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Like many of you, I've disliked my nose for quite...

Like many of you, I've disliked my nose for quite some time. It's been a reoccurring issue for me since the age of seventeen and now, at the age of 23, I've finally decided to start saving and do something pro-active about it. RealSelf has been a big help to me in terms of researching different doctors and other's experiences and I have decided that I would like to book Vladimir Grigoryants, based on so many positive reviews, plus his before and after images look amazing. I will be coming from the UK, so this will add an extra cost onto the already pricey cost of surgery, so I am still in the process of saving, but the thought of a nice nose is definitely helping me towards my goal!

My nose itself is... interesting? From certain angles it looks fine and I have mastered flattering angles for photos etc, but it still bothers me when I talk to people, as I am constantly concerned about how it looks from the side etc. I have quite a strong bridge and it is fairly long... Additionally, the tip tends to droop to one side, which looks a little hooked from certain angles. Ideally, I'd like the bridge to be a little more curved, define the tip and straighten it. So, my nose, but improved! I am uploading some mighty unflattering pics (complete with coconut oil in my hair, woo greasy!), so you can get a good idea of what I'm talking about. If anyone has any constructive feedback, I'd love to hear it!

Also, I'm always happy to hear from other international patients - I have been looking at potential payment plans, but as far as I'm aware, these are only available to US patients? Has anyone got any experience of payment plans, or should I just be patient and keep saving? I've also been having difficulty getting in touch with Dr. Grigoryants - I've emailed his team twice but haven't heard back. Has anyone got a direct email I could use to get a quote for the procedure?

Thanks and I wish everyone the best of luck on their own journeys!

Booking my Procedure!

Ah! So today was my 24th birthday and as part of a decision to be more pro-active, and as a massive birthday treat to myself, I went ahead and booked my surgery. I've booked it for early March 2016 as I'm hoping that will give me enough time to save up the rest of the money for the procedure, flights and accommodation. I'm also hoping to go on a West Coast trip after I've healed up, so gotta save save save.

Oddly enough, when it came to actually booking the procedure, I felt quite hesitant. I'm guessing this is because I've been talking and thinking about it for so long and actually making a concrete decision makes it feel so much more real. Plus, I will now have to deal with telling my parents (who I think will be strongly against it) and my friends, so wish me luck with that!

I'm also going to add some photos to show what my nose looks like from different angles. I realize my nose looks okay in the photos I've posted so far, but from certain angles it doesn't look quite as nice.

P.s. Anyone who has booked with Grigoryants before - did you just transfer the money online? It's a large amount and I just want to double check that the process is going to go smoothly :)

Nose Goals

So the date is creeping ever closer. I'm working hard to save lots of money for the procedure, flights and accommodation. I'm hoping to book my flights next week, eep! I've been looking into noses that I like the shape of, so I can give a reference to Doctor G. I realize I can't have 'any' nose, but I've been trying to find noses that are longish (like mine) and straight whilst still feminine and defined at the tip, which is what I am aiming for.

Accommodation Booked and Insurance Woes

Hi everyone!

I have a quick update and a question. Very excited as my friend and I have booked our accommodation through AirBnB - during the first week I opted to stay in Glendale so that I could be in relatively close proximity to the hospital and so I would be in a relatively quiet neighbourhood whilst I heal up. Our second week will be in Silver Lake as I'm hoping I'll be a little more mobile then and it'll be cool to be in a walkable area with cafes and cute shops etc. Getting way more excited as the date creeps closer!

I've started to plan my trip more - it struck me that travel insurance would be a good idea! I'll be coming from the UK so would normally book insurance if travelling abroad, but I've heard that because my surgery is elective, I will be hard pressed to find someone who will cover me. I understand that I can't get my surgery covered, but are any other international patients aware of a company that will cover me for basics such as stolen luggage and any other possible injuries (unrelated to surgery)? What have other international patients done - could I just buy regular insurance and not mention my surgery or is this a big no no?

Any experiences or advice are welcome :)

Concerns and apprehension as surgery grows closer

Hi everyone!

So, my surgery date is about three months away, and my whole attitude to the procedure has changed. I'm unsure as to whether this is normal or not, so wanted to see if anyone here experienced similar emotions before their surgery?

Basically, before and a long time after I booked my rhinoplasty, I was super excited, positive and keen about changing my nose. For some reason, I'm now started to have massive concerns about whether the surgery will go as planned and if I will like my results. I have booked in with Dr Grigoryants and am concerned about a few negative reviews I've read on here where patients felt like their desires weren't really listened to and that Dr G added certain tweaks without actually asking if this was what the patient wanted.

One major concern is that because I will be coming from abroad, my consultation will only be the day before and that it will only last five minutes. I noticed the initial email that he sends to patients are always pretty similar. I want to make sure I can communicate exactly what I want; SO those of you who have had POSITIVE results from Grigoryants - did you supply pictures of noses that you liked at your consult? Did you give very specific details of what you did and didn't want?

I am hoping that perhaps I can send him a few photos and specific ideas of what I want. Those of you had anxieties pre-surgery, were these forgotten about after you had your surgery?

Some Possible Simulations

Hi lovelies!

Thanks for all your feedback to my last post, will reply shortly. Hope everyone had a good Christmas - I downloaded Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite and tried to experiment with profile shots. Here are some that I quite like. These are both of my 'worst' side. I'm thinking of sending them to Dr Grigoryants, what do you guys think?

Also I've included some new nose inspo pics. ^_^

2 Weeks Away!

Aaaaaaaaah, so it's officially two weeks til my surgery date, I can say that my nerves are definitely mounting. It all feels very real now - I've bought some of my supplies but don't want to travel too heavy so am hoping to pick up lots of things when I get to Glendale.

Also, I'm still panicking about insurance as I can't find any suppliers that will cover cosmetic surgery in the United States. Could anyone recommend me a company? Was anyone else able to get insurance at all, even if it just covered healthcare asides from your cosmetic surgery? Thanks!

Post-Op Day 3

Hi everyone!

So I had my op with Doctor Grigoryants on Thursday and it's now Sunday. I'm still a bit snoozy so I'll write a more in depth account of my operation experience another time. I do have a few questions though - I was on the Norco for pain until this morning, when I decided to switch to Tylenol because I was feeling kind of delirious; really sleepy and drowsy and I would have insanely vivid dreams. Is this normal? I'm hoping I haven't got some kind of weird fever.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday, which is when I should be getting my cast off. I'm SO swollen - huge, puffy cheeks and I can't close my mouth properly so mainly just drinking smoothies. Hopefully my shiners will go away soon too!

Healing pics!

Cast off!

First day outside

Hey guys!

So today I went along to Doctor G's office and got my cast taken off. I was a little nervous because I thought it'd hurt but it was all over pretty fast. He took out one or two stitches which hurt sharply but that was only for a second and then i had the uncomfy cast taken off, so that was a nice feeling!

I sat up and he showed me my new nose and honestly I think I was kind of in shock and wasn't overly keen. BUT I've since got home and had a good look and I think he actually did a really good job. My tip is high and my septum hasn't dropped yet, so I'm very piggy/ alien looking, but he reassured me that it will drop in time, so I just have to be patient and wait :)

My friend and I also took a walk outside today, which was the first time i've been out since the surgery. I got a little faint and dizzy, but it is REALLY hot outside today and i'm used to the English weather :P I came back and ate something and am going to try and take another light walk this evening, when it's cooler. Did anyone else experience weakness/ dizziness after having a rhinoplasty?Thanks and happy healing to all of you! :)

I'm freaking out :(

Guys I'm having a bit of a down day. I was okay until I took off my tape last night and then realised that my nostrils are different shapes; I know swelling can cause this but one is rounded and the other is triangular. Also, I'm concerned that my nose has been made too small for my face. I cried a lot last night because I'm worried I'm going to be left with an uneven, upturned nose. One of my biggest fears was having a tiny, fake looking nose. :( Also I know a lot of you advised against it, but please don't say 'I told you so.'

I'm meant to be going out with my friend this evening so I put some makeup on, but I'm ashamed to go out and feel dizzy. I think I may be in shock. :(

I've scheduled a meeting with Doctor G tomorrow to see if he can offer a solution or advice. I'll keep you all posted. Also here are some pics I've included.

Has anyone else had a similar experience but a nose that later dropped considerably? I'm really down.

1 Week and Meet Up with Dr G

Hey guys,

First off I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who left me reassuring comments and messages. It's a big help to me to hear from other patients who primarily disliked their result but later liked their final results after swelling had reduced.

Okay, so today I went to Dr G's office and told him of my concerns (mis-shaped nostrils, short tip.) He told me this is a common concern for a lot ofpatients but that I should wait a year for swelling to go down. I asked, if after a year I still wanted a nose that dipped lower, would this be possible? He said that would be easy to achieve but I probably wouldn't need it and to have patience. He also said my nostrils are being pulled up due to swelling and should even out once the tip comes down more. Seeing him reassured me a bit. Also knowing that a lot of you on here had similar concerns to begin with helps lots, especially knowing that you had great results at the end.

I feel better than yesterday and trying to keep positive but I know I'll have some down days whilst hoping and praying that it's just swelling. My main concern is the reaction of my parents (who were initially against my surgery) as I look so different and currently in a bad way. Also returning to work as I look so utterly different and have a lot of regulars who will probably wonder what's up with my face. In more positive news I went outside today and thought a little less of how weird my nose looks!

One Week Post Op

Photos 1 Week Post Op

Post-op Day 10

Hey guys,

So I feel like today was a slightly better nose day. Not great, but slightly better. I think maybe my nose is slightly less swollen in the morning and seems to get tender and more swollen at night. Who knows why.

Here are some pictures I took earlier where I think it looks airflow better. Though, these pictures are quite flattering I think and my nose looks more irregular in person I think. I've also included a picture of this evening to show what I mean about irregular nostrils. I reeeeally hope this is due to swelling but I'm not sure. I can't wait for my tip and septum do drop more too!

Just wanted to say thanks again for everyone's positivity, it makes a big difference to me. I'm off to Canada to visit friend tomorrow so I'll try and post on Thursday to see if there's any improvement. :)

2 Weeks (and a bit!) Post Op

Hey guys,

So this week I've been visiting friends in Canada and unfortunately caught some kind of nasty throat infection/ flu type thing, so haven't taken as many pictures as I would like, seeing as I've been tucked up in bed.

When I got my flight from LA to Vancouver, my nose swelled up a whole lot! Though I kind of expected it to. This week has been quite difficult because I've had a double whammy of being congested from both rhinoplasty and illness, so I've mainly been breathing out of my mouth and waking up in the middle of the night with a really dry throat and tongue. After a few days of being in Canada, my nose seems to have gotten a little less swollen, which is great, but I've going home to England today so I imagine it will swell up again :P

I've had some pretty painful scabs in my nostrils, probably where I have been picking them with cotton buds (best to leave them alone!). Lots of my stitches have fallen out, which is good. I am still in two minds about my nose; still liking the profile but I am concerned the right side is way too skinny/ slim looking and doesn't have a defined 'tip' in the sense that it just seems to go straight from bridge to nostril, but I'm hoping once my nose gets more squishy, it'll look more normal. I'll include a few different pictures in different lighting so you know what I'm talking about. Also I have quite thin lips and am very pale and am very concerned I resemble Voldemort a whole lot at the moment :p

2 Week Photos

3 Weeks Post Op

Hey guys!

Thought I'd update as it's just past the 3 week mark. As far as I can tell, not much has changed in the last week or so, however I think maybe my septum has started to drop a teensy bit, which is good! I flew back on Monday to England and my nose definitely swelled up and I was very congested on the flight, but there were no major dramas thankfully.

I returned to work after a being home for a few days and was pleasantly surprised that no one has so far made a big deal about my nose. I mentioned it to my co workers and they've all been really laid back and so far no customers have mentioned it - I'm sure people have noticed but haven't drawn attention or maybe they just haven't noticed at all, who knows! Either way it hasn't affected my time at work at all, so that's great! I actually think it's been looking a bit better over the last day or two, so that's good.

I think most of my sutures have fallen out, but I'm sure there will be a few lurking up there :P I know I get somewhat congested and have lots of gross stuff going on up there still (TMI, sorry) but I can breathe a lot better than the other week. I'm still aware of my uneven nostrils but hoping this will lessen or become less noticeable the more my tip/ columella drop. Most of my scabs are going now too, so it isn't as sore inside my nose.

I'll include some pics I took yesterday. I had Chinese food yesterday evening and now my nose is a little more stiff/ swollen, doh!

Three Weeks Post

1 Month Post Op

Woah, I can't believe it's been a month already, the time has flown by. And I am very pleased to say that I am starting to like my nose! Today was the first day I woke up and thought, 'Hey, I look quite good today' since having my operation. It was my day off so I dressed up nicely and put a little bit of makeup on and took myself into town and I even bought a faux septum ring, which is something I've wanted since I was sixteen, but was always too self conscious to do.

I feel like my nostrils are a bit more squishy now which is good and there isn't so much swelling in my bridge. My tip is still rock hard but I enjoy getting people to touch it (it's kind of become my weird party trick) and see their reactions :P So yeah, I'm glad that I'm growing to like my nose and just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your positive comments and advice. It really means so much to me. :)

One Month Post Op

Five Weeks Post Op

Hey guys!

Not much to update... But it's been five weeks and I'm really enjoying my nose, so I thought I'd post some pics and tell you how my healing process is going. I'm not taping at night anymore (mainly because I ran out of tape) but my nose is no longer looking really swollen, so I don't feel the need to.

I'm not really that congested at all, but I do get a runny nose and need to blow it a few times a day (gently, of course). I have been eating salty/ greasy food and it may be swelling a little bit but not a huge amount. I haven't been drinking any alcohol, mainly because I haven't been in the mood, but I don't want it to make my nose swell up loads either.

Putting on makeup on my nose is still a little sore/ feels weird, as does taking the makeup off because it is still very stiff and doesn't really move. I went out for a meal the other day and it was really nice not having to worry about people taking pictures of me from certain angles and not feeling the need to scrutinize every photo of me uploaded to the internet.

Here are some photos I took today. Release the selfies! :)

My Pre-Op and Surgery Experience

I never got round to actually posting about my experience with Dr G and the hospital and operation, so I thought I would do it now in case it helps anyone trying to prepare for their own rhinoplasty. I'm also going to try and talk about some of the emotional stuff that went down, as this is something that isn't often discussed in rhinoplasty reviews and it's something that definitely affected me, which I wasn't expecting.

Okay, so before I flew to LA for my rhinoplasty, I was pretty mentally prepared for the whole shebang (or so I thought). I had read plenty of reviews on here and was pretty sure I knew what to expect and that it was something I wanted. Whenever people mentioned, 'But aren't you scared?!', I internally thought, 'No pain, no gain.' I had booked months in advance and hadn't really gotten nervous about it at all.

Fast forward to me and my friend travelling to LA; we arrived on the Sunday and my operation wasn't until the following Friday. During our first couple of days, my friend and I checked out some local sights and just generally enjoyed ourselves, I think this kept me distracted. Then, on the Wednesday (the day before my pre-op), I suddenly got hit with nerves and the reality of the situation. I felt nervous and anxious the whole day and all I could think about was the operation and potential complications. I knew I was meeting Dr G the next day and so I told myself that I'd probably feel reassured after my pre-op with him.

The next day (Thursday), my friend and I headed up to Dr G's office for my pre-op meeting. As soon as I stepped in, I felt a little out of place (this is because I'm pretty shabby with how I dress, etc and all the girls at reception were beautiful and immaculate!). However, as soon as I stepped up to the desk, the girls made me feel very welcome and completely at ease. I filled out some paperwork that took five minutes or so and then one of the girls took me to a room to run through what I needed to wear for my operation. She was super, super nice and friendly and made me feel less nervous.

I should mention that I had prepared all kinds of questions and instructions for how I wanted my nose to look, but being there in the office after such a long time planning, felt completely surreal. I had also read that Dr G is a very 'to the point' kind of guy, but felt like I was in some kind of weird dream now that I was actually there. After a few minutes, Dr G came in, took a quick look at me and told me what he was going to do. I think I felt a bit flabbergasted because he mentioned doing more to my nose than he had originally via email. He took a few photos of me from different angles and then asked if I had any questions. Unfortunately all of the questions I had intended to ask him escaped my brain and I just kind of left a little bit bewildered.

