Disappointed with my Primary Rhinoplasty with Grigoryants

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I was looking to have my nose just slightly...

I was looking to have my nose just slightly refined and my profile brought down to a more femine appearance. I never had a hump or anything obviously "wrong" with my nose, but it did appear a bit large in high definitiom photos. At the time i was modeling and needed more refinement to look better in close up photos.

My experience with Dr. Grigoryants was pretty bizarre. I was flying in from out of town and so had paid for the surgery 2 weeks ahead od time as instructed. He never offered me any digital morphing or anything but i has sent him photos of my nose and what i has wanted done to it. He said via email that what i was looking for would be quite easy for him to do. However, upon arrival to his office in Glendale for my pre-op visit the day before my surgery, he made the comment that he didn't think i needed a rhinoplasty. I had already paid for the surgery and would have only received 60% back (even thoigh it wasn't me wishing to cancel). I told him that was pretty disappointing seeing as i has just flown completely across the country to see him specifically. He then admitted he thought my nose was "small" and that it would be hard for him to get in there. On a side note, i have super model friends with much much smaller noses rhan myself who have undergone rhinoplasties. I have pretty wide nostrils compared ro them, so i still to this day don't know whAt he was talking about. There's even photos on his website of girls with my thinner and "smaller" noses than myself. I became ailent realizing i had just been robbed of 11k and that's when he said "i'll see what i can do".

The surgery itself went fine with the exception of the anerhesiologist openly hitting on me both before and after suegery. This made me quite uncomfortable as i had traveled there all by myself and was handling the entire surgery ordeal on my own. I had several of the nurses tell me that he was the best and i was going to love my nose. They even mentioned that they had seen similar cases to mine before and that i had nothing to worry about (even though i wasn't expressing any doubt or hesitation to them).

I met with Dr. Grigoryants again right before the surgery (i was the very first surgery that day). We went over the game plan again which was to narrow the base of my nose and nostril area and slim up my bridge a bit. He also recommended that i take some cartilage from my head (not ear as is typical) and put it on the upper bridge give my nose a longer and higher look. This sounded great so i agreed.

I woke up from surgery all alone and Dr. grigoryants never once came in to check on me, even though i heard him check on several patients that were seperated by curtains immediately next to me. Instead i had the anesthesiologist come in to tell me that everything went great and he then continued to ask me if i was single. Very bizarre considering the circumstances, i know.

Flash forward to having my cast taken off. The nurse who took it off was very gentle and i appreciated her throughout my experience. She's the one who works the closest with Dr. Grigoryants in the office. She has a very pretty nose and is even show on his website as one of his patients. Dr. Grigoryants came in for approximately 5 minutes and said my nose looked great and that the swelling would continue to go down. Before he tried taking off, i complained that i couldn't breathe at all out of one side of my nose and i thought there was some dried blood clotting up in there. He looked inside (for the first time, mind you) and said he saw what i was talking about and then proceeded to take tweezers and completely yank the clot out of my nose very quickly and roughly. I never has the nose stilts put in my nose, btw.. Which i always assumed happened to everyone. He then turned to the nurse and told her not to teach me to tape my nose, which again is usually normal protocol for nose surgeries. She made kind of a strange face when he said that, so i assume it wasn't a normal thing that happened there.

I flew back home the next day and waited for my nose to start healing. Everything was fine until the swelling eventually did go down. It became very apparent that one side of my nose was much more shaved (on the bridge) than the other and the tip was becoming quite uneven. About a year later, i emailed the doctor about my concern, because the side that was overshaved was also somewhat painful at times. He reassured me that it could take as long as 2 years for all of the swelling to go down. So then again at the 2 year mark i emailed him and told him i was expeeiencing the same issues. Part of the reason i chose Dr. Grigoryants to begin with was because he supposedly did free revision surgeries for his patients. I was expecting him to offer this solution but instead he told me to fly in for a kenalog shot which is supposed to thin the skin and make the nose appear smaller.

I flew in immediately for this shot, eager to finally resolve this issue. During our meeting he told me my nose looked normal and he had no idea why inwas complaining. He them proceeded fo ask me if i had a humo before and i said no (obviously he didn't remember me at all). After that he said oh well it's "so much smaller" now then and more narrow. I stayed silent, as this simply wasny true. I had developed a very distinct bump on one side of the tip of my nose and the bridge was obviously uneven. He said this was all normal and maybe i just needed an additional year of healing (yes 3 years total). I was sent away without the shot that i had just flown all the way in from the other side of the country to get. Obviously very upset about this, i shortly after called into the office and explained my disappointment to the staff. They were very rude to me over rhe phone and said that if the doctor says my nose is normal then it is and i should just "get over it". I emailed the doctor about how his staff treated me and my disappointment with a wasted trip to see him and he told me to come in and that he would do the shot. Well the shot helped slightly but the unevenness was still quite apparent (if not more so now) and the bump became even more distinct. Obviously at this point i realized something wasn't right. I spiraled into depression for the next year, realizing i had ruined my face and made a huge mistake choosing this doctor. I noticed one of the revision rhinoplasty patients he has formerly had listed on his website suddenly disappeared and then i saw that exact same patient's before and after on another doctor's website when i began looking for revision surgeons. I find that very dishonest and wrong, as i'm abaolutely certain it was the same parient because she has a very complicated and unique case.

