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Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now...

Hey guys so I've been on realself for sometime now and decided it was time to write and share my journey with you guys! I'm so nervous and excited I have my consultation with Dr. Grigoryants in about a week I've read on here that he's a very busy guy! I have about 6 questions down but would like more information from Grigoryants Gals lol is there anything specific I should ask him please help!


Hey realself's ! I just had my consultation with Dr. G and it was really quick but I am so confident in him and his work I really didn't mind the 5 mins he spend with me lol. He is such a great Dr I didn't have to tell him what I wanted to change about my nose he automatically knew (: ! I am crossing my fingers that there will be a cancellation by the end of sept or October. Im so excited! I can't wait I just want to get it over with!

Front view

I hate how bulbous my nose is hoping for drastic change !

Profile view

Since my surgery is in about 3 months I decided to upload my profile view

Before picture

So here's a picture of my front view with flash

Pre Op

Hey guys don't know if anyone actually follows my reviews lol but I'll keep updating them. Soooo yesterday I had my pre op with Dr Grigoryants I had to be there at 4pm but got there 20 mins earlier I suggest you guys do the same they'll make you sign and read about 10 pages! I was sort of having second thoughts because you could actually die from this procedure but I've wanted this my whole life and I know I would never be happy with myself so I put those thoughts aside and signed anyways. After, one of his staff took me to this room she explained everything that was going to happen and what you shouldn't do or take before surgery I suggest you guys speak up if you have any doubts about the procedure so she can clear them up for you, I'll go into detail since most don't really do on here she will tell you what time you need to be at the hospital where it's going to be located at she'll also give you the location where you need to get your blood work done and your prescription. Then it was time to meet with Dr G she took me to the pre op room and mins later he came in , he is such an awesome and nice man! I seriously feel like I'm in good hands and don't feel nervous at all ! Anyways , we went over what we were going to do with my nose and we took a couple of profile pictures and that was it we were done I made my payment at the front desk. (They accept cash & credit) the whole thing took about and hour or so! I'll be having my surgery Jan.20.2017 wish me luck!

Surgery is right around the corner!

Hey guys So my surgery is scheduled for Jan 20th at 8:00 am. I'm very nervous and I just really can't believe it time is flying by! If you guys have any suggestions on how to keep your nerves calm please let me know I tend to get nauseous and dizzy when I think about surgery :( !


Hey guys so I'm coming on here again lol I'm sorry for those who are actually waiting for me to describe how the surgery went and all it will be coming very soon as I am 6 days away. I'm going to get my medications on Monday and I'm freaking out because I can't take pills does anybody know if I can actually open the capsules and drink them with water (I know very disgusting) but I just know for a fact if I won't be able to take my antibiotics I may just cancel and it's just making me really depressed and giving me second thoughts if I'm doing the right thing :( also how long until they actually take you into surgery I've heard that they have the needle in your hand for about an hour or so before they give you the anesthesia? Is that true lol ? Im freaking out I've never have had any surgery done before :/
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