32 and Wanted a New Nose Since I Was 10. Glendale, CA

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*Treatment results may vary

As most of you thinking about getting rhinoplasty,...

As most of you thinking about getting rhinoplasty, you've been thinking about it for a long time. You've been researching it for a long time. And I'm sure you ask yourself the same questions I am which are; Am I going to like my new nose? Will I like how I look? Will I be happy? How do I choose the "best" surgeon? Who will see what I see so clearly negative about my nose, and make it more aesthetically pleasing?

I don't have a surgery date yet, however I'm waiting for the call. I've chosen to go with Dr. Grigoryants for the following reasons:
1. In a video he stated that rhinoplasty is one of the most rewarding procedures that he completes.
2. Dr. Grigoryants is good about managing expectations with something he said in the e-mail consult which was "You will have a good result."
3. Dr. Grigoryants took the time to respond to my e-mail consult the same day I wrote him and sent him photos.
4. Before and After photos on his website and on realself.com of very beautiful results.

Honestly, I'm not expecting perfection. I don't even know what perfection in a nose is. I'm not expecting what a computer generated picture looks like. I'm expecting better than now.

As for the people in my life that know about my decision, only one person has said "What's wrong with your nose?" Seriously? You didn't notice the dorsal hump, the hanging columella, the bulbous tip?? I guess some people don't notice, but everyone else has said, "I can see why you would like that done." THANK YOU to all of you who understand why I would like this done. :)

I will update when I have a surgery date. The goal date is April 11th-15th.

Goal Date has changed to anytime in May

Hello my fellow RSers!

I'm constantly reading everyone else's experiences here, and I'm so happy to follow your stories. Thank you all for sharing. What I've noticed so far is there are (at least) two types of people right after surgery..... The people that have more to gain from rhinoplasty are the happiest, and the people that are making small refinements which seem to be slightly less happy. I like to think I have more to gain and that I'm going to be amazed at the difference immediately after, but of course anything is possible.

It's good to always stay optimistic and know that *I'm* no different than everyone else: I will have swelling for AT LEAST 1 year after the surgery. I will have good days and bad days. My nose is going to look WEIRD on my face, and I'm going to look strange to myself for a while.

Tips I've learned from everyone:
My nose might look weird to me, but everyone else won't notice.
Stay active, and get active early in the day. It helps with the swelling.
Limit the sodium intake to reduce swelling.
Elevate the head at night to keep blood from pooling in the tip of the nose.
Wearing makeup and my hair down will distract others from how my nose looks (if I don't like it that day).
PerfectlyImperfect had a great pre/post list of items to buy. I've already purchased many of those items! Thank you! #perfectlyimperfect

I have a "receptionist" type job, so I interact with new people all throughout the day - so I'll be very self conscious about my nose. My job forced me to change my goal date, so now I'm hoping for a cancellation in May - really anytime in May. If anyone is considering changing their date from May to another time, I'd be super happy to take it.

I've included a morphed before and after photo. I hope it's clear which one is before (left) and which one is after (right)!

Thanks everyone. Keep updating your stories!

April showers bring May flowers, and my Rhinoplasty Surgery!

Hi everyone!

I'm super excited to share with everyone that I got lucky enough to receive a cancellation call for May 4th!!! I had been on the wait-list since late January, but it DID happen!

Everyone at Dr. Grigoryants's office has been extremely helpful, answered all of my questions so far, and have been patient with me when I've called to check to see if they had cancellations. I had consultations with other doctors and I will tell you that I never got the warm and fuzzies like I do with Dr. Grigoryants and his staff.

Now to get the blood tests done... April 20th I'll discontinue garlic, fish oil, vitamin E, NSAIDS and all those other medications on the no-no list....

Logistics: I picked out a place to stay with my husband and sister on homeaway.com in Pasadena. A two bedroom dwelling for less than $200/night. We'll probably fly into Burbank as it's closer to Pasadena and has much less traffic to navigate through.

I will update after the Pre-Op appointment on May 2nd!

Thanks everyone and keep sharing YOUR stories please!!

Pre-Op Yesterday, Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Hello RS Family,

The ladies at reception were super friendly, nice, and helpful. One of the ladies at reception, who also went over my pre-op instructions, had rhinoplasty performed by the Dr. and she looked amazing. She was very friendly, and real. She told me like it was. A very important take-away from her pre-op instructions:

**Don't take the hardcore pain killers that are prescribed unless you are in serious pain. Simply take Extra Strength Tylenol. If you take the hardcore ones, you'll end up constipated no matter how much fiber you get in your diet. The last thing you want to do is strain for a No. 2 causing pressure in your face.

