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For starters I never write reveiws, but this...

For starters I never write reveiws, but this procedure was a big deal to me. Growing up I've always had hollow eyes, but as I got older (mid 20s) they began to become so much worse. I couldn't smile because they would create two huge creases, not to mention the dark shadows and the fat pockets that began to form. I literally stopped smiling in pictures due to this. I looked tired no matter what I did and MAKEUP never helped and believe me I live at Sephora.

For the last four years I've been researching fillers under the eye area. I think I've read almost every single review, doctor response, blog, and more! To my disappointment, most the reviews were bad ones with a lot of complications. Being someone who has never had any luck with procedures, I figured I was better off staying away. I've always bruised, swell, and had thin/terrible skin. So I just automatically assumed I'd be categorized under the group of people who wouldn't like their results.

Anyways, the more and more I researched, the more I realized there was one thing everyone (patients and doctors) were in agreement over: CHOOSE YOUR INJECTOR CAREFULLY! So, after I came across a recent post on here by a user who used a doctor in my area and got amazing results .. I contacted her and she was kind enough to tell me further details and share additonal photos. After a few months I booked a consultation and went to see the same doctor. To my surprise he turned out to be among the first to pionner fillers under the eye, so therefore he's even more experienced than your regular doctor. Furthermore, he's a plastic surgeon who only performs procedures on the FACE, making him even more familiar with the anatomy.

Anyways, I paid $50 for the consultation (they deduct it from your procedure). Months after the consultation (due to fear again) I finally booked my appointment when I called the office to ask about the cost of dissolving the filler if I didn't like it because that's when I talked to one of the girls who worked there and she said something that stuck with me and made me take the leap, "don't think like that." Then she further comforted me by telling me that she had it done by him too and that he does it on the regular and I shouldn't be nervous. She was so nice and helpful that I said what the heck, I'm going to book.

I did it this past Friday afternoon and I made sure I didn't have to go anywhere the entire weekend. When I got there the doctor and the nurse came in sperately to talk to me again about the procedure. The doctor was so kind and patient with my questions and the fact that I was so nervous. He was honest in his replies and told me what to expect again. He almost spent another consultation time with me. After the talk they numbed me with cream and let me sit for about half an hour. When the doctor came back he placed ice on each eye and poof the whole thing took under 5 minutes to do and I felt VERY little to nearly nothing. I heard crackling of my skin which the doctor talked me thru and told me was normal. Afterwards he gave me gaze and told me to put pressure on the eyes (for about ten minutes). Then he came back and we took a look at it and it didn't look perfect, but it looked better and it was obvious I had bruised (which again is not the doctors fault).

Day 1: I was slightly swollen, but my skin texture and color was totally off (red/blue/yellow/dry)

Day 2: Woke up very swollen, especially in my left eye since that was my more problematic eye and both the doctor and I agreed that it needed more.

Day 3: Swelling sat a little bit, but still clearly swollen

Day 4 (CURRENT DAY): Still swollen, but not nearly as bad. Bruising is now starting to set in so there is a lot of discoloration (blue/red/yellow). It covers up pretty well with makeup.

So all in all, so far, I'm pretty glad I went thru with it and one thing I'm certain about is that I'm happy with the doctor I picked. I'm scheduled to go back and see him next week and I think I'll have a better idea of how it's going to look long term by then. I hope I don't experience complications as the swelling goes away because I have read reviews with problems months down the line. All I know is that even swollen I look better in pictures than I did before I did it.

What I did PreOp:
- Stopped taking pain killers
- Started taking arnica (4 days before)
- Started drinking more water
- Didn't eat salty meals (1 week before)
- Started eating fresh pineapples (1 week before)
- No alcohol (2 weeks before and days after)

I mean I still bruised and am swollen, but I'm sure it could've been worse if I hadn't done the above.

What I did PostOp:
- Immediately iced
- Iced area for 3 days straight
- No makeup
- Washed my face gently with face wipes
- No eye creams
- Slept on my back with two pillows to elevate my head (3 days)

Again, I only wrote this detailed and extremely LONG review because I've spent so much time on this site reading reveiws and I hope it can help someone out because I know how it feels to be miserable over hollow tear troughs!

Finally, I'll keep everyone posted on my progress .... hopefully once it settles in, it'll look better as opposed to creating complications!

