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My name is Elena and I'm 29 years old. Finally, i...

My name is Elena and I'm 29 years old. Finally, i got a rhinoplasty by Dr Vladimir Grigoryants! I cannot even describe how much in love i am already with my new nose. I just want to tell you that it was absolutely worth my trip from Europe to the US. My results proved that it was worth the money and the risks of having surgery in a foreign country.
My original nose was wide and bulbous. Not so big but definitely was taking away from my beauty. I had a "boxy" tip, instead of a triangular one and when I was smiling it was getting wider and my nostrils were flaring out.
Now, my nose is exactly the way I wanted it. Cute and feminine, without altering my looks.

My experience following!
One day before my surgery (August 4th) I met in person Dr Grigoryants, in my pre-op appointment. I was SO nervous but he is such a nice person. We discussed what he would do to my nose. We shared the same vision..narrowing the tip, bringing in the nostrils, narrowing the nasal bones and shaving just a little the bridge.
Actually I didn't say much, i was trusting his aesthetics and experience.
I told him that i like the supra-tip break and he agreed that he likes it too. I asked about the spreader grafts and he said that he is going to use them. (I think he always uses them).
Finally, he took photos of me in different angles. Actually, I didn't feel rushed at all. He asked about my country (he knew that we have a hard time in Greece), he suggested to go to "Americana" at Glendale for eating and shopping and generally he was very talkative and kind! Needless to say that the girls in the office are SO nice and helpful, too. (and so beautiful!!)

So, my surgery was on Friday August 5th. I think it was the third or last surgery of the day for Dr G (I'm not sure but I had to be in the hospital at 10:00 and finally I got into surgery at around 12:30).
I have to tell you the hospital personnel is AMAZING. Everyone I met there was sooo nice. All the nurses were making me feel so good that were putting my anxiety away. Plus, the hospital is so clean and pleasant.
I met Dr Grigoryants for a few seconds before I get into surgery and he repeated what he would do to my nose.
Then they got me inside the surgery room and a lady in there told me in Greek "Do not worry, he is the best". Of course i laughed because at that moment I didn't expect anyone to speak to me in my mother language! it was so comforting! About 3 hours later, with no pain at all. When Cinda my wonderful nurse saw me, she told me that I was in such a good condition and that I had minimal bruising. She helped me get dressed and i left a little later.
In all this journey I had near me my husband and my sister. Without them I couldn't make it! We stayed in an awesome Airbnb downtown in LA, we had access to everywhere and 24 hours after my surgery, i got outside, with my cast on and gauze unde the nose. We went for shopping and eating at the Grove in Beverly Hills. There were people looking at me, OK that was inevitable, but honestly I was such in a good mood and with no pain, that I couldn't stay inside. Even if I had surgery, it was vacation for me. We had an amazing time in Los Angeles.

My recovery was so smooth. Of course I was taking my painkillers and antibiotics every 6 hours, I was sleeping elevated and i was waking up every hour to drink water (with a straw) because my throat was very dry. But overall, i didn't experience any pain, my bruises were minimal and generally it was so easy for me. I was eating greek yoghurt before taking the pills and every day after my surgery i was drinking a huge green juice from Press Brothers with pineapple, ginger, etc, along with a wheatgrass shot. Concerning supplements, i took Bromelain (2 tablets of 500mg per day) for ten days and in my face, only in the spots i bruised, I put Arnica gel and a cream "Cicabio Arnica".

Tuesday noon, 4 days after my surgery, it was my cast-off appointment. Dr Grigoryants got in the room and in a few minutes I was done. It was not painful. That moment you're so nervous for the "revealing" that five seconds of discomfort is nothing. Dr G said by word that it is very "natural", "cute" and that I look younger with this nose! I asked him for a mirror and this is when I saw for the first time the new me. I was in shock to see another face in the mirror but i liked what I saw. I mean my face was very puffy but I could see the refinement already! Then, he told me to email him photos after 4-5 months since I won't be able to come back to America and we said goodbye. The girl from the office showed me how to tape my nose and gave me instructions.
That was all!!!

Exactly 3 days later (a week after my actual surgery), i returned to my country. I travelled with my nose taped and despite the long flights (11 hours from LA to UK and 3.5 hours from UK to GR) i didn't experience any bleeding or excessive swelling.

Since then, my nose looks better everyday. It is already so small! Even if I thought that my tip was supposed to be swollen (Dr G told me that it can take up to 3 years to be normal) it is not. I cannot imagine how perfect it's going to be when all the swelling is gone.
A concern that I have is that I do not want my nose to drop more than it already has. I never discussed this with my Dr because droopiness was never an issue for me, but I'm a little afraid to end up lower than i prefer, as it usually drops with time? I do not know! Either way, I am trusting him 100% and I'm sure he did the best possible. Concerning my nostrils, they were brought in and they look good and symmetrical and my scars are nearly visible now, 15 days after surgery.
Please, share any thoughts or questions!


Oh, i forgot to say that this is HeleNose from the past, if anyone wants to reconnect. My previous account is deactivated. This is my new review!
*i've just realized that my photos were not published by chronological order, i hope it's not frustrating. I'll try to post more!



I think I'm seeing slight improvements day by day!!! I'm so happy!!!

BEFORE photos

I'm searching for old selfies and I'm realizing how my original bulbous nose used to make my face look fat!!!

7.5 weeks post op

Hello!! Everything's going great! I'm still SO freakin happy with my results! I would prefer my upper part of the nose -between my eyes-to be thinner..(it is more obvious in the photos taken with flash).
I just hope it is swelling and it is going to look better!!! I will update again in a few weeks :-) xoxo


Exactly 2 months after my surgery, the beauty editor of a website in my country chose me to be the "model" in order to show some make-up tips, etc. I am attaching some photos where you can see my "Dr G nose" clearly enough. For the records, no Photoshop or editing program is used for these photos! :-)


Still happy! I'm uploading some more pics. Hope they help!
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I travelled 7000 miles to have a rhinoplasty by him. Choosing Dr Vladimir Grigoryants was the best decision ever. I recommend him 100%.

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