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Okay, so I've been waiting for such a long time to...

Okay, so I've been waiting for such a long time to get my nose done. I've always felt like it looked like a witches nose. It's triangular in shape and it's droopy and it's, according to Grigoryants, too big for my face. I had my consultation with him December 23 and it was a bit of a drive. The office was very small and crowded and although my appointment was at 4 o'clock I didn't see him until maybe 430 and the consultation was only 10 minutes of even that. I had been on real self for a while and I read a lot of good things about him and seen some great noses. I have no doubt he would give me what I want but the soonest surgery date is in August and I'm honestly feeling like it's just too long to wait. Either way, I took the date but it's still just too far so I was looking at other surgeons who might just have closer dates. I'm just being very impatient I know...

So only my close peeps know I'm going to get my nose done. I told my family and they were very supportive given the fact that they're old school. Now I'm just looking to save up as much money as I can for my surgery and I'm going to start looking into personal loans or maybe even a credit card. If you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them! I'll be uploading pictures soon

And so the wait begins...

Seeking closer Surgery date!

So i saw this worked with another Grigoryants girl. I would love to have a closer date. My appointment is in August and that's just so far off. If anyone would like to swap days for anything closer i would really appreciate it.

Almost getting my nose done with Dr. G!

So, i haven't really been updating because Ive been so busy with school but my search for a closer date has gone well. Ive been called up a few times but the new date would either interfere with my finals or was in like 3 days after i received the call so short noticed wasn't the best. I am getting a second job and i think that i might just stick with my august date but still hoping for a May or June. Honestly, i'm just so excited for my new nose that i just want it now but i must be patient! Ill be adding some pictures of my nose both front and profile view. i don't mind the front view its my profile view that i have issues with. Its pretty droopy and when i smile it only looks bigger and droopier! it just makes me feel so self-conscience. im still calling in every other day to check if there is an open slot.

My surgery date has been moved up!! June 2nd!

Okay everyone, i've been a little busy so i haven't been updating the way i would have wanted to but i was moved up from August 21st to June 2nd, that's in 2 weeks!! this is crazy stuff! I already had my appointment, i paid and im excited and nervous. I dont know if its cold feet but i catch myself wondering if this is even a good idea but then i think about how i look in pictures and im like okay...i know i want this. So its on a Tuesday at 10am. Going to leave from home at 8am to make sure im there on time. i havent read over what i shouldnt do yet though and im going to get on that right now.

New nose tomorrow! Feeling a little scared.. IM FREAKING OUT HELP!!

Surgery is tomorrow and im honestly so scared, im nervous, excited, anxious. i feel like im getting cold feet but then i look at my nose and i feel like im doing the right thing. i think im just scared of not looking like myself. I'm nervous. I know i want this and i have wanted it for a very long time. I feel like im going to just back out last minute or something crazy. i mean this is a huge deal. this is for the rest of life. i dont know what is going on with me but i really am just freaking out now.

1 day post op

Hey, everyone. So I heard from the nurses I did very well. Initially I have like no bruising but they said that might change. I'm not bleeding very much but I know my blood is getting all crusty in my nose. I tried using some saline spray for it but im not very sure it helped. I do have some pain mainly from the nostril reduction. If you guys have any advice feel free to share.

looks like pictures didn't upload

Here ya go, try number 2

CAST OFF Tomorrow!

ladies and gents, if you can muster up the pain, do so! i decided to not take any pain meds for now an i feel so much better. Im actually moving around and doing things. when i was on the pain meds i would just spend most of the time in bed. Everything made me feel nauseous. I don't know if this was my diet or the meds but Ive been constipated for the last few days. I wasn't able to sleep last night like at all. i was up checking my phone because, well, its not like i can do much. The nurses say to clean out your nostrils and you really should even though it hurts like a mofo. I was finally able to clean it well today with minimal pain.

The cast should have came off today but its a Sunday and they aren't opened on Sundays so its not until tomorrow at 5pm. i still cant eat comfortably. i was worried about not getting all my vitamins in so i bought these vitamins that i saw another dr. g girl use. Theyre from "make me heal" and they have post and pre-op supplements. They were a bit pricy, well, only like 70 bucks but pricey none the less. They have no vitamin E and i figured it would be better then to cook me up a cocktail and not literally.

Somethings that are a must, mouth spray because your mouth will get dry! chap stick! i didn't realize how important those 2 things could be until i felt like my lip had seriously fallen off. i have not been able to sleep well and that's probably because Ive been sleeping through out the day, pretty much trying to hibernate until my nose gets better enough that i can finally go into work again and i can finally eat because i love food!!

well thats all for now, ill update tomorrow with pictures after this cast comes off. Cant wait to see it!

Cast off...

I've been MIA...I didn't take my nose very well. Don't get me wrong I think it's going to look just great! It's going to look great once the swelling goes down, but it wasn't the swelling that had me feeling uneasy. I didn't feel like myself, I couldn't see myself. I still feel totally different like I look totally different. At some point I actually felt like I was regretting it. Now I'm feeling much better. The night before my cast came off I had a horrible nightmare. I woke up crying. I had a dream that my cast had come off but my nose was hideous! It was just hideous! And I was in a lot of pain that night too! I couldn't sleep, probably just thinking about my new nose and all but anywho...

So dr.g was running late and my dad and I just waited in the waiting room for a while. He called me in so there I went. He took off the cast and then proceeded on taking off some of the stitches and wow, they really hurt! But once those stitches were out the alar base of my nose stopped hurting so much! It felt good finally to get that cast off and oh goodness im suprised I haven't read anyone talking about the smell of dried blood. It's disgusting. Once he took the cast off I was able to breath through my nose very well and still have drainage coming out of the right nostril. I had a deviated septum so that was also fixed during my surgery and I can't breath almost too much that I'm actually trying to get use to.

I tape every night and sometimes during the day. The swelling I can feel has gone down around my eyes and my nose but of course the tip is still very swollen and usually it stays swollen for the longest time as well. I'm still taking my vitamins and I take pain meds every morning, the pain just spikes in the morning. I'm hoping that the tip drops down a bit and my nose isn't so buttony. I find it comforting to go to dr.gs website and look at the before and after pictures for the noses he's done. It reminds me that this is a process and my nose will look more like my nose just cuter. I was stressing because I couldn't find an ounce of my nose but just thinking about how swollen it is and how it's going to get better is really helping me deal with my feeling right now. More pictures to come later
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