(You can see my before photos on the other question I posted before I got the procedure done)


Swelling is completly gone, I have the smallest of bruises left which barely shows. I can't believe I waited this long to do this. It has made a HUGE difference in my eyes. I just wish I got a little bit more, but otherwise totally and utterly happy!


Everything has healed properly and OH MY GOODNESS, I'm so glad I did this! I don't think I'll be able to ever go without this, I hope there isn't any long term effects!


Do not sleep on your face, or flat on the mattress with either eye. I did that last night and woke up to a very swollen under eye on my left side. I am pretty confident it will sit (I HOPE), but I'm assuming it's because I slept terribly last night without a pillow on my face. I never do that.


Hi, everyone so it's been five months since I got my injections and I still so GLAD I did. The swelling from sleeping on my eye that one time went down in 24 hours and now I'm more careful of how I sleep and haven't expereienced any swelling since.

I am noticing that it is starting to wear off as it doesn't look as good as it did five months ago, but still a WORLD of difference and I'm not complaining especially since I recently looked back at before pictures and how terrible they were. I am considering going back again for a second round althought I am a little afraid since I have heard people having great results the first time and terrible ones the second. I think I trust my doctor though.


Hi, everyone, so here I am 9 months later and some of the product is gone, but still much better than it was before I got it. I'm scheduled to go for my second round in three weeks and I will write a review of my second time around and how my results turn out.

A Year & A Couple Months Later

So, here I am a year and somewhat months later and I did in fact get my second and third set of injects by Dr. John Vartanian and it went seamlessly! Honestly, I have always thought of myself as a very unlucky person when it comes to plastic surgery, but now I realize it was because of lack of research. I can truly say I did my research on this procedure FOR YEARS before finally trusting my eyes with Dr. John Vartanian and now, I can't imagine my life without restylane under my eyes.

So to break it down, I went in for my second time and I opted into only getting half a syringe which the doctor clearly stated I needed a full one (but due to finances I went for only half -- which I may add is rare that most doctors even offer such an option ...to do the inject themselves for half a syringe), so immediately after and for at least two days the results were beautiful and to quote the doctor "you will like the swelling" because it looked like I had a full syringe and per usual he was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I couldn't stop taking selfies (shameful, I know) because my eyes looked fantastic from any and every angel. I had a slight bruise but was easily covered with makeup. Once the swelling sat, the results were still nice, but again not as good because my problem required more product to fix.

So fast forward three months to yesterday, I went back to see him for a full syringe and LET ME TELL YOU THIS MAN IS A GOD AT WHAT HE DOES. So not only did the doctor himself take photos, numb me up (like always), he iced me, he came in a few times to check on me and when he did the procedure he actually talked me thru it. First off, I felt NOTHING, I was jumpy because I'm usually nervous (mental), but it felt like one minute and we were done. I woke up this morning with no make up on and I feel like a million bucks. He told me while he was doing the injects that I looked like I had a tiny bruise on my left eye, but I woke up this morning with NO BRUISES, only tiny dots where the injection sites were and a mere discoloration (which is more due to my skin than the injects) and very very minimal swelling.

I feel like I'm being too detailed, but when I was looking to do this procedure I was so insecure and down, I was in my mid-twenties and I felt like I looked like I was near 40. Although I am aware that everyone has different faces and skin types, I can't stress enough that the doctor you decide on for this type of procedure is SO IMPORTANT. In my case, I got lucky to have found a local doctor who is not only talented at what he does, but he actually cares and takes the time with each patient. This procedure is likely one of the less expensive ones he does and I'm certain isn't what makes his practice rich, but the fact that a doctor who is so busy can treat a patient who may only be spending $500 the same amount of attention and care that a patient spending $10,000 says more than the world. His bedside manner is impeccable, his care and patience is unmatched and on top of it his WORK is flawless. Oh and not to mention, I'm used to living in LA and seeing beautiful girls at the front desk of pretty much any doctor's office, but to have a staff that is equally informed, polite, helpful, kind and beautiful is just the cherry on top. The girls who work here just after three visits have become like friends who I would trust to say anything to. It's just an all in all great experience and if you are planning on doing this procedure and have the ability to come to LA or are in LA, believe me when I say just go see Dr. John Vartanian and I can promise you that at the very least even if he doesn't do your procedure, you won't regret having met him.
Glendale Facial Plastic Surgeon

Very happy with the doctor and his staff! Made me feel extremely comfortable, answered all my questions, took the time to go the extra mile.

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