25 Years Old, Rhinoplasty with Dr. G. Glendale, CA

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Tonight is the night before my rhinoplasty surgery...

Tonight is the night before my rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. G and I couldnt help but feel this urge to log my journey on here. This website and all of the reviews have been my guiding light the last year. It's insane to think that 11 months ago I was making an appointment for a consultation, and here I am tonight anxiously awaiting my surgery.

I started hating my nose about 5 years ago because I began to feel like it was actually getting bigger (weird I know). My profile bothers me so much that I can hardly stand for people to look at me sideways and I cover my nose when I laugh/smile because of how bulby it gets. Long story short, I just can't imagine going on like this for the rest of my life. Right now I feel like I look like two different people when I'm facing forward versus from my profile.

I knew I wanted Dr. G within 5 minutes of meeting him in my initial consultation. He walked into the room, handed me a mirror, and immediately started pointing out what he would do to correct my nose. Now I know my nose isn't awful, but it was comforting to hear him point out the flaws I despise! Especially because my friends and family always act shocked that I would ever want a nose job. I'm also not expecting a miracle here...if Dr. G can just soften my profile and lift my tip a little I will be more than happy!

My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 7:30am, so I am hoping to get a little bit of sleep. I will try to log on tomorrow to document day 1.

The pics I have uploaded are before pics. Sigh, here goes nothing...

Post Op Day 1

I'm writing an update while I'm awake because as soon as the bleeding subsides best believe I will be sleeping my life away.

So today was the day! Let's get straight to the point, I saw Dr G for about 3 minutes before my surgery. He came to my bedside, described what he would do (shave hump, bring in nostrils, lift a tiny bit, and shorten the tip), and before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery room.

I woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain. To the point where I regretted ever signing up for this, and felt like dying would be a better option. Why does everyone leave this part out? I was surprised because I've had a handful of surgeries (both cosmetic and medical) and have always considered my pain tolerance to be relatively high. The nurse was super sweet though and kept increasing my pain meds until I was at a 7/10.

I'm still pretty uncomfortable now about 4 hours after my surgery but it's at least tolerable. I have nausea and a lot of bleeding going on. So my gauze is being changed about every 20 minutes...making it really hard to fall asleep :( Dr G told me that I would have more bleeding than normal due to the incisions on my nostrils... so it wasn't a surprise.

I'm hoping it only gets better from here. My nose seems SO small already! I'm trying not to focus on it because I know any improvement is better than none :)

Better pics of surgery day

Post Op Days 2-4

Post op days 2-4 were kind of a rollercoaster. The pain medication I was prescribed gave me nausea and migraines like no other so by day 3 I gave that up and switched over to Tylenol. I only really take it in the morning and at night because I don't have much pain, just discomfort. As everyone said, the most annoying part of this is the mouth breathing. Be prepared for super chapped lips, no sense of taste/smell, and a dry tongue and throat that will wake you up at night.

Overall my mood has really swung all over the place the last few days. Some moments I felt really great and could walk around, hold a conversation, and enjoy being around my family. But other times I was so irritated by the discomfort and my appearance that I just wanted to be alone and hide.

Bruising/swelling has also been a point of frustration for me. I can hardly recognize myself because of it and I hate to look in the mirror. I've been doing all of the recommended remedies and still I look like a green/purple alien with chipmunk cheeks the size of grapefruits. Please go away! :(

Cast Removal Day!

Today was the day I got my cast off! I don't know how some of you wait 6-7 days for this, after 4 I was already so ready to have it off.

I was worried about cast removal day because one of my nostrils had a complete wall of dried blood blocking it and I was unsure what to do about it. Overall I feel like my nose was much messier than other people on here. Even now that I have the cast off I have to wear gauze underneath because of how much leaking there is.

Dr G was so sweet with the cast removal. I had some pain when he was removing whatever was inside due to the amount of dried blood I had, and uncontrollably started to tear up. He kindly handed me a tissue, asked if I was okay, and told me he was almost done. After he finished he said he was really happy with how cute it turned out considering the amount of swelling I have and the fact that I'm still in the avatar stage. I kind of laughed when he said this but I'm glad he was honest.

