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Like everyone else on here, I've always been self...

Like everyone else on here, I've always been self conscious about my nose. However, I honestly believe its tolerable, and there are some days where I don't feel self conscious about it and I basically convince myself its not bad at all and some days (mostly when im wearing less- no makeup) where I completely hate it and want to change it. I guess thats the reason why I want this procedure done so bad; I want to look better naturally as ironic as it sounds. I've been researching doctors for some time now. I was almost about to go with doctor ghavami, but given the recent bad reviews he's been getting and my rushed phone consultation with him (I live in NY), I decided to seek out another doctor. I came across doctor grigoryants by someone else on realself whom was also about to go with doctor ghavami as well, but mentioned she will not be for the same reason and proceeded with saying she will be going with dr grigoryants. I was immediately blown away by his before and after photos, his results truly seem too good to be true. Fast forward, I gave in my booking fee without even having a consultation with the doctor. In fact, im 14 days away from my surgery and I hadn't had a consultation with the doctor yet. Needless to say im scared of the outcome, im also scared of the fact that I have not yet spoken to the dr that will determine my confidence level in which I believe in an essential factor to living life without any . I wasn't comfortable with the idea, but I complied when they said it would be better if I emailed him. Because I am a full time college student, I hadnt had any time (since april) to sit down and write a full detailed email with pictures describing what I would want or wouldn't want to be done (I thought it would be necessary since I hadnt had a consultation. I finally came back from a well deserved 3 week vacation in which I took as soon as finals ended so I am beginning to do this now.
My surgery date is on july 28 and Im not really sure I want to post pictures on here, but for anyone that wants me to send pictures personally on email, Ill be glad to as I know the reviews on here as well as the pictures posted is what really helped me make my decision in which doctor to choose.
Not so much scared of the first week-2 weeks of discomfort but more so the result. Anyone have words of encouragement? Would greatly appreciate it!
Also, what supplies do I need to have to somewhat speed up the recovery process?

2 more days!!! Ahhh

Okay now I'm nervous. I apologize for sounding so stupid in the last post, didn't even bother reading it over and now realizing it makes no sense.. Lol please disregard it. Anyways I decided I am going to post pictures so here are pictures of me pre-op. There are some pictures I take where the lighting hides my nose or I just pose at a certain angle to make it look not as big lol.
Anyways, I arrived at California today, I know I said I wasn't so nervous for the surgery but I am and I hope I don't have an anxiety attack right before but really praying I don't.


I can't believe its tomorrow! I am really nervous about the unknown so lets hope I dont start having a panic attack before surgery. I am scheduled to be there at 6am which means I have to get up at 4:30 since im an hour away from glendale. On one hand I feel like its finally happening, and on another hand I feel like I shouldnt be doing this... second thoughts? I think so. Its just so scary and I have to distract myself from thinking too much about it. Wish me luck!

Day 2/3 post op

There was no wait time on the morning of surgery probably because I was the first one scheduled. Everything literally happened so fast, before I knew it the anesthesiologist was telling me it's time for surgery, and I was like 'already?!' That was the last thing I remembered before I woke up. Before going in I showed the doctor pictures of noses I liked, he told me what he thought would fit my face and was very honest (which I love about him) I would hate to have a doctor tell me he can do something when he can't. When I woke up the nurses were very kind, and they told me I looked great. Shortly after one of them walked me to the bathroom and realized they lied to be nice! I looked like I just got hit by a bus!! Under my eyes were these big swelled up bruises, I hardly recognized myself. I didn't feel nauseous or dizzy whatsoever just slight pressure in the bridge area. I didn't even realize it but I woke up at around 12:30 and my surgery took place at 7, so not sure if that's normal after anesthesia but the nurses said I slept a lot.. The doctor came in after I woke up and said my result came out beautiful and very natural, which was definitely reassuring. Overall, I know I picked the right doctor, and I know the result will come out great. Even though I can't see it, I can see the tip and when I turn to the side, no more bump! I can't wait for my post op appointment with dr g on Saturday at 12! I have 2 more full days and the cast come off. I am congested and it's quite uncomfortable but it's definitely manageable :)

Feeling great

Today I feel extra energized unlike the last couple of days, not complaining though because this surgery has truly been a breeze. I think it's mainly because the word and thought of having surgery is scary, but it's really not. I have all prescribed medications at hand and have not even taken any because I don't feel any pain/nausea/dizziness at all. I took a Tylenol yesterday but I have no idea why I did I honestly didn't even need it. I definitely look worse than I feel, since I'm still all swollen and bruised up in the face. It has gotten a little better than yesterday though so I'm happy about that. I made myself a strawberry, blueberry, mango and kiwi smoothie this morning (yes, i brang my blender with me lol) and it was really filling. I haven't really had an appetite since the surgery but I still knew I had to eat so I did. I definitely have a greater appetite today so will be making myself 2 big avocado salads for lunch and dinner (that's all I ever eat anyways). Anyways, I'm really happy and patiently waiting for my cast to come off this Saturday!

