18 Years Old, Revision and Lip Implants. Glendale, CA

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I'm going for a "barbie" like nose. Smaller, less...

I'm going for a "barbie" like nose. Smaller, less droopy, and something that fits my face. I'm excited and also was looking for a permanate solution for my lips so they they stay big. Before and after photos will be posted after surgery. He is very easy to work with in terms of a consultation. Very excited!


Surgery - June 3rd

Please ignore the cracker crumbs on my t-shirt or anything else. These are post op pics. My nose isn't that bad as far as pain... Swelling has gone down a bit. My lips feel stiff and like the implants have hardened but I believe that goes away in a month to six months? I'm unsure. They look good, just bruised and swollen which I read subsides in a week or so.. They're pretty painful. Dr G did a good job it seems! I see the final next Wednesday and photos will be posted Cheers

Someone requested the wish pics I showed dr G

He said my lips wouldn't be that big but I wasn't worried about my lips as much as I was worried about my nose shape. He told me he would remove the small bump that grew back from my initial rhinoplasty, remove the droopy tip (which is already apparent he did well!), and narrow out my bridge. The blonde has a similar shaped face like mine (heart shaped) and I thought her nose may be a good guide, although I have my own facial structure. The brunettes side view looking aesthetically pleasing as well so I showed him both.

16 days later

After nose job & lip implants Update per request
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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