing from the swelling between my eyes, along the bridge and across my cheeks.
I try not to look at it very much, I do not want to drive my self crazy over every little detail as it is still very early in the healing process. It is so much better than before, I would not change one thing. Everyone at work and home were pleasantly surprised. everyone said "I thought i was going to have to learn to love a new Jasmine, but you look like you with a cuter nose." They were so relived i hadn't had a botched nose job.
I feel as though I can't smile "normal". It feels restricted which i blame on the swelling but it feels less and less restricted everyday. My lips come together when resting again, it was kind of cool to have plumped up lips for a bit.

post op Day 27

Hello everyone!
I've been enjoying my time out and about with my family. It absolutely blows my mind that no one mentions anything about my nose. I chose not to share my decision about having surgery with 99% of my family to avoid the overload of opinions I would have to endure. I'm so glad i didn't ????. I don't ever mention it. Looks like silently I've won that battle.

Things have slowly taken shape. I have a bunch of swelling in the tip and bridge still as expected and varies throughout the day depending on my activity level. The tip is still very sensitive to touch, recently the nostrils have softened nicley. I can blow my nose and not worry about putting some pressure on them to wipe the never ending boogers. I'm down to blowing my nose every 5 hours or so. Still getting scabs, stiches and large amounts of mucus in the morning after showers. Lubricating inside several times a day with ocean saline solution and carefullu applying aquaphor inside my nostrils with a q-tip. It helps so much! My daughter and coworkers get a kick out of how much stuff comes out.
Speaking of my daughter she totally elbowed my nose in her sleep. I woke up and screamed but quickly realized it didn't actually hurt. Weird, Maybe the way I taped it kept it secure and took the force of her elbow. I didn't have any brusing the next day.

My over all skin condition is slowly improving. I was really oily all over at first little bumps and white heads, this drove me nuts. I only use cetaphil to wash my face and a light clinique moisturizer. Eventually my skin became uber dry all over. Scally and peeling. So i increased my moisturizer at night with aquaphor, this week it has becone more normal.

Hope you are all doing well!

photo update

Hello Everyone

Wanted to share some photos with everyone. I know it's what everyone wants to see. I am super happy with the results thus far.

2 months Post Op

It is pretty hard to believe I will be 10 weeks Post op tomorrow. I had my 7 week post op appointment with Dr.G a few weeks ago. I mentioned a couple things to him about uneven swelling and some irregularities I can spot depending on the amount of swelling present. He said it will take many months for the swelling to go away completely, which I was well aware of. It's hard to describe, every time I point it out to my boyfriend what I feel or see he says "I can't see it." Lol I am still very happy with the result thus far.

EVERYDAY is different emotionally. I love my nose but sometimes i can hardly recognize myself. I do miss my old nose from time to time, to be honest. So when it swells i feel a little more like myself again. We lived many years together. Haha I've had to learn new make up techniques, I no longer have to contour to make it look smaller. It was quite a shake up to my brain, always feeling like i forgot several steps.

As for the other nagging things like tight/stiff tip of the nose still persists. When i close & squint one eye tightly to look through a camera lens I can feel a lot of pressure from beneath my eye along the bridge to the tip of my nose. I can wear sunglasses for a short period of time. It is not the most comfortable sensation to have something sitting on my nose. So i avoid it when possible. Air ways are clear, no breathing issuse. The inside can be quite itchy at times, I still can't pick my nose. WEIRD, TMI some would say but sometimes in order to get that one annoying booger i wish i could pick my nose . Haha I use hundreds of qtips instead. I stopped taping at 5 weeks. And still do a nasal rinse and moisturize in the evening.

Ask me anything you like. Hope you are all doing well. :)

Hello Realself. 5 mo update

Not very much to update. Most symptoms have subided i.e. excessive mucus (boogers) that transitioned into super dry and itchy, extreme sensitivity to odors. Overall my breathing is so much better if not completely restored. I was a shallow nose breather, allergies and sinus colds previous felt like they would be the death of me. I haven't had a cold since Oct. Or expirienced allergies in the last few months. I can't say if it's a result of the surgery or just being lucky so far. I breathe more deeply and no longer feel like i am chasing every breath. Annoying things i still have to deal with: Swelling! Ugh, there are days my nose can be so swollen it feels super tight and I am very aware that my nose is still healing. I attribute the swelling to my salt intake and lack of water some days. When exercising i tend to notice my nose feels swollen also. Once my blood pressure lowers it seems to subside. Tightness/Stiffness of the nose from bridge to tip. The bridge still feels sensitive to pressure. I avoid swiping my hand across my nose in any direction to combat and itch or runny nose. It can be be uncomfortable at times to wear sunglasses for long periods of time. The amount of swelling usually will be the determining factor in how long i can wear them. Also from tip to base of the columella. I had a lot of reshaping of the tip which explains why it still feels under construction. I still feel as though everyday it is changing not drastically but there are good and ehh days, never bad. some days i find a bump and freak out then the next day it's gone. I really just let it be and enjoy everyday not worrying about my nose as i did for years before.
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