25 Years Old, Had Rhinoplasty/septoplasty on Sept. 22nd - Glendale, CA

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These reviews were so helpful to me so i wanted to...

These reviews were so helpful to me so i wanted to share my results! I just got a rhinoplasty/septoplasty by Dr. Grigoryants last week and got my cast removed today!! My surgery was on September 22nd and i was the third one that day. I got there at 10:30am and did not get into surgery until 2pm. I was really nervous but have been wanting this since high school and felt so good about Dr. G! I really trusted him and liked every review on here which helped with the anxiety. I had my bump removed, tip was lifted and was also narrowed as it drooped before and was bulbous. My right side (my bad side) was where he fixed my deviated septum.

On Thursday I woke up from surgery and told the nurse my pain was at a 6/10 and pain meds really helped! My surgery was about 2 hours long. I was able to eat a little bit that night and slept alright. I woke up often but used a travel pillow which really helped. The next day (post op day 1) I noticed my body was really sore it felt like I had just worked out and all of my muscles were sore. I looked it up and read it is normal after surgery/anesthesia. It went away after a day or two but i did not expect that (has that happened to anyone btw?). Anyways, after the first two days i felt much better overall. My bruising went down and I was in less pain, was eating normal foods (although i couldn't taste anything) and was walking around the house. I did not bleed much and stopped wearing the gauze post op day 1. Clear/red/orange looking stuff drained slowly throughout the days but I did not wear the gauze. I finally washed my hair on post op day 4 which made me feel a lot better haha. I only took pain meds at night and stopped taking them I think on day 4.

Day 5 (yesterday) I was just dying to get the cast off. I wasn't in pain, just felt so uncomfortable. There were times where I forgot I even had a cast on, but there were other times where I was itchy underneath the cast and just wanted it off. I was sleeping fine the last few days with the cast but would wake up with such a dry mouth (chugged water constantly).

TODAY I finally got the cast off!!! I got there at 9:30am and had to wait about an hour because Dr. G was still in surgery and there were others waiting to get their casts removed. It hurt when he removed the cast/splints but it was so quick and was such a relief. I am so happy with the results already and I know I need to be patient for the swelling to go down. I know if i am happy today, it'll only get better from here! totally worth it for sure! I am happy to answer any questions :)

I posted before pictures, post op pictures and after pictures from today!

2 weeks post op

Here is an update! It's been 2 weeks since my surgery

2 months post op

It's been exactly two months since my surgery. I am very happy with my new nose! I like my profile and how my nose doesn't drop when I smile.
If you look closely my tip is not symmetrical but Dr G told me before my surgery that he couldn't fix that as my nose was asymmetrical to begin with.
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