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Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now...

Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now and decided it was time to write and share my journey with you guys! I'm so nervous and excited I have my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants in about a week I've read on here that he's a very busy guy! I have about 6 questions down but would like more information from Grigoryants Gals lol is there anything specific I should ask him please help!


Hey realself's ! I just had my consultation with Dr. G and it was really quick but I am so confident in him and his work I really didn't mind the 5 mins he spend with me lol. He is such a great Dr I didn't have to tell him what I wanted to change about my nose he automatically knew (: ! I am crossing my fingers that there will be a cancellation by the end of sept or October. Im so excited! I can't wait I just want to get it over with!

Front view

I hate how bulbous my nose is hoping for drastic change !

Profile view

Since my surgery is in about 3 months I decided to upload my profile view

Before picture

So here's a picture of my front view with flash

Pre Op

Hey guys don't know if anyone actually follows my reviews lol but I'll keep updating them. Soooo yesterday I had my pre op with Dr Grigoryants I had to be there at 4pm but got there 20 mins earlier I suggest you guys do the same they'll make you sign and read about 10 pages! I was sort of having second thoughts because you could actually die from this procedure but I've wanted this my whole life and I know I would never be happy with myself so I put those thoughts aside and signed anyways. After, one of his staff took me to this room she explained everything that was going to happen and what you shouldn't do or take before surgery I suggest you guys speak up if you have any doubts about the procedure so she can clear them up for you, I'll go into detail since most don't really do on here she will tell you what time you need to be at the hospital where it's going to be located at she'll also give you the location where you need to get your blood work done and your prescription. Then it was time to meet with Dr G she took me to the pre op room and mins later he came in , he is such an awesome and nice man! I seriously feel like I'm in good hands and don't feel nervous at all ! Anyways , we went over what we were going to do with my nose and we took a couple of profile pictures and that was it we were done I made my payment at the front desk. (They accept cash & credit) the whole thing took about and hour or so! I'll be having my surgery Jan.20.2017 wish me luck!

Surgery is right around the corner!

Hey guys So my surgery is scheduled for Jan 20th at 8:00 am. I'm very nervous and I just really can't believe it time is flying by! If you guys have any suggestions on how to keep your nerves calm please let me know I tend to get nauseous and dizzy when I think about surgery :( !


Hey guys so I'm coming on here again lol I'm sorry for those who are actually waiting for me to describe how the surgery went and all it will be coming very soon as I am 6 days away. I'm going to get my medications on Monday and I'm freaking out because I can't take pills does anybody know if I can actually open the capsules and drink them with water (I know very disgusting) but I just know for a fact if I won't be able to take my antibiotics I may just cancel and it's just making me really depressed and giving me second thoughts if I'm doing the right thing :( also how long until they actually take you into surgery I've heard that they have the needle in your hand for about an hour or so before they give you the anesthesia? Is that true lol ? Im freaking out I've never have had any surgery done before :/

Accepting it

In about 7 hours I'll be arriving to the hospital to finally get my rhinoplasty. I have been so calm lately and I just gtta thank my family,friends, and you guys the support I've been getting has really eased the nerves! I solved the problem of the whole pill thing if there's anyone out there worrying about not being able to take your antibiotics my pharmacist said I could open them up and mix it with water lol now I know I won't have to choke to death lol I'll update you guys tmr !! ^.^ goodnight ! Here's two more before pics

Day of the surgery

Hey guys so today was an emotional rollercoaster I woke up around 7 am got ready. I took my mom (biggest mistake ever) and my friend for comfort I arrived to the hospital checked in with the lady at the front desk and signed about 10 Vincent papers.

I waited for about 10 min and they called me in I put on my gown and laid in the bed. (You can keep your underwear underneath the gown only) everyone was super nice I felt so comfortable and calm. One of the nurses came in and put in my IV from 1-10 of pain level it was a 5, afterwards they asked me if I would like someone to wait with me before going into surgery I said yes my MOM the minute my mom came in she was mad and she didn't want me to go through it no more ( it's been almost a year since I told her about this and that I was serious) keep in mind that I never ask my mom for anything but her support she didn't even pay for the surgery and at times I help her out with money! She was being very disrespectful to the nurses she said that she didn't approve of this and if anything happen to me it would be on them. I couldn't believe this she decides to flip out the day of the surgery I was so mad and sad that I started crying and told the nurses to kick her out. Dr G came in and I was still crying he told me not to worry that I was doing this for myself and he started going over what he was going to do one last time before surgery. I'm glad I brought my friend with me because they called her in instead and she was making me laugh and told me that she was going to take care of my mom!

I met the anesthesiologist we went over everything he was super friendly as well ! He gave me something to calm me down and from there we went to the surgery all I remember was moving to another bed the nurses and him! I was out like a light lol I was so scared of falling asleep or waking up through it but no nothing happen and I'm here healthy and alive lol all I remember was waking up to this nice lady asking about my pain level at it was definitely a 7 but she gave me medicine and it helped a lot she then took me back to the room where a friend or family can wait with you they changed me back to the my clothes and had me there for a while to supervise me about 30 min later they discharge me and let me go home.

