21 Yr Old Finally Going to Go for What I've Always Wanted in Life - Glendale, CA

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Okay guys my name is Cindy and I'm scared about...

Okay guys my name is Cindy and I'm scared about doing this. If it wasn't want I always wanted since I was 13 I wouldn't do it. But it's been 8 years later and I am still unhappy with my nose. I've been hiding this unhappiness and ugliness I've felt when I looked in the mirror. I thank God that I finally had the courage to confront this and try doing something bout it. so here I am now on real self waiting for my consultation with dr. G for February 24. Hopefully he is that one person who is going to change my life for the better.

I'm still kinda embarrassed to admit my nose's faults. So I won't describe it yet. :/

Surgery date booked!

Got my surgery date for April 14. !! Omg this is happening. So scared and nervous. Have my preop tomorrow in the afternoon. I feel like this is so unreal. Will seriously consider putting before pics if anyone is interested in. I know that helped me a lot in choosing dr. Grioyants as my doctors. Or I can PM them. Jus let me know.

Before pics. 6 more days... ahhh lol

So I've decided to put 2 side profile pictures. Hope this helps. Sorry they are not flattering on the eyes lol. Btw. For anyone wondering I'm Mexican and dr g. Said I had thick skin.

It's Done!!

Just letting everyone know it's done. Yay. Haha. Feel tired so that's all I'll say for now. I'll update later

Omg. Am freaking out.

So my splint or cast fell off and my cast removal is until Wednesday. Don't know what to do. The dr hasn't emailed me back. And I'm freaking out!! Wth. Has this happened to anyone.

Cast off yay!

Well technically my cast was off since Monday when it accidentally fell off Cus I have super duper oily skin. But the tape n tissues was still there. But now everything been taking out of nose and off of it too. And let me tell you I love my nose. It looks so good. It's the nose I should have had. I know it's still very swollen but I love it already. Well here are two pics I took : Sorry if there's still a lil blood in my nose and sorry bout the bruises. Lol. Took this pics asap to upload and let you guys know. (: I'll take better ones more later since I'm not home right now.

2 week update(:

In love with it. I know I know it's still too early but I'm in love(: here are the front ones for now. I'll put side ones in the night (:

Another one

late 3 week update lol

My nose is finally starting to feel like mine. It's not so stiff. I can breathe thru both of them good but prefer to still sleep with my mouth open but always end up waking up breathing thru my nose lol. I still sleep with my head evaluated. And I still watch how much sodium I eat. I have good swelling days and then not so good. But honestly I love my nose on the good days and bad days. Because I have never had such a straight and beautiful profile that to me it doesn't matter how big it looks on bad swelling days. I love it Ps. I have uneven swelling so for anyone wondering. It's normal to have uneven swelling. I have included before of my front view for those that requested them.

One month mark! Yay

It's been one month now am happy with it. There's nothing I would change. Except all the acne I got from the tapexD it broke me out. Like crazy. Will be happy once it runs out and don't have to use it. Still using ocean spray n Vaseline in my nostrils. I still feel them dry. Still going to continue sleeping elevated. Been happy with dr Gs aftercare. I freaked out after being bumped in the nose. And dr g was so nice to make time today to see me. Am happy he said everything was fine. Thank God! Happy to know everything is healing good too. It's been a good month for me so far! Here are side by side with no makeup in both. !

2 month update

Hey there, well it's been 2 months already and am still very happy with my nose. My nostrils are still dry at times when I sleep with the fan. I wonder when that's going to change. I'm going to finally start working out because I was afraid to do it back then. I love my side profile. I even ended up loving my front which back then, before surgery, believe it or not I thought was good. Now I think it's perfect lol. Even though I am happy, I am kinda bummed out that I have to work on my self esteem still. I guess I thought that it would come naturally. I sometimes forget that I had my nose done, that when someone is sitting on my side, I get worked up bout it. Until I remind myself that I don't have my old nose no more. I literally carry a lil mirror every where with me to show myself that my nose is straight. It gets a lil annoying looking at myself, especially since I feel people think I'm vain or something. Idk. I'm just not used to this. I even have bad dreams bout my nose. Like as if I never had this surgery and am stuck with my old nose for the rest of my life. I just hope with time that this goes away and am able to get the confidence I need.

3 months

Still loving it. Best decision of my life. Swelling continues. some days it's huge others days I notice it slimmer n slimmer.

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