Closed Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty/Collapsed Valve/Turbinate & Alar Base Reduction CAST OFF 6-26-14

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Laura - 26 - Italian The surgery I'll be having is...

Laura - 26 - Italian
The surgery I'll be having is Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty.

As a child up until my pre-teens I thought my nose was actually cute! Lets just say that the noses in my family have...character? From about the age of 11-17 I was active in sports, mainly soccer and this is about when I started to notice changes in my nose. I'm sure it was a combination of my nose growing in to my face and playing a little too rough on the soccer field (cleats, balls, elbows to the face) when my insecurities started to set in.

Over the last several years I've contemplated having Rhinoplasty to correct my issues with aesthetics and to also correct breathing issues that I have due to my nose being a little crooked. Most people don't notice this visually but I definitely do and also when I hold my nose in a straight position I can breathe more easily & the pressure between my eyes goes away!

Over a year ago I decided I was ready and began my research! There was a handful of Dr.'s that I looked into scheduling consults with but after scouring the interwebs for the good, the bad, & the ugly...I decided to go ahead and meet with Dr. Andre Aboolian. The office, staff and the Dr. were all pleasant and I felt very comfortable walking in. The parking structure on the other hand was a pain...try to arrive extra early to deal with parking in the structure!! Although I did like Dr. Aboolian I didn't feel 100% sure he was the one & I knew I'd want to have 1 to 2 more consults before deciding. AT THIS POINT I KNEW I NEEDED TO START SAVING MONEY as it was getting more real. The second consult I made was with Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants (6 months or so after my first consult). The Dr. was very comforting yet assertive and I felt like we were on the same page for attaining my desired results. The results and reviews I've seen on this guy have taken all my fears away and at this point I'm extremely excited!! :D

Pre-Op is in May and surgery is scheduled for June 19!

Dr. didn't provide imaging? Check out this app!

I didn't get any imaging done with Dr. G so the curiosity is killing me! After searching instagram for #rhinoplasty just about everyday, I've come across an app. that lets you edit your pictre fairly well to see what could be! These are some profile shots that I'm pretty excited about! The app. Is called Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite.

To tell or not to tell?

I'm trying to decide how to tell the rest of my friends and family... through Instagram? I just really don't want to discuss it and explain myself to naysayers! I've already opened up and informed most of my family, my boyfriend, and close friends and a few coworkers (those connected in my daily life)...they all seem to be supportive of my choice. Still in anticipation, I've used the phone app. and generated two looks that I'm excited to see but unsure about the fit! Any advice on how you broke the news to friends and family, I'd love to hear it, also any opinions on shape/size for my nose would be appreciated!! :]

A little over a month from now

My surgery is now a little over a month away & my pre-op is on May 24. I've been preparing my bank account for this day but am going to also be charging the rest of the expense. Dr. G doesn't accept CareCredit but offers different forms of financing that you can check in to on his website. After I've researched most of the options available, I've decided on two different credit cards...American Express has a card available that offers 0%-15 months & after spending $1,000 they give you $250 back! The other card I recommend, and this is the one that you'll be directed to from his website, if you have good/excellent credit...the Citi Bank card which offers 0%-18 months. If you are planning on using credit options to finance your surgery, you need to plan it accordingly, as the 0% interest starts the day that your account is opened.

Pre-Op Video

Just wanted to document the breathing issues I experience on a daily basis. I know for a lot of included, we want rhinoplasty to correct our nose visually but sometimes some of us need to also correct internal issues & include a septoplasty. I've decided not to hide my decision any longer & while I got many, "why?" "but you don't need it!" "I like your nose..." "you don't have your priorities straight, you should wait" ...I just want to say, thank you for your concern but this decision has been well thought out & the surgery can't come soon enough!! I can't wait to be able to breathe out of both my nostrils!

In the video I am breathing as hard as I need for volume (I picked the one with the least noise!).

Post-Op & Preperation

On Saturday I went in for my pre-op appointment and even though I arrived 15 minutes early, filled out all the paperwork before my 1:30 appointment, I wasn't called in to a room until about 2:10. Not sure what the delay was but his office (limited seating) was packed full!

I want to start by addressing the front staff in saying that all the ladies that I've spoken to and had to deal with have been very pleasant and never given me any problems, though there were two younger girls sitting toward the back of the front office (in clear sight and ear range of his waiting area) & they were very unprofessional, smacking and cursing at one another (i thought it was odd the other girls didn't tell them to stop).

Once I was in the room, I was given the list of things that are advised not to take pre & post op, along with paperwork to fill out and bring the day of the surgery. She also gave me a rundown of how the day will go and even spoke to me about her personal experience with her rhinoplasty with Dr. G. Once Dr. G came in, he went through what he plans to do; closed rhino, pushing the nose back, correcting the septum deviated septum, he'll be making a graft with the septum (he said that it's not a good idea to use ear cartilage as it is curved and has a chance of re-taking that shape in the future, & using the rib is last resort) so luckily for me, he has something to work with (my septum!) lol...I went on to show him all the pictures that i created along with noses that I liked. I'm happy that we were on the same page with pushing my nose back and it sounds like he understands the shape I desire. Another thing I addressed was my nostrils, I don't rather care for them, feel they are huge but he said he doesn't think he'll do anything to them but he said once he does all the other stuff, he'll see how it looks and if he feels they need to be reshaped, he'll do so...I trust his judgment so I won't push for it to be done.

Oh, when I got the reminder call to confirm me of my appointment the girl told me that I'd need to have payment ready for the appointment...and I did but I was able to apply it to my credit cards and was able to carry a balance due until later this week so that I could maximize the points of the credit cards! That was good news! :]

I'm now 3 weeks and a day away, I will be getting the blood work done this week and hopefully won't be hearing from them with any issues. I feel more nervous about getting blood work than I do about the surgery but I can't say the nerves aren't starting to kick in...I'm freaking out a step will be getting my post-care supplies!

Pre-Op & Preperation

is what that last post should have read! ...silly me and RealSelf needs to allow you to edit!

Another simulation

Only one week and 5 days left with my old nose, I'm so busy with work that it still hasn't phased me that this will be my new nose, or what I'm hoping it will look like... :D

Three more days!

Why haven't I started freaking out yet? ...I guess I've been researching this for so long I'm just ready to get this over with! Thank you to all the awesome ladies I've followed on their journeys...this community has helped me with making this decision and has made the whole thing seem less scary. I've gotten a lot of good ideas from you guys for preparing for the recovery period :] To all the Dr. G girls out there...I STILL have yet to find a nose I didn't like...I know we all have our own idea of satisfaction but your noses all have me really excited for my surgery and I'm HOPING that I don't regret this decision!

I've been prepping my room for the last couple days, finishing getting all the foods I'll need to quicken the healing process and all the supplies to make myself as comfortable as I can be. Foods (for smoothies and juicing): Carrots, avocados, apples, celery, pineapple, chia, flax, coconut, raw honey, pop-cycles. Supplies: Neck pillow, lots of pillows, tylenol, laxative, stool softener, q-tips, rubbing alcohol, arnica gel, face wipes, tv shows/movies to watch, friends (i hope they come to visit lol)

If you have any other recommendations, I'd love to know! :D

On a side note, (TMI) - I KNEW this would be just my luck...I ended up starting my . Sunday and am HOPING HOPING HOPING I'll be off by Thursday because I don't want to feel even more disgusting than I know I'll feel and have to worry about...that. It was just an issue I really wanted to avoid going in to surgery :[

I'm home!

I'll update later with how my surgery went, just wanted to let you girls know that I made it!

The Day of surgery

Surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am, and I was to be at the hospital by 6. Upon arrival, I was a bit confused as to where to go and the admittance lady want really helpful, just told me to sit down and she'll call me, but she didn't know my name... so I walked in to the same day surgery center and asked them and they took my forms and got the ball rolling. After I finished with admittance I was back in the same day surgery center where I changed and the nurses put in the IV. From there they wheeled me to the pre-op room. Here is where I met with the anesthesiologist, the main nurse and Dr. G, I gave him my pictures of the noses I don't like and noses I do like. He then looked over my face and told me again what his plans were and told me he probably wouldn't do anything with my nostrils. After that, I said good bye to my mom and I was wheeled in to the operating room where the nurse gave me some anti anxiety medication then started the anesthesia and next thing I know, I'm out!

My mom said he came to see her at about 10:15 and told her everything went well, he showed her pictures and said he ended up reshaping my nostrils. I remember slowly waking up and feeling really hot. I was very out of it for about the first hour and I ended up staying back in the same day surgery room for another 45 minutes. I started to finally feel more normal so the nurse tried to get me up to change and go pee and as soon as I got up I felt super nauseous and after throwing up a good amount of blood I felt so much better!!

I ended up throwing up again when I got out of the wheelchair and into the car. I think I kept dozing off in the car, don't remember much of it. As soon as I got home, I needed help walking in, still a little woozy, I threw up again, after that, I stated to feel a lot better! I drank a smoothie, started the antibiotics, took some Tylenol and spent the day in bed and changing the drip pad.

Day 2 (morning): Bruises are nice and puffy, spread a little but not horribly, I'm way more congested and sore but headache doesn't seem to be as bad as yesterday. For my stitches, I've just used a q-tip and water to clean around them, I've also put a little neosporin around them to try and avoid them sticking to the drip pad, cause I'm really scared I'll pull them out! Not looking forward to today or tomorrow as I've heard they're the worst...


