30th Birthday Gift to Myself, Rhino and Liposuction and Fat Grafting to Cheeks Performed by Dr Grigoryants - Glendale, CA

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I had been researching for almost a year on...

I had been researching for almost a year on realself and decided to write a review now because this site really helped me find the right dr and learn more about the procedure in general. I always wanted a nose job. I went about 3 years ago to a consult with a local surgeon , about 2 hours outside of L.A, then found real self when i started really researching and getting serious about going through with the procedure. I figured it is worth the 2 hour drive to Los Angeles in order to get work done by the most competent dr. Esp when it comes to a nose, something on the middle of your face! I really liked dr motykies work and Dr grigoryants work the best. I decided to go with Dr Grigoryants and cancel my in person consult with the other..can not say enough positives about Dr grigoryants. He is very honest, and I really felt like I could trust him. I also did a little liposuction, and the day before my surgery I asked him what he thought about putting some fat into my cheeks. He thought it would look good, it only cost an additional 2200 for lipo and fat graft way cheaper than additional procedures down the road !:) The day before I was very anxious, worried I was making the wrong decision or drastically changing myself which I didn't want to do..it's now 5 days after surgery, finally feeling much better today and off meds, I really like my results so far even with the swelling. Very natural, I will look like myself but better..glad I picked the right dr. I can not imagine my disappointment had I gone through all this and ended up with poor results.

Rhino before pics

Will post after shots soon

7 days post op

Still a lot of swelling but I was lucky to not get black eyes. I had my surgery one week ago today. Most of my progress has been in the last 2 days since getting my splint off. First few days I was miserable. Lol.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He is great. I trust him, he is honest and has the demeanor I look for in a dr.. he is not "hollywood" at all. I think he is very meticulous in his work. His office Is busy. It took like 5 months to get an in person consult with him..he doesn't sell you on anything, the hospital is pristine and legitimate. I wouldn't go to anyone else for a nose job. The best for nose jobs imo.

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