Then for my consult with Dr. G. I was more anxious than normal due to too much caffeine that day! However, Dr. G was as calming as possible. He cleaned the makeup off my nose to see it clearly. He said, "There are some thing I can fix, and those I cannot." Oh boy, did that scare me! I was hoping that the things he couldn't fix weren't the things I wanted fixed. Thankfully they weren't. He pointed out the asymmetry of my nose, and I just thought to myself "I never noticed that and it definitely doesn't bother me." The things he said he could & would do are:
1. Refine the Tip
2. Raise the Tip
3. Alar Base Reduction
4. Remove the Dorsal Hump
5. Slenderize the nose from a frontal view (in the area of the dorsal hump)
6. Open the breathing pathway on the right side.

I never knew until I met with Dr. G that I had any issues breathing through either side of my nose! I was shocked and at first I didn't believe him. Then he showed me using a handheld mirror, and by closing one nostril at a time. I definitely have a harder time breathing in through the right nostril compared to the left.

Prescriptions (Antibiotics, Anti-Nausea)
Biotene Mouth Spray
Dial Antibacterial Soap (You must shower with this the night before or the morning of surgery)
Frozen Peas
Snack size Ziplock Baggies
U-Shaped Pillow
Reclining Chair
Halls Vitamin C Coughdrops
Saline Spray
Arnica Montana
Handheld Mirror
Zip-Up Jacket
Drawstring Pants
Slip On Shoes

Grocery List:
Ice Cream
OJ (not from concentrate)
Pineapple Juice (not from concentrate)
Apple Sauce

My surgery is at the Avanguard Surgery Center in Tarzana, CA. I have to be there tomorrow at 11AM for intake and prep. I'm the 4th case, and they expect the surgery to take 2 hours. I should be heading home about 4pm. I'll update you after surgery!

Surgery Over! 10 Hours Post

Hi Team RS!

I'm relaxing in my reclining chair right now. I've slept a bit, but mostly watched movies since I got home. I've changed the dressing about 4 times now and the pain isn't bad - I haven't taken those hardcore pain killers, just ExS Tylenol.

The Waiting Period:
My appointment was for 11AM, at which time I started filling out more paperwork about releases, personal information, etc. The check-in lady was nice. The doctor had 4 cases today, and I saw one leaving the office in a wheelchair. I was the first one after lunch, I believe - which is good! Got all his strength up and ready to make me a new nose! The doctor does 4 cases on Mondays and Fridays, 3 on Tues/Wed/Thurs, and consultations on Saturdays. Only on Mondays does he do surgeries in the Tarzana based surgery center which he has interest in along with other doctors. I think that's great!
The Pre-Op Room:
It wasn't until about 12:45PM when I got called back by Marita (make sure to roll the R a little bit!). Changed into my beautiful $10k cap and gown and gave a urine sample (not sure why, I didn't ask). She laid me down in the pre-op room, and started my IV. She kept asking questions as great nurses and doctors do, in order to lessen the anxiety. I was surprised when she took my vitals and I was at 107/65, and 54bpm. While I workout a lot, I hadn't worked out in about 3 weeks due to a nagging pain in my hip. Guest the working out continues to keep my vitals healthy and low.

The IV consisted of an anti-nausea medication, then switched to electrolytes. I never had any nausea today and I haven't thrown up. One of my fears for today was regurgitating blood, however that never happened. I kept thinking about my sister and husband having a good time and lunch to keep my mind off of the things that give me the eebee jeebees (I'm weak for shots and external injuries). I believe I was calm because of how happy I am to finally be doing this.... To finally have saved up enough to do it and that I trusted my doctor.

Dr. Grigoryants came by for a moment just to go over the details one last time. To get a good look at my face again and see how I was doing. Just hearing his voice was calming and I felt assured that I made a great decision. Even if he fucked up, it can't look worse than it did before. I'm ready to sport the new face and say good by to how I looked before.

