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I have been battling inferiority complex syndrome...

I have been battling inferiority complex syndrome :) from a long time due to my wide nose but was very nervous to have any surgery on it.I had a functional surgery when I was about 16 yrs of age to treat a medical condition but it was not cosmetic at all.After that I feel my nose has wider and uglier.Not sure if it is because of that or with growing age

From my time I was 19,I started to feel that I am quite smart but my nose is a big minus on my face and is taking away all my charm .Ever since then I was wanting to do some thing about it and do research on it on and off when ever I feel depressed but I was busy and occupied with my schooling and working towards shaping a good career for my self. More over I there is no way I could get so much money to do it too at that time. So I could never materialise my thoughts.

After I started working and started making money I was nervous if the procdure will ruin me and was battling to do it or not .But those were pestering me and I finally decided that if I don't do it now I will repent for the rest of my life so I decided to do it and then started researching a lot for more than a year .

I finally decided to go with Dr.Vladimir Grigoryants from Glendale,CA and things moved very swiftly after that .Usually the wait time is 6-8 months (including the appointment and surgery date with this doctor)but I could do it all in a month.I directly mailed him my pictures ,paid for surgery and booked the surgery date that was left by some other patient without even meeting him once as I was very desperate.

I completed my surgery on 09/10/2014 and it has been 9 days now .I am not rating anything here and getting to a conclusion yet about the surgery but I just want to genuinely say how I feel about it as it goes.So keep following my post if you want to know it turned to be good or bad.

Surgery Experience till date - ie ;11 days Post-operative

A question to people out there who had Rhinoplasty .How many days did it take for you to recognize yourself ? or is there any body out there who could never see themselves again and turn out to be different person forever? It is 11 days post surgery for me and I can't even recognize myself .

Here is my experience as of now and I am sorry to say that it would be very negative at this point :
I will try to post more pictures later as things get better .

Day of surgery:
I have been to the Hospital by 10 am,went over all the paper work ,met the surgery team and got knocked off with anesthesia at close to 1 pm I guess .I got up to see my self in the observation room at about 4 pm and the nurse told you are doing fine and will be discharged shortly .Things are normal as expected with swelling but very mild pain and I told the nurse that I don't need painkillers through IV. I left home and had difficulty and surprisingly slept well on the day of surgery.

Day 1 and 2 :
Had mostly liquid diet and juices .Tried watching a lot of movies on day 1 and day 2 to distract myself from discomfort .Had trouble in sleeping during the nights with the head inclined at 45 degrees and breathing with mouth was difficult too .So I just watched lot TV for distraction and slept only when I could sleep without worrying much about it.

Day 3 : I was just following my tricks to distract my self and keep my self as comfortable as possible which worked fine.On day 4 my cast became very loose and it came off by itself which made me nervous but when I called the doctor's office they said it is normal and nothing to worry about it .

Day 4 and Day 5 :The nights were very dis comfortable and I was feeling like hell on both these days .My distraction tricks did not work any more and I could not cheat the body any more .I was having a lot of discomfort , felt breathlessness , choked inside and slept very little .I was trying to be strong and repeatedly thinking to myself "NO PAIN NO GAIN " :) to push myself .

Day 6 CAST OFF DAY : I have been desperately counting hours from day 5 for this day to come ,so that my cast would be removed and I can breath well .I went to the doctor at around 6 pm in the evening and got the cast removed with all the dressing inside .While removing the dressing Dr.Vladimir Grigoryants strongly said to me that I would have a lot of swelling to make sure my looks won't be a surprise to me .

The dressing was removed and I went and stood in front of the mirror and was shocked to see myself.I totally looked like a different person to myself could not even recognize myself.I looked completely weird and horrible .I was expecting to have a swelling but never thought it will disfigure me completely.Nobody can even recognize me and my close friends who saw me immediately were shocked.I was completely down at that point as I always thought Rhinoplasty should make the OLD ME to look better but not bring out a completely weird person out of me .

Day 7 and Day 8 : I was very down and thought I should never have done and was smart the way I was before and out of mere desire of becoming much smarter I ruined my life.The distance between the seem to more due to the swelling between the eyes/Though I knew that the swelling will play with my emotions and I was expecting all this , I could not help myself and felt depressed.

Day 9 : I am trying hard to console myself and become string but still the depression phase as nobody including me are able to recognize me .When I look myself in to the mirror I feel like a pig.

Day 10 and 11 : The swelling has gone little and I feel little better emotionally than before .I am trying to be optimistic now and hoping it will get better in future .

Barring all these emotions ,a few results seem to be as planned by us .We planned on narrowing down the dorsum of the nose and the alar base and refining the tip .The alar base really got narrow as planned but the dorsum of the nose is the same and the nose instead of being a pyramidal shape it is like a block of log on the face as the alar base is narrowed but the apex of the nose close to the eyes is still wide .

Here is the summary so far :

Goals of Surgery :

-Overall narrowing of the nose .

-Narrow the dorsum of the nose and the alar base and give more definition to the bulbous tip.

-I knew nothing much can be doe with the bulbous tip but just wanted it to have the best definition possible

Outcome as of now ie; on Day 11 after Surgery:

-The alar base is narrowed and results were seen immediately after surgery which is as planned and I am happy with it .