After taking a few pics for me while I regained my composure he taught me how to tape my nose at night and told me I needed to press in on my bridge bones twice a day because of how wide they were. Apparently they will want to naturally go back out if not "reminded" to stay in place/slim. Has anyone else had to do this? It's pretty painful considering I'm still so sore there...

Post Op Day 5

Felt really good after my shower this morning and decided to try a little makeup out. My skin has the weirdest texture right now from all the swelling stretching it out. It felt like putting makeup on leather.

I obviously still have an immense amount of bruising and swelling (you can still see the stubborn purple) but it feels good to put on light makeup and feel semi-normal again.

Post Op Day 11

Today is the 11th day after my surgery. I was beginning to worry about how swollen my nose was because I have to go back to work on Monday (PO Day 13). But the last few days I have seen a huge improvement! I've been taking 3000mg of bromelain a day and 10 arnica 30x tablets...I think these have made a huge difference in the bruising/swelling. I know I'm still really swollen from the front, but little improvements every day are keeping my spirits high.

Overall I'm really happy with my results so far! :) I can also breathe easily out of my nose now which is a huge plus! The most annoying parts of my recovery are the super super disgusting dry skin all over my face and a stiff upper lip. I can't wait to smile again! I look so funny trying to smile with my mouth closed but I know it's only temporarily. The dry skin makes it really hard to apply makeup evenly but it is such a small price to pay!


The past two days I've been sneezing A LOT! I'm talking like fits of sneezing about 10 times in a row at least 3-4 times a day. It has even woken me up at night. I've never had this issue and I'm worried! Could it affect the outcome of my shape or be something wrong with my nasal function?

3 weeks!

I haven't posted in the last 10 days because to be honest I haven't seen a huge change. I've gotten worse about taking my arnica and bromelain supplements now that I've gone back to work and been busy with Christmas shopping so I think it's halted the swelling progress. I still contour my nose with makeup every day (you can tell in the last update) but I figured it would be helpful to post some pics without makeup so that you can see a more realistic idea of what my healing is like.

I struggle with the front view some days but I try to remind myself it's still early and even with the swelling I love my new nose!

TMI: In other news, I pulled out a large mucus plug today that was clear and really hard (it worked its way down and was easily removable with a qtip). It freaked me out!

6 Weeks Post Op

Sorry guys! I haven't been thinking about updating my review since before all the holiday madness. Things are going really well! I love love love my nose. It defines more and more each week. Although I did get the flu one week and it became extremely swollen (runny nose was not fun)! I pretty much forget that I've had surgery because I feel so comfortable in my new skin. All my friends compliment me on how natural it looks and I couldn't agree more. I don't even mind if all the swelling doesn't go down because I'm already so much more confident than I was prior to having a rhinoplasty.

I stopped taping, sleeping upright, and obsessively spraying saline at about week 4 and nothing has seemed to change. I still use the spray if I feel like my nose needs some cleaning out but other than that all is well :)

Side by side pics (6 weeks)

5 1/2 months Update

Wow it's been a while since I've updated my review. My nose continues to refine little by little each week. I'm soooooo happy with the shape of it! I forget that I've ever had any other nose until I come on here and stare at my horrible before pictures that bring me back to reality. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome as far as that goes :) On another note I'm having an issue with my left nostril. It's raised on the inside to the point where it gets a little difficult to breathe through it and can be quite uncomfortable if not COMPLETELY free of mucus. I've been meaning to call the doctor about it but haven't had the chance. I'm not sure if this is something I'll just have to live with but it's not the worst thing in the world I guess considering I love the shape so much. Other than that I've healed up completely. No more soreness, stiff upper lip, weird dry skin, etc... that all left at about months 3/4.

So far I am very pleased with Dr. G. I know a lot of people seem to have issues with his quick, to-the-point attitude but I actually find it refreshing. He isn't selling you his charm, he's selling professionalism and experience. With that being said, he still tries to have a bit of small talk which I appreciate and never seemed annoyed at any of my (probably annoying) questions. I haven't had my surgery yet but I trust him 100% to do the best he can possibly do.

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