I'm feeling very nauseous but I refused to but the pills I'm now regretting it has anyone felt this way? I threw up everything the hospital gave me to eat :( pain level is a 5 I'm feeling really shitty at the moment! But overall I'm glad I did it I hope the outcome is worth it!!

Can't sleep!!

I keep taking small 10 min naps every other hour. I'm very tired and it sucks being like this my tip and my left eye has been hurting so are my legs is that normal ?? I have not taken any pain pills I think I should though I wanted to stay away but I think I'm going to just take half for now also I changed my gauze and OMG my tip is looking so small and cute!!!! I can't wait to see the final results (:

Very swollen :(

I just woke up from a nap and my eyes are very swollen! I also have a lot of clear fluids coming out of my nose with a little bit of blood as well I know that blood should be normal by is the clear liquid ?? I'm going to contact Dr G office tomorrow getting a little worried

I hope the swelling goes away soon

Stock up on ice packs!!

I get my cast off on Thursday yay!

Hey guys so my swelling has come down and my purple/red bruising is turning yellow which is great! At this point there isn't much pain but discomfort! If I do have pain I just pop a Tylenol! I regret buying the pain pills because I never used them 50 bucks to the trash! I hate sleeping elevated and for some reason my nose always "scrunches" when I'm waking up from a nap or deep sleep does this happen to anyone else? I always freak out but obviously can't do anything about it I will be talking to Dr G about it I really hope it's nothing major! It's 3am here in California and just woke up from a horrible nap I tired my hardest to breath through my nose, see idk if I'm dreaming or I'm actually doing this! so I purposely stay awake at times because I'm just to scared to do anything while I'm asleep! I can't wait for Thursday!!! Also I was watching the real house of Beverly Hills because I heard Dr G did Kim's nose and he comes out in about 2 episodes I think lol his date/wife is really pretty! He left Kim's nose very beautiful! Well I'll update you guys with new nose pictures on Thursday I'm so nervous on how it's going to look wish me luck !!! Goodnight !ps sorry that this review is all over the place lol

Cast is off !!

I had my appointment today at 9:30 but wasn't seen until maybe 9:40 ish? One of the staffs took me to a room and there I've waited for Dr G he came in and told me oh you didn't bring your mom in today lol! I was like no I made sure she stayed home (Latina moms are crazy)!! Anyways he took my cast off and splints it was really uncomfortable because I had dried blood around my nose so please start damping your nose around the 3rd day after surgery also apply Vaseline! He took it off I sit up right and omg I was so swollen I look like a cartoon hahaha!! But it was such a big diff im so happy and he's like oh you're still very swollen he Said this is 20% of your results! He just told me to tape it and he'll see my in 2 months (: I will be updating my review in about a month I'm not going to post any pictures of my front view because it's still so swollen!!

Should I freak out ?

So I thought after taking the cast off my nose and whatever Dr G put inside my nose I will start breathing just a little bit like almost coming off a cold but I can't it's not an option I tried and it's completely clogged I heard that it takes up 2 weeks or so but I'm freaking out what if something bad happen during surgery ughhh I don't want to think that way but I guess I'm going to have to wait and see I was thinking of using the ocean spray? Has this happen to anyone else?

Some pictures (:

it's been a week since I got my rhinoplasty. Keep in mind you're not going to look beautiful from one day to the other it takes time for the swelling to go down my front view is so swollen but my side view is so cute and small!!!


Front view

Sorry that I have bad quality photos! I'm a very private person but as you can see my nose has change drastically! I just have one concern one of the sides doesn't match the other and I know it only has been 13 days since my surgery and it could just be swelling but I keep going back to Dr G's reviews and most of his patients seem to have beautiful noses at just 10 days!!

2 weeks post op

3 weeks post op

So not much has changed and it's kinda depressing. Also one side of my nose feel very bony/hard it also sticks out more and I know I shouldn't worried because of swelling but is there really swelling once you actually feel the nose cartilage? Yesterday my bf bump his head on my nose it sting and I cried a bit because I thought it would mess up my nose but I did some research and the doctors on here said you have to see blood to really change your outcome of your nose. I will be discussing this with Dr G when I see him. If anyone has had any similar experience like mine please let me know I really hope I don't need to get a revision rhinoplasty. :( I'm so sad

4 weeks post op

Everyday is a surprise when I wake up sometimes my nose looks cute and other times it's super swollen that people can tell! I have read so many reviews on here that I'm confident that I will get amazing results. I'm glad I chose dr g !

When will my smile come back?

Hey guys I'm now 5 weeks post op and was just wondering when will my normal smile come back? I don't feel stiff on my upper lip anymore?

