23 Year Old L.A Girl and a Needed Rhinoplasty - Glendale, CA

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Hi everyone. I am so glad to be finally writing my...

hi everyone. I am so glad to be finally writing my own post after reading so many throughout the last year. I first want to say that I truly think everyone who has received rhinoplastic surgery and has posted on here look beautiful! all of you have inspired me to go for it and share my experience as well. so thank you! I have wanted rhinoplastic surgery for at least 10 years now. I am 23 and feel like it is a good time in my life. within the last year, i have seen 4 doctors for consultations and have done the most research as i can to find the right and fitting doctor. I honestly liked every doctor I saw, however, i HAD to make an appointment with dr. grigoryants because of all the great posts on here. At first seeing his work, i was a little apprehensive because i didn't know if he would make me have a big swoop or if it would be too pointy. However, I decided I would see him and make my final commitment. I absolutely love every girls nose he has done on here and it looks very natural and beautiful. sometimes living in L.A can be hard because there are so many great doctors and it is hard to make a final decision on who to really trust for your face.(and I'm sure there are great plastic surgeons everywhere)
so my story is a little bazar, but i feel very lucky… i booked a consultation with dr. G in february and the first availability was May 1st. I was counting down ever since i made that appointment because I was so excited about his opinion and what he would do to enhance my nose :) finally may 1st arrived and i took my dad and my mom with me to see him (my mom came with me to all the other appointments). I felt that my dad would have more questions to ask and help me to make a decision. then after the appointment, which was great by the way, we asked the receptionist when his next availability is and they said october! Although i COULD wait, in my head i was ready to get this done! then the receptionist told us that someone recently cancelled there May 29th appointment. i decided right then and there to grab it! haha. it was a fast decision that i had to make, but i have been reviewing his work for the last year and everyone's posts on here has made it that much easier to go with him. this whole month flew by of course and i have had time to process this and say goodbye to my old nosy! I told dr. G that I actually don't HATE my nose, but he was honest and told me everything that was wrong with it and how and what he will change. but don't worry, it is everything i wanted to change as well! I am very optimistic about my upcoming surgery and i think it will look very beautiful and perfect for my face!

post op day 2

it has been two days since surgery and luckily it is not as painful as I thought. after i woke up from surgery i felt stinging pain on my nose and it felt ice cold. it was a really weird sensation, but i rather have that feeling than pain. I felt pretty good and my face wasn't swollen at all. yesterday, I walked around and sat outside under an umbrella by the pool, which made me feel great that I wasn't sick in bed. However, as the day progressed my eyes started to become worse. around my eyes are all purple/pink and swollen! gahhh i look so funny! I think its really important to stay positive and laugh about the way I'm looking right now! I have to remember that it will all be worth it and the bruising and swelling will go down soon enough. Also, i actually have been able to eat soft foods and i have more of an appetite then i thought i would! hopefully this will make me heal faster and speed up my recovery. this week will probably feel like one of the longest weeks ever! i just need to preoccupy myself with netflix and sleep !!

recovery week!

i know I'm really bad about updating.. this is why I've never had a blog or post anything on twitter lol. but anyway, it has been exactly 1 week since my surgery and recovery went pretty well for me! the second day my face became extremely bruised around my eyes and my face became very swollen the third and fourth day of recovery. by the fourth day i also stopped taking my pain medications. I am fortunate that i had an appetite the whole week and oddly craved french fries and other fried food, which I enjoyed :). I also really enjoyed Tots baby organic baby food that come in little pouches that you suck from. it tasted like a delicious yogurt smoothie! I really recommend buying those! i used the cold pouch on my eyes for the bruising as well which is an added bonus. on tuesday, the fifth day I went out to lunch with a friend and wednesday night I went out to a movie in the evening… i have no shame in showing my bandages!! lol i really didn't feel like being cooped up all day if i was feeling good enough to go out, so why not! i couldn't drive but that wasn't a big deal anyway.

the uncomfortable parts for me..

I also want to add that showering was a bit difficult! i think its very important or helpful at least to shower with a removable shower head. this makes it easier to wash your body without wetting your face. i went as long as i could without shampooing my hair (thankfully i have dry hair) i waited all weekend until it became really oily haha! i was joking and saying that its a good thing i can't smell because i would have probably showered a lot sooner! on tuesday, i put a conditioning mask in my hair and sat with it for another 2 days so i could repair my hair while I'm stuck inside my house. Why not, right!? In addition, sleeping was also a little difficult in terms of comfort. my neck pillow pretty much saved me so i would highly recommend that and I'm so glad i bought one! my back and neck slightly hurt in the morning from trying to sleep upright, but it was manageable! in fact, everything this week was very manageable, some things are uncomfortable and you are definