30 Years Old Birthday Present to Myself - Glendale, CA

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Hi there, I am a 30 year old female living in...

Hi there,

I am a 30 year old female living in Australia. It has never been a matter of if but more so when regarding rhinoplasty for myself. I'm hoping my review will be able to help others as I have found so many reviews on this website so helpful.

I have my fathers nose, growing up I was a little self conscious about it as I have quite a small face and small features. Around 4 years ago I decided to get braces, and had four teeth removed to help align them. This made my face smaller and I guess that was when I really knew that I would have rhinoplasty as some stage.
I checked out quite a few surgeons before & after photos in Australia but I just wasn't quite convinced.
After finding the realself website and following some users for around 3 months I decided to book in my surgery with Dr Grigoryants in Los Angeles. I contacted the surgery in January and was told his next available surgery date at the time was for August 12th.
They also booked in my consultation for the day before.

So here I am, packed and ready to go to Los Angeles. I booked my accomodation through Airbnb. It's a two bedder apartment close to Dr Grigoryants office/rooms in Glendale. I am travelling with my partners mum (D) who I adore! She also used to be a nurse which is super helpful. She will be taking care of me after the surgery. My partner planned to come but due to work commitments was unable too. In a way I am glad I think it will allow me to focus on myself. He has been super supportive though.

We booked our flights a couple of days prior to my consultation, mainly because I wanted D to get a bit of sightseeing in. Initially, I wasn't to fussed about sightseeing in Los Angeles. I guess because the surgery was my priority. I am feeling a little more relaxed now and am looking forward to having a few days in L.A to have a look around.

My folks don't know that I am having this procedure done eek! I chose not to tell them mainly because they have a tendency to worry a lot and I didn't want to do that to them. More so, because they left a few days ago for an overseas holiday and I would like them to enjoy the trip and not have to be concerned about me.

For the rhinoplasty, I would really love to have the bump smoothed out and work done to my tip.
When I emailed Dr Grigoryants my photo's prior to booking in the surgery he said he would recommend "removing the bump and refining the tip. I may need to reduce the size of the nostrils. I will open your airways at the same time if necessary (septum, turbinates and nasal valve)".

I will try and get some "before" photos up today.

Day before consultantation

Hi all,
Flew into Los Angeles yesterday morning. Got a taxi to accommodation in Glendale to find it had been double booked. I had booked first but the host made an error. She rectified it by booking us into a hotel in Hollywood which was actually really great. Got a lot of sightseeing done which was nice. Checked into Glendale accommodation today and my consultatation is tomorrow arvo. I plan to email dr g my questions and thoughts first thing in the morning because I've read from other reviews that they are kept short and sweet.

I organised my supplies prior to leaving Australia. I purchased antibiotics, mild, moderate and strong pain medication, arnica cream, nasal gel, wound healing gel, scar reduction patches, nasal pore strips (will use prior to surgery to prevent acne), dry mouth spray, dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste (will go easy on the spray as it contains sodium), freezable eye patch, anti emetics (nausea medication), antibiotic cream and antibacterial soap (have to wash with this before surgery)
I'll take a pic of my supplies.
I asked dr g's receptionist to ask the pharmacy they use to call me today to confirm I had all of the right discharge meds. We have different meds in Australia but we discussed my meds and I have the equivalent of everything. I don't think my pain killers are as strong as the discharge meds but I know the ones he prescribes (Norco?) can cause nausea. My strong pain meds are codeine based with relaxants so I can get some sleep.

Also, when I try to load my pics they are coming up side on. Does anyone know why this is?


Before photos


So I had my consultation today. The girls at reception were lovely. Arrived half an hour earlier which gave me time to fill out paperwork etc.

One of the girls took me into a separate room and explaines pre op and some post op procedures.
She also explained how resulting swelling and initial results can be quite upsetting for patients, and to be prepared for this. I won't be able to shower until cast removal (yick), and to fast for 8 hours prior to surgery. She went through some more information and then told me dr G would be in shortly.