The OR:
There was no clock so I can't tell you what time I finally made it to the OR. I would guess about 1:30PM. I was calm and just thought about my sister and husband's delicious Mexican lunch. Boy did I want to eat! I hadn't eaten since 7PM the night before. Marita mentioned the bed was prepared and warm, at which time I immediately asked if I could go there. I was cold - lower blood pressure and lower bpm causes me to get cold if I don't eat. She put the leg compressors on my calves, and upper arm compressors after I laid down in the heated OR bed. The bed was at a slight decline, so my head was lower than my feet. She put a small inflated pillow beneath my knees to keep them bent, and there was a blowing heater under the covers with me keeping me warm.

I met my anesthesiologist, Stuart. Boy is he hilarious! He was great at asking questions and staying engaged along with doing his work to make sure I was put to sleep pleasantly. He recently injured his leg in a gymnastics accident. His leg was in a cast and he was rolling around on one of those rolling walkers where you put your knee on it. He was doing great with a bum leg! What a positive person.

They tucked my arms tight against my sides so that I wouldn't try to use them. I remember Stuart asking me a question and I apologized that I lost my train of thought - how silly of me! That's clearly when I started falling asleep. :)

The Recovery Room:
I woke up to the sound of Lina's voice (it might have been Lita - I forget). She didn't smile much but she gave me the facts. I couldn't open my eyes at first - I was so drowsy. Quickly, I came around and was talking with my husband and sister. Usually they only allow one supporting member back at a time, but I think that since I was the last patient, they made an exception. It was so nice to see them both. They told me that Dr. G. took pictures of my post-op nose and showed them to them. He told them he would send them to me, which he has. He is so quick to answer questions, and do the things he says he will do. He has an amazing work ethic and I am lucky to have had my face busted up by him! :) He's the BEST (imnsho)!

I will mention that I was FREEZING after surgery when I was recovering. I was shaking hard because I was so cold. I don't think there's anything you can do to change this, and it might have just been my situation in that I have low vitals to begin with. My heart rate was actually above 100, but I was still very very cold.

I didn't realize why my left eye was cloudy until I got home - there was some petroleum jelly or something on my eyelids which I believe got in my eye and made the vision cloudy there. The cloudiness has subsided with my little eyedrops.

We left the surgery center about 5PM - RUSH HOUR! but it wasn't bad. Only 45 minutes to get home opposed to 25 minutes if there was no traffic. We're staying in Glendale because I expected the surgery to be in Glendale. No biggie - we only go there once!

1. Take with you: Chapstick, Biotene mouth spray in addition to your clothes and ponytail holder (if applicable). Your mouth and lips will be super dry. Ask the nurse if they can put it on you..

2. Bring something to read/watch while in the waiting room. You might be waiting an hour or so before you're called back. Keep your supporters with you until you go back to keep your mind at ease.

3. Do NOT rush the staff. Not the lady at reception, or the nurses/doctor. Do NOT be in a hurry - you will be disappointed. If you don't have to wait long, you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Do get a smoothie on the way home - well, have a supporter hook you up! I ate mine with a spoon after it melted a little on top. I did get a little food on my gauze, but I changed it after I was done. I needed to eat something to take with my antibiotics (Cephalexin).

5. Have your reclining surface ready. You shouldn't be looking down much after surgery so this is vital to a safe and easy recovery. Walk around a little more than going to the bathroom entails. It keeps blood from hanging out in the legs. :) -- I guess that is 6, but I didn't want the list to seem long!

So far so good. I'll give more tips as I think about them. Thank you for your comments and well wishes. You guys are the BEST!

Days 1, 2, & 3 Post Surgery

Hey Gang!

Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst. 100% congested (obviously), breathing through my mouth, eating soft foods, and not moving much. Yesterday I am certain I had a fever - it's kind of difficult to take your temp when your mouth is always open.... It finally broke at midnight last night. Today is the best day so far. TIP: Take your antibiotics as scheduled. Do not deviate from the plan. :)

Bruising is much better today than the last two days. I've got little bruising on the inner corner of my eyes, and a bit of a right - black eye. My eyes in general have been sore, I think that's because everything was swollen around them - causing the oil on my skin to make them sting. My eyes were very tiny yesterday!

Yesterday and the day before I was having sneezing fits. It's horrible when you feel your nostrils painfully flaring and you have to concentrate to sneeze out your mouth.. Multiple Times! Ugg. I'm glad that's over. I contacted Dr. G and he approved half of a dose of Benadryl which helped immensely.

I've only taken ExS Tylenol for pain still and it's plenty 'nuff to mask the pain. I'm very thankful for Ani's recommendation at Dr. G's office. I've had no problems with "movements." :)

I'm really happy so far with what I see of my nose!

