Revision rhino :) buhbye columella! Not his signature upturn look but his signature straight :)

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So i just had my rhino yesterday and i have no...

So i just had my rhino yesterday and i have no bruising or swelling, but then again i didn't the first time that much really. keep in mind though he didn't touch the bridge of my nose!! if you are getting work on that you aren't going to heal as quickly as me and will have lots of swelling so don't expect to look like me right after surgery! i will keep you all posted and put before & after pictures. right now i am icing with corn lol . rule of thumb frozen corn works way better than those frozen eye masks! just stick them in a glove and place the fingers over your eyes. i don't have any pain except some stinging in my nostrils :/ but tylenol works for that.

ps he did work on my nostrils, shortened my columella and performed a turbinoplasty.

1 day post-op

Okay so added photos. You can see in the before pictures my columella was way long. When I smiled it was super prominent. Also my nose was crooked and I had a lot of problems breathing. I'll post a picture of my nostrils before and after. Sorry but I can't clean them yet and they look super disgusting FYI. I was flipping a house in my before pictures so I look like a hot mess, but these are the same ones I sent Dr. G. You can see in the after pictures no bruising. However, the tip of my nose is getting more swollen so I am busting out the corn again lol. I will keep posting pictures because it helped me tons seeing others. :)

Background info

So long story short (swear I can't make this sh*t up)

I met a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale I heard was amazing at rhinoplasty. So paid upfront all good to go, a week later get a call saying his office was shut down. Apparently he was an opiate addict and robbed a pharmacy. Luckily got a full refund. Then was referred to another surgeon. This guy butchered my ears and nose. I got an otoplasty and no joke when they took off the headgear I had a huge bald spot on my scalp from how tight he made it. It was green pus and excruciating pain. He had canceled my post-op appt and thank god for my bf because I couldn't do anything. Ears still stick out and hurt to lay on (plus the permanent sutures stick out). For an ENT he should have his license revoked. He took too much off my bridge and actually made my columella hang even lower than my original nose. A few days after surgery my stitch came loose and my columella popped out and closed off half of my left nostril. So when you look at pics you can see how it still tilts to one side. Of course he assured me it would fix itself. If my nose could fix itself I'd have a lot more money in my bank account lol. Anyways that was back in October 2013. So I have been doing research since then for a new surgeon. I told myself I will only go to someone who is known for noses! I did a lot of research on realself and that is how I found Dr. G. Mainly I liked that his other patients had the same issues with their nose as me. And a lot of doctors told me they couldn't fix my columella. I just couldn't accept that as an answer. So I will be posting my recovery photos and lots of befores to help others. I hope I am able to help others with this review. Getting a revision is a lot worse because you have so much scar tissue. My surgery yesterday was 1.5 hours because of that very reason. I am just praying my stitch doesn't pop out again like my first surgery or I may have a nervous breakdown.

More pics posted

more before pics

my original nose

So i just woke up and figured i would post the nose i was born with! So i originally had surgery in Scottsdale and this is the computer imagery my first surgeon came up with. Dr. G. doesn't do this, but he still gives you a good idea of what he will do with your nose. He is a super nice guy, kind of quiet. When I was in the waiting room to see him there were loads of girls with cute noses and I immediately thought "hallelujah i'm in the right place"! i am feeling kind of bleh today. The tip of my nose hurts and so does my nostrils and teeth lol. I didn't buy any Biotine spray for dry mouth, but make sure you all do! You will sleep with your mouth open and it dries up pretty fast. It's probably why I have been having so much trouble sleeping because it is soooo dry. So make sure you have Biotene spray, vasoline & qtips to prevent gauze from ripping your stitches out and plenty of fluids. I am lucky there is a trader joe's and walgreens near the hotel so I can grab all these. I have been snacking on saltines and tomato soup since the surgery, but I am really craving a quesadilla. It's hard to open your mouth when you get work done especially with the tip and nostrils (everything feels super tight) so make sure you have straws on hand so you can sip food. Its weird because I had huge nostrils that flare when I laugh or smile so I am feeling super off that nothing is moving lol. My mom and I call our noses "witchy" because they are long and pointy. Hopefully I will have a cute, short nose after all this. I am still praying to the nose gods to make this happen! I actually have a amethyst mala necklace to help me heal. Lol I need all the help I can get for my nose!!!

