Australian Getting Rhinoplasty Done by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants! - Glendale, CA

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Hi guys! My name is Crystal and I'm 27 years old...

Hi guys!

My name is Crystal and I'm 27 years old from Australia. I've wanted my nose correct since I was very young, but not only that I find it difficult to breathe. I've looked for years for something to operate on me but never found anyone I felt I could trust. I don't want my face ruined.

After seeing all the reviews and before and afters by Dr. G, I thought I'd book a consult. I have that coming up on the 27/08/16 while I'm in the USA. My surgery is booked for the 27/01/17, which will give me time to prepare and save abit more for it.

I'm already nervous!! I'm not sure what to expect. What if it looks worse than it already is? What if I regret it for the rest of my life?

I'll keep you all updated as it is a while to go! I'll upload some before photos of my nose.

Hrmmmm unsure.

I've been going through alot of reviews on here, and there are a few odd negative ones. I'm not sure what to believe. I don't want a fake looking nose, but I want it more defined and above the nostrils to be smalled and not to have such a bulbous tip. I don't want an upturned tip either.

4 more days until my consult

Looking forward to my consult on the 27th! I've uploaded some new photos of my nose too

Some more photos

Taken today

Had my consult today :)

It went really well! Dr G is really sweet and kind. He doesn't want to shave my nose down because he said it'll look too piggish and unnatural. He wants to make the sides smaller and reduce the tip. He is going to fix my septum aswell because it's deviated so much I can't breathe out the right nostril. I can breathe about 10-15% - so he'll sort that out for me too.

As I'm still loosing weight, we are going to have a look again once I go for my pre-op to see if I want to change anything or if he thinks we need to do anything else.

I'm super excited!!

I'm going to be doing air BnB for my stay, so does anyone have any recommendations?

I also bed to hire a nurse to pick me up and take me to my accomodation. Can someone let me know of any services they have used??

I've also uploaded some photos from today :)

Some photos of my deviated septum

Can't breathe
I took some photos from inside the nostrils. You can see the red part is the deviation in my right nostril and it should be black to show a clear airway. I updated a small video as well where I'm breathing in as much as I can, and you can see the right side doesn't even move. Just shows how blocked my airway is.

Just waiting...

Just over 4 months to go before my surgery. I have no idea what to expect.

How long should I be in California for before flying back home!?

Does anyone know any reliable sites to hire a nurse??

I've added some more photos.

Thanks :)

Love this nose

Not sure if it'll suit me??

Some edits I've done

It was abit hard to edit the front one because the tip is slanted. But I think I'm loving that front view! I want a nose similar to that :D

This one!!

I think I really want the front of my nose to look like this

Getting unwanted private messages!

So someone has been sending me private messages saying not to get surgery with DR G because I'll regret it because they did. I don't think it's is warranted. I already have reservations about getting my nose done by anyone and these kind of messages don't help!! I

Not long to go! :D

Just under 3 months to go. Feeling anxious and excited!! I've uploaded some recent photos.

2 and a half months to go!

Not too long to go. I'm getting excited :D I still have no idea what to expect or how I'm going to look. I'm thinking maybe I want it turned up a little bit but not too much. So many options!

Exactly 2 more months!!

Can't believe it's so soon!!

So I went out last night and found a photo online from my left side. It's my bad angle. My nose droops ALOT! Here is the photo at the top and I edited it at the bottom.

Profile edits

So I'm not sure if I should do a rounded tip or a straight tip. Here are some edits. Thoughts?

One month to go!!!

Can't believe I have exactly one month til my surgery. Time has flown by so quickly. I'm going to the doctors to do my blood tests ????

Can someone help me with a list of what I'll need for recovery?

Also I'll be hiring a nurse through the service they recommend. Do I have to pre book it or can I do it on the day??

I've looked at countless noses and don't know what I want but I did an edit and I think I want something like this. I really
Just want my nose straightened and the bottom area reduced. I don't want my bridge made smaller cause it won't work with my face. Just defined more at the bottom. Thoughts??

I've also noticed my lip seems smaller on one side. How do I fix this???


3 weeks to go!

Here are some photos from NYE. You can see my nose is crooked.

