Revision Rhinoplasty/septoplasty with Dr. G - Glendale, CA

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I had a rhino back in 1993. Over the years my nose...

I had a rhino back in 1993. Over the years my nose started to get crooked and breathing kept getting worse. Couldn't breathe from the left side, especially when laying down on the right side. I had my revision with Dr.G on November 4, 2014. It's gonna be 3 weeks soon. It is still too early to tell. My nose is still extremely swollen. I had bruising/swelling around my eyes, that subsided within 10days. There's just a little bit of yellowish bruise under my left eye. The pain Ayer the surgery hasn't been too bad, which is good since i discovered that i am allergic to norco. So could only take Tylenol. I haven't really been out yet. I sell feel weird about the way i look. It does take some getting used to. I see a lot of swelling in my nose ( at least i hope it's swelling and temporary). I've been having tension headaches, that also spreads to the entire face, nose, gums even. Also my eyes have been burning ever since the surgery. Not sure if it had anything to do with the procedure. It is definitely a very slow progress. After the initial couple weeks of extreme bruising/swelling, it takes a long time for the nose to go to it's normal size/shape.... I am sure. I guess i just need to be patient. Easier said than done.

before/after.... still have a long way to go to see final results. hardly been 3 weeks

Some before and after pics...

3 weeks post op.... first time i actually went out lol

So yesterday was thanksgiving..... And i had to go out for a thanksgiving dinner with family. I have to admit, i was pretty nervous about going, you know i was thinking what people's reactions would be ( the ones that haven't seen me yet), i was also wondering if, the ones that don't know about my procedure, would be able to tell... So anyways, i did my hair, put on makeup ( which was not so easy, cause i couldn't really blend the foundation nicely lol cause my face is still kinda sore and plus i dont wanna push/pull on my skin too much cause that makes my nose hurt...) btw, i have random days when my nose just hurts, like a throbbing type pain, like in the bone... Dr G said that is normal so i am not worried, nonetheless, doesn't change the fact that it hurts lol. Anyways, back to me putting on makeup... So yeah, i put on makeup, tried to cover up the horrible break outs that I've been experiencing since surgery:(( sucks!!!! Had no idea rhinoplasty causes breakouts lol. So i finally went to the dinner, and felt like my nose was the only thing anyone could see haha... Some people didn't even realize that i did it, until i told them. The ones that knew told me it turned out great! Hope they weren't just trying to be polite lol. Btw, i have to say that i felt totally weird with makeup, but that's probably cause i didn't wear it for 3 weeks:/. By the end of the evening, got a bit more swollen. I did take one pic, my nose still looks super wide and turned up, hopefully that is all swelling:). Overall, it's not bad i think. I kinda still look like my old self, which has always been my concern; i still wanna look like myself, but better. Next saturday is my 4 week follow up with dr G, have so many questions for him lol. Will keep updating:)

Had my 4 week follow up today

I just had my 4 week follow up today. I was nervous going in, had a list of questions for Dr G, but he was awesome and put me at ease. He told me it's healing nicely, but still very swollen. He said my face is also swollen. He told me i can start exercising which i am VERY happy about lol. I can also start sleeping normal, as opposed to upright, etc. And i don't have to tape anymore. I actually think i will keep taping for a bit longer(at least till my tape runs out lol), and i will still try to sleep elevated, cause it is helping out with the swelling a lot. I realized we take simple things for granted, like blowing our noses and trimming our nose hair LOL! But he said i can get back to normal with all that, even wearing glasses. My next follow up will be in 4 months.
He showed me my before pictures, and i cringed lol. I was terrified, didnt even recognize that face. If there was any doubt in my mind about this surgery, seeing the before pics assured me that i made the right decision. He is wonderful and really knows what he's doing.

Almost 6 weeks since the surgery

It's almost six weeks since i had my surgery. I can't believe how time flew by. I think it's getting better. The left side is still more swollen than the right. I am still taping at night, although Dr G said i don't really have to anymore. I just feel safer when it is taped up lol. And I'm still sleeping a bit elevated. Sometimes i lay on my side and I CAN BREATHE!!! As opposed to before when i could ONLY sleep on my left side. I finally began exercising this week, which I'm really happy about. But starting out slow. Since mine was a complicated revision, i just wanna be careful. Better safe than sorry:)

Taking Shape

So it has been 2 months and 1 week since my surgery with Dr G. I must say I don't obsess over my nose as much as I used to. It's still kinda like the star of the show, but slowly fading into the background lol. I still tape at night, only cause it makes me feel more secure. And I still try to sleep somewhat elevated. Every day my nose looks different. Others have good and bad hair days, I have good and bad nose days lol. I do have unevenness, which the doc said is uneven swelling. Hoping that is the case. the left side of my nose is wider than the right. I know I still have a long way to go, but overall I am beginning to like my new nose. The tip is still hard, although not like before, and turned up, especially from the left which is weird. I like the right profile more. But now I tend to take pictures facing straight, whereas with my old nose that was a NO-NO! lol.
Has anyone experienced uneven swelling? Does it improve?

some new pics

So I just hit the 3-month mark. My nose has gone down significantly. However, there is still room to improve. I am hoping this is not the final shape, since the left side is still uneven with the right. But I really like the overall shape of it, cause it looks very natural. Sorry I don't have too many pics for u guys.

1 year later

So I can't believe that it's been a year since my surgery.....Everything is pretty good. There is still swelling according to dr. G, and he has yet to take my "after" pics. He says it will be another year before all the swelling goes down. The breathing is great. I went for a massage the other day, first time since my surgery, and I could BREATHE!!! Before, I've always had a hard time breathing when flat on my back, but now it's wonderful....GREAT FEELING! My next follow up with dr. G is in april, 2016. We'll see if he takes any "after" pics then. But I gotta be honest, at my last visit, which was about a month ago, he showed me my "before" pics and I cringed! Man, my nose looked horrible before lol. I couldn't believe that was my nose. It's still not perfect now, still there is unevenness, in the nostrills and on the sides, the left side is a bit bigger or maybe still swollen....He did do more work on the left side, because that's where I had the closed passage and the tissue growing. But overall, I like the look and the size very much.

Dr. G is very professional and nice. And he's great with responding to allme email questions. Not sure about the results yet as it is still extremely early to tell. My nose is super swollen, especially at the tip/around nostrills. It just looks really wide so far.

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