31 Yrs Old. Found DR.G - Glendale, CA

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Ok im a guy and i dont wanna get all mushy mushy....

Ok im a guy and i dont wanna get all mushy mushy. Like most ppl i was teased alot in school. Not bullied unless u count words. The damage is more powerful with words. I am half mexican and if u know about our culture, teasing is a common thing, sad but true. Like dunking ur head in a cake during ur birthday. Not fun lol. I have a supportive wife and 2 kids and have learned to love the way i look. I never had a problem and am i believe i am a confident person. I have always felt a little off and get confused for middle eastern sometimes. It use to bother me but now i smile and nod explain im mex. I can speak spanish for the most part lol. Recently i have been thinking of returning to school and would think a change would be beneficial to my confidence lol. I feel like im ready to put myself back to the way im supose to be. Putting the piece to the puzzle. First mind, achieved. Body, working on it lol. Then the spirit will be complete.

Getting close

So the date is getting closer about a week and a half away. I dont know if im getting worried or if im just nervous. Some days i feel like i cnt wait and others im like, i cant belive im doing this. Lol. Idk im crazy lol.

Admitting date. For surgery.

Day of surgery u check inn wait in the waiting room then get called to surgery waiting room. Get gowned up share some medical information with ur nurse and then u wait. New to this whole process. I did notice that it looked like an ICU room with beds and patients in them waiting for there procedure. Everyone had a different surgery going on. Nurses kept coming inn to wheel pts out one by one. My wait was a little longer. Seemed that my doc, Dr. G had me last for the day for his surgeries. They transported me to the operating room. Transferred beds and gave a an injection in my IV sight. BOOM!! LIGHTS OUT.

After surgery and At the hotel.

Well. This is a pic of me after. I did read some reviews and heard that recovery for some wasn't that bad. Lol. Well let me tell u. NOT WITH ME. If we're being honest I should have to say recovery was terrible. Let me tell u i have never needed anything stronger than motrin or tylenol or even a sleeping pill. Well let me tell u. They prescribe meds for u before ur surgery date because u will not be in any condition to do it after. I have never needed NORCOS, thank God for those. before and after surgery they did day I might vomit some blood due to it accumulation. As soon as I woke up i was groggy but lucid enough to yell for a basin. A ton of blood let me tell u lol. As soon as I felt better I got dressed in my sweat pants and shirt. Then off to the hotel. I was considering on driving back home that day and forgoing another night at the hotel. Considering the drive home was 1 hour away in Riverside. good thing I reserved and extra night. DO NOT PLAN ON GOING HOME THE SAME DAY. I considered the heat being in the 90°s then the traffic during mid day. U know LA traffic is terrible and the pain. OMG the pain. Lol. DISCLAIMER this is my personal opinion and not necessarily the same for anyone one else. Nor the idea that anything went/was done wrong. Everyone is different and heals differently and so on.

6 days after. Cast removal

So i had to wait till after July 4 for cast removal till after the holidays. Not good for me since I will not be going out with a cast on my face lol. I tried uploading pics but for some reason there over 7 mb and it won't let me. ???? so let's begin. Sleeping has to be sitting up. A good neck pillow is essential. The ones u use on a plane kind of pillow. Since u do have dry blood and ur nose is clogged with this u can forget about breathing with ur nose. U will have a build up of dry secretions in the back of ur trought in the mornings. Probably from breating with ur mouth open and over drying. BIOTENE oral rinse is essential for over drying. It will help loosening the dry phlem and hurting ur trought and causing more pain. The cast was itching alot and the pressure on ur face was annoying but we'll worth it at the end. I know all u hear is me complaining lol but I tought i should share my whole personal experience and not anyone else's. The day of the cast removal starts with u sitting in the waiting room along with 3 or 4 others ppl that had the same procedure. It weird because u try not to be so excited and yet u are and also u try not to look directly at the other person. It's like the sun. U look then look away then look and look away. Lol. Its awkward but exciting and kinda funny. Cuse u know everyone else is right were u are mentally. The most awkward part is walking into the building since u hve to wait for the elevator then what I'd someone is inside then gojng to the 3rd floor and them avoiding other ppl who are looking at u all funny lol. There are a ton of other medical offices up there lol but it is pretty early were u do avoid most foot traffic. The stitches that he pulls out are the ones that feel weird hes pretty quick. It did make my eyes water since it is very sensitive area. He does explain that do not worry it's still gonna be swollen for a while it is not the end result. I look in the mirror for like a second but quickly looked away. Maybe I'm still in shock or not ready just yet. Idk. I just wasn't ready. What If I am dissatisfied or disapointed. I had to ease into it. Idk im weird. I am a guy and conditioned in a certain way. I'm not ready to show what u really feel. YET!! SOON DOH