I haven't had any throat discomfort but my teeth feel a little sore. Here is a picture from day 2 morning and my bruises

Day 3/Day 2

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good, no headache and less congested, tried to leave off the drip pad for an hour to let it dry out but I was afraid I'd get a tickle to sneeze so it's back on. My right eye as you can see is more swollen than my left but it's already starting to fade out. Just feeling very sore from sleeping up and my nose feels very tight and stiff. I have mobility in my upper lip but I am afraid to smile because of the stitches. As Dr. G warned, he made it dramatically upturned because it will eventually drop. I wish I could see the shape of the bridge more and I can definitely feel it's swollen. I wish the goop in my nose would drain, I guess I just need more time.


I just checked my email and Dr. G sent me a picture! He said it went really well and that the tip was already swollen so tip definition is slightly hidden and also the more piggish look as expected but my god, I'm so excited! Lol, he even kept my pictures I gave him up during surgery :P

Day 4/Day 3

Last night was the most difficult for me too get comfortable to sleep, feeling some itches under the cast. The bruises around my eye are yellowing and the swelling has moved to the bottom of my cheeks. Still have a very dull headache and pressure in my nose. The tape down the center of the bottom of my nose was already colored in blood since after surgery, don't worry, lol. Been slowly and carefully trying to clean the dried blood around the stitches and putting neosporin on it, I'm going to try and not use a drip pad today so it can dry out. I can feel swampy bubble in both nostrils but only one still leaks goop and one has crusty blood blocking it (trying not to stick anything in there to clean/unblock it) but it's driving me nuts if anyone has any recommendations to clear it?

Day 5/Day 4

I kept the drip pad off most of yesterday but decided to sleep with one because it was still leaking, and when I woke up around 2 to use the restroom I decided to remove it as it was itching/tickling me. It was slightly wet and crusted, a part of it dried to my stitches again so that was annoying, wetting the gauze with water until it un-stuck. I decided to sleep the rest of the night without it. Since I have to take the antibiotic every 8 hours, I wake up at 6:45 to take my pill, tried to keep sleeping but woke up every hour almost with a really really dry mouth so after 9:45 I called it quits. One thing I thought I'd be able to do more then I have, was sleep! :[

I'd say other than the extreme dry mouth today, I wake up every day feeling more normal, with less pressure but more itches under the cast that are really annoying!

I actually look no different than yesterday as far as swelling and bruising goes, I still look like a chipmunk!

Day 6/Day 5

I decided to go visit my grandma yesterday so I put on a lille bit of makeup, trying to avoid the inner parts of my eye and staying away from the stitches, here's a distant picture. Lol the bloody tape on the columella freaks my grandma out, it was hard not to laugh at her.

I went to bed pretty uncomfortably last night, toward 8 pm I started to have no airways open in my nose from so much dried crap being in there that every time I'd swallow my ears had to pop to relieve and pressure. I tried taking a qtip and peroxide around the ring of my nostril to see if I could create a small airway but still nothing. I then got in the shower and leaned my head down hoping to loosen some of it with the steam, I didn't feel any instant relief but it helped some. This morning I'm happy to report I have my wheeze back (in my nose) and my ears aren't popping. I made it sleeping through the night without waking up too! Now I only have to make it 2.5 more days until the cast & splints are off.

Eyes are still a dull yellow & fading, along with the tip of my nose and around the cast near the bridge. Slowly the swelling is dissipating from my cheeks as well.

Day 7/Day 6

I didn't take any Tylenol yesterday as the headache was gone and the pressure/soreness in my face has dissipated. I also ate a more solid meal yesterday (not crunchy).

An annoyance for me has been the super dry mouth, making it hard to sleep along with the dry crusty nostrils.

The bruising is now faint and the swelling in my eyes is nearly all gone, and still slightly in my cheeks/jowls.

I'm looking forward to getting my cast off and splints taken out tomorrow! Mostly getting all the dried crusties cleaned out. Even though it's not supposed to hurt, I'm nervous! A few areas of concern that I have are the way the nostrils are healing (stitches & shape), a raised area on the left of the bridge. First, the nostrils appear to have taken different shapes, and I hope they'll even out when they clean out the dried blood and remove the splints as they sit in different spots in each side. I emailed Dr. G about this concern a few days ago and he said everything looked okay and not to worry. The other issue I've only started to notice yesterday as the swelling has gone down, on the left of the bridge, I feel a raised narrow line that feels like it could possibly be the splint but it seems creepy that it'd be that high up, and it feels like a bruise to the touch. Other than that, even though I saw his picture from surgery I hope I like what I see and everything has been healing well! I hope I don't start crying on Dr. G either :P

Cast comes off later!

