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I'm excited to finally start my own review as I...

I'm excited to finally start my own review as I have been gently stalking (to put it lightly lol) all of you who have shared your journey here on Real Self and have ultimately convinced me that I can actually go through with this!

I surprisingly never considered a rhinoplasty growing up (besides maybe the brutal pre-teen years) because Ive always been happy with how I look and probably too distracted with everything else that I've been blessed with in life but now that I have graduated college and I've found a great job as an RN I find myself thinking about the possibility of a rhinopasty. I know that objectively speaking I have a large, crooked Italian nose but in some ways I have come to embrace it and I can't believe I'm actually going through with this! I know this will definitely be an emotional journey for me however after reading all of the reviews and before/afters on Dr. Grigoryants work I am so excited. It seems like he not only fixes one aspect of someone's nose but he actually magically just transforms the whole thing and to me every single one of you has had beautiful results! I mainly decided to write about my experience so I can hopefully ask you all questions (God knows I have MANY) and then return the favor to those who may seek a rhinoplasty in the future :)

So I have told all my relatives, cousins, close friends and co-workers as I am definitely very comfortable and open about the whole thing. I am ultimately doing this for myself and my own confidence and everyone has been very accepting of it and excited for me. I had my email consultation with Dr G. and he basically would be giving my the whole package including narrowing my bridge, deprojecting the nose, shaving the bump and reducing the tip/nostrils. I am definitely nervous about not having an in person consultation until the day prior but I really couldn't find any surgeons around me who I would have the same confidence in. So my surgery date is scheduled for April 27th 2016 I wanted to make sure it is over and done with before the summer months since I'm a new nurse and don't think it would be easy to take too much time off in the summer. One of my first questions actually is how much time do you all recommend taking off of work? I scheduled 10 days and since I work 3x12hr shifts in a week I'm only requesting 4 shifts off. Hopefully that will be enough time.

I'm also traveling to Cali from Boston, Ma so if anyone has any recommendations of a great place to stay or any fun things they included during their stay feel free to share! I'm dragging my poor boyfriend along with me so I still want to fit in some sightseeing and fun activities (nose permitting of course)

Anyways! Here are some photos of what I'm working with and I would love to hear from any of you (questions/concerns/advice) and also I just want to thank those who have shared their journey so far :) April can't come soon enough!

Postponed until October..

Hi sorry about not updating sooner unfortunately a day before we were supposed to fly out for Ca my boyfriend went through a pretty scary health emergency so we had to postpone the trip so I could care for him (he's doing much better now thankfully). Hopefully I can get a date in mid July if there are any cancelations but if not I have a date set in October. Il keep you guys updated :)

A few more days...

Hi guys so I'll be flying out to LA in just a few hours and my pre-op appointment is scheduled for later in the afternoon. Im leaning towards asking for a straight bridge instead of a sloped one but I'm hoping he'll be able to give me an idea of what would look best and most natural on me. Does anyone have any advice on questions I should ask? I feel a little underprepared for this lol I can't believe how fast time flies! I have been taking pre-op vitamins (multivitamin, Esther c and zinc chelate, no vitamin E) daily for about two weeks now and will start taking bromelain and arnica post op. I've done my best to avoid garlic but wow that was the hardest thing to avoid!! Also, my surgery is on Wednesday and my boyfriend and I bought tickets for universal studios for Sunday and Monday so I'm hoping 3-4 days is enough time to rest before going out and walking a lot (no rides or anything crazy). We will also be near the LA zoo and the Griffith park observatory so I'm really hopeful that I'll be able to get out and do stuff while I'm in LA. Any advice on good eats would be appreciated!