My consultation went well. He spent a fair bit of time with me, I was a little concerned I'd be in and out the door but he was very patient and explained everything very clearly. He had a reason for every change he planned to make which I really liked.

He also told me I could email him if I had any questions or concerns.

In regards to tomorrow, I'm pretty calm a little nervous and a little excited.
Wish me luck!

Thanks for all of the kind comments also. x

Day 1 picture

All done. Surprisingly, no nausea. (so far)
Pain is about a 4 but staying on top of it.
We decided to get the Norco because I didn't think my pain meds would cut it.

Will keep taking this every four hours before the pain hits. Will also start antibiotics soon too.

Having apple juice through a straw. Also have a dry mouth. I can breathe through my nose a bit aswell.

I know the bruising will be worse tomorrow.

The pain just feels like pressure in my head, lile a mild headache. I also have it through my jaw but thinking this might be due to my neck pillow. At this stage the most bothersome thing is slight pain and dryness on the back of my upper throat. Think this is from the pipe that I had in my throat. Other than that feeling pretty good actually (touch wood) will keep posting on progress .

Surgery - night

I've been out of the hospital now for a few hours. I have several pillows popped around me, a memory foam pillow and a memory foam neck pillow. This has been great at keeping me upright. I've also got a pillow at the base of my feet.

I had a dose of Norco at the hospital and then another dose around 6. These are to be taken four hourly for pain. Even though I would prefer not to take them I don't know how bad the pain is without them so I will continue them until tomorrow at least.

Still no nausea! I am super grateful for this. My eyes have puffed up a fair bit now and the bruising has darkened and is creeping up to the top of my eyes
I am continuously icing. 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off each side.
Drinking plenty of fluids, water and apple juice. The nurses said clear fluids only for the first day.

My eyes are also weeping a fair bit, it's not irritating but I wish I could wipe under my eyes.

Day two - post op

Woke up congested this morning. I didn't sleep till about 3am but I think that is mainly due to the fact that my body clock hasn't adjusted. I'm still on Australian time with my sleep patterns.

Deep breathing really helped relax me and I managed to get some sleep for a few hours. I kept waking up with a dry mouth but moisturising mouthwash and spray aswell as sipping on water helped.

D woke up through the night to give me my pain meds, antibiotics and fresh water. She's an angel.

Had some baby food for brekkie and a protein shake. Don't be sceptical of the baby food. It's actually really good!! I had a prune flavoured one and Im hoping it will also help with the side effects of the pain killers. They are literally just fruit and water, I'm big on natural products
So they suit me fine.

D helped me change my drip pad this morning. I have no idea what's going on under the drip pad. Lots of swelling and black thread, taping. They did say they would also be putting a splint in each nostril. I cant really see or feel anything up there but my breathing is obstructed so I'm guessing that is why.

Other than that feeling pretty good. Icing my eyes has helped with the swelling. Cleaned around them this morning with a damp Q tip as they must have been weeping a lot overnight.
One thing I can honestly say is make sure you have your supplies in order it just makes everything more comfortable.

Day 3 post op

I'm feeling stuffy and yicky today. Wish I could just clear the congestion.
Also I must have slipped down from my upright sleeping position last night as my eyes have pooled up a fair bit. I'm trying to ice them now. My nose is wept a lot of
fluid overnight aswell. I'm still on my pain meds four hourly. Main issues are congestion and irritation at the base of my nose, just stings. Is it worth trying to clean any dried blood?

Dr g's photo

Here is a photo dr g took. He emailed it to me the day after my surgery.

Day 4 post op

My bruising and swelling has gone down a fair bit. I'm also sleeping a lot better, waking up less throughout the night. My appetite is back and all I want is a steak, unfortunately for me I'm still on baby food and green smoothies and protein shakes, pineapple juice . I am eating small bits of soft fruit and scrambled eggs too. Just avoiding salt as much as I can.

