31, First Time Injecting Lips, 2 Syringes Juvederm Ultra! Glendale, CA

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My top lip needed the most help. My bottom lip has...

My top lip needed the most help. My bottom lip has always been pouty but asymmetrical (less full on my left side). Lip liner only goes so far!
This review will be helpful to other pale skinned ladies out there that have sensitive skin and swell immensely like I do. I know from my other procedures (rhino and chin aug) that my swelling lasts longer than usual. It was comforting to know this PRIOR to booking this appointment, and I let Polla the injector know this as well. She got to work quickly in attempt to beat my lips before they swelled up. She thoroughly checked my asymmetries and corrected those as much as possible first, then plumped up the upper lip. After a few injections, which were virtually painless thanks to the numbing cream, she announced that 1 syringe would not be enough for me. My boyfriend was in the room and he agreed that not much of a difference was visible yet (for the record, boyfriend is an unbiased party who already liked my lips unaltered and just wants me to be happy). Some girls can only take a little, but Polla assessed that I would need more. I agreed to have the second syringe and she polished me off with the rest. I was already getting swollen by the time she snapped her after picture.
It does seem less common to get 2 syringes for a first time lip injection but I decided to trust her judgement. Plus I have done a ton of research reading testimonials in which girls felt like 1 syringe was no longer visible once their swelling dissipated. Apparently she was assessing this possibility.
The swelling began immediately and started on the side that she first injected. Now it is day 2 and the swelling has moved from the side it started on to the other side. Hopefully this means I’m on the way to recovery. My lips have ballooned up huge, but this was expected by me. With red lipstick they look like those plastic mister potato head lips. This should subside soon. Lots of dryness and peeling is happening now too (normal and expected when you swell a lot). I’m one of those freaks that enjoys peeling things, so it’s taken great amount of will power to force myself to leave them alone :) Enjoy the crazy swelling photos!

Day 3 comparison

Still recovering. I'm surprised by the lack of bruising I've had. Top lip is still feeling stiff and swollen, which makes sense due to the fact that it had the most filler.

Day 7 comparison and some weird/cool details

My upper lip is still slowly losing that taught swollen feeling. My bottom lip feels completely heeled, it's an amazing feeling - feels just like my lip before just fuller and even now. The peeling stage is now complete. That went on for about 2 days. It was drastic for me - my lips were shedding their entire skin like a snake and then they were all fresh and new afterwards (haha eww). My lips are always dry to begin with, plus I practically live in a desert climate, therefore this won't happen to everyone. Lip balm didn't prevent this for me, instead it helped them to get the shedding over with.
I'm getting used to the enlarged lip realestate - it makes eating and drinking a bit different. Talking has been no problem, kissing has been great. Bf describes the feeling as "pillowy". On the mental social parameter, it's more fun to flash a big smile now, so I actually find myself smiling more, consequently getting more smiles in return.
Bonus discovery - previously when I would partake in a heated workout my sweat had a tendency to run over my tiny top lip into my mouth, and I was constantly needing to towel off my upper lip. Now it no longer does this at all :)

Day 15 Post

They seem completely settled now. Very pleased!

Another B&A

This is about a month before and 19 days after (both without lipstick)

31 days later and still in love

Still loving them! Your brain plays tricks on you and you get used to the new shape and wonder if they're shrinking. It's been important for me to check my before and afters to note the progress. I'll be keeping track of how they slowly deflate and gauge when it's time for another boost. The length time they last will vary based on how my metabolism deals with the Juvederm. My injector said it could be as short as 2 months but probably longer.
American Lips by Polla

I had this done at American Lips by Polla (look her up on Yelp). She's a very sweet lady with over 20 years experience who thoroughly addressed my lip asymmetries. She does all her own fillers on herself as well because she doesn’t trust anyone else.

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