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Surgery is October 6,2015 I started to be...

Surgery is October 6,2015

I started to be insecure about my nose when I was in 6th grade. I would take pictures with friends and when I would take a look at the picture after I started to notice my nose was all I could stare at. I wouldn't say I got bullied but people would comment on my nose from time to time rude comments that will stay with me forever at first I would cry about it when I was alone but once I learned how to put makeup on I felt more confident but it's still a issue that I want to fix. Whe I was 16 I searched for before and afters rhinoplasty's and fell in love with Dr. G i got a piece of paper wrote his name and number down and folded it and put it on a box fast forward six years later found myself with money earned up mostly the tax return money lol went to my little box opened up the once white paper now brown from all the years in there lol
Called late January for a consultation and the soonest they had was mid March. I thought my consultation was going to be like that one show botched lol you know relaxed and getting to know you kinda thing but not at all my consultation was and felt so rushed it lasted for about 5 minutes when he came in he gave me a mirror to hold while he touched my nose and said he would lift up the tip make my nostrils smaller make my nose slimmer and remove the bump and he asked what I thought my exact words were you read my mind haha he looked at me for a quick second and said it would be 8,500 booked my surgury that same day even though he was in a hurry to go to his next patient I felt really secured with him. I also asked what would the risk be for this surgury and he said not to worry that he has the best doctors working with him and just maybe a lot of bleeding. I asked to be put on the waiting list but never got a call from them now my opt appointment is this Saturday I have to pay the full amount of money will see how it goes. I will post pictures soon.

9/19/15 opt appointment

One of his receptionist called me in went over the do's and dont's before and after surgury. She also had her nose done by Dr. G she said showing him pictures of someone else was a don't since Dr.G will do whatever best suits your face but if you don't want something touched to let him know I talked to her for about ten minutes than Dr. G walked in you could tell he was in a hurry he took of my makeup from my nose and told me what he's going to do to my nose and then took pictures and left I was with him probably for less than 3 minutes. I proceeded to the front desk and paid the full amount. The medication's was another fee of $70. I will post the paperwork the receptionist gave me hopefully It will help in some way so you know what you will be looking forward too. 16 days until my surgury :)

14 days until surgury :)

Hi everyone I will post pictures of my nose I am not wearing no makeup so you can see every detail the bulbous tip and how it drops and the bump. Ignore my dark circles :/ lol I know this is weird but I'm actually a little sad I'm never going to see my nose ever again I have gotten used to it even though I hate it at the same time I wonder how I will look with no bump and everything I just can't really visualize it. I hope a nose job is not as painful as a c-section I had 14 months ago it was so painful I couldn't really move or walk for 2 weeks and I always found myself crying because of the pain my husband is a clown so he would make me laugh and that also hurt so much. The verdugo hospital is two hours away from my home and I am thinking of leaving from my house four hours earlier because of all the traffic heading to Glendale I don't want to risk being late for surgury.
What should I buy or do to make myself comfortable after surgury?
I just want to thank everyone that has shared there journey on realself it makes me feel better that I'm not alone wanting my nose fixed also all the wish you well messages make me feel great since nobody really knows I'm going to get a nose job only my husband and parents. I know when other family members or friends find out about it there going to be so judge mental but I know they will get over it at some point atleast I know I'll be happier.

5 more days for surgury :)

I called Dr. G's office today just to double check I can take arnica tablets before surgury they said yes. I went to a local vitamin store and the lady that sold it to me said to start 3 days before surgury so this Saturday I will start. I also have a picture up of me touching my nose with my thumb and index finger I am showing you how Dr. G showed me during my consultation what he would do to my nose lift the tip and remove the bump overall a smaller nose and in the pre op appointment I let him know I hate how it drops and he said don't worry I'll give you a model nose not my words his lol I can't wait to see my new nose no more cropping out my nose or hating pictures!!:)