I didn't take any Tylenol yesterday but I probably should have when I was trying to sleep, I started to feel some pressure and hotness in my face. I woke up feeling okay today though. I'm considering taking some on my way to get the cast off.

I probably shouldn't have watched that new show, Botched yesterday but I did. One lady had 6 rhinoplasty's by 3 didn't surgeons and was having her 7th with the Dr's on the show and she said after her first one when they went to remove the cast her nose collapsed!! I know that's probably not likely but lol... I'm more nervous now!!

I hope I'll be able to breathe after so I won't need to mouth breathe tonight. Also I've been waking myself up at night because I could hear myself snore, I hope that goes away when my nose has been cleaned out and this isn't perminent now!


The cast is off!

I'll update later on the whole process but I just wanted to let you guys know my nose didn't collapse! ;]

I could just squeeze Dr. G

Cast Removal

I forgot to take a pain med just in case but I survived! I'm not going to lie, a tear rolled down my eye! First she lifted the cast off which was no big deal, the air touching my nose felt weird though. Then she cut the string separating the splints and pulled them out one at a time, which didn't hurt but man oh man! ... okay I guess I have to categorize it as painful...separating two long plastic splints from lots of dried blood and nose hairs and buggers...brings a tear to the eye! Lol

Then Dr. G came in and removed the stitches from the alar base which was a tad painful, more like a pinching sensation but it's over pretty quick! THEN THE FUN PART, he then went inside and picked off more dried crusties and ouch!!! I knew those would hurt! After the torture, he did his examination, made sure everything was good and taped me up! :]

I asked him about the bump to the left of the bridge and he said it is bone and should go down as swelling goes down. I'll be keeping an eye on this and as long as I don't see it sticking out, I'll be happy! Also, the nostrils he said will never be even but as he explained it makes sense but should even out more as the stitches heal and swelling decreases.

I hope everything heals well & I'll be seeing him again in a month. He has magic hands and an artists eye!

Getting used to it

Lol on a side note, after the cast came off I went to show my aunt and when we left and I saw my nose in the reflection I made the comment to my mom, "hey, it's still there!" I guess it's like this now...forever! :D

After Cast Removal

Just wanted to past a quick update since the cast came off. Dr.G said to obviously be very gentle in dealing with my nose. I tried to clean it inside a little more last night and this morning but I am going to wait another solid week or so to really go to town! Since I'm not sure exactly where all the stitches are inside, assuming up...I am afraid to really work on getting all the crusties off since I'm not sure if they're attached to stitches or nose hairs at this point. Everyday I'm going to gently swipe around with a wet qtip and every night and periodically I'm supposed to keep it lubricated. Dr.G recommended to either use Vaseline or olive oil. Since I don't have any Vaseline I've used olive oil so far. I know when these rock candies in my nose come out I'll be able to breathe 20x better. Even last night, I could already breathe better through both nostrils and have a faint sense of smell and taste back! I'm going to continue to sleep upright for a few more nights and I'm going to keep my nose taped all day until I go back to work Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you ladies again for all your support! I'll post more pictures later this weekend. Finally with the cast and bloody mess off my face, I feel sanitary enough to show my face in public so I'm heading out!


I've started to use the saline spray on a qtip to clean and little by little it's getting there but I know there is still a lot in there! I've been wearing the tape all day since the cast came off. I've decided today I'm going to try to clean the outside of my nose a little because the tape has been really sticky when I go to change it, makes me nervous to peel it off. This morning I attempted to remove the tape while I was in the shower and I feel like that helped, when I felt it stop easily coming off I would wet under the tape and slowly keep peeling. Haven't figured out how to remove all the gunk off my nose yet but I got some of it off by very gently using hand soap and gently washing it. When I go back to work Tuesday I don't plan on wearing the tape during the day so I really want this crap to come off. Also, since wearing the tape 24 hours a day, when I remove it, the tip of my nose looks funny and pinched because of how the tape has to be wrapped on my nose. Without the tape I feel like an avatar. The bridge feels very swollen still so I have a dull headache between my eyes but I haven't taken any Tylenol. I'll probably take some when I go back to work since all I do is sit behind a screen.

Before & After

A picture before and after surgery. The reduction of the alar base and the uneven shape of the nostrils from underneath. Still tons of swelling which may be affecting them but even looking at the before and now, it is a huge improvement & it doesn't bother me. Time will tell!


Day 12, I woke up with no headache! :] My nose is still very tight and swollen. The internal stitche's are still very tender and sensitive. My nose only really leaks right after I've cleaned it.

Still can't eat baguette bread but I've been able to eat slightly toasted English muffins! All the food I can't eat, I want! Garlic bread, salty french fries, soy sauce on a tasty stir fry, wine... when do you not notice swelling from salt so much? ... still very swollen so I avoid it as much as possible but I admit I've had my share lately since my taste buds came back!