I'm excited it's all happening but worried at the same time. I'm going to look so different!


I'm getting excited now!! I tried to do the finger trick to see if it'd work and I don't mind he outcome. I still edited it abit. I think I like this style.

Surgery is done! :D

So I got to LA yesterday morning. Went to my pre-op at 4pm where I got my meds and a run down of what was happening, also before photos were taken.
I had to be at the hospital at 6am. Was registered and got changed and wheeled into surgery at 7.30am. Everyone was so sweet and caring there. I don't even remember falling asleep. Next thing I know it's about 10.30am when I woke up and they told me it all went really well. I remember asking the nurse if I look pretty now LOL so told me yes of course.
They asked me what my pain level was and I remember saying a 6 so they gave me some meds in my IV and it didn't really do much so I was given an oral tabet as well which helped.
I haven't had any pain medication since that, so it's been about 8 hours. It's just uncomfortable. I'd say it stings like when you bow your nose hard when you have a cold. So I'd give it a 1. I can eat find and my lips move fine as well. I don't feel sick or anything. Bruising is pretty good which I'm pleased with. I honestly thought I would feel and look a lot worse than what I do, but it may be different in the next 2-3 days. I've started my antibiotics as well. I'm going back on the 31st or have my cast removed.
I've taken some photos, sorry about the blood lol - I'm not allowed to clean it!

I'm hoping the tip drops, because I don't wanna look piggy which i told him. I'm excited to see the front more than anything but really nervous to see it all together without the cast on.

Day 2 post surgery

Since I had my surgery first thing in the morning I'm counting today as day 2 haha

Sleeping up right wasn't so bad. I think I woke up bout 4-5 times. When I woke up about 9am this morning my pain was at a 3 when yesterday it was a 1. I took a pain med and have been sleeping on and off this morning.

My dressing got caught on my nostril stitch which hurt!! I don't seem to be bleeding as music as yesterday and my bruising has subsided A bit. My eyes are starting to get puffy though and it feels like I've inhaled too much chlorine and have a hang over.

I'm booked in to have my cast off on the 31st at 6pm. Can't wait!!

I'm just concerned there is too much space between my nose and upper lip. But it'll drop yeh?

I've uploaded some photos from today.


So my left side is more puffy than my right and when I've been sipping liquids I'm hearing a wheezing noise coming from the nostril. Is this normal?

Cleaned up my face

Still have a burning sensation. Can't smile now. Nose is really congested with snot lol. Bleeding has subsided though. I'm getting so bored inside but have no energy or patience to do anything. All I do is sleep it's great lol

Day 4

I just have no energy. Slept most of yesterday. Well I figure the more I sleep, the less I have to deal with recovery haha. I think it was the pain meds they gave me making me feel so drowsy. I stopped them and haven't had one in about 36 hours. I woke up alot better today, but still feel abit week.

Bruising has gone onto my eyelids. My drip pad dried to my nostril stitch and oh my god that was painful to try and remove. I also did my first sneeze this morning and felt like I nearly died lol - the pain was more in the tip than anywhere else.

I'm getting my cast off at 6pm tomorrow. I'm nervous to see the results. I'm going to cry!! What if I look so different? I don't know what to expect. It still hasn't sunk in I've had this done because I can't see it.

I can't wait to have a shower!!! I feel so dirty and my fake tan is screaming to be washed off haha

I uploaded some photos from this morning as well.

Cast removal

So I'm not happy and feel ugly and disformed. It's probably just all in my head. I got home and cried at my face. I look like a different person.

I know I know I knowwww I shouldn't take it as it is right now because it's so swollen, but it's all I can see! I'm really hoping the tip drops, because it's way to high for me and the front of my face just doesn't suit me as is. I feel like the gap between my lip and nose is way too big now.. which is probably due from swelling?

When I tape it I feel so much better because it looks smaller and hides the nose.


More front photos

The more I look at these the more upset I am. I don't think it's going to be nice at all. I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life.

Update :)

Hi everyone, I want to thank you so much for your support. I'm in a love hate relationship with this nose. I love the profile but the side not so much yet. I can now start to see the potential :)

I did some make up yesterday, so here's what my nose looks like ATM.