Sorry forgot to upload this picture

Surgury was yesterday

My first advice is if you are flying in or live in California you should stay in a hotel nearby the hospital a day before surgury I live two hours away left four hour earlier and I still was there a lil past ten and my surgury was at ten things could of gotten way worse if I left 2 hrs before. L.A traffic is crazy we would drive ten minutes at normal speed than another 20 going really slow. There is nothing to be nervous about I was before I got to the hospital but one of the nurses called Sandy kept cracking up jokes so it really made me feel relaxed I didn't even feel like I was about to get surgury. After changing into the hospital clothes they moved me into another room were I met Dr. G he was really calm explained what he would do and asked what were my thoughts. After I met with the anaesthetist she asked questions and 5 minutes later a nurse came in and said she would take care of me during surgury she said she was going to inject a bit of medicine in I didn't know it was going to knock me out next thing i know I woke up and surgury was over I felt really hot and they applied ice all over me and I felt great. After an hour it's when I started to feel nauseated and dizzy they gave me 2 crackers a bit of water they made me stand up and they were waiting for me to vomit they said it would make me feel better and after a few more steps walking around I did that's the worst part of the first day for me every time I walked I vomited and it was all blood but they said it was normal. Sleeping is uncomfortable maybe stacking more pillows around will do it I am bruised up but I'm an easily bruiser I feel like it would be worse if I wasn't taking arnica. Dr. G let me know the reason I will bruise a lot around my eyes is because I have dark circles. My husband is the one who changes the gauze and said he can tell my nose is already small well that's a good sign:) I still feel dizzy second day today so I'm just relaxing in bed I don't feel the need to vomit anymore but I still take my medicine. I've noticed if I talk for about 3 to 5 min my tip of the nose starts to hurt. The cast will be removed on Tuesday I can't wait to show you my new nose I will update you guys as soon as I can.

Very, very swollen

I got the cast taken off on Tuesday at the waiting room I saw two other girls waiting for their cast to be removed as well I felt great two days after surgury no more pain just swelling and bruising but it all went away by day 5 I took arnica and put ice under my eyes and I noticed the ice helped a lot one of the girls looked really good too and happy the other girl looked angry and she had a lot of bruises she started talking to me and asked what I did for the bruises to go away and told her she said she couldn't find arnica anywhere and kept telling me how she was in a lot of pain so anybody looking for any type of surgury will heal differently I just hope it all goes well just like mine did. Day 4 I felt so good I decided to clean and even clean my car out maybe i should of just relaxed because an hour later I got a fever but went away quick after that I just decided not to be moving too much also Dr. G said I couldn't work out for a month or else it won't heal faster. I wish I would of recorded my experience with Dr.G at the time of the cast removel it was such a nice experience. when he removed everything inside my nose like the stitches and the crusted blood it hurt so much it lasted maybe for 30 seconds but after that it was all smiles and crying he taped my nose and said to tape only in the night for 2 weeks but I'm also taping in the morning I feel like the swelling is going away sooner when he said to get up and look at my nose I couldn't believe it I looked different in a good way I couldn't stop crying and he hugged me and made funny comments he said it looked like I just won the lottery ticket lol but I was just so happy he was just being so nice and he also looked very happy. I will put up the pictures I took after the cast removel I'm still very swollen here it's the third day taping today and it already looks better I will upload more pictures without the tape maybe when the swelling goes more down my makeup also looks like a mess around the eye area I tried putting on makeup but it was painful every time I applied eyeshadow and foundation I had to be very slow or else it hurt other than that no pain. I thank everyone for wishing me well and hope your surgury and healing goes well too can't wait to update new pictures.

Late night picture

4 days ago the cast came off still swollen decided to take a pic before going to sleep and putting on the tape I will put better pictures soon. Just to let you guys know the day of surgury I had to be at the hospital at 10 but the actual surgury didn't start till 12:45 and ended at 3:15 and left the hospital at 5 pm and if for some reason you need to stay at the hospital each day is 600

Loving my nose

Today I went shopping and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I feel so relaxed with a boost of confidence with my new nose back than I would look around and feel like everyone was judging my nose I felt like that's all they were staring at. I'm so happy I got a rhinoplasty and happy Dr. G did it :)

Little changes I've noticed

So the first thing my husband noticed when we kissed is that my nose doesn't touch his skin no more now when we kiss it's only our lips not a kiss and my nose rubbing against him lol the other one is when I drink out of a soda can my nose always touched the can every time I took a drink I thought it was normal but no it was my long droopy tip haha not no more also who doesn't like taking selfies I used to have a certain angle I took pictures now I choose to look right left upside down all around haha you get my point and it's always a good picture because my nose is not the center of attention.

Love my nose

Well nothing much to update my nose is in pain once in a while so I take arnica and it goes away a lot of people tell me I look gorgeous on my fb pictures a word I never really got but nobody has said anything about my nose I don't know if they notice it or actually don't want to say anything lol

Before and after pictures

I found some pictures of my old nose to show how bad my bump really was. I have my next appointment on Dec, 5 hopefully everything is healing like its suppose to I still can't breath through my nose really well i find myself with my mouth a little bit open so I can breath better.

hiiiiiiiii :)

Hi everyone sorry for late post i have been really busy but i love my nose it keeps getting better and smaller with time and my breathing is good just the first couple of months was hard to breath. Sometimes it looks bigger sometimes it looks smaller i have different days healing takes patience.
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