more befores

Day 3 post surgery

So I took some photos in different lighting! I figured this will be helpful to all you loves. also took some photos to demonstrate how to make a sexy gauze mustache as you will be doing this when you have surgery. it can be scary & overwhelming. luckily I am a pacu rn so Im not intimidated but still I'm working with my face so I'm being very careful. just had delicious tomato soup from trader Joe's again for breakfast and watching hgtv reruns. have a bit of headache but I'm probably dehydrated. will keep you all posted! xx

about dr. g & the consult

So I missed my first flight and arrived to CA about 4 hours later than expected. I ended up being 1.5 hours late to my consultation/pre-op. Of course I am freaking out thinking what if he doesn't have enough time for me to go over everything in my pre-op! So after filling out paper work i waited 30 mins and they called me back. Just some background info on me i was really nervous about anesthesia because i was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. my meds have been changed 83759823 times in the last year and I had no idea how that would impact my surgery. I also developed a severe reaction to lamictal and was developing Steven Johnson's syndrome, but thankfully got off the medication immediately! If you can't handle graphic images do not google this!!! Dr. G talked with me about this extensively and so did the staff on day of surgery. This was another reason why I felt really comfortable with my choice in this doctor. Okay so back to the consultation...
So he asked about my expectations & what I wanted. He pulled up my email and we went over everything. He said he would never touch my bridge because so much had been taken off he didn't want me to look "too done". He said my first surgeon made my nose look worse and actually asked for his name. He said luckily I have a really small face so I can kind of pull off having a really low bridge. He says if you look between my eyebrows my bridge should start there but in pictures you can see that has all been shaved down. He said any good surgeon would know better than to do this. We actually discussed if I wanted the upturn look of the nose/tip or straight. Which I noticed in most pictures girls choose the first option. He said in his opinion he preferred the straight look on me which I agreed with. I showed him the computer imagery photo I fell in love with years ago and he said he hated how boxy the front looked. He said it will look better than this because it will look more natural. I am completely trusting him, but as this is my second surgery I am super anxious. So he said he will shorten the columella, but knew there would be a lot of scar tissue underneath. He said he would shorten my nostrils but couldnt promise they would even. Which is fine with me as long as they aren't so witchy lol! But he asked several times if there was anything else I wanted to discuss so it wasn't that rushed. Also he said he would speak with me again before surgery to make sure we were on the same page and that I felt comfortable.

i'm adding more photos i just took today. sorry my hair is so greasy and i'm too lazy to use dry shampoo.

my results!!!

first off I posted an update this morning but it didn't save?? so weird!! but removal was a breeze and grigoryants is a nose god!!!! took 2 mins he was in a rush but I'm in love with my results!!! it's changing every hour because of swelling but regardless I'm very pleased and the agony of having a failed primary rhino was worth it knowing it meant id find this guy! :) thank u from bottom of my heart! I literally cried even though I couldn't move my face from the surgery and I looked super awkward but he's amazing. changed my life! I took photos in different lighting and 4 hrs apart at several angles for u all!!! ahhh!! :) :)

photos from tonight! almost 12 hours since postop! :)

some more postop same day photos!

just reminding everyone of my old nose again so you can see the difference from then & now! :)

getting on plane to go home but adding befores at various times to see the difference

week and half later result pics :)

wanted to update u loves on the healing. this is only a week and half after surgery !! I'm back home and my guy was blown away . I'm still on cloud 9 !! xxoo
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Honestly he deserved & earned these 5 star ratings. I've heard people say they waited forever at his office, but mine was like 15 minutes max for pre and post op. The preop I arrived late by over an hour and they were still super accommodating. He was always prompt to answer any questions during my recovery and really during the whole process of deciding to go with him. He usually got back to my emails within half hour. I think if you choose this doctor you can't go wrong. I've seen so many botched rhino surgeries and I would recommend all of them to him. Honestly if you have doubts do your own research like I did. But to save anyone from being in a situation where they now need or are going to need a revision -- go to Grigoryants !! He is seriously the Michaelangelo of rhinoplasty and I am forever grateful to him for giving me my dream nose. xxoo

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