I'll be going back to work tomorrow :[ I hadn't told many people at work so I'm interested to see who has either been told by another employee or who notices. I've been off for a week and 3 days, I know I'll get asked what I did on my vacation...sigh

More pictures

Meant to post more on the last post but accidently updated.

Back to work!

Those whom I told about my surgery only said good things and asked a few questions but everyone else didn't even seem to notice! Of course I was asked about my time off and I just told them I stayed home & took it easy ;]

The day seemed pretty long, I was pretty exhausted half way through my day but I only need to make it 2 more days till the 3 day weekend. Lol. I didn't take any supplies with me except qtips but I might need Tylenol...

My eyes aren't bruised visibly but they feel as though they are, so I'll be icing tonight. At work my alar base was itching today and when I got home I was able to pull out a few stitches from the left side with tweezers that were still stuck. I feel there might be more but I'm going to wait till they make their way up to pull them out. As I was cleaning inside my nose with the qtip and saline, an internal stitch and nice size scab came off too! :D

I can't believe it's almost been 2 weeks!

Someone noticed!

I got spotted today! Lol, my employee said, "you look different, what'd you do? !" ...& I said I don't know what you mean and walked out of their office :P Then he called me later (probably after taking to the receptionist who knew) & tools me it looked really good. He said he only noticed as I turned my head (obviously) & saw it from the side. So, I guess it's just a waiting game until more people start to notice, hopefully not too many people saw my profile before, or remember it! Haha.

Anyways, today has been okay. It's been a long day, I forgot my Tylenol and have been pretty tight and sore behind my eyes. Also I've noticed being at work, I am a lot more stuffy so I may need to bring my saline spray and a moisturizer too.

Yesterday I noticed some uneven swelling, which of course freaks me out because, well who wouldn't be... but it isn't so much today. The waiting game sucks! Also I'm pretty sure whoever used my bathroom yesterday may have knocked my tape off the counter and in to the toilet and flushed it because it has disappeared! I was able to find a roll of the same stuff in white for $2 at a medical supply store so I guess there's no more being discrete about it if I wanted to wear it out on the weekends!

I'm still very happy I went through with this and loving my nose!

Happy 2 weeks

My nose is two weeks old today! :D

Nothing new to report, I'm still tender, still leaking, the tip is still a little tingly to the touch, & still feel sore behind & between my eyes. I notice uneven swelling some days. I'm still taping at night.

I can't tell if my nose has dropped at all? Maybe a little.

16 Days Post

Meant to update yesterday, it is really hard to not be around friends and family and not smile or laugh! I know I shouldn't be as much as I am and I hope it doesn't affect healing! I also try to refrain from yawning but I feel my nostrils flare and I try to hold back. I feel okay sneezing now but I hold my nose on the sides so I can control the motion of sneezing? I dk, I'm just being overly cautious but I don't want to mess anything up!

I have some awful uneven swelling that I see straight on and my left side feels way more stiff and swollen than my right... hoping to see it even out soon, starting today, I need to watch my salt... too much splurging!

I tend to get break outs, especially before my . and I've noticed one forming right on my bridge that I'm trying to control... it's hard not being able to extract it!

Oh, and I got another stitch out yesterday, not sure from where because it wasn't one of the front ones. Though those are itching like crazy lately so I think they're going to fall out next! Oh man, and yesterday when I was cleaning my nose, in both nostrils, I had some crazy sticky, long boogers that I felt like they were attached to my brain...I had to pinch them off because they just never ended and I was afraid to keep pulling!

I'll update again when something changes or at marker points post surgery.

More Pictures

Just a few pictures! I'll take proper ones in a few days.

Happy 3 weeks!

It's already been 3 weeks, wth?! There hasn't been much change over the last week with swelling...I did however email Dr. G yesterday to verify it was healing okay because the left side is way more swollen than the right. The right side looks & feels nearly normal in size and the left side above the tip is less defined and for a few days was really hard and red, along with the alar base being more puffy and red. He said it looks good and that there is probably a stitch still under the skin on that side that will eventually dissolve and the redness and puffiness will settle. I was curious about the possibility of the formation of scar tissue but he said it's all just swelling, which I have noticed it starting to soften. The top of my nose feels more normal to the touch and under the tip still feels slightly tingly. My lip isn't stiff but it's still weird to try and smile, the alar base still feels a little tight and when I laugh my nose feels so weird like it gets stuck for a second and I have to open my mouth to unstick it? ... lol I can't explain it, it just feels weird! Also yesterday I started to get these itchy, sharp burning sensations in my nose that lasted a few seconds but I got them about 5x throughout the day, along with being very leaky! I am still sleeping propped up but I've noticed I'd wake up more horizontal than how I started & I've been more congested when I wake up. I still have one internal stitch I can see and I think there is one in the other nostril in the same spot but I'm not sure, it feels weird when I clean it so I'm assuming there's something there. Other than that, I'm just trying to pull out that booger that is 5 ft. long that I feel is clogging me up! ... I'm just afraid to pull it so I try to pinch it off little by little when I can pull it forward on a qtip.

