The Day I've Been Waiting For!

I'm going in on September 30th to narrow my wide,...

I'm going in on September 30th to narrow my wide, unflattering nose. I have always been insecure of my nose, (since it is one of the main features on my face.) There are no words to describe how happy I am. I have heard great things about this surgeon, I am happy with my decision. I will post pictures and review after surgery!

Before Surgery

As you can see, my nose bridge and tip is very wide. I am fine with my side view, but the front has always been my biggest insecurity.

Even More Before

More pictures before. Keep in mind how wide the bone my nose is.

My Goal Nose

I hope it's possible to get this as an outcome, I used an app to thin my nose. Hopefully I'm able to achieve this. Even if it turns out slightly wider than this (I would imagine it would) I would still be happy that I don't have a huge thing on my face.

Before, Smiling

Post op. Time is passing by fast and I'm so excited/ a little nervous! Tomorrow will be the last day of this nose, finally.

The Before Side Views

Don't have a big problem with the way the sides look. On one side you can tell it's wide.

On My Way To Glendale!

Meeting with Dr. Grigoryants today, and tomorrow 7 am is surgery. It's a 5 hour drive but I'm in a comfortable car! I will stay at my grandmas place in Beverly Hills for the first day of recovery.

Just Met The Doctor

Very happy with my decision. All my anxiety went away. Dr. G told me what he would do with my nose and I'm sosososo happy! He was also very nice and understanding. I'm hoping it will appear how he says it will after surgery. I honestly feel like I'm going to cry about how happy I am. Tomorrow will be an amazing day.

Just Woke Up!

Omg the best experience ever. I was so scared of anesthesia but it was fun! I feel so good and no pain at all!

Just Got Released From Hospital

Eyes are swollen, other than that I feel great and so happy

Post Op Day 1 Still Feeling Good

LOOK at the bridge and tip! I'm so happy. I'm feeling so great also. I can breathe through my nose well and barely any dripping. Also, for anyone scared of anesthesia: I was scared of it and turned out loving it. I acted a little funny when I woke up causing my mom to take embarrassing videos lol.

Post Op Day 2

It's the second day of recovering and I'm still feeling good. All there is is eye swelling/bruising. No pain.

Still Feeling Good

Besides a popped blood vessel in both my eyes, I'm feeling pretty good. Stopped taking the prescription pain killers and on to Tylenol soon.

Cast-Off Tomorrow!

The recovery is going by fast and easy. My nose is not dripping anymore so I only wear the gauze at night. No pain, little discomfort. I can't wait to see a little bit of the outcome tomorrow!

I Am So Happy (Cast Off)

Told me it would be swollen for a while but I am already so happy I can't believe this.

More Cast-off Pictures

I'm so happy. I took this picture yesterday and today I can definitely see swelling coming in.

Swollen But Happy

This is about the time where the nose swelling starts to kick in. Here's a pic:

Like This Angle

I used to hate taking pics from this angle but now I can, still swollen but I love the way the tip looks.

Better Everyday

Gets smaller everyday lol I'm so happy with this decision. Bruising is gone.


I'm so happy.


I'm not sure if my nose is swollen, but it does appear a little bigger this past month, if eel like Dr. G could have made my nose bridge bone a little smaller.

Keeps Getting Better

Hey! My nose actually is starting to look better and better, it's almost as if it's different everyday still due to swelling. I usually see people pass this way earlier than I am, but today I REALLY liked the way my nose looked!!!!

So excited! Will update this after surgery.

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