African Descent - Rhino with Dr G - Glendale, CA

I'm very unlikely to post pictures (really sorry,...

I'm very unlikely to post pictures (really sorry, because it's pictures and reviews that have helped me decide on dr G.)

I decided to save my money for Dr G based on these reviews. I'll be flying in from Africa, I've been in contact with the office, Sent in my pics, sent in labs, etc hoping it goes well, because i haven't seen much black noses in his site, though i notice many ethic people. i hope i get the nose i want, because this is a huge amount of money especially from my currency.

surgery done (rhinoplasty/ septoplasty/ opening of air ways) & Lots of Information

so it's all done. the wait & anticipation was more nerve wrecking than the surgery considering your asleep during it.

initial consult from months ago: via email, with pictures and free

2 weeks Pre surgery: no alcohol, no smoking, no meds, no vitamins. only tylenol allowed.

the preconsult yesterdat was really good.
Staff: really nice & friendly
(no foods or liquid after midnight/ 2am)
no digital imaging, found out i have a very slight deviated septum

I gave them a lot of stress with my bank payment from abroad, appointment times etc, but they were wonderful and nice. i communicated mostly via email and phone.

Hotel : Glendale Hilton ( about 5 mins from his hospital & surgery place) ($22 with taxi, and $10 with lyft app)

Surgery: they said walk through doors at 10am.
got there 9.50am, signed paper work, told them of any allergies about 5x, wore a band started about 1pm. ( i was prepared from realself & the women at his office i was prob start about 12 noon)

Had someone pick me up, so i left their number with the nurses, so they wouldn't wait all day.

nurses & anesthesiologist @ usc verdugo hills: were so nice and amazing

After surgery: had a huge amount of anxiety about breathing, but i calmed down with within 20 mins, i was actually fine. and i needed to use the restroom (i don't think other patients experience this)

Pain: one a scale of 1-10, pain was a 3.5 at nose & slight headache. I took a pain killer at the hospital and havent needed one since.

Food I was told to eat clear foods like chicken broth, jello, juice. i had chicken noodle soup and jello, i hope it doesn't store in my body too long since the metabolism is slow after anesthesia but i was hungry, and she said a little pho was ok, but i finished the ramen.

Nausea: didnt throw up, and havent felt sick since yesterday

Bruising: so far none, i keep looking at my under eyes, and for now its fine. They gave me gloves to put ice inside, so you don't have to buy an ice pack.

gauze: i was shown how to change it

dressing comes off in 4 days then i'm allowed to travel home

Aesthetics: no imaging was done, we just went over what i wanted on email, pre consult and before surgery. he also explained that i should not worry about having a pointed nose, and surprisingly i can never have one. my bulbous tip can be adjusted but it cannot become super pointy which is nice to know.

even though i didn't post pictures i hope this was a lot of information.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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