27 and I'm Finally Ready for my New Nose - Glendale, CA

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I have been looking to get my nose done for years....

I have been looking to get my nose done for years. Finally last year I decided it was time, I looked everywhere for a great surgeon this took months. I definitely recommend doing your homework specially when it comes to your face. Dr Vladimir Grigoryants had the best before and after and one of the best reviews. I will be traveling from Canada and even with all the hassle of traveling and finding accommodation I thought it would still be worth it. However now that the Canadian dollar has plunged down to .69ยข I'm having second thoughts, my cost has gone up by 30%. My surgery is in 3 weeks and everything I have saved up for it won't even be close to what it will cost me. This has been the most stressful few months. Specially as we watch our dollar get lower and lower everyday. Now I'm wondering if plastic surgeons ever give discounts to special cases. Even a small percentage can go a long way for me concider travel and lodging.

One week away

Surgery is all paid for thank god and now I just have to wait. I feel like this week will be the longest week ever. Im very excited and cant wait to meet Dr. G , suprisingly im not nurvouse at all. I know i have done my research and i wouldnt want anyone else to touch my face but Dr. G.
I decided to finally put up some before pictures, and I will try to keep updating after my surgery. Hoping it would help someone.
Thanks everyone for all the help on my last post.

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre op appointment with Dr.G and wow... I was very impressed. He is amazing, very nice and knows what he is talking about. I know I heard great things on here about him but I was still very impressed. He did mention that one side of my nose had higher cartilage which I guess I never noticed. He said with that they usually push the cartilage up and some cases after the surgery it might clapse and look flat so he wanted to know if it was worth doing that or to just leave it. At first I thought he was talking about my uneven nostrils. But I guess that was not the case and I really had to look at my nose to see what he was talking about. So he figured if I have never noticed it it would be best to leave it. Somehow even after all that I still have full trust in him and not even a bit nervous. Is that normal? Most reviews I have read here everyone is super nervous... Am I just gonna have a melt down the day of? I hope not

Day before surgery

I just want to thank everyone for their support and kind words. I know I felt a little alone for a while because I felt like no one could understand the reasons I wanted this done, and everyone kept telling me that I was crazy for going through with this. This site is amazing because I no longer feel alone and I am glad that I can share my story with everyone who is thinking to do the same, and I hope it helps. I know this site definitely helped me to pick my surgeon.

I have been here in California for 3 days now and I have to really thank my mom for coming with me and introducing me to her long lost highschool friends that live here now, they have been nothing but amazing. They all made me feel at home took us places fed us amazing food. And I just don't know how to really thank these amazing people.
And for the first time other than this site I felt a full support, So it was nice not hearing people calling me crazy and actually understanding and supporting me.

I took some pictures on my last night, to say bye to this nose.

I'll try to update again tomorrow after the surgery when I get back to the hotel.

All done :D

So its finally over, and I don't feel too bad surprisingly. Everything went very well. I got to the hospital at 10 and the nurse that took care of me from the beginning to the end was just beyond amazing, she was cheerful, full of love and just made me so comfortable. You could tell she loved her job.
The wait was the longest I don't think I went in till 12:30. The surgery probably didn't even start till 1 or 1:30.
Just before the surgery I met with Dr. G he went over everything that he was going to do very quickly, but I honestly didn't feel rushed. Since I had my full trust in him and didn't really have any questions. Then the anesthesiast came and introduced himself went through my papers and explained what he was going to do. And I guess I was pretty popular among everyone there he said we have been talking about you all day, hahah they were all impressed that I was an aircraft mechanic in the Canadaian airforce. It was incredible to meet so many friendly staff.

When I woke up I had a very bad headache lots of pressure on my head but they made sure they gave me some drugs right away to make the pain go away then after an hour the took me to recovery where they gave me more painkillers and after an hour when my pain was gone I was released to go home, well hotel in my case.
The nurse changed my dressing and showed us how to do everything before we left and my mom was very impressed with my new nose from what she could see when my dressing was being changed. So I'm pretty excited to see it once the cast comes off. I know Dr.G took pictures after the surgery I will try to grab those pictures so I can share with you all.
My post surgery appointment is in a week so I'll be having this cast on for that long.
One thing that I'm very happy about is that Dr.G doesn't pack your nose with tampons so I can breath pretty good through my nose.
Here are some pictures before and after surgery hope you enjoy :p

Pictures the day of surgery

Day2 and day 3

Sorry I haven't been updating, but I wasn't feeling that great day 2 and most of day 3 I was pretty nauseous. Today is day 4 and I feel alot better. My bruises have come down alot however I do look like a chipmunk not sure why my cheeks got so big in the past 24 hours.
My pain is not as bad anymore I'm only taking tylonal now. Today I decided to try and clean my nostrils one was packed with dry blood and I just used a qtip with hotwater, making sure I didn't put any pressure on anything. Then i used vaseline on the stitches and around my nostrils. I'm still wearing my moustache dressing all the time since the drainage hasn't stopped, but I also feel more comfortable with it on.
I'm excited for cast removal but also very worried not sure how its going to feel when he tries to clean out all the dry blood in there, I assume it won't feel that great so I'm going to make sure I take my pain meds before I go in. My cast removal is scheduled for Tuesday so I will make sure I keep you all updated with photos.