My nose
So I looked up my nostril and the left side which was deviated has this massive lump attached to the side of my sternum and that's not visable in the right nostril. I can see all the way up in the right side but not the left. What could this be?? I thought it was build up yesterday so I used my hydrogen peroxide to clean it off and it left and open wound instead. So I'm thinking it was scabbing.

Also it smells like something crawled up into my nose and died. The smell is disgusting. Is that normal?? Lol

I put a video but not sure if you can see it.

I'm also concerned it's not even straight. Like it doesn't look any different to what it did before surgery.

This is how I woke up this morning too

A comparison

It doesn't look at different!! Top one was taken in August and the bottom photo is today! :(

Swelling and scabs

I haven't had a good day yet. Still feel ugly. I've noticed my nose starting to look like it's on an angle. I'm hoping it's uneven swelling.

Also are the hard parts the swollen parts??

I take it my tip hasn't dropped either?

How long does this avatar stage last?

I'm struggling to breathe as well because of all the scabs in my nose. How do I deal with this because I take it we can't pick them off lol

Saw Dr Grigoryants today.

Had my final check up with him this evening before I head home. First thing he said was "my god you're so swollen!" Haha

He said I have thick skin so it's going to take longer for me to recover.

He showed me how thin it'll get by pressing down on my nose and said it's going to look for bony when it's healed.

He told me to leave the scabs and let them fall out.

He wants to see me again in 18 months and to email him every 5-6 months. So looks like another holiday is in order.

I've uploaded a photo of my nose today compared to what it used to look like.

2 weeks

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I had my surgery.

I've started blowing my nose which is good but I'm still very congested. The scabs are really annoying me.

All my brusing is gone but my god I'm so swollen!! I still feel ugly.

The tip has dropped so much!! I don't know if it's dropped like that because it's so swollen and it'll go small again or if that's it.

I've just uploaded some photos.

3 weeks post op

I'm starting to pull out a lot of Mucus plugs. It's disgusting lol - I'm still very very congested. Also struggling with the front and the tip is so huge. I'll update again in a week.

4 weeks

Not much has changed. My nose is still pretty swollen. I'm getting used to it I guess :)

6 weeks.

My goodness time flies!!

The swelling in the upper part of my nose has gone down heaps I think. I've found bromelain supplements here, so I've been taking them twice a day. I think they've helped a lot.

I don't tape my nose anymore and I don't sleep elevated (I never really did haha)

The tip still feels like pins and needles. My breathing is a lot better. The side that was deviated is still hard to breathe out of. Is it because of swelling?? I don't know. I hope DR G actually fixed my deviated septum.

I'm not that congested anymore. I still use saline to clean and gently blow my nose. A few hard black Mucas balls have shot out of my nose. They're like a little pebble.

I'll do another update at 8 weeks :)

Lump on nostril

So there is a lump forming on the inside of my left nostril. It's only been in the last week. Any ideas??

Profile photos as requested :)

This is straight after the gym, but here are my profile shot so. Tip is huge still.


So much happier with how I look on the side :) I look very girly now!

Painful bridge

Over the last week I've noticed the right side starting to have a hard lump down the side of the bridge half way down my nose.
It's throbbing and constantly aching. It feels like bone.
I've tried pushing it in but it doesn't move.
The left side is completely straight and smooth.
I'd say it feels like the size of a pea.
This isn't swelling. Any ideas?

Photos of the bump

Sorry they're not attractive lol but I was able to get the bump to show in the photos tonight. It's on the right hand side. Thoughts? It's still sore.

I've emailed Dr G, so waiting on a response from him.

Update :)

Hi guys it's been awhile since I've updated. I still have the bump on the side and sometimes it hurts. It's still early days so i'm not too stressed about it. Loving my profile and can't wait til more of the swelling goes down! :)

I've uploaded photos that I've taken within the last week.

Update time

Hey guys thought I'd update :) i'm happy with my nose at the moment. I contour it most days to make it look more defined. Still have the lump and swelling on the tip. Here are some new photos :)

Hey everyone :)

Some of you have requested an update.
Still have the hard bump on the side. I had a minor nose bleed from the side with the bump on it. It's still very swollen. Not much has changed. I have thick skin so it's going to take ages to go down.

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