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I had my pre-op appointment yesterday June 16th...

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday June 16th with Dr. Grigoryants. I did an online consultation so this was the first time I met with Dr. G. I arrived to the office about 45 minutes before my scheduled time. Glad I did because there is paper work that I had to fill out. The waiting room is small has about 10-12 chairs and it is filled. He is a popular surgeon. About 5-10 minutes after I finished the paper work one of the receptionists called me to the back. She went over what I have to do prior and after surgery. She was very kind and informative. Any questions I had she answered. She left the room and about a couple of minutes later Dr. G entered. He was very quick with everything, but in a polite and kind manner. He had me hold up a mirror and discussed what he would do with my nose. Now this is the part where you would put your comments in about what you would like done but he covered all that I wanted done, so I had nothing to add. He then took photos of various angles (aka hideous side profiles) for the before and after pictures. He then went over some of the things the receptionist had gone over and asked if I had any questions. He covered everything I needed to know and I felt comfortable with all of his suggestions so that was it! Honestly with the receptionist and Gr.G it took no longer than 15 minutes. I know some of you may anticipate or need longer time but it was good enough for me. I had read and viewed so many reviews and pictures that I know he is a great surgeon. I had a high level of comfort with Dr. G that was quite reassuring. I paid after the pre-op. My card was declined at first because I guess I had a limit as to how much I can spend in a single transaction. I would call your bank beforehand to prevent having to wait on the line with your bank. That took an extra 20 minutes but it went through. They gave me a prescription to take to my pharmacy and paperwork to get blood work done. The blood work is included in the 9,500 so you don't have to pay for that. If you have insurance then that will cover the medication/antibiotics needed after the surgery. If you do not have insurance I am assuming that is out of pocket. I am scheduled for July 6th at 6 AM. Dr. G said I would be his first surgery of the day. I am really excited now that I met him and still slightly nervous. Let me know if you have any questions. I have read many reviews that have eased my anxiety and I would love for mine to do the same for those reading it and looking to get this procedure done. I will upload pictures within the next few days. :)

1 day post op

I had my surgery yesterday morning. Got to the hospital at 5:40 am (didn't have to be there until 6). The lady that had me sign paperwork was so friendly and sweet. Went to change into my gown at around 7. Talked to the anesthesiologist about 7:30. Went into surgery about 8. Spoke with Dr.G for like literally 1 minute before. He was in a good mood... Have my sister a hug. The anesthesiologist and nurse had a bit of humor. I was surprisingly calm most of the time before. I just remember laying down and speaking to them but not being able to say the last thing I wanted to because I knocked out. I remember lightly waking up to a sweet toned nurse asking me my pain level. I said 4 but it may have been 5. I got plenty of morohine forsure. I got wheeled back to my room (shared room with curtain divider) where my sister was. The nurses changed me and they kept checking my vitals for an hour. I expected to throw up but I just dry heaved a few times and nothing came out. I took my nausea tablets which really helped. I wanted to post yesterday but was too groggy. My pain level here at home has not exceeded a 1 probable because I've been taking the pain meds every 4-5 hours. Side effects aren't bad but I want to try to only take them today then get in Tylenol tomorrow. My nose was blending a lot yesterday. My eyes are swollen. My throat keeps getting dry because I'm not breathing from my nose. I only sleep for 2-3 hour intervals, wake up for 10 min then go back to sleep. I'm pretty tired but I'm going to walk around the house a bit today. I know this could be more thorough but I'm writing it from my phone because I was too lazy to get my laptop. Any question feel free to ask :) posting some before pics and will get some today of the cast and post those later or tomorrow.

2 days post op

Today I felt really good. I'm off the pain medication and just taking extra strength Tylenol as needed. No real pain... More of a congested feeling. I'm able to walk around and make my own food etc. the swelling has gone down significantly around my eyes but my nose itself is swollen. My upper lip swelled last night but it has basically gone down. I have a regular appetite but I am staying away from any hard/ hot foods. Tomorrow I am going to take quick/ cool bath... I want to wash my hair but idk if I can without getting my nose wet. I'm just really bored here at home... Can't wait to be all healed!

4 days post op

Ok so just wanted to pop back in and say everything is going well. I'm not sleeping well... Being elevated and only breathing from my mouth is killing me. I slept for 3 hours last night. Also, I can't taste any food. It's annoying because I know I'm hungry but I can't taste what I'm eating! I'm wondering if anyone else had this issue. It's pretty minor but I'm just counting down the days til I get this cast off and finally see my new nose! I'm post pics tomorrow of side profiles with the cast on. Tuesday is the day I get it off! Still so bored... Catching up on Greys Anatomy and Prison Break on Netflix lol :)

Cast off!!!

I just got home from getting the cast removed from my nose. Removing the splints was not at all painful. It was like a weird feeling... So prior to going in I was telling myself to not judge my nose because it is still swelled and what not... But when the cast is off you can't help it! I automatically thought what did I do? I look so weird. I had this panic feeling like OMG no it looks fake. But then I saw the sides and I thought wow it looks great! I'm certain that I will love my nose once it is all healed. I also think that because I had lived with my big nose for my whole life, this new nose automatically looked weird to me. I'm sending pics to all my friends and family and they're loving it so I can't wait until it heals more. Sorry it's still bloody and leaking occasionally. I get to do a full body shower tonight so I'm excited for that. Still can't taste any food so that sucks. Have to go back in 2 months for post op pics. Dr. G is so sweet, kind, and somewhat funny lol I'm so glad I chose him to do my nose! I could go on forever but I'll just stop there and say that I can't wait to see how it changes over this healing process. Any questions? Let me know. :) Also , ignore all the face blemishes and as you can see from the emojis I chose I am hungry lol

3 weeks post op

It's been 3 weeks and 1 day since I had my surgery. Everything is going well. My nose and upper lip are still stiff... Not as stiff as it was right after I got my cast removed though. I can breath through both nostrils. I do get buil up of boogers still in my left nostril. I apply Vaseline in my nostrils so by the morning time they're soft enough to get out with a q-tip. I stopped taping my nose after a week because the tape left too much sticky residue on my nose and it was hard to take off because my nose was so sensitive. I wake up with my nose swollen basically every morning. Even though I know my nose isn't where it is going to be I'm happy with it. It is way better than what my nose looked like before and so I can't complain. I do saline spray if my nose feel dry inside but that's only like a few times a week. So I'm posting some pictures they were taken on an iPhone with the inside camera so just keep in mind that the quality isn't the greatest. If you have any questions let me know! :) Also, I went out for the first time Sunday so that was two weeks 4 days post op. I wore make-up and it looked pretty normal. I just couldn't be inside anymore!
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