Cast Off on Saturday at 12pm.

Cast is OFF!!!

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of you who began blogs of their nose journey with Dr. Grigoryants. That's what really got me considering him as my PS. It was then that I continued the research on his website and other websites to get a feel for his technique. Then I e-mailed him and he set realistic expectations for me during the consult. Having my cast removed today and spending more time with him makes me appreciate him even more. He's not only great with technique, but also the best bed side manner of any doctor I've had.

Ani who guided me through pre-op came by the patient room to see how I was doing. I told her how much I appreciated her for the advice to not take the hardcore pain killers. She told me I looked great and that the bruising is almost gone. She warned me that I will probably hate my nose at first, but it will get better. That, I was/am prepared for!

While having my splint, dried bloody crusties, and external sutures removed we talked about a few things: the movie Avatar, and 3D movies. He also talked about one of his family members' rhinoplasties, that girls change boyfriends after rhinoplasty (sorry fellas), that haircuts change after rhinoplasty (because they're not hiding their nose anymore with their hairstyle), and of course about aftercare.

Aftercare: Rolled up gauze (kind of like a cigarette), dip in olive oil or cover in saline spray, then slide up the nose and twirl to clean it out. Simple enough!

Airplane: Lots of Afrin before going on the flight to encourage pressurization on the plane, walk around every 15 minutes, or move the legs a bit while seated (like little leg extensions). Only use Afrin prior to a flight. If you get a nose bleed, he'll instruct you to clear out the blood, spray Afrin into the nose, then keep your head up straight. Afrin does have a bitter taste when it goes down the back of your throat. Spit out excess if needed.

Also, limit excessive smiling and laughing - allow the nose and nostrils to stay in their position for best results. -- My husband and sister have a habit of making me laugh, jerks!

Immediately after leaving the office, I could smell again! After having my nose plugged for 5 days, it's weird having millions of scents making their way into your nose again. Almost uncomfortable! Just a warning. :)

So far I'm very pleased with the result. I truly felt like I had a lot to gain by this surgery and I still feel this way. He expects most of the swelling to be gone by 1 year, however it can take up to 3 years for all swelling to subside. If you feel hard bumps - then the swelling is still there. It needs to feel smooth and thin. That's when you're healed. *Please remember this!!* IT CAN TAKE UP TO 3 YEARS FOR ALL SWELLING TO SUBSIDE. You will not know if you need a revision for *at least 1 year.* Each side can heal at different rates and usually does.

Set your expectations realistically and you will heal better than your not-so-realistic counterparts.

Thank you Dr. Grigoryants, Ani, Gayane, Lorita, Stuart, Marita, and all of the staff that made this happen. Thank you to the person who cancelled on May 4th. I'm very appreciative of this opportunity to change my life.

1 Week Post

Hi Everyone!

Things I've noticed since the cast was taken off:
1. Distance I tip a cup with a lid on it towards my face is much father since my nose is shorter now. :)
2. I can breathe out of both nostrils now. It's weird feeling air come through both sides.
3. Don't leave the brown tape on your nose when you get in the shower or else you'll have adhesive all over your nose (um, yeah it takes a while to rub off gently).
4. My left eye is constantly dry and I'm not sure why. Using lots of eyedrops doesn't seem to help....
5. Don't bump your nose - it hurts.
6. Profile looks awesome - Front view looks piggish (as expected!!)
7. Left side of nose (bridge & inner eye area) is sore to the touch.
8. Washing your hair for the first time after a week takes a while. All that hair oil makes you feel like a bird!
9. Your near focus, especially when writing, will feel strange since you're use to your old nose profile. I had a hard time writing a letter.... I'm not sure how else to explain it.

I'm super happy! Here are some photos.

Hearts for all.

2 Weeks Post - Photo Update

Hi everyone!