6 week post op update

I have been seeing a lot of little changes lately! There is still a lot of uneven swelling going on and I hope this is only 30% of my results because I would really want to see more major changes especially on my frontal view! It sucks because when any type of light shines on it and I want to take a picture it looks huge and wide :( but once I put my hand over it , it looks decent and I still have really dark under eyes I hope it goes away soon! I'm still taping my nose every night somehow I feel safe when I have it on lol there's not much to update but at times my nose gets stuffy or swollen inside and I could only breathe normal from one nostril! I have an appointment with Dr G next month we'll see how that goes I really hope he tells me I still have a ton of swelling fingers crossed or I'll be devastated


I feel like in actual sunlight or any type of light it looks wide

Side view

This was taken a month after my rhinoplasty. I love it

7 weeks post op

Hey guys my nose is starting to feel like a nose again lol! I started going to the gym and been doing 30 min of cardio I still get very swollen when I wake up and finish working out but towards the end of the day my nose starts to slim down!

3/4 face view

It's about to be 2 months since my surgery and I'm not crazy over my 3/4 view I know it's still so early in the recovery and such a big improvement from my before nose, I'm seeing that my nose is dropping something I'd fear will happen :( I hope it swelling! At the moment I am looking into reviews similar to my situation but can't seem to find any please help !

Before & after pictures

Every time I look at this photo I feel so grateful that I came across this website & Dr Grigoryants he's such an artistic surgeon! He knows exactly what he is doing!

Scabs falling out after two months

Hey guys so in the inner side of my nose basically the tip I had this big scab that just wouldn't come out I thought it would be a permanent thing but today hallelujah it came out and boy was it big haha! I crushed it just out of curiosity and it had multiple nose hairs? Weird right? Anyways I just want to say don't go picking your nose let it all fall out on its own time!

Gym after rhinoplasty

2 months post op

I now can start running without my tip feeling weird!

I do 30 min cardio (stairs & running)
I have been working on my legs but very lightly!
Today I finally went into the sauna again for about 10 min only I usually would do 30 min

I don't want to start overdoing it until I see Dr G again just so I can get his approval

Have a wonderful day !

Swelling sucks!

So two days ago I decided to start sleeping without the tape on my nose and boy did it cause more swelling! So I'm back to tapping at night lol! Also I got my eyelashes done and people noticed that more than my nose job haha or maybe they don't want to tell me nothing but while I was getting them done the girl was slightly pressing on my nose and it was very uncomfortable! I'll just wait until my nose isn't that sensitive to get them done again!

Met with Dr G for my 2 Month post op

Hey guys so today I had my appointment with Dr G! The first thing he told me was that I was very swollen but it was a good thing! He explained why and it's because I had a big nose lol! So it'll take longer than most people he also said people who look good right after surgery are likely to have a pinch nose (which don't think will look good on me) . He said it'll take approximately 1 year & 6 months to see my final result! He started examining my nose which was uncomfortable to be honest if I did what he did to my nose I'll probably be emailing him telling him if my nose will be ok lol! He felt down my bridge and told me I still had water in there and I felt it as well, weird right?! He then pinch my tip I think that was the most scariest thing but he know what he's doing he then checked inside and told me everything is fine(: ! I asked him a few questions mostly gym related. Can I start lifting weights? Yes! Can I start going into the sauna? Yes! Can I start taking protein shakes & pre work drinks? Yes! Do I still need to protect my nose from the sun? No, just don't burn your face! My nose will be very swollen right after is the only down side but I'm glad I got his approval I can finally start working out like before (:

Pus and irritation on nose scars

On Friday my nose slits or scars the ones that your surgeon does to make your nostrils smaller, one of them started getting irritated early morning. I was on vacation so I didn't bring my antibiotic cream & ignored it (bad choice) the next day pus formed and I contacted my surgeon he said if it's pus it should break and to keep applying antibiotic cream. I applied antibiotic cream last night and today & while I was cleaning my nose it popped I still have a little bit of pus but hopefully it goes always. Basically this review is for people who are freaking out like I did. It happens and even though your months post op keep cleaning it.

Before and after picture

My Dr told me I still have a long way to go through time my tip will get smaller (hopefully) crazy how I used to hate taking pictures from this angle!

Ps. I'm loving this new update!!

Horrible experience with eyebrow threading

So it had been 3 months since I have gotten my eyebrows done. I just didn't go for so long because I was scared having someone so close to my face! Me thinking they might hit my nose or something and boyyyy was I right! Today I went back to my eyebrow lady I love her she is so gentle and takes her time but since it was the weekend there were others working just so I won't sit there for an hour I decided to go with this new girl! Totally regret it! She was so freakin aggressive she would literally wipe off the hairs with her hand (slapping motion) plus she will always bump my nose thankfully she didn't take so long after she was done she put some aloe Vera on my eyebrows and nose again aggressively THATS WHEN I GOT UP AND TOLD HER NO MORE left to pay at the desk and did not tip her I couldn't believe how awful she was treating me came back home to find out she did not do a good job shocking right! Idk why I always have bad luck :( I guess I'll wait another 3 months to get them done just so I won't have to experience that again!!

Front view

Just waking up!!

Front view

Still waiting for the swelling to go down
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