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Hi everyone! First I want to say a HUGE thank you...

Hi everyone! First I want to say a HUGE thank you for this site and the ladies that share their experience. I've been discreet on this site, not wanting to put any info out about myself because many people I know personally don't know I'm having this procedure (I wear padded, push up bras lol). I'm also having a rhinoplasty procedure at the same time. It's taken since scheduling my first consultation in Dec. 2014 until NOW to have a surgery date...guessing he's a busy man! So, the anticipation has built for a loooong time. goes...I live in SoCal (Orange County native), I have two grown children, I'm 46 years old (47 next mo), petite, 5'1", 110 lbs, I run, workout (some Pilates and weights) so in pretty good shape (haven't reached my goal but nearly there!). I'm a 32 B...and a small B at that thanks to age and sudden stress-related weight loss a few mo.s ago. I was scheduled to have 415 cc's but after reading so many comments on this site, I had them bump me up to 425's. Under muscle. Under breast incision (crease). I'm told I'll probably be a small D. My surgery date is TOMORROW! (9/23)!!! All the wait is nearly over, yikes! Good luck to all you other brave women out there, too!!! (P.S. 'Before' pics later today)

Surgery Today & Happy First Day of Fall! ????

Leaving for hospital in an hour (it's 3:30 and can't sleep!). So, thought I'd post my 'Befores'


Morning of surgery, light padding in bra (wish I had taken it out!)


After - Evening of surgery

9/24/15 - Day 2

After - Day after surgery

9/23/15 - After surgery

The first day actually wasn't that bad. I felt sore, the pain was manageable and there was an obvious pressure on my chest that along with the soreness, made me reluctant to take deep breaths but I was told I should - help get oxygen to those muscles for healing! Meds allow 1-2 Vicodin every 4-6 hours. I found one every four hours was fine for my pain. Took two though to help me sleep through the night but I never actually slept. I was comfortable, just sore but it was the excessive dry mouth from my rhinoplasty (mouth breathing!) that kept me awake. So, if I hadn't had the rhino at the same time, I probably would have slept pretty well.

9/24/15 - Day 2

I didn't really 'sleep', just dozed but again, I think that was the rhinoplasty. Went for my follow up today and was taught how to massage them to help them drop. This is the only part I'm struggling with. My dr. showed me the pressure to apply. When I asked how long do hold the massage position - he said 'til it hurts'. Great ???? Other than that, pain is still manageable with the minimal dosage of meds ( for me anyhow).


Since I've kept my procedure quiet amongst friends and family, I didn't expect any flowers or I bought
myself some flowers, lol. They were nice to come home to! And a clean, well-stocked house (which I did the day before!)

9/25/15 - Day 3

Still feeling pretty good. Very minimal pain, which I would just say is soreness. Stitches are a non-issue. It was all a lot easier than I thought. The rhinoplasty is more uncomfortable than anything and even still, it's not that bad. Still doing minimal meds every 4 hrs and it's just fine. Half hour after I take my pain med, I do the massage to give it time to kick in. I think for my small frame, the 425's were a good choice for full but natural look.


I've been pretty faithful with my massages but not very aggressive like Dr. G wants me to be. I had my follow up, my splint and dressing taken off my nose. He checked my breasts at that time. Said they looked great. Wanted me to demonstrate how I've been massaging. Needless to say, he saw how reluctant I was because of the pain and showed me how much pressure to apply. I almost punched him, lol! It hurt! He also reassured me I would not need pain meds for the splint and dressing removal. I took one anyway, thank goodness because it hurt. I may be sensitive, I don't know but I've always tolerated pain really well but something about the nose...ouch! I can't imagine if I HADNT taken something for pain before hand. Once it was all off, he pressed down in the bridge of my nose...ow! I still love him though. Crazy Russian ???? although my nose is still
pretty swollen, I can see it taking shape and I'm extremely excited. I can't stop looking at my new profile!!! Breasts feel like they've dropped...I can feel the implant at the bottom of my breast but still have all the puffiness on top. But the shape is very nice so far! Although my only complaint is one scar is very ugly...lumpy and bubbly looking. The other is fine.
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