Day 5/6/ Cast Removal!

So I got my cast taken off today and I couldn't be happier. I have this cute button nose that I just can't stop looking at! Yes its really swollen and yes it does look pig like, but I know that once all that goes down, it'll look amazing. The doctor really did listen to what I told him I had wanted, I didnt think I was clear about certain things which really did scare me after surgery but it's everything I asked and more! Really hoping the tip drops soon because I look like avatar right now lol..


Making comparisons

Getting a little scared

So I know I'm swollen but I'm so scared about the way my face looks right now. My eyes are extremely far apart at first I was positive it will come closer together after swelling has gone down a little but now I'm starting to get really nervous, I can show pictures to whoever leaves their email and I just wanna know if it's normal to look this way since my eyes have never been so wide apart before surgery.. Please if anyone knows, comment below would greatly appreciate it

Michael Jackson nose :/

I know im probably swollen but I just dont think I look human. I hardly have any bruising left and people are still staring.. what do I do? Should I wait it out? I havent called in to tell the doctor im unhappy because im just hoping it will get better, I just cant take how people are staring at me everywhere I go. After today, i've decided to stay indoors because its really taking a toll on me. Never would I think I would look like this after surgery.. I am uploading pictures so you can see what I mean.


2 weeks post op

I have been loving all the positive comments i've been getting on here, it has definitely helped me through this emotional roller coaster i've been on and so I am incredibly thankful to have others on here who have been through the same thing, reassure me that everything will be okay. If I had to make a judgement today, I would say that I hate my nose, and that I think it looks unnatural and too upturned for my liking, but since I know that I'm still incredibly swollen and i'm only 2 weeks out, I cant really make a final judgement. I haven't seen much of a change in my nose since i've last posted, which is odd because i've seen a huge change from the day I got my cast removal up until day 10 post op. Even though i'm not happy with how it looks now, i find myself taking pictures of it so much more than I ever took pictures of myself lol... does that sound strange? I guess i'm really just trying to get used to my new nose because it still looks really weird to me. Not only does it look weird to me, I feel like its some foreign object just sitting on my face lol.. has anyone ever felt this way?
Anyways, will post pictures to show what it looks like today and i'm hoping to update more again when i'm 1 month post op so that my tip will hopefully drop and some of the swelling will subside


Not showing the front view yet since it's still really swollen but here are some pictures from today

Gets better everyday

Very pleased with my new nose

I really want to apologize for possibly overreacting and for judging way too soon. I always heard (before getting my nose done) that rhinoplasty is a long and hard procedure and that results almost never come right away... Boy were they right! For some reason I thought I was an exemption and I would see immediate results! lol I just feel like I was too quick to judge and I'm sorry for misleading some of you! Even though I didn't like my nose right after cast removal (and btw, I love it now) I still never questioned whether or not I chose the right doctor because Dr. G's work spoke for it self. I truly loved ALL of his after photos of his patients and I was sure he wasn't going to disappoint. I'm sure if I went to another surgeon, my nose would not be as straight as it is now (I had a deviated septum) not to mention breathe as much as I can now. I never even knew I couldn't breathe well before I had this done and now, I sometimes feel i'm breathing in too much air because the feeling is just so alien to me. Anyways, I see my nose improving more and more each day! My cousin just came in the other day from Israel, and I didn't tell her a thing! At the end of the day, she asked me if I had a nose job, and I admitted I did. She told me how much better I looked and how it looks like a cute button nose. I didn't tell my fiance yet, because i'm scared what he might think of me. I'm hoping he doesn't notice, although many of my friends have and said I look different (in a good way). I finally went through old pictures of myself and found a great comparison picture. Every time I used to take a picture, I would either manipulate it to make my nose look smaller somehow, or delete it right away. But this picture truly shows how my nose looked; really droopy and a slight bump. The only regret I have is not taking more pictures of my nose before surgery. I definitely don't miss it, but it would be great for comparison photos!

Before and after

Consuming Alcohol Day 26

Last night was the first night I drank alcohol since mid june and I don't think i'm ever drinking again, not for another 6 months at least. Not only was my nose incredibly swollen from the excessive amounts of alcohol I consumed but I came home last night (not completely sober), and I took a q-tip to clean out my nose because I felt like I could hardly breathe by how much dry mucus was in there (gross I know), and suddenly I saw blood on the q tip.. I began to panic; I got so scared thinking about what the doctor said about any blood coming out of your nostrils being dangerous after the 7 day mark. I'm 26 days post-op and I'm wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing? My cousin says it's completely normal to bleed even 3 months after rhinoplasty (she had a nose job too) but I knew it wasn't, then she told me it could just be from the alcohol or maybe I might've touched something when I cleaned it. I was not dripping blood but it was more like bloody mucous.. I'm not scared anymore since I didn't have any blood in there this morning but I just don't know what caused it. Does alcohol cause nose bleeds?

One month post op

I am so happy with my results! It definitely fits my face a lot more than my old one.. The only thing I've noticed is that my 3/4 view looks odd in photos but I know there's still a lot of swelling present.. Either way I would be happy if it stayed the way it is now since I really am obsessed with it!