Just to clarify, Dr G was in no way rude or such, he was simply very to the point and I suppose the meeting was less lengthy than I had imagined. I think the pre-op lasted between five or ten minutes and I left still feeling very nervous and unsure. However, having seen all of the positive reviews on here from other patients, I decided I would go ahead with it. He is, afterall, a brilliant surgeon and not there to provide moral support :P

The next day my friend and I got up bright and early to go to the hospital. I checked in and then shortly afterwards went into the pre-op room, where I had the LOVELIEST nurse ever. I was of course fairly nervous (but had kind of accepted everything by this point) but she was so sweet and funny, that most of my nerves went away. I sat in the hospital bed whilst she gave me an IV drip with some fluids (I wasn't allowed to eat or drink 8 hours before the operation). My friend who was waiting with me actually got super nervous about the whole thing and went pale and shakey! I actually think he was more nervous than I was. After a while, Dr G came over and briefly went over what he was going to do. Then, my anaesthesiologist came over and ran through what she was going to do (she was equally as lovely as the nurse and made me feel very comfortable with everything). She gave me a 'relaxing' drug before the anaesthetic and to be honest I can remember much after that, just being wheeled into the operation room and my eyes feeling very heavy.

Seconds later, I was being gently patted on the shoulder and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I was back in the pre-op room and was given some water and apple juice by one of the nurses. I felt really sleepy and then my friend came in after a minute or so and when I felt well enough to go to the bathroom and such, I was wheeled up to the taxi and went home.

(I will continue writing this soon, I need to go to sleep!) :P

(Almost) Two Month Update

Coming up for two months. Basically digging my nose (yay!). Less snotty, double yay!

Three Month Update

Hey guys!

It's been just over three months so I thought I'd post some pictures and let you know how I'm getting on. Physically I basically feel back to normal, as in, my nose is no longer blocked whatsoever and I can breathe perfectly, just as before my operation. My nostrils aren't so stiff anymore and are much more flexible. The tip is still very stiff in comparison to the rest of the nose but it isn't sore to touch at all. I noticed I have a tiny bit of scar tissue on the inside of one of my nostrils but it isn't visible unless you study the inside of my nose and doesn't cause me any problems. I think I actually found a tiny stitch the other day that must of been stuck up there for ages! I just blew it out. I am eaten normally and drink occassionally and haven't really had any issues with swelling (as far as I can tell!).

Overall very happy with my decision to get surgery.

Here are some photos, some were taken at my 25th party just a few days ago, so excuse the elf make up! :P

7 Month Review

Wow! The time has flown by and I can't believe it's been around seven months already. I thought I'd post some photos to show what my nose is doing currently; thankfully I haven't had any issues since my last update. The tip is a lot softer and the feeling in the tip is returning, so it's starting to feel like a human nose again and not a stiff block on the front of my face! Some things I noticed; I have started dating a wonderful guy and when we kiss, the tip of my nose can get a little pink and dry, so I think there's still some sensitivity whilst it's continuing to heal.

Also, in the last couple of weeks, I got an annoying spot on the bridge of my nose (kind of close to my eye). It's been months since surgery, so I don't think it's directly because of that, but it is taking ages to go away and I've never experienced this before. It's one of those that just sits under the skin and never really comes to a head (sorry for the gross info), I was just wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this and if they had to go to the doctor about it? I'm wondering if it just had something to do with the skin/ inside of my nose being moved around a little.

I noticed the very top of my bridge is still a little sore if I press on it so I think this is a sign it's still doing some healing up there.

Otherwise, all is well and I am happy with my decision. :)

One Year Update!

Hi everyone,

So it's been just over a year since I had my surgery. The time has gone so fast! I thought I'd post some pictures so you can all see how it looks now that the swelling has gone down significantly.

I have noticed my columella has dropped a lot, so my nose looks quite different to a few months ago. I also noticed that on my left side (where he filled in a dent with some cartilage) it seems a bit 'soft' so I'm hoping that's not a bad sign. I'm panicking a little that the left side might be collapsing, but I think that's because that nostril was always a bit narrower than the other, both pre and post op. Hopefully it's just a case of swelling going down and the tissue not being as stiff as it previously was.

Aesthetically, it isn't perfect, but the important thing is: I'm okay with that! :)

I accept that it will never be perfect and though I still think about the appearance on and off, I'm not constantly worrying about it as I once was. My nose/ nostrils tend to lean to the right a little bit, but I don't think it's super obvious unless someone is really studying it. :P Overall, I'm still really happy with my decision and don't regret it.

I'm including a ton of photos from different angles that I took the other day. I applied too much blusher that day so apologies for the crazy orange cheeks :P
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