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After years of research for who I wanted to have...

After years of research for who I wanted to have as my doctor I finally came across Dr. Grigoryants. I decided to post on real self because a lot of the real self blogs were super beneficial in my decision-making process! I'm from out of state and flew in to meet with Dr. G this past Wednesday.We discussed my expectations and I had a really good feeling with my choice. I also found out that I have a deviated septum which is great for me because insurance helps in the cost. After being on a waiting list for a while I got the call today that I am scheduled for September 14. I'm really excited and would really appreciate any advice or feedback. I will keep you guys posted of my journey as well as post pictures of my before-and-after's!!

Getting close

I have my pre op appointment on the sixth! I'm getting close but surprisingly am not anxious at all.. Maybe it won't hit me until the day of surgery?! Anyways I wanted to add a few more before pics and I will keep you posted on how my preop apt goes :)

Two weeks away!

Hey guys! I'm two weeks away from surgery! Does anybody have advice on aftercare? I ordered arnica and my mom is flying out to take care of me and my daughter.. Any advice on increasing my comfort level would be great. I honestly don't want to take my prescription pain mess if I don't have to. Did anyone else avoid these?? I will post a few more befores from all angles and a pic of the nose I am going for! I tried to pick someone with a similar face shape and eye width. I hope my expectations are realistic.. Feeling nervous ????????

Last week with this nose !!!

This is the last week with this nose!! Wish me luck guys.. I started taking arnica and bromelain and have cut out vit e and fish oil.. I don't take any other Meds.. I will update with after pics next week!

Surgery day!!!

So I did it!! I feel pretty sore but I'm so grateful it's over!! So I have a question :( I was laying in bed by my daughter and she bumped my nose .. I literally had the surgery today :((((! It feels sore and bled a little from the nostrils but it was doing that b4 she bumped it too.. Should I be worried? Will this affect my outcome?

1 day post op

Much more swelling today then yesterday.. It goes into my eyes.. Is this what happened to u guys?

2 days post op

Today the bruising is better but swelling is still pretty bad.. I feel a lot of pressure in my sinuses but other than that I'm ok. I am still bleeding out of my nostrils and have a clear drainage. That's about it for today! I also got a pic from dr g!

Cast off!!

Cast off!

Cast removal advice and pics

cast is off! I'm very swollen and look like an avatar lol but I'm happy to have a much straighter nose! So I do 4 squirts of Afrin a day and antiseptic ointment on nostrils? Any advice on cleaning?? Thanks guys!

I week post op!

Still very swollen but better.. How long did u guys tape your nose? Dr G told me only at night but I feel like it's not secure to take off the tape Bc it's still so new .. I'm so scared its shift back to being crooked! Lol

Last post for a few months

Last post right now! I'll post more pics when swelling reduces.

One more question!

Hey guys so how was ur nose at ten days? Mine still seems so wide. Also it still seems as projected as it was before ???? do u know if that's swelling? Did yours de project after swelling went down? My fiancé thinks it looks the same as it did b4 surgery which is disheartening!

2.5 weeks

Here's some new pics guys.. Still wearing tape as I'm still very swollen in the mid nose on the bridge.. I'm assuming it's normal Bc I repaired the septum and shaved the bridge.. I'm so ready to look normal with out tape! Lol also I've been getting trickling of blood from my left nostril when I bend over.. I had been cleaning w qtips and hope I didn't damage anything :///

3 weeks no tape

3 weeks post op.. Still swollen but looking more human.. It still appears to slant to the side ????hopefully it's sweeping related! Anyways had my first nursing interview today for ya pediatric unit ???? so had to say bye bye to the tape lol

One month no tape

Hey guys here are more pics.. I still feel very swollen especially at the tent I did notice that I have a tiny little bump on my bridge on the right side with that be swelling or is that something that I will have to shave down later? Just curious with your experience one month? I'm very happy that my nose looks natural although I wish it was a little bit more drastic of a change LOL!

Almost 6 weeks...

Hey guys here's an updated picture from the front sorry I'm always so serious LOL I still can't really smile I don't know if that's normal… I'll try to answer some questions this evening I haven't really had time to get online. I and in California for the next couple weeks so I'm going to see Dr. G even though it's before the two month mark to check on my healing process and ask her about some concerns I have. I'll keep you guys updated!