Again thanks everyone for your kind words.

Also I wanted to say don't bother buying so much supplies as I haven't used anything but my vaseline, the hospital will give you tape and dressing and in my instructions he only wants me to use hot water to clean crusties and Vaseline to moisturize. I did bring fiber to put in my shakes which has helped with my bowel movements, and I have been drinking alot of fresh pineapple juice to help with bruising and swolling. The rest of the stuff I bought I haven't even used and it was a waste of money.
Just make sure you ask your surgeon the things you would need, I assume every surgeon has his own instructions on how to take care of your nose. And I made the mistake of not asking and buying a whole suitcase of meds and supplies.

Hope this helped.
See you all on cast removal day ;)

Night before cast off :S

So its night before cast off and I'm freaking out a bit, not sure how he is going to get my nose all cleaned up without it hurting.
I wanted to see if anyone can help me
Will it hurt? And what should I do other than greasing it up with Vaseline?

And do I grease up around the cast as well? I felt like that's what they told me but that was a week ago :S

Also I will make sure to post up pictures right away

Thanks everyone you guys have been awesome


Cast off woot woot

So the cast finally came off today, and I thought I was going to die. The cast coming off and the cleaning didn't hurt at all but then he was trying to massage down the swelling and then he realized that one side of my bone was sticking up from excess swelling. And that he needs to do some work there to fix it. He began to pushing on that side to move the bone down and then he had to move some bones inside ... Needless to say I thought I was going to faint. I was not at all expecting this. I was very glad that I took my pain meds otherwise I probably would have fainted, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance.
Then he showed me how to push on the bone so I could do it everyday at home to shape it better.
After everything was over I was very impressed with my new nose I know its still massive and it will get better but you can already see the great work he has done. I almost wanted to jump up and give him a hug but I resisted since he was in between surgeries and wearing his surgery scrubs :)

He is absolutely amazing his bed side manners are beyond great. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to get a rhinoplasty. He is not just about making your nose look good but to improve its functions. I can already tell that I am breathing better.
I can't thank him enough.

Here are some pictures from today and I'll try to update more as the swelling comes down.

Thanks everyone for your support and I hope this helps people choosing a surgeon.
Much love

2 weeks post op update

Hey everyone, I'm doing great. It's my birthday today and of course I got uneven swelling yeay ... Thanks universe. But over all I'm doing great some days my nose is very small and some days not so much. But over all I am very happy with the results. I took. These pictures last week and I will definitely take more tonight to post up.
I'm just annoyed by the stitches inside they are kinda sticking out and tickle the inside of my nose. Hopefully those will fall out soon.

Other than that I don't have much to report I'll probably do an update at the 2 months mark once most of the swelling has gone down.


2 weeks post op

Forgot to post this one on my last post

One months post op

Sorry guys I have been pretty busy since I have been back to work, so I haven't had much time to update you guys.
Things are great, I started working out again 2 days ago it was my 1 month so I decided to go to the gym but take it slow and not do crazy amount of cardio and I tried lowering my weights doing back. I did get a lot of swelling that night. But I was OK with it I felt amazing being back at the gym. I have some good nose days(less swelling) and some bad days (huge nose)but over all I love my new nose. I'm just wondering how long till all the sutures come off, some ends are loose and I can see them they tickle the inside of my nose so I have to Vaseline it and make them stick to the side so they don't bother me. But other than that things are great the tip is not as sensitive anymore and it doesn't hurt . I do still get headaches after a long day of work or if the weather is really cold. Do keep in mind that I live in northern Canada and we get some crazy cold weather here. But I have noticed that they are getting better with time.so I'll just wait and see if they do go away completely.
Also just wanted to say I'm very impressed with Dr. G , every time I email him asking questions he emails right back some days it's as quick as 20 min later and I know how busy he is so I'm not gonna lie I was really impressed with how prompt and how much he still cares about his patients. I did notice if he doesn't have time to get in full details he would write you a quick one and then his office would write a more detailed email explaining everything. I just love him
And I can't be thankful enough for a great work he has done.
I don't have any new pictures yet but I'll try to get some on my good nose days lol and I'll keep you all posted.


2 month update

Hey everyone sorry I have been away for so long, I just don't have much to report. Things have been great. I'm finally back to my usual workout routine, which makes me really happy. Usually right after my workout the swelling isnt too bad untill at night thats when it gets worse. I have some really good nose days and some not so good. But no matter how bad the swelling I still love my new nose. And I couldn't have been happier. I can't beleive how amazing it feels when you actually breath. I had trouble breathing before the surgery, specially at night when I would go to bed. I can't thank Dr.G enough for fixing everything and not just the look of my nose. I'll try to catch one of these good nose days so I can post up more pictures.

5 month update

I figured it's time for a quick update.
I'm very happy with the results even though it's very rarely that I can see the true result due to swelling. luckily last night at a friends wedding my nose had very minimal swelling, which called for some photo updates for you guys.

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