-But the worst part the upper part of the nose ie; the dorsum of the nose did not narrow down and the nose looks ugly like a log on the face .The pyramidal shape of the nose of the nose is lost and it looks ugly.I do understand their is swelling still but I am nervous that I can't even recognize myself even after 11 days of surgery .I need to go to work from tomorrow and feel bad that my colleagues will not recognize me and speak of me as having a failed plastic surgery :(.But I don't care it is my life and only I can make it or break it .

-Hoping for some magic to happen and I just get my old face back soon and people start recognizing me ( most importantly at least me :) ) .Right now I cant even recognize myself .

I am very anxious about the outcome and I don't know how long should I stay depressed like this .I would feel much better if I can at least recognize myself .

Day-13 Seems to getting better :)

Things are getting better now and I can recognize myself now :).Swelling is reduced comparatively and I see some hope now in future .Started going to work and fell in to my daily routine.I am still not blowing my nose, but I am cleaning it with paper towels dipped in Olive oil as suggested . Dr.Vladimir Grigoryants said ,I can blow my nose in a week but I will hang on for 2 more weeks just to pad on extra safety .But I am sleeping normally and my breathing got better today .
Going by the progress I had so far things seem to optimistic but I don't want to assume anything .All I can say is I just got better compared to initial Post -operative days during which I was really depressed .But I still can't say if my nose got any better after surgery . Hope I will write these words some day in my future updates. This seems to great emotional ride to me and I am starting to understand this game .Stay tuned folks the game is still on and I am still waiting to win it :)

1 Month Post -OP : I think it definitely needs more time

I never used to believe the fact that it would take several months to see the final results after Rhinoplasty as I thought surgery is just a wound to the body and it should not take that long for a wound to heal.I was expecting results in a few weeks but boy I was totoally wrong and learnt it with my experience .This swelling after Rhinoplasty is totally different from other swellings which appearon the body as nose seems to be very sensitive .It definitely needs a lot more time to see the final results. My nose seems to be taking up the shape very slowly and I can definitely see the difference.It came to a good shape like I wanted but the swelling is still spoiling the whole thing and I feel i look different but like how I wanted it to be . I am sleeping normally ,breathing perfectly and can feel the slight shrinking pressure on my nose at times after i get up in mornings. I did see the doctor for my 1 month check ,he said I made good progress and their is still a lot swelling that needs to subside .I too felt the same even before I met him .It definitely needs at least 6 months time to get a basic shape of final results. As of now,I definitely feel I made no mistake as I wanted to change the shape of my nose desperately which I did and the good news is nothing worst happened.Yes my only wish and goal was "I don't mind if Rhinoplasty does not make me look better but it should not make me look worse " which I think I definitively achieved .So I am at peace now and if anything has to happen from here on ,it can only be better. I am anxious but not worried anymore and want the time to spin fast for an other 6 months to see myself getting better eventually.All it demands from me is time which I have decided to give it anyway and I am confident it won't break my trust :)....

Close to 5 Months :Happy about my decision

I am 3 days short of 5 months now since i had the surgery .I am am excited about it which made me to come back here and post it .I feel really good these days about the decision to undergo Rhinoplasty with Dr.Grigoryants .Post Operative Rhinoplasty is very tough time to deal with in the beginning for a few months due to variations in your looks .First it makes you depressed with your looks and at times you think it is the worst decision you have made in your life . Though people say and we know that it is all swelling and takes time to heal ,We just cant digest the fact some how. I was very depressed for while in the beginning and tried my best not to think too much about .And now i want to think about it all the time :)

Their is an obvious positive change in my looks now after 5 months .I can see that my nose is taking a more definite shape that fits me and it is going to still get better eventually .Though there is some asymmetry in the shape now it has improved a lot from old nose before surgery .My nose is still tight when i touch it,which means that the healing is not complete yet .This is very slow process as nose is very sensitive part(unlike other parts of the body ) and it takes time for the bones and the cartilage to adapt and get a shape after they are broken and operated in Rhinoplasty .Over all I am very happy about my current shape of the nose and I am sure the final result will be better .Ahh I am excited to get there .

I heard about a lot of bad nose jobs and unhappy patients after Rhinoplasty .I think this is because this is definitely not a surgery that any one can be do and be happy about it.There are limitations in it and your nose should be really suitable for the tweaks that can be done by Rhinoplasty to improve the appearance .So think about it before you go for it .Once you have decided ,Patience and finding a good doctor with realistic expectations would be the key to get the best out of it.

I can't speak for others as I never know what they would have done but as far as Dr.Grigoryants is concerned ,I think he did a good job and reached close to my expectations.Well I know that at least I look better to myself which gives me great satisfaction.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

He is very friendly and down to earth person when you meet him .He seem to realistic, understands your concerns and clearly says what he can and cannot do which I like about him .And obviously he has loads of great reviews about his work and his before and after pictures too look great.But frankly speaking I don't really believe the hype about his work which i see online .I don't believe anything unless I see it and I am still waiting to see my results :) .So i don't want to come to a conclusion yet on him.

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