Today is definitely better than yesterday. I stopped my Norco last night and just has one acetaminophen and codeine tablet before bed. I took another early in the morning because I felt slight pressure and they help me sleep. I'm going to go without today or maybe just have acetaminophen on its own if needed.

I'm so curious to know what is going on under my case but as the same time trying to be patient because I know I'm just going to get a whole bunch of avatar when this cast comes off.

D is impressed with my healing so far and expected it to be way worse. I'm glad because I don't want her to worry or to stress her out.

I haven't heard back from Dr g yet regarding any of my questions. I just had a few such as.. Should I be applying antibiotics cream or wound healing gel to my sutures?

I hope I hear back from him, I want to take all the correct steps to prevent scarring and help my wounds heal. I tend to hyperpigment when I scar.

My nose is still draining on and off so I can't remove my drip pad yet. Regardless, I am still able to get some air through my nose.

Day four night

Hi all,

I am feeling really good now, especially since I stopped the Norco. Just taking acetaminophen every now and then. Today was the first day I didn't need naps and have been up With D watching orange is the new black all day.

I tried to clean my sutures under my drip pad. I almost fainted but I managed. I used a Q tip and saline solution. I applied a bit of antibiotic ointment to my sutures on left and right nostril. My suture in the middle has a blood clot scab thing over it...sorry if it's gross and to much information but before my surgery I wanted all of the details. I didn't try to clean it I just placed antibiotic ointment over the top, hoping this will soften it.
I could also see a clear stitch coming out through my skin. Not cool!

I'm not exactly looking forward to cast removal day, I have a feeling it is going to be painful! Oh well two more days left.

Day 5 post op

I'm up, moving around a lot making my own meals etc. And by that I mean pulling stuff out of the fridge and sticking a fork in it.

Feeling much better. Congestion comes and goes. When I saw my day 5 photo I realised how drained and tired I look. I don't feel that way, I actually have a lot of energy. In saying that I have slept a lot, surgery and healing does take its toll on you. Not much else to report at this stage. One more day and then cast removal. It's really hot here at the moment and our air con at the airbnb is terrible. It's meant to get better from tomorrow.

Day 6 cast removal

I had a phone call from Dr g's receptionist today saying that I could get my cast removed today instead of tomorrow. So I headed in their this afternoon. I took a couple of pain killers half an hour beforehand just to dull the discomfort.

It was surprisingly super fast. Dr g told me I had a closed rhinoplasty. I had no idea. He removed some tiny stitches that were on the base of my nostrils and removed my splints. He taped my nose and told me how to do it. He also told me if I noticed my nose sloping to the left to push it to the right for ten seconds three times a day. He did this to show me how. The feeling shocked me but he said he had added more cartilage to my right side to straighten my nose and it might try and move to the left. Scary much?

I was happy with my nose after cast removal but I know I still have a long way to go. It's already swelled a fair bit since coming home. Really looking forward to having a proper shower and washing my hair. Oh and eating and tasting solid food again is amazing.

Day 7 pictures!

Feeling pretty normal today. I'm very sensitive to heat at the moment, but I want D to get out and see a bit more of l.a today. We are going to try and have a look at the farmers markets. I'm worried about the heat. Have two layers of sunscreen on and am going out with tape on my nose. If at any point I don't feel well we will just jump in a car and head to a shopping centre. We both just need to get out of this house and get some fresh air.

I put foundation on today to help Cover my bruising and oh man is my skin flaking!! I had to spray thermal water all over my face to get some hydration.
I haven't really moisturised my skin in the last week and it's definitely thirsty. I have a light moisturiser but will be buying a heavy duty one today. I also have a couple of silk hydrating facial masks which I will stick on overnight.

I regret not taking care of my skin better during this process.
Nose was swollen this morning, very wide and it's oh so stiff. I've kept my wounds clean and am keeping them moist by applying wound healing gel and antibiotic ointment. I wish I could apply sunscreen on my wounds but this would definitely let bacteria in. I don't want my wounds to scar :(

I have a hat so hopefully this will help.