When did you guys start spraying the saline directly up the nose? I think I'll wait till I see him for the follow up on the 26th.

Busy working!

I have been so busy with my two jobs that I hardly get any time to myself! Anyways, over the past few days my swelling has been on and off...some days I love my nose and some I just hope no one notices how uneven it is! I emailed Dr. G the other day about this horrid smell that's been there over the last two weeks because after I looked it up on realself, I found it could be from a multiple of things and also that it was common. It could be from the graft site, from residual sutures that haven't fallen out or even a sinus infection, so I wanted to clear it up...he said I still have sutures that I don't see which I know is true because I brought have of one up yesterday as I was cleaning, so I'm not going to worry about it now. Also, a few days ago I GOT THAT 5 FT BOOGER OUT! :D lol...and then yesternight I finally opted to stick the saline spray directly up my nose because the qtips weren't helping unclog me...and after spraying both sides I poked around again and another huge booger came out of the right side! ...instant gratification! So far nothing has come out of the left nostril which still feels super sensitive on the upper part of the nostril when cleaning...also so happens to be the more swollen nostril.

Also, I've decided to quit one of my jobs because working 13 hour days is not good for your healing! I remember one night, being unable to clean my nose as I do on a regular week night was the worst! I was super nasaly and could barely breathe and my nose was just a mess when I finally went to clean it.

Dr. G also said to go ahead and blow my nose but I am nervous for some reason...though I've been sneezing like crazy some nights and it's still in tact. I'll update again on Thursday with my 1 month pictures! :D

Gross but I must know...

So I just have to say, spraying the saline up my nose and following with qtips has been the best thing ever! I've gotten so many gooey sticky boogers out but right now I just pulled one out that has been the biggest one yet. It had this giant ball thing in it that was kind of hard and a little gray and of course I had to poke it because I freaked out and thought maybe it was my graft or something important that shouldn't have come out. After I poked it it popped and it was still hard around it so now I'm a little freaked but my nose feels good, like really super clear on the right side which is where I pulled it out...I got a little light headed and faintish after messing with it so I'm lying down. Should I be freaked or does this crazy nasty crap continue to come out almost a month post? & how long? Ugh, gross...I took a picture of it because I don't know why, I feel the need to show someone when I get the big ones out but no one's home to show, lol...I won't post it but if you'd care to advise me on my level of panic, I'll pm you, haha.

1 month!

This has been the fastest 4 weeks of my life! I wish I had a month off to really be able to focus on healing but no, working is a pain! I take many more breaks in the bathroom cleaning my nose, sometimes I sit at my desk with a tissue in my nose because it won't stop leaking... lol oh well. My tip is still hard and tingly underneath when I touch it. I'm still getting scabs off from the inner part of the tip inside and around the top. I still have visible stitches in my left nostril, for some reason it's slower in healing. The right nostril, where the deviated septum was, & the graft was used has been a breeze, healing very well, seeing the internal swelling inside go down has made me happy, I used to think it was forming scar tissue. I haven't been good and avoiding all the foods I shouldn't have so my nose has been pretty swollen... especially around the tip. The other day I had a pretty bad headache and again today but nothing horrible. When I step outside, my eyes are really sensitive to the light and it actually kind of hurts. Right between my eyes still feels swollen and bruised, just no visible bruises... and also on my cheeks around my nose and around my eyes. I still notice the alar base on the left is puffy and slightly red but I feel like it's gradually getting better. The nostrils appear really even some days and then some days not so much but I'm sure this will get better in time. I definitely feel like my nose has dropped but the swelling in the tip makes it hard to see the end result still! I will be seeing Dr. G for my follow up on the 26th and I'll ask him then about the boogers and exercise and all those post op questions!

More pictures!

Trying to make more collages but these apps are driving me crazy! I made a good before and after but it didn't save it. Maybe the next round I'll add it because everytime I go to the app and reopen the browser on the phone it makes me start over adding the pictures on here.

This has nothing to do with rhinoplasty but it's IMPORTANT!

Please, please, plleeaaasseee either stay out of the sun or wear heavy duty protection and hats if you're in the sun for long periods of time! AND AVOID TANNING BOOTHS! & if you have any moles your Dr. doesn't think you should worry about and you are still concerned, then get them removed!!! I just found out a friend of mine has been diagnosed with stage 3/4 melanoma from a mole on her head that her Dr. first told her that it didn't look like anything to worry about! I've been in a year or so ago to get a few checked that I didn't like the look of aesthetically as well as I was concerned by how they're growing and the Dr. told me they don't appear to be anything to worry about...after this I'll be making an appointment as soon as possible to get them removed!

