26 Years Old French Girl Ready for Revision! - Glendale, CA

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I decided to write this review because I m...

I decided to write this review because I m becoming mad looking in the mirror or taking picture to know what I d like (you know probably what I mean if you expect a surgery). I am so impatient for a revision but have to wait until September.
My story is I had a very big nose when I was teenager and was suffering of it, it really deformed my face. I had my first rhino at 17 with normally a specialist in France.. but actually I didn't find it very skilled in esthetic. My tip remained fat and droopy and the dorsal was very thin, that give an asymetry to my nose. I couldn't do anything for the last years as I was student and didn't have enough money. I saved a lot and now I can afford it and I am looking forward. I know that I m not wrong because this doctor is very skilled for tips. I couldn't find one tip not beautiful.
I thought a lot and watched lots of my pictures to decide what I really wanted for this new nose, I also ask to my best friend and my fiance. And I decided to do less that what I wanted first. Because finally I want to keep my dorsal as it is. There is a little hump but not shocking and I don't want a completely straight nose. I really like the shape of Italian or indian nose I found the actress or model with a hump very beautiful. So I want to keep it. What I want is just a tip less fatty and droopy. I want to keep the global shape of my nose but just do little arrangements as a straight columella and a balanced tip.
I will post a picture soon to give you an idea.
I m a bit afraid of that revision because first I will travel from Europe and probably alone as nobody can come with me on this date.and also because my wedding is planed for December and I want a good result (pressure for Dr grigoryants!) ah ah.
I m so happy to share my story, I read all your stories and that helped me so much to take my decision. So a big thank you for everyone! Speak soon!

Finally scheduled for the 20/04!

Thanks to a cancelletion I will have my revision rhino on the 20th of april, I will see dr G on the 19th.
You imagine how I feel......I expected a surgery on september and finally have it in 20 days..
I will travel from London to LA, I booked my flight and a air bnb..I didn't expect so soon so I will put all my savings in it before to begin my new job. I feel completely crazy but anyway I saved suffisantly to afford it, so now or in 5 months it will be the same expense!

I give you some picture to show you what I don't like, and what I would like.
I finally decided to change the bridge as you can see I seem to have an V inverted and my breething will be better after correct it I think.
I hate the bulbous tip, my previous surgery let it so big and hanging, I feel too much cartilage under the skin and there s definitely something to do!
So I d like to keep an italian nose but more elegant and straight. I don' t want an upturne nose, I love the nose of malena costa or clara alonso, which are both spanish I love their nose and I d like a shape close to that.
I tried to do a simulation in front of mirror ^^

I have question for people who traveled from europe in USA. Which insurance did you take? I can't find one specialised in cosmetic surgery abroad, and I feel like it would be crazy to not take one for surgery. Heeeeelp me please I don't know what to do :/

2 weeks until surgery

Hi! I hope everyone is good!
I m only 2 weeks until my surgery and I try to relax a little. I am so excited!

I booked my flight, my accommodation.
And I will do the payment tomorrow and blood test on Friday.

Sometimes I fear, what if the doctor examine me and can t do what I want? Or say "your revision is too difficult I can t do it." Haha I know it is silly..

I am so so looking forward to meet him and discuss with him about my nose. I think I will send him a mail this week to repeat what I want before to meet him.

Have s good day!

Time goes so slowly..

Hi! Just a little update, time goes so slowly, I don't sleep very good, I can't stop thinking of the surgery.
I made the full payment yesterday so like everyone says it makes the thing real!
I continue to look at nose I like. I know exactly what I want, I just hope the doctor will listen to.
I read that the preop consultation is very quick and I fear about that.
I want to keep volume on the dorsal, have a natural appearance, and I see lots of result with a curve on the dorsal.. but I also read that this doctor listen that s why I choose him, because his before-after are all different, he doesn't make one type of nose, so I feel like he can make any nose.
I post some example I like.
Have a good day !

D-4 before surgery

I update to send last pics of my nose.

I can't wait for the surgery!!
And my nose is blocked, it becomes worse sometimes. One of my friend asked me if I have a cold because she can heard that my nose was blocked when I was speaking.
So I really hope that the surgery will improve my breathing! But I m sure of that.
I have waited 9 years for that revision.
And you know for my primary, when the cast was off I knew there was a problem. And even if my self esteem was better, I knew I had bad rhinoplasty and I fear that it was visible.
This year my self esteem was very bad, I can't look at myself in mirror in public, I can't look at pictures without to see my bad nose, I don't believe when my fiance say I m beautiful because of my nose, and when I talk to people I have the feeling my nose is visible.
It can really ruin a life...
So I have lots of hope with that surgery, hope it will boost my self esteem and my nose will be balanced with my face.

It s just a question of days now!!

Good recovery to everyone!

My nose before primary

It s so ugly... sorry for the quality I just took pic of a print picture.

