Excited... Nervous... Scared.... But I Know This is Something I Wanted to Do for a Long Time - Glendale, CA

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I have my surgery coming up next week, which I...

I have my surgery coming up next week, which I will be flying in from out of town for. Thankfully I have cousins in California who will be taking care of me. I had a rhinoplasty about 5 years ago and I wasn't too happy with the results. For a couple years now, I've always wanted to get it re-done, but I always had that feeling in the back of my head of "what if it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it again" I did my research and finally found Dr "G" as many people on this website refer to him as. lol I am pretty confident in him. His before and after pictures are natural for the most part, although I did notice some with their noses too turned up for my liking. (I told him that's not how I wanted my nose, and he said my tip was good so there was no needed fixing there, but the bridge needed to straightened out, which I agreed) Also he let me know that people sometimes like that "turned up" look and request for it. So now is the waiting game... sigh... everyday closer and closer to surgery I'm looking online at before/after pictures. Oh and another thing I wanted to say was this website is AMAZING! I've been lurking on here for the past couple years, and it has been the best tool for real reviews and pictures. I LOVE that this is a supportive community and everyone gives each other advice. I'll keep you guys posted.

Finally did it...

Well I'm about a week and a couple days after surgery and naturally I am looking in the mirror at every angle of nose every second of the day. When I woke up from surgery I was groggy and I could barely open my eyes, the nurses were very caring and I do remember Dr Grigoryants voice saying somewhere in the room " you did good" I don't remember the car ride home. When I got home I eat porridge rice soup and went to sleep which was horrible, my mouth was dry in the morning and sleeping with my head elevated was not comfortable at all. For the days following my surgery my appetite was good, the only thing is you can't eat anything you have to stretch your mouth for as it tends to hurt because your columella is cut. I recommend buying one of those u shaped airplane pillows.it helps your head stay positioned and elevated. Have a bottle of water next to you too. Fast forward 5 days later and I get my splint off. One of the girls in the office took of my splint to prepare me for the doctor. She gave me advice on my do's and dont's after surgery. Dun dun dun..... splint comes off and I am pleasantly pleased no tip work just bridge and narrowing of the bones. The doctor looks at it and says " it's good, looks natural" I am so happy I didnt touch the tip! Trust me when I say after you get your nose done you start to analyze every angle of your nose. There are times where I think it doesn't look straight enough or it looks like it tilts to one side more but then I tell myself would you rather have your nose now or the one you had.... and I prefer the one I have now. The doctor did lift my columella. I know I am still healing but you can't help but be your worst critic at this moment. Also the day of my surgery the doctor ran behind several hours. I was scheduled for 10 am but ended up getting surgery around 3:30 / 4pm. I was his third surgery that day and he had another one after me. I know he's good and well sought out but when your mind is running and nervous you start thinking of crazy thoughts. I kept thinking by the time he gets to me he'll be too tired and he's work won't come out too good. Lol but hey can you blame me? I hadn't eat anything since 12 am the day too.

front pre op

front pre op/ smiling

bruising after surgery

Right after splint comes off/ chipmunk cheeks

side post op

post op/ trying to smile. it hurts tho

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He was a good doctor. I am happy I chose him, most plastic surgeons who are popular tend to be arrogant and don't really listen to your concerns just what they think you need to fix. Everyone's insecurities are different. He was very humble and took his time to listen. Just by talking to him I can tell he takes pride in his work which shows in all his pictures. They all look naturally better.

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