Had my first drink!

I wasn't expecting to have a drink this weekend but as it was my first month marker on Thursday & I went to an event at my boyfriends job on Friday with an open bar, I decided what the heck! I only had one glass of wine s I didn't go crazy! LOL I am still taping at night because like I said, my boyfriend is clumsy and if I'm not taped, he somehow always bops my I can't say that I noticed any extra swelling. With this surgery, you will have "good" and "bad" nose days with the swelling and you can't be worrying/focusing on it too much in the first few months. Honestly though, the next day I'd say I was having a really good nose day. I think I notice it dropping and I am loving the shape it's taking. I love how it's curving down on the bottom of the tip and not just flat anymore. I am noticing that I've been getting a few more headaches than normal but yesterday I just took a short nap and when I woke up it was gone. My nose doesn't feel as tight but when I scrunch it up I'd have to say that my nose does hurt (feels bruised). Two nights ago after spraying the saline, I pulled out another hard/scary blood booger. They feel so gross coming out and I still feel faintish seeing them but I want you guys to know that I think they're normal?


I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. G on Saturday and it went well! Other than waiting 45 min. past my appointment time and having arrived 30 min. early only to sit with him for under 10 min. was kind of annoying but he is very pleased with how it's healing. He said I've done an excellent job cleaning it (as he stuck his qtip way in there and got nothing! lol) and said that the ugly nasty crap that I've gotten out is normal and expected. So don't be scared!! :P After feeling my bridge and tip, he said he still feels sutures in there and I don't doubt it because those are still very sensitive when cleaning. Other than that, he also said my columella has dropped which I've also noticed and I'm very happy about that, and as it's dropped he said the nose, where it used to stick out more (look longer) has pushed back already. He also gave me the okay to start exercising again.

I'll see him again in 4 months.


Just some more comparisons.


You can see from day 10 through the 1 month mark, the columella has softened and is rounding down which also shortens the nose. Didn't realize until making this collage how much it need of my face but it was still 100x better than the before picture! Like I've said before, you'll have good and bad nose days with swelling so don't be discouraged if you're still early in healing!

Playing with makeup

I was trying to do a makeup test run for the concert I'm going to tonight and decided to discuss in a post. Ever since I got the cast off, and I know the initial swelling plays tricks but I feel that my dramatic eye makeup no longer looks good with my new nose. Before I felt comfortable hiding in my mask to distract from my schnoz but now I feel like I look silly and weird. Anyways, I gotta get funky for the concert so here's what I'm playing with, probably keeping the eyes simple cause like I said I feel weird with too much eyeshadow now. Also notice how round and swollen the tip is! Ahh, gotta stay away from salt!

Exercising Post Surgery

I just started back at the gym on Monday so later today will be my third day back at it! I definitely am keeping it light and easy as A) I'm out of shape; I haven't worked out for nearly 6 months with being busy at school last semester, two jobs and the upcoming surgery B) Testing my limits with my new nose. I started out Monday on the elliptical for 15-20 minutes and other than being congested I didn't have any tingling or anything. I also power-walked on the treadmill for another 10-15 minutes. I didn't notice any differences in my nose after. Tuesday I started with some some stationary resistance arm workouts then decided to try some HIIT on the stair machine for 15 minutes...other than being exhausted, I didn't feel anything different with my nose except some congestion. After that I decided to power-walk on an incline on the treadmill for 12 minutes and that's when I felt something. The whole top of my head started to tingle and then it moved down to my nose. This weekend I may try to head outside and go for a walk on a trail with some inclines so we'll see how that goes. Not sure what I'm going to do today at the gym but I'm going to test out machines and keep my workout short, about 35-45 minutes a day. Eventually I have a 12-week exercise program I want to do that I'm scared to start because it includes a lot of jumping up and down, push ups, etc. that I don't think my nose can deal with yet.

Two Months

Yesterday marked two months! I've been doing pretty good, main problem is just being a little dry inside and congested but that's my own fault, not keeping the inside lubricated as often as i should! The giant scary boogers have finally stopped coming out. My right nostril was bloody when cleaning for about a week, last week. I haven't pulled out any more stitches but the right side feels tender inside when cleaning and my tip is still a little sore/tight/tingly. I got a zit on the spot where the stitches for the alar base reduction was on my right that is starting to go away and an irritation on the left that I put ointment on at night. My nostril shapes are appearing more even! Other than that, I feel like my tip is looking really bulbous lately and exercising everyday this week hasn't helped. I can see the swelling has moved up the bridge and feel it between my eyes again. Got a few tingles again from working out yesterday but it was manageable. Will be hiking for sure Monday and possibly Saturday, I'll see how it does with being outside on a tail for a few hours.