It was so massive..really anyone who criticized people who have rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery, I just would like to see them with a nose like that.
It really ruined my childhood and my teenage years. Even when I was kid I didn't like myself because of my nose, and it went worse during teenage years (I didn't like myself but you also have nasty kids who make you feel worse..)

Anyway this is past! And I really hope to solve this problem of nose in order to feel peaceful and confident with my nose. :)

Surgery done!

Hi everyone!
That s it my surgeey is done and i feel so relieved
I like already what i see
I m so happy so far

So i arrived on monday in california , i arrived from lndon 11hours on the plane. The jetlag is very tiring.

From the airport to my airbnb. I took a bus called flyaway, it stopped at union central where you can take subway or other buses if you are settle in central los angeles it s good but outside la public transport are rare.

Then on tuesday i visited a bit los angeles, i was so happy, landscape around are beautiful with the mountain and wearher is so nice.
I went to little tokyo, central los angeles and holliwood bd where you can take picture with the holliwood signs.

I had my preop appointment on tuesday too. Make sure you leave central los angeles plenty of time before of you sont have car because transports are slow.
There is a bus the 91 or 90 whoch goes from downtown LA to the bottom of verdugo hills.

My preop went well. Grigoryants team is just amazing, very caring and gentle. Everything went smooth.
I show the doctor pictures i lole and he asked me what i d like. He listen a lot what you want.
I didnt feel rush at anytime.
I just cried at the end because all the pressure comes down and i felt alone as i traveled alone.

I lf you can travel with a friend because even if you think you strong enough, you need to talk and laugh and feel supported.

I m lucky because the neighbour of the airbnb is lovely and i m not alone anymore.

So today was the surgery, i was scheduled at 10:30 but went to theatre at 12:30.
The staff is very very nice and smiley, really everything went smooth.
The anestesia was perfectly working, i had just panic attack when i woke up because i couldnt breath by my nose

And that s it!
I dont even have bruises, i m just a bit swollen, bit i guess it s bwcause it s revision l.

I will update with pics in a few daya because there s nothing really to show you except the cast :)
Take care of you girls and good recovery!!!
Thank you so much for your support ??????

I m so happy it is over, i did it yeeeaaaah

Cast off

Hellooo hope everyone is good!
I had my cast off today and what a relieeeeeeve i can breaaaath yeees! I m so happy to feel how much easier to breath now that my airways are opened. I was worry about that ("what about if it s worse after revision?" But no it s definitely better my nose is repaiiired yes!)

I am very swollen but surprisely i was not so shocked when i look at the mirror. Just a little omg i have a potatoe in the middle of the nose.
But i loved straight away the shape and the dorsum is sooo smooth, it s so nice to not touch the bumb.

I cant wait to see how it will goes when the swelling will be gone. But i feel confortable already and hope the shape wont change to much.
I feel so so happy to have be through the all process. The last days of recovery were very tiring. I feel much better now after 6 days!

Sorry i know you want to see the result but I promise soon. When i will be back in england, cause i dont have wifi and use my neighboor phone to use internet :)

Speak soon and thank you for your messages that have reassured me a lot these last days :) xxxxxxx

Pics cast off and 7 days post

Here are the pics just after my cast off and 7 days after!

Back in Europe 10 days post pics

What a journey! I felt exausted when I came back 10 hours in the plane..
I slept 15 hours in a row..
But happy to be back in Europe, LA is so huge!

Today is 10 days post op, the shape is the same, very swollen, the tip is very hard and painful when I touch it.
I hope the shape won't change I don't want my tip fall I found it good like this.

My skin is medium thick so I expect lot of waiting, before my tip will be more defined.

About breathing it s still a little stuff, like a cold, but it s much better than before, especially during night!

3 weeks post op

Today is 3 weeks and I feel so much better! I think my breathing is nearly fully recover, I managed today to remove some stuff which blocked the entrance and one stitch came with it. I continue to clean my nose with spray several times a day, but the feeling of having a cold is gone and I don't feel disturbed by my breathing. About swelling, it s really located in my tip which stay round, hard and painful. My skin is oily and look quite thick on the tip so I have to be patient... I continue to tape my nose, I think that help for the bridge and I can see clearly the difference of swelling between bridge and tip when I remove the tape. About feelings now I didn't talk much about it, I felt surprise how I adopted straight away my new nose. I read some review to be shocked, not to recognize ourself and so on... I think I liked straight away my nose when cast has been removed. I think Dr g respected what I wanted and I like the fact that I still feel myself and my nose suit to my personality. So overall I m very glad. Now that s very strange because all these years I was uncomfortable with my nose, in the street and when people was talking to me, and now I have to say to myself "you have normal nose now, nobody look at it, you can relax" haha so I can say I still think about my nose and it could take time to feel relax about it. I could say that surgery doesn't do the total job on self esteem, it solve the problem and after that you have to do the mental job of self acceptance, recover the self esteem. Especially if you didn't like your reflection for long time. That s it, I will update for the first month! I m really happy to share my experience with you as that helped so much for my decision. And I don't regret at all to spend all the money, at the moment my life has changed, I feel relieved about it. Rhinoplasty is one surgery which have a really really important impact on your self esteem. I know it, after my first rhino that boosted my confidence but then I was focus on the bad aspect of my nose and began to feel obsess and depressed about it. So take your time, trust reviews with pictures (when I compared surgeon on reaper of when one doctor have five stars but no reviews with picture I just didn't look at him) and also look at their website to see the style of nose they perform,. That is a big decision and bad rhinoplasty have sad effect on your mood. So think about it twice! Xxxxxx have good healing !