Meant to post a before and after side by side 6 weeks..

When I compare I realize it doesn't look the same .. Even though I feel that way at times! Get to see dr. G on sat!!! ????

Side by side

Here's a comparison the dr G gave me at my 7 week check up :)

Finally 2 months!

I'm finally at the two month mark… I had no idea rhinoplasty was such a long process I should research better LOL! But I'm very grateful that I did it. The bump that I was worried about is completely gone my tip is a little uneven due to swelling more on one side than the other. I wonder why this happens… Does anyone know how long you're supposed to taper night? I'm still taping not sure if it has any benefit anymore.

Newest update

9 week update wishing swelling on tip was even :(


Here's an update on my progress! I've been really busy with work so I haven't had a chance to post on here hope everyone is having some happy healing! I really have an obsessed over my nose. I'm patiently waiting for the six months to year mark before I decide how I feel some days I'm really swollen other days it's much better


New pics.. Nothing new going on really.. Some days my nose looks very straight and others I see an "s" shaped bridge which is frustrating! I think it's swelling related

3 1/2 months

Newer pics .. How long does it take to reduce swelling in the tip and mid nose .. When I touch the bridge I still feel fluid movement.. Is that normal at this stage

4 months

Hey guys we are at the four month mark. Still swollen at the bottom and sometimes at the base on the right side which makes it look crooked at times.. Hoping this is swelling but just waiting it out and will see at the year mark!

4 month comparison

Here's my before and after at 4 months

6 month update

So here are 5 and 6 month pics. Some days I love my nose and others I feel it looks boxy and masculine:/ I try not to think about the small imperfections I see like uneven nostrils or wide looking bridge at times and pray that those things go away lol

7 months

Hi guys so I'm seven months post… And lately I've been very unhappy with my nose one side of my tip trips down further looks pension and the bridge still doesn't look straight from the front… I'm trying my best not to think about it but it's so hard to look in the mirror these days .. I don't know if this is normal seven months but when I look at other real self entries most people seem to be looking great at this point

Another 7 month

And here's a picture that shows how weird it really looks and pinched on one side I'm so sad

Another picture to show exactly what I'm talking about

Here's a picture so I can try to explain what I'm frustrated about. It's not the size of my nose cause I understand that needs to be proportional to my face. My concern is that my right nostril is pinched and has a hollow looking hole on the side of it. It actually makes my bridge looked a little warped because the right side of my bridge goes out further than my right nostril which is very unnatural. If you look at the left side it curves and at the bridge and then goes out at the bottom like normal nose should. I truly haven't been obsessing or picking at my nose it's just something I noticed as soon as I look in the mirror because in person it is pretty noticeable. My family even notices and they're very sweet but I did ask them their honest opinion. I'm not thinking about revision at this point because I know that I'm only seven months and my nose can change. I'm going to wait until I'm at least 18 months before I consider a revision which would be placing a graph in my right nostril to correct the pinched look. I'm very sad because I definitely don't want to have to go through that so I'm praying that things work out but I don't think a pinch luck will get any bigger as time goes by only smaller.

And here's this angle

If you look at the tip it looks like it swoops inwards ????


Could the part that's hanging down further on my right side be swelling? I'm not really sure if the culomella stays swollen or if tip is considered only the top portion? What have others experienced?

8 months

:( so sad

8 months

So sad ????


So here is an update. Still not happy with nose. I think the tip looks off.. Too pinched on one side and hangs lower on that same side.. The bridge is also different .. The left side is smooth and has a slight slope and the right has a bump that goes up and to the side.. I'm hoping its swelling. I am starting to think I will for sure need revision :/

Ment to include this

Here is a pic with my nostril "reinflated" it makes my nose look so much straighter

Miss old nose

Found these old pictures that really makes me miss my nose from the front… I'm nine months postop now with the same issue in three months 12 months Mark and I guess I have to have a revision for my right nostril. Luckily Dr. G said not to worry and we would take care of it if it doesn't resolve.. he also said not to use any fillers and a swollen nose because this could cause necrosis

Still not better

10.5 months still very unhappy with my outcome.. Just have to wait to revise it.
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