My face is super stiff and I definitely look like a chipmunk! I miss smiling but I also quite like this pumped up youthful look!

Wish me luck, trying to mentally prepare for the stares.

Ignore my eyebrows they are crazy! I'm trying to grow them out! It's taking forever!

One more pic

Just wanted to show you how the tightness affects your ability to smile. This is my smile at the moment

Day 7 night

Just wanted to write a quick update, had a great day at the markets and had sushi for dinner. But no matter how much I tried to avoid the sun or heat, my skin was super sensitive. And today was a seriously hot day! Around 5pm was fine but between 3 and 5 was terrible. Most of the day I was under cover but even if I was in the sun for a couple of minutes it felt like my face was on fire. Hat, sunscreen and zinc and foundation with sunscreen and I still felt the sting on my skin. I knew my skin would be sensitive but never did I realise that it would be as sensitive as it was. I felt like a vampire with my skin burning off! Has anyone else experienced this? Oh and I felt really tired after a couple of hours too.

Day 9 review on products

Not much has changed. I've been out and about doing things, generally in the evening when it's cooler. My vampire skin can't take the sun.

I'm a pharmacist and wanted to give you all a quick review on products that are helping me immensely at the moment.

Saline spray is a must buy a large bottle.
Cotton buds buy 100 pack
Fess Nasal gel avoid Vaseline if you can for after surgery it has vitamin e, sesame seed oil and olive oil and an applicator so you can squeeze it straight into your nose.
Rose hip oil for after surgery because your skin will be so dry. I found post general anaesthetic and not washing my face threw out the natural balance of my oils. Slowly getting it back now.
The best thing I bought for skin is la Roche posy cicaplast - it's a serum for post cosmetic peels and flaking chapped skin. It's excellent.
I had a few breakouts, minor after cast removal because I hadn't hydrated my skin while the cast was on and couldn't wash it. La Roche posay effaclar cream is great for break outs
Solosite wound healing gel for the healing my suture wounds. Wounds need to stay moist as long as they are clear or infection. Helps healing and prevents scar formation.
That's about all I'm using. I'm taping every night and for a while if I'm at home. I'm not taping if I go out for the day anymore
Sunscreen!! non comedogenic

Once again these products are just my suggestions.I really find that they are helping me

Pictures day 9

I tried to take as many from different angles but I'm no good with the selfish.
You can see swelling on the bridge and tip.

Yesterday day 10

A couple of days ago I emailed dr grigoryants because at cast removal he asked me to push on the lhs of my bridge for ten seconds three times a day as cartilage was added to the rhs. This is to stop the nose leaning towards the right.. However, I noticed from the bottom my nose is already leaning towards the right and I didn't feel comfortable continuing pushing on it. Anyhow, I sent him an email and he said to send him pictures. I don't have access to a way to do that so the girls at the clinic said come in and see him. That was yesterday. He spent almost am hour with me. Firstly he said I didn't need to push anymore because it was set in the right place. He said my nostrils do lean towards the right but he had to do that otherwise it would have been crooked from the front view. It doesn't bother me.

He said I was healing nicely and he was happy so far. This was good for me because I leave for Australian on Monday and I needed a little reassurance. He asked me to email him with updates four monthly and taught me how to take photos. He explained why I needed added cartilage and that he added it to my tip aswell for support.
My septum was deviated but more so internally. He really knows his stuff and told me about cartilage techniques the he has learnt in the last few years to help the support the nose in the long term.

He said if I had seen him seven years ago I would have come back for a revision because he was using old techniques most surgeons still use.

However, he has learned where and why cartilage grafts are needed for long term results. He is writing a paper on it. This was all very reassuring.

He showed me pictures on the internet of what happens when grafts aren't used.

One thing I was curious about was why my rhinoplasty was 10500 and on the realself site I've seen what looks like more work required for 9500. I asked him about this a few months ago as he quoted me via email pictures. He said my hump was large and needed a lot of shaving down. I said did I really end up needing the extra work you thought? He said yes it wasn't actually the hump it was the deviated septum and the tedious process of adding cartilage to make sure the nose is supported. He said at the time he didn't want to email that to me because I wouldn't understand.

