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Hello Ladies I just would like to share my journey...

Hello Ladies I just would like to share my journey. I will be having surgery with Dr. Grigoryants on July 5, 2016. I just got my blood work yesterday and I am excited and ready for this :)

I had a rhinoplasty surgery in 2013 with a doctor in Orange county, But Honestly nothing change my nose appears exactly the same. So I waited 3 years to see if anything would change, but my family agreed that my nose had not change at all.

So I finally decided it was time to get my nose done and finally make my dream come true :).
Before going to Dr. G I had previously scheduled surgery with Dr. YOO who works in Dr. Paul Nassif. But something in my heart was not sure it just didn't feel like there was enough before and after photos to show that he would be able to work with my type of nose. I honestly think I am pretty, but fixing my nose will make me so much prettier.

I had previously been following reviews from Dr. G. So finally I got decided to get my consultation scheduled. When I was at his office I fell in love with the before and after photos I saw in his office.
His office is crazy busy so be ready for that. My consultation was short and to the point, but in my heart I felt like getting my nose done with him would be the right decision. This has always been dream and I hope it finally comes true.

2 month follow up

Well I was waiting for my swollen to go down. My size view has improve a lot, but I am really worry about my front view my nose appears curved to my right side. My nostrils are completely different.

My Experience for my 2 month follow up

I had closed rhinoplasty for my revision for those who asked me. I had my 2 month appointment at 12pm and did not get seen until almost 2pm. His office was super crowed. I feel like my appointment super rush. I explained that my nose was curved to my right side. He explained that my nose was swollen that once the swollen resolves my nose should be straight. I believe the cartilage under my nose was not trim the same and is what is causing my nose to be crooked. I had a previous rhinoplasty and even when my nose was swollen it did not look crooked. But I am praying and want to believe that my nose will be straight again. I also brought to his attention the scar I have on my my bridge. When I went to remove my cast and stitches I noticed there was a stitch on the bridge of my nose. My husband and I question Dr. G the reason for my incision on my bridge. He told us that during surgery he noticed my skin was stuck to my bone and for that reason he had to open me on my bridge. I asked him that same day if I was going to get a scar on my bridge incision and he told me I would not get one since the incision was small. So when I brought up the scar that I now have on my bridge he said he don't remember me having a little incision there. He made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about .....Ive work in the medical field for years and work closely with doctors. I honestly felt really rushed. I feel like he is too busy and rushes during his appointments.


When I upload the pics they become really bright.

A picture of my front view before surgery

For those asking for a before picture. I was happy with my front view is was just my profile I didn't like.
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