Went hiking

This weekend was the boyfriends birthday and all he ever wants to do is take me backpacking with him! I agreed but was very worried for my nose as I'm still early in healing. He decided to take me to San Jacinto in Palm Springs! The heat, the elevation, the hiking...a rhinoplasty's worse nightmare! We first took the tram which took us to just over 8,000 feet. From there we hiked in to our campsite at over 9,200 feet (2.3 miles). My head was definitely aching and in between my eyes, I felt the swelling coming on. I luckily brought some tape and qtips with me but sleeping on rocks and poor head elevation didn't help. Woke up in the morning pretty swollen but my headache was gone. My left nostril which has never bled, bled when I cleaned it in the morning. The next day we hiked to the peak which was another 3.7 miles away, standing on 10,834 feet! After that we hiked back to camp, packed or stuff and hiked out! Anyways I'm tired and my nose is still swollen feeling but it's recuperating. The picture was taken on the peak of San Jacinto at 10,834 feet!

3 Months Post-Op

Three months yesterday; nothing new to report. I'll try to take some pictures today or tomorrow to put up. I am having mixed feelings about my nose right now, I know it's swollen so I'm trying not to dwell on it...the tip looks really big to me, swollen and still hard. The columella is still a tad tingly to the touch, but honestly, looking at my old nose, my new nose is 200x better! I don't regret having this surgery!

3 Months picture

4 Months Post

I was 4 months post on October 9 but I've been so busy with work and school that I've forgotten to post. Also, I've stopped obsessively looking at my nose and just letting it do its thing.

I've been taping occasionally (4-5 times a month) when I notice my nose looks super swollen and it still helps a ton! I haven't been using the saline as much nor have I been lubricating as I should. I still get congested and dry most days so I will start doing those things again. My nose also gets super runny some times, gross. I don't notice the alar scars anymore; usually the areas would get irritated and inflamed (turning pinkish), but it's been many weeks since the last flare up, so I assume the stitches have all dissolved and I won't be experiencing that anymore.

The odor is mostly gone, I will notice it faintly when I clean in a certain spot in my nose but it's not as intense as it used to be. The tip still feels hard and tingly to the touch; some times I'll touch it and it feels so weird, like I'm touching some foreign object on my face (not in the sense of shape or not being used to it), but in the tightness of's hard to describe.

6 Months Post

My 6 month mark was on Thursday, and my nose has changed a lot in the last few weeks! I'll try to take pictures this weekend, but the tip feels way more narrow than it was a month ago. The tip and the columella are still slightly tingly to the touch but it's lessening with time. I feel fully functional at this stage and couldn't be happier to have two nostrils to breathe out of! Hope you ladies are all doing well on your journeys, and happy holidays! :]

5-6 Month Pictures

Sorry for the delay, life has been crazy these days! I look forward to seeing all your girls reviews and updates. Here are some pictures from the past few months. I haven't really taken any dedicated to this review but I tried to use the best I could find.

8 Months Post Op

It's been about 8 months since my surgery and it's only getting better with time! :] Not much to update with...if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I go to see Dr. G tomorrow morning for a follow-up and again on my year mark, which is when he plans to take pictures for his before and after shots.

Follow-Up with Dr. G

I went to see Dr. G on Saturday for a follow-up and he said everything is looking great. The tip is still more bulbous & hard compared to the rest of the the bridge has narrowed out, he said that is normal...and that it could take up to the second to third year for that to soften completely (to see the true results). I still occasionally get irritations under my left nostril where the Alar base incision was and he said that it is just skin flaking (not clear as to why that happens...). I will be seeing him again in July (a month after my year mark) for a final follow-up!

I'm also considering having him inject lip fillers when I go to see him again.

One year & 3 months

It's been a while since posting, and I'm sorry! I've been super caught up in life and many changes happening.

When I saw Dr. G last, it was 3 weeks before I left for a trip to Europe! He ended up giving me my lip fillers as well! I won't go in to too much detail here but I'm posting a picture because I did have bruising for about 2 weeks which made it difficult to "hide". They stayed swollen for a good month and are now looking more natural and settled. I will probably continue to build on them every 5 or 6 months another 1-2 more times until they will last for a longer period between fills! They did look fake for the first 2 months but after they settle, they do look very nice!

Nothing really new to report on my nose. Still loving it and while I've looked at it a few times and thought what I would have asked for differently if I could do it again...I don't regret a thing and am very happy I choose to have the surgery!!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I've found Dr. Grigoryants to be very realistic & honest with what can be accomplished through surgery. He has always come off as sincere & professional & has been able to answer all my questions. I will update my review about my personal results as I see it develop but at this point I think he did an excellent job and I am already able to breathe so much better at 7 days post! He has magic hands and an artist's eye!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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