Front view photo

What a difference!

I couldn't be happier with my decision to get rhinoplasty. I could tell it's still my nose, minus the deformities, which is exactly what I asked for. Dr. G is a miracle worker!

Dark circles..

so my bruises under my eyes that were present in my 10 day post op pictures are long gone, but it seems dark circles have replaced them. Is this normal? It almost looks like I have bags under my eyes, I've never had dark circles hang this low... I'm getting a little tired of applying concealer over them every day and i really want to know if this sort of thing is permanent? It's very noticeable and when people ask me why I have bags under my eyes I say that I get no sleep.. because that's exactly what it looks like lol.. has anyone experienced this after rhinoplasty? I'm now a little more than a month post!


the bridge has gone down so much but unfortunately the tip is still rock hard and swollen :/ 3/4 view looks weird in pictures because I have this skinny bridge then a big tip.. I can send emails to whoever wants to see what I mean but for now, I'm really liking my front view and profile :)

A few observations..

So everything is going well I just have a few observations i'd like to share. Since cast removal, I felt a bump (which feels kind of like a ball) on the right side of my nose at the very top right near my tear duct. However, it can't be seen, I can just feel it when I run my finger by it.. another is: on my LEFT side right by my tear duct I feel like theres more bone and I think that was due to my wide nasal bones, that he probably left there because it was so close to my eye, but when I work my way up to my nose from my left side near my eye, theres sort of like a step (for lack of a better word) that my finger takes to get there. So I have a lot of bone near my eye, then when I touch my nose on that side on the very top, it feels like theirs an indent. Again, not visible, just feels weird when I run my fingers by it. Last one that IS visible and is actually starting to upset me since it's more becoming more and more pronounced, is my columella. I can definitely see that he raised my tip; that's a definite. But when it comes to my columella, its actually quite droopy and I hate that. The whole reason as to why I got rhinoplasty was to fix the droopiness of my tip and columella both, not just my tip. However, my tip is still swollen (or maybe it's not as swollen as I think since he put spreader grafts and I'm not used to my nose feeling thick since I originally had thin skin around my nose) so i'm just hoping it will change? and my columella will not drop so low.. Like I said in my last post, i'm still unhappy with my 3/4 view I think it looks the worst because my bridge is skinny and my tip is big but again, i'm hoping this is just swelling and it will go down..


Loving my results except...

I really shouldn't be complaining. Dr. G gave me a beautiful nose compared to my old one. It's not perfect however. It does have a few things I would like to change (and maybe I will in the future). I'll start with the things I love about it. First, my front profile is absolutely amazing and I never thought I would ever say that.. I just love the way it looks now; perfectly straight bridge (unlike my old asymmetrical nose) and the fact that I can go anywhere without the need of putting makeup on to try to cover it up. My profile hasn't ever been something I was really concerned about, because my bump was relatively small but I'm not going to say it fits my face perfectly. I think he scooped out a tad much when it comes to my bridge leaving my tip looking very large especially at the 3/4 angle. Of course I know some of it is due to swelling, since I am almost 3 months out.. but sadly it has more to do with the projection of my forehead and how scooped in my nose feels in comparison to it. The next thing is the unbelievable fact that my nose after surgery made me look like miss piggy and now it's droopy. Yes, the doctor raised the tip, but unfortunately left my columella still hanging fairly low. Lastly, the indents that are around the alar rim have been accentuated. I was born with fairly deep indents along my alar rim but I stressed this to the doctor that they shouldn't be accentuated, and they were :/ This was actually the first thing he pointed out to me, stating that he cannot fix it, which was fine with me but not only did he make those indents deeper, he created these "lines" carving out my nostrils, almost like what a cookie cutter nose would look like, but not making those lines that deep when it came towards the front of my nose.. It is not anywhere near looking like a cookie cutter nose, I just wanted to explain this verbally the best way I can, and I would be glad to send pictures to whoever wants to see what I mean.

I don't mean to sound negative, and I'm not. I'm just trying to point out to any of you who seem to think you are getting perfect results. I do love my nose regardless, don't even have to think twice about that. It may sound silly but I always thought about my nose before, making me really insecure and shy when it came to having a face to face conversation but now I feel like I don't even think about it anymore. I do have my insecurities, I came to realize a nose doesn't fix all of that, but at least i'm not constantly worrying about it and it doesn't affect my everyday life like it did before. Despite the slight imperfections, I truly love it. I don't obsess over it like I did in the first month after surgery nor do I ever notice the difference that much when it swells versus when its not.. To me that difference is minor. On the bright note, I saw my fiancé about 3 weeks ago, and he didn't notice a single thing. For those of you who don't know, I didn't tell him a thing about the surgery (we are long distance) because of how scared I was about being judged. I even asked him if he noticed anything different about me (with no intention of telling him) and he said "no why?" I laughed and since I dyed my hair before he came, I just used that as an reason as to why I asked haha.. Men really don't pay attention to detail.
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