I'm now post op 3 days with another doctoe in the area and i can't comment on if it was a success at this point or not, but my new doctor did find it highly bizarre how my last surgery went down. He said tissue is typically never taken from the head (only from behind the ear) and that he felt no cartilage at all when he touched my bridge. He thought maybe whatever he did put into my nose might have drifted down and causes the distinct bump on the tip. He also said it sounded like Dr. grigoryants was inexperienced and might have gotten cold feer before my surgery.

I find it funny that Dr Geigoryants knows who my new doctor is because i had mentioned to him that i would be having a revision with him. Dr. Grigoryants said "oh i'm sure Dr -blank- can fix it. He's one of the best". I thought maybe they knew each other or something, but when i mentioned to my new Dr that it was Dr. Grigoryants had done my primary, he didn't seem to know who he was at all.

I've heard from other patients Dr. grigoryants staff has a habbit of harassing people who leave bad reviews for him on real self. Well all i have to say is bring it on. I have endless photos and emails exchanges with Dr. Grigoryants outlining every single thing that i've addresssed here and i would be more than happy to share this info with anyone that might question my sincerity in this review. Notice i didn't even mention who my new doctor is, so as to not make this look like a fake review trying to leas people elsewhere.

I had a playmate friend of mine refer me to Dr. Grigoryants in the first place and she lTer admitted to me that she had done this intentionally to be mean to me because she was mad at me at the time (horrible i know). She later admitted that playboy models are advised specifically not to go to Dr. Grigoryants because he's ruined more than a few noses before and he's not very good at highly detailed work like the one i needed.

I'll post 3 before photos of my nose before any surgery and then 3 of it after. Nose the bump on the tip and the unevenness on the bridge.


Here's some license photos i dug up. The before is before any work at all had been done on my nose. The second set of license photos was approximately 3 yeara post-op primary rhino with Dr. Grigoryants. I feel my nose actually looks bigger/wider in the after photo and although it's hard to tell in the before photos (sorry about the blurriness it's an old photo) i can promise you there was no bump on my tip beforehand. My new surgeon felt the cartiladge Dr. G placed on my bridge to make it longer somehow drifted down into my tip making my entire nose messed up looking. This would also explain why when i pressed this bump, my entire tip area would move to the side. it was incredibly painful to the touch. The last photo i includes is approximately 2 years post primary rhinoplasty with Dr. grigoryants. I posted so you can get a better idea of what the bump looked like on my tip before it was fixed.

I'm not posting my new doctor's name for now because i want my review to be taken seriously and not look as if i'm just posting this to steer you all to another specific Dr. Please don't ask my in PM either because, again, i don't want to appear to be a fake reviewer. I'll be posting a review for that doctor in 2-3 months when i have a bettee idea of the results. So far it looks amazing at 10 days post and the bump is gone. My tip doesn't move which feels amazing and my nose is overall just more proportionate ro my face.

I would also like to point out that i've had other work done on my face since the pre photo was taken, so if my overall face looks better in the after photos it's because i had an eyebrow transplant and my cheek area also worked on. Just pointinf this out so you don't get distracted from the nose/balance of my face. Dr. G worked on my nose before any of these additional procedures, FYI, so that shouldnt influence your judgement of the nose.

I hope this helps!

Please feel free to sens any additional questions. I stand by my review here and i was extremely patient with Dr. Grigoryants waiting a full 3 years (like he advised). At one point i even offered to pay him full price for an entirely new surgery to fix the problem. Not to sound bragadocious, but money is no issue when it comes to my looks. He denied there was any problem to fix. Perhaps he realized he would only continue to worsen the issue. I think he is a very nice man and i appreciated being able to email him directly. He was always very quick to respond. It's my own personal opinion that he would do good nose work on eastern european type women who have naturally very narrow and small nostrils/tips and only need bridge work alone. He seems to do really good rhinoplasties when there's a humo ALONE to be removed, i've noticed. My advice is to go elsewhere if you have a wide tip or nostrils you're looking to fix.

Highlighted the bump

Since some people seemed confused ehat bump i'm referring to. I went ahead and zoomes into the area and circled exactly where the bump projects out. Please compared to the same photo posted without the highlighted purple circle. I'm happy to look for additional photos if it would be helpful. I'm typically pretty busy so i apologize if i'm not super quick to respond here.
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Dr. Grigoryants was always very nice and quick to respond to my emails and questions. I appreciate this, as usually you aren't to reach your doctor directly. I am not happy with my result, however. My review is honest and thorough. I would be happy to answer any additional questions via inbox. I can also share more photos there. I can't comment on Grigoryant's bedside manner because i never even saw him after my surgery. His staff was consistently very rude to me and for no reason other than i came back for a followup. They all speak in Russian and give you the impressiom that they're talking about you (almost nail salon style). Any criticism you make about the doctor or his work will be met with hostility. I would like to add that i am a kind hearted person and i would never dream of misleading anyone with something as serious as plastic surgery. My review is real and honest.

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