Asian Rhinoplasty - Glendale, CA

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I've been hunting for a good plastic surgeon to do...

I've been hunting for a good plastic surgeon to do my rhinoplasty on and off for 4 years already! Finally the stars aligned and led me to Dr. G! His work is well documented and AMAZING!!

I have a semi typical Asian nose, wide and fat Lol the only thing nice about it is that my bridge is not as short as others. So I wanted a PS that is well versed in reducing the width of the nose without making it look overdone or having that pinched look, which I see very often living in Orange County.

The past Dr.'s that I've consulted with didn't really stand out to me the way Dr. G did. His portfolio is the best I've seen so far, and trust me I'm borderline obsessed with researching Dr.'s for my rhinoplasty hahah. The only thing that worries me is that there isn't many Asian rhinoplasty before and after pics on his website and they were not that impressive. I asked one of his nurses why that was the case and she told me it's because a lot of his Asian patients don't consent because they don't want anyone to know they've gotten work done. WELL IM HERE TO BREAK THE CYCLE! Lol

My consult with him went very smoothly. He made very valid points on what I need and didn't need. Originally I wanted my bridge to be raised and of course the width of my nose taken in. But Dr. G suggested that my bridge was perfect and didn't need to be touched. He also suggested my tip should be raised, but I've never really had a problem with it and plus I don't want my nostrils to show! So I must discuss this with him on my pre-op appt. But all in all I trust his expertise and booked my surgery date! IM SO EXCITED even though it's a long times away :/

What I'm getting done:
-refining the tip, maybe a lift?
-reducing the nostrils
-osteotomy to reduce the width of the dorsum
-reducing the overall width of my nose
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and informative doctor. Was very patient and answered all of mine and my mom's questions.

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