Overall, I was happy with the amount of time he spent with me and I'm glad I saw him one last time before I head back to aus.

My nose really swelled in the evening. He pushed and prodded it a fair bit during my appointment. But I also went to Monrovia markets and i don't think the dirt and dust helped much. It was a long afternoon. My bridge was really wide and my nose felt super tight.

I'm taping at night and when I'm home during the day. Also still sleeping upright which I find helps.

Here are a few pics from yesterday arvo.

Swelling day 12

Day 13

I'm flying back to Australia tonight. A little nervous as I'm hoping my nose will be able to handle it. I will be taping my nose once I get on the plane to help prevent any swelling. I plan to take a sleeping pill and sleep for most of the flight.

I have accidentally knocked my nose a few times in the last couple of days, mainly the tip. Eek

Day 21... I think?

I'm having good and swelling days. Still taping every night and I've started using silicon gel patches on my scars.
I still accidentally knock my nose here and there. Especially the tip, it scares me everytime I do it because I'm scared that I'm causing damage. My nose feels tight and I get congested really quickly when exposed to weather changes. Saline is my best friend.

Sorry about the quality of these photos. I took them last night and there's terrible lighting in my room but I wanted to get some pics up for updates. Excuse the red eyes had been up since 5am!
I'm back at work and at my second job too. I find I am still lacking energy but it's getting better each day. It's nice to get back to my normal routine.
I can't wait to get back to the gym. Another three weeks yet but I might start walking tomorrow. I'm quite an active person and this doing nothing has been nice but I am really missing exercising.

Oh my flight back was fine by the way. On descent I became super congested. And I slept for almost 16 hours when I got to my mother in laws place. Time difference, lack of sleep on plane etc must have just taken it's toll.

Whoops forgot to mention:

When I arrived home, I didn't mention anything to my roommate. I asked her later in the evening if she noticed anything different about me and she said no. I had to tell her about my surgery because I didn't want her to think I was crazy for walking around the apartment with tape and silicon patches on my nose in the evenings. I work in a store by myself, but I see the girls from the other stores everyday. One of them said... first thing....you look different? I said oh do I haha? And then I changed the subject. The other girls didn't notice at all! Or at least they haven't mentioned anything to me.

Another girl who I used to work with everyday and works at our sister store knew straight away what had changed. I told her about my op. She also thought I had gotten botox! Hahah I told her my face was is still quite frozen. She said... are you sure you haven't had botox??

My sister loves it, she says it looks very natural and so does my partner. He keeps telling me to stop obsessing over it.

More pics

Swelling is definitely worse in the morning, gets better in the evening and then worsens again after showering at night. I'm thinking it's the hot showers, yeah gotta avoid that.....

More pics...from two days ago

Same same, swelling worse in the early morning and gets better by mid morning.
Can't fully breathe through nose yet.

Just over one month

More pics

Not much change. Swelling worse in morning. Congestion has become a lot better.

Folks saw me for the first time and didnt notice. Well my mum had no idea, and my dad thought I'd had collagen injections. Which I denied and he said it was obvious that I'd had my top lip done and proceeded to tell me how I shouldnt get collagen injections. I thought it was hilarious so I didn't tell him about my nose and he is none the wiser. My mother was confused but slowly grasped the idea and was totally understanding. A little disappointed that I kept it from her but understood my reasons behind it.

6 weeks

Breathing is much better. I'm not getting congested as often. I feel I should be using saline more often and will keep trying.

2 month update

Hi Hi,

I can't believe it's been two months. Everything has been smooth sailing so far. I've noticed such a reduction in swelling aswell. I had a severe allergic reaction three weeks ago and I have been on cortisone tablets since so I think they are helping with the swelling, however it was naturally coming down anyway. I'm still on the cortisone and Dr g has told me some swelling may come back after I stop. It's to be expected, I'm only two months along.