1 month and more than happy :)

Hi realself people!
I m 1 month and few days post op and I feel good. I can't wait swelling goes down in my columella and tip, it s so haaaaaard.
But I can notice that my nose is less swollen from week 1, especially on the bridge.

I love my profile and 3/4 view. I asked a Italian nose to fit with my origin, that s why it s slightly crooked because I didn't want a upturned or too pointy nose.
So don't worry for those who love button nose or upturned nose, this surgeon perform what you ask and fit your face.
I saw sooooo many different type of nose on pictures of Dr g patient on realself, he's just so skilled. He s not like these surgeons who know only to perform one type of nose...

About my front, I m still a bit uncomfortable because it s very swollen and my skin is full of spots and very oily because of taping I guess (not glamour)...
But I feel so so much more confident!!

My nose has now a triangle shape and I m so glad.
Really that change my life:
I now feel like I have a natural nose, no one could tell I have rhinoplasty or bad nose job like I felt before my revision.
And i don't avoid to my profile side to people.

Oooh and my smile is nearly back completely! It s just a bit painful when I fully smile so I avoid, but I m happy!

Here are pictures!

Take care xxxx

Time to update 3 months post revision!

Hi realselfers!
Hope everyone is fine! I was thinking it was time to send you some news pics after 3 months :)
My skin is thick and I was thinking for people in the same case it can be useful to give you an idea of the slooooooow healing.
So for people in the same case, be ready to be very patient because we don't see much progress between the first and 3 months, it is a very slow progress in the edema, especially the tip.
And the cast and the tape made my skin more oily which increase the thickness.. so now I try to make my skin less oily with moisturizer.

About breathing after 3 month it s perfect, I don't even think about it during day and night and if I feel stuff I just blow my nose or put some saline spray and then I feel free! It s like I have a natural nose :)
About the edema that really depends of day! Really I understand what people call rollercoaster now..cause some days I feel my nose as a potatoe I really feel the edema (especially after day of work or night) and some other time it s better!
And when I touch my tip or when I smile I still feel the edema in my tip. It s like it feel a bit anaestesia. I feel reassured because i really want a tip less round and more triangle.
But I read that for thick skin the skin react in a certain way which give us more edema, and we have to wait 6 to 12 months before to have definition.... aaaaahhh so patience patience...

But guys one thing have definitely change, I am not a shame of my profile anymore, I love it! And that change life! The same with my front view.
And one other thing my mum haven't notice at all, my dad I don't know but nobody said anything except one friend who said "maybe you will said I m strange but I have a feeling your nose looks different" haha bit she said that she looks a lot at people face. It was quite funny!

I wish you a happy recovery or journey in the rhinoplasty! Keep calm and carry on ;)

7 months post surgery

Hello !
Just a quick update, my nose healing well, I didn't notice much change , just swelling start to go down little by little but very slowly.
I took the plane recently and went a hot country and experience lots of swelling there but as soon as I went back the swelling was much better.
Just to let you know that the first year swelling can come back with heat, sun, high altitude pressure and so on..
Otherwise I feel fine! No complication, no problem with breathing anymore so that s great!

Update 9 months secondary rhino and thick skin

Still ok! I m really feeling that swelling goes down just now! It s very slow but I m starting to really enjoy the rhinoplasty! I nearly don't think anymore about my nose :) breathing is great no problem at all. I will continue to post picture until 1 year cause I find interesting to know how 2ndary rhino and thick skin can heal.

9month post rhino

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr grigoryants did an excellent work to fix my nose! I had bad primary rhino which let a breathing problem and also not well balanced aspect. He improved my breathing (just perfect now!) and my nose suits my face and my personality I love it now! He respects what you ask as long as you are very clear and precised! And my nose doesn't look fake at all which I love! Also my nose was quite difficult (thick skin and secondary rhino) so I would recommend him (that s clear that he is really skilled for nose comparatively to my first surgeon...) Also I really appreciated his office staff very gentle and reassuring (I came from Europe on my own), and hospital nurses and doctors were gentle too, I felt comfortable. No pain, pills given by doctor worked well. No problem with payment at all (for transfer from European bank) And waiting time I would say excellent, they manage to put me on waiting list and had surgery on April instead of September! Overall great experience! And I don't regret my choice at all!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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