30 Years Old and Excited for a Dr. G Nose - Glendale, CA

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I have my surgery booked for September 16th. I...

I have my surgery booked for September 16th. I have been to many consults locally in Vancouver, CA and I did not feel comfortable with their skills. I've seen a lot of happy ladies post after pics from their results with Dr. G and I'm confident after 8 years of looking that I've made the right choice.
The things I'd like to change about my nose are as follows:
High bridge (projection)
Bulbous tip
Incredibly large nostrils when I smile big

I'm hoping to have a more feminine nose, softer look and profile. My features.. Eyes, chin and lips are all quite prominent so I'd really like the nose to not stand out as much as it does.

Side profile before rhinoplasty

An old smiling photo with no make-up

A look like a caveman/ big nosed Hanson brother in this picture! It won't stay up long but I figure I'd share my worst photo so there's a better understanding of what I dislike.

Before surgery

This time next week I'll be wearing a cast and healing from my surgery! I'm super excited but also incredibly nervous. I can't wait to have a soft and feminine looking profile!

Post surgery care items

Bought a few things today to help me recover after surgery. I'll be picking up a flat of water when I arrive in LA, along with some soft nutritious foods to keep me nourished while I'm healing. I'm so grateful for all the comments And suggestions I have received on reals elf. :)

3 sleeps until the big day!

The essentials

Day 1

The pain is pretty terrible. Feels like I've sniffed shards of glass. I'm really hoping this starts to feel better tomorrow. The dr prescribes Norco which I'm taking every 4 hours right now and there's quite a bit of bleeding so I change the gauze every 20-30 minutes. I have posted a picture of my side profile from the operating room and also a picture of the bruising with the splint. My bruising is getting a lot worse which I expected because I've always bruised pretty easily.

Day 2

Swelling is a bit worse today and so is the bruising. The heavy bleeding has stopped and li stead is now a watery orange/red drip.
I've posted a picture of how I feel I look and than the real thing.

Day 3

Today I have a massive headache from the pressure of the swelling so I've been placing cold packs along side my temples to alleviate the pain. The swelling seemed to be the worse this morning but is slowly going down as the day progresses and I still have bleeding from one nostril. I'm getting my cast off tomorrow evening and super excited. I'm expecting the avatar look but curious about the balance between my nose and chin from the side profile.

Day 4

No pain meds today! With the careful help of a friend I was able to wash my hair.

My face is a lot more colourful today than it's been the past few days but the swelling has went down a bit. My left nostril is still bleeding a bit and the right is weeping lightly. I'm still not able to taste any food but I can notice the feeling of spice and sweetness.

I have the great reveal this evening so stay posted for a picture. I have prepared myself for seeing a nose that I will probably hate for a while because it's too swollen, wide, different but I'm finding comfort in the fact that everyone seems to have these feelings at first and it'll look great in time.

Cast is off

I nearly cried and Dr. G said "don't cry it will swell"

I am beyond happy at this stage and can't wait to get the bruises behind me.

Day 5

Here's the front shot without tape.
It's definitely a little more swollen today but it's my last day in California so I'm headed out and about regardless.

Day 5 photo

One week post op

So it's been a week and the swelling fluctuates throughout the day. I still have a bruising that hasn't left and I'm hoping by Monday it'll be lighter so I can cover it up with make-up.
I haven't been sleeping well lately because my nose has been super plugged with clots and I'm usually a side sleeper so being propped up isn't comfortable. I'm still incredibly happy with the results and can't stop checking out my side profile. I feel like it knocks a few years off my age :)

1 month and 3 days post op!

More pictures to follow. Healing has been pretty easy.. the only annoyance has been the smell that's in my nose. Some days are better than others for the swelling and I still decided to keep on taping until I feel comfortable to sleep without it at night.


Love my nose and couldn't be happier with it. Some days it seems more swollen than others but little imperfections seem to bother me lot less.

I'm still using nasal rinse to clear my sinuses because I accumulate a lot of stuff up there and it's tough to get the passages clear.
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