24 Years Old, Persian Nose, Ready for my New Nose! - Glendale, CA

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Hi realself users, I have been lurking here on...

Hi realself users, I have been lurking here on RealSelf for about 2 years now and now I finally get to write my own review. Me and my sister (username nose2016) are scheduled for rhinoplasty with Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants on 29. June. We booked the surgery in August 2015. I sent my pictures to Dr. Grigoryant and he said he is going to remove the bump and refining the tip and may need to reduce the size of the nostrils. The reason that we didn't go to a consultation is, that we are out of state patients (Scandinavia), so we are going to have the consultation the day before the surgery. Me and my sister is bringing our mom, who has been very supportive in our decision. I have seriously disliked my persian nose for a long time. I always thought that it is too long, too big and the tip too bulbous, which made me avoid having my picture taken and being seen from certain angles. I use glasses and I feel the glasses hide the bump sometimes. I am thinking maybe 1-2 years after rhinoplasty get ride of the glasses (lasik). Any experience with that? I really want to thank you guys for sharing your stories on real self. It is incredibly helpful and the reviews helped a lot in my decision.

So happy :) my cast is off

I just want to show you guys my new nose. I'm very happy. I'm still swalloen, but I didn't bruised so much as I thought.


18 days post op

Sorry for late update.

Neither me and my sister had any emotional breakdown yet. My biggest recommendation is stop analyzing early in the healing process.
I'm still swallowen and as you can see in the picture my nose looks bigger from front. I think it will get smaller after a while. I have to be more patient. I'm very happy with my profile ( from side).

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