Forgot to add this. RAW trought

This is an attachment to my last entry. I left this tought out. I think my whole discomfort and pain was due to my trought and how dry and RAW it was. They said u can eat regular food the day after surgery and I was craving Pizza so bad lol. Well. I couldnt due to my trought being and looking like RAW meatloaf. It was bad. I lost weight and couldn't eat anything but liquids for like 5 to 6 days. Seriously it was bad. I was going to bring it up on cast removal day but by the 6th day it was not even noticeable.
Problem: the back of the trought was irritated by either oxygen or some kind of rubbing. When I open my mouth to check it. It look like I had a white substance on my uvula hanging there and on one of my sides were u can see the above tonsils. It wasn't mucus it was like a layer of skin in there was gone olmoat like large canker sores. The pain was so bad I went trew all but like 4 NORCOS out of 20. Pain traveled up the side of my neck and to my ear. It felt like I had an ear infection. I was seriously considering calling the office but decided to finsh the course of antibiotics they give u. I've worked in the medical field for a while and know that u cant do anything till u see how things pan out the first. I just checked daily for swelling, signs of infection, any nasal discharge and color and if it spreads. They give u info on signs of infection before u leave. So u have to watch for that.
SOLUTION: Not for all or if u think u have real problem seek medical help. THIS IS WHAT I DID. I took a Q-tip dabbed it in NEOSPORIN antibiotic ointment and spread some on the inside of the back of my trought specially on the white parts that look like canker sores.
RESULTS: unbelievable relief. I know u shouldn't take a foreign object specially a non sterile one in there but I believed it helped with the canker sores infection. Emediatly I felt relief and the pain on the side of my face gojng up and down go away little by little. The BIOTENE was helping to keep it moisturized but this actually felt like it sued it. DONT USE LISTERINE antiseptic mouth wash. I know the first intention is well i have a small infection well let me rinse out. NOPE. All u will do is dry it out and irritate the site. Wich will cause more pain. At work I do practice oral hygiene and care. I decided to give it a shot with the NEOSPORIN and It worked wonders.
Disclaimer: this worked with me and it is not at all intended to treat or prevent any infection. If u believe u need medical attention seek a medical professional. This is not intended to help treat or help diagnose a problem. U do this at ur own risk. I have to put that out there. Use ur better judgment. This worked for me and dose not mean it will work for others. ????????

A day after cast removal

I'm still using arnica pills and cream under the eyes and I do tape at night. Swelling under the eyes and around the nose not on the nose directly is the part that swells the most.

2 week update

Forgive the mess in the back. Lol. Looking better

Going on Week 3.

I cant wait till my my 4th week is up. So I can go back in the gym. I actually went yesterday and dang. For every rep and even some cardio it felt like a pulsating on my face. I can almost feel my heart beet trew my nose lol. I'll put a before pic. It's amazing how a month of from the gym makes a difference. What takes 6 weeks to build I lost in 6 days. Dang.

Before and after

I'll take side profile pics ltr. These are photo crops. Ltr I'll compare side by side.

Still a little swollen.

3 week mark pic. Laying down.

3 and a half mark.

So i went to the gym for a bit. A little swollen but subsiding. On the post care instructions it says after 4 weeks but I'm off of work can't enjoy the sun with this heat wave so been in doors way to long and going stir crazy. Just sum light cardio. Weights coming soon.

Time to post again.

Self confidence went up, feel normal and don't feel like I sat and out. Lol. These are a few pics. I didn't wanna leave ppl hanging lol.

1yr and on the 3rd month

At work
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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