My breathing has really improved. I am able to blow my nose. I bumped it this morning and it didn't hurt whereas a couple of weeks ago if I bumped it there was a lot of tenderness. This gives me peace of mind.

I'm really happy with it so far and how everything has come along. I'm using saline once a day, first thing in the morning. It really makes a difference and ensures everything inside my nose is clean.

I've been lucky and didnt struggle with breakouts. I do use witchhazel at night before I tape to prevent blackheads. I feel this has really helped. Im still taping even now. I personally do notice a difference when I tape and when I do not tape.

I'm using a scar reduction patch nightly on my right nostril. The left has healed nicely. The right has the slightest scar but when I ask my friends and partner they have said they can't even see it.

I am so grateful to Dr Grigoryants and i feel I had a really smooth healing process because of his skill level.

So far so good!!

4 month mark

Hi all,

I haven't updated in a while because my nose hasn't changed very much. I also am still going through good and bad swelling days, mainly dependant on what I eat. Alcohol is also a major contributor I've noticed, and being the silly season it's really hard to avoid. In saying that my nose prior to surgery used to naturally swell if I had too much salt or alcohol especially the morning after. I'm not worried about it but I am still taping at night when I can be bothered.

At the end of the day I am still super happy with my result. It feels so natural, for me it feels like I never had surgery or had my old nose. I love seeing my profile now. Still no one has really noticed a change in my nose which is great. I think there were only two people who noticed I looked different when I first got back from surgery. oh and there was my dad who couldn't pinpoint what I had done and thought it was fillers in my upper lip....hilarious.

Popping up a couple of photos, I'll put some more up later.

More pics

More pics

7 month update

So it's almost been 7 months since my surgery and I am really happy with the results. I have a little bit of scar tissue in my left nostril. Im still a bit swollen in the morning but its not noticeable and doesn't bother me.

My nose has refined a lot over the last couple of months. It might sound strange but I feel like Ive had this nose my whole life. I am so glad I went with Dr Grigoryants and honestly if it wasn't for this site I never would have found him.

8 months

Really happy with my results, almost 8 months in. Lots of photos from different angles. I hope they are clear! Xx

14 months

I can't believe how time has flown! Im still happy with my schnoz.
I feel like my columella has dropped a lot over this period of time. I still get a lot of tip swelling especially in the mornings so tonight I am going to try taping again to see if it makes a difference. Ive emailed and asked Dr G what could be causing this. I do have a lot of food allergies and love salt so I would not be suprised if that is all it is.

I was supposed to have a 1 year follow up wth Dr G in August, I had started a new job so there was no way I could fly tl L.A. I might try and get over there next year just to make sure everything has healed correctly.

I still have a bit of scar tissue on the inside left of my inner nose and top left inner tip but its so small it doesnt bother me.

I had no scarring from my incisions which I so grateful for as I have dark skin and tend to scar. I still think the silicon gel pads were great for preventing scarring and the wound healing gel really made a difference.

Here are a couple of recent piccies.


So I am a little concerned now at 1 year and 6 months as my tip has changed a lot.
It has dropped, looks quite bulgy. Also on the right side I have a divot/indent and below the indent is a lump of tissue. I wonder how my nose could have changed so much in the last 6 months- will send through pics once I address my concerns with dr G. Im now a bit worried.

Scar tissue treatment

So turns out I had a significant lump of scar tissue on the right of my nose! Its crazy to think that almost a year and a half later this could have happened-
I emailed Dr G and he said it looked like scar tissue and that a steroid injection would help. So I saw a surgeon in my hometown of Brisbane - dr belt and he agreed it was scar tissue. The indent above the scar tissue he said looked like a cartilage issue so im not sure if Dr G put enough support material there etc.
So I had a shot of kenalog my nose was even more swollen for about two days and by the fourth day the scar tissie was breaking down. That was over two weeks ago now and I feel it has worked really well! It was a low dose of kenalog
So now Im back to being happy with my nose. I hope it stays this way!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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