Things I'm noticing 2 weeks Post:
1. Upper Lip is still stiff - can't smile or show front teeth as I would normally. Hence, why there are no post photos with a big smile yet.
2. Whole face still have general swelling. I can feel it if I try to raise my eyebrows or frown. Only RBF/RGF (resting grinning face) is allowed.
3. Sodium intake makes a huge difference in how swollen you are the next day.
4. Sleeping with my head propped up every night.
5. I tape most nights... Not all nights because it makes my nose really dry and leaves behind adhesive stuff. I use olive oil to remove it in the morning - it helps a lot.
6. The incisions for narrowing the nostrils is a little redder the last couple days than it has been previously. I believe it's just part of the healing process. I'm putting Neosporin on the incisions since Dr. G told another RSer to do that.
7. Left side is more swollen and tender than right side.
8. Be careful flossing your teeth in the back of your mouth. It pulls at the nostrils and can hurt. I stopped flossing the molars and only floss the front ones now.
9. Since I didn't wash my face for a week, I wasn't exfoliating that time period. Therefore my face accumulated lots of dead skin which I'm still trying to wash away, gently. I bought the Body Shop Microdermabrasion Vitamin C exfoliant since you don't have to rub with much pressure to make it work. Be careful though. Use it only 1x/week especially if you have sensitive skin.
10. Sleeping gets better with time. I'm sleeping quite well, breathing through my nose instead of just my mouth. I still keep the Biotene mouth spray on my nightstand just in case, along with a big glass of water.
11. I still cut up foods that would normally be too tall for me to eat such as sandwiches.
12. I lost 8 pounds over 2 weeks due to the lack of calories and sodium in my diet.

Food I ate the first week after rhinoplasty (I've been asked this question a lot):
1. Apple sauce with cinnamon
2. Cheesecake (just one slice over a few days - too fatty otherwise)
3. Jamba Juice - Fresh Tropical Greens - base is pineapple
4. It's Boba Time - Watermelon Slush, Avocado Smoothie, Kiwi Slush
5. Sushi - Sashimi & sushi rice, cut into small pieces
6. Canned Tuna in fresh water
7. Store bought Ice Cream - soft, no hard pieces to chew
8. Greek Yogurt - Ate at least one a day - more than 2 hours before/after taking the antibiotic.
9. Pasta with olive oil, tomatoes, basil, unseasoned diced grilled chicken (no garlic)
10. Mini cupcakes, cut up into little pieces
11. Cooked Salmon, rice, and asparagus - no salt or seasonings - cut up into ity bity bite sized pieces.

Yes, people can tell I had a nose job. My nail tech told me she wouldn't recognize me on the street! My co-workers never asked me, but I heard through the grapevine that people were talking about my nose.

People at first don't understand that swelling is part of the game, therefore they think what they see right after is what you're going to look like forever. Be sure to pound it into their head that your nose shape will change a LOT over the next year. The way you look from the front is going to change so much. Your profile will change too. How much is still yet to be determined. I'll do photo updates every week. I want you all to see how my nose changes over time.

3 Weeks Post Photo Update

I am happier by the week!

4 Weeks Side By Side Photo Update

Hi Friends!

I'm loving my new nose SOOO much. I'm very happy to be a Dr. Grigoryants girl! I notice little improvements week to week. The tip is gradually refining itself. My nose is finally cleaned out of all blood and phlegm crusties. I sleep every night breathing through my nose now.

TIP: Keep the salt low, but be sure to get enough potassium in your diet.
TIP: Sleeping with your head elevated seems to help.

P.S. I want to take photos looking to the side now!! I want everyone to see my new profile! Yay!


6-7 week post photo update

Love my new nose! 3 months post-op

Hi everyone!

I just want to let everyone know that I'm doing great! I'm really happy with my new nose and I hope that each and every one of you gets the nose you love, or has gotten the one you love! I'm very thankful for having chosen the doctor I did.

Here are updated photos!

5 month photo update

10 month post op photo update

1st annual followup with Dr. G!

So happy! He said about 15-20% swelling left in the tip. The photos are awesome. Worth It!!

18 month photo update!

Very happy with my result!

19 months

So happy with my result!!

Before and Afters 19 months

Hell yeah. I'm so thankful for Dr. G.

Dr. Grigoryants and his staff were truly amazing in the whole process. Dr. G responded to my e-mail consult within 24 hours, and he always responded to any questions I had prior to surgery or aftercare almost immediately. I always felt as though the staff cared for me as a person, not just patient #62435 paying $10k. The office is always busy, so do not be in a rush to see the doctor, and do not try to rush the staff. The pre-op appointment with Dr. G in person was extremely reassuring that I made a great decision. He went over everything he could fix and anything that he wouldn't do (if it would create an imbalance if he did). If you have any specific questions for the Dr., have them ready when you go to your pre-op. If you still have questions after the pre-op, take them with you to the surgery center - he will visit with you briefly prior to surgery. The Avangard Surgery Center was pleasant all around, and comfortable while waiting. Overall, it has been a wonderful life changing experience for me!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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