Preop appointment

So I had my pre-op apt with Dr G today and I gotta say I was very impressed with how professional and knowledgeable he is regarding what he does. As soon as we sat down to talk about my nose he objectively told me what we could and couldn't fix and what results I could expect. Because one side of my face is slightly lifted (eyebrow, nose, lips, jaw and all) compared to the other half of my face, one of my nostrils sits higher than the other which can't be changed so as to protect the overall balance of the rest of my facial features. You can definitely tell he knows a lot about facial symmetry because I've looked in the mirror for 23 years and barely ever noticed that! He also told me I have thin skin which from what I've heard means that imperfections/cartilage will be more visible as swelling goes down. Again, I'm not too concerned as I'm not a perfectionist in any way and I think a lot of natural noses have bumps and imperfections. He did say that we could drastically improve the overall structure and appearance of my nose by removing some of the excess tip, decreasing the width/size of the nostrils, deprojecting the nose, narrowing and straightening out the bridge as well as opening up the airways. He pointed out that my nose curves to one side and said my septum is definitely c or s shaped I can't remember which but that it ultimately does impair airflow which should improve after he inserts some type of graft that will keep the valve from collapsing. Anyways, he went into more detail and showed me some diagrams to help explain what the plan was so I felt really reassured. I definitely agree with a lot of people in the sense that he is very personable, professional, and easy to talk to. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and never seemed rushed. That being said I'm all set and ready to go for tomorrow :)

Post Op day 1

Woohoo everything went really well yesterday! I got to Verdugo Hills around 10am and filled out paperwork, got an IV put in, and then waited about an hour to briefly meet with Dr G again. At around 1230 I met with anesthesiology and I relayed my concerns to him about easily getting nauseous with most meds and he assured me I would get anti-nausea and Benadryl to help with that. He then gave me a dose of IV versed and I was rolled into the OR around 1pm. Last thing I remembered was talking to the OR nurse about Boston weather before drifting off. I woke up immediately feeling nauseous, lightheaded and dizzy so the nurse had me remain lying down with ice and a face cloth over my eyes and she gave me two different anti nausea meds which really helped. After about an hour I got up and ate a cracker, took a pain pill and was on my way home! I felt pretty weak and tired most of the day and my boyfriend was helping me switch out my drip pad about every 30-45 minutes. I felt like it was a lot but I believe that is normal for the first day. I'm also an easy bleeder/bruiser so I expect have some pretty good black eyes. Right now pain is minimal just tender and stiff and it obviously hurts if I try to wiggle or move my lips around. I've been taking the Norco every 4-5hrs along with a stool softener twice a day. I've been applying arnica topical to the bruising and also keeping an ice pack on throughout the day and even a few times overnight. I stuck to a mostly liquid diet yesterday with the exception of a banana, crackers, a fruit pouch or yogurt just to put something in my stomach with meds. This morning I'm gunna start with some scrambled eggs since my stomach feels fine now. The biotene mouth moisturizing spray and soft & lush blistex for my lips we're life savers overnight. I used it every time I woke up and I have to say my mouth and throat don't feel dried out yet. I believe I get my cast off around 3pm Monday so for now it's just a waiting game!

Recovery questions

So I'm now on day 2-3 of recovery (procedure was on wednesday) and I am super swollen especially around my eyes and the top of my bridge. I also feel like my ears are clogged almost as if I'm underwater if that makes sense. Basically my whole head feels like a balloon! I haven't been able to breath out of my nose at all either so I called the office this morning and they said that this is all normal. I was wondering if I should start using saline spray or vaseline to start loosening stuff up but she recommended I leave everything as is and just wait for my cast removal appointment on Monday. For now I just cleaned the outside of my nostrils and applied a dab of that antibiotic cream they gave me. I wanted to ask how long it took for most of you to switch over to Tylenol? I feel like a lot of the reviews I read people didn't have too much pain during recovery but I can't say its been the same for me. Yesterday I took the Norco every 4-5 hours which took the edge off but I could still feel some throbbing and tingling. I tried holding off on the pain medication yesterday evening but the throbbing got so bad I couldn't take it. My whole face pretty much feels like its going to explode because of all the swelling. I'm wondering if i'm having more pain due to the fact that he had to fix some functional components of my nose with a septoplasty/turbinate reduction. I've been taking senna/colace to prevent constipation however I feel like I should just switch over to Tylenol and see how it goes because the Norco does make me feel really drowsy and weak. Icing definitely helps and I'll continue to do that often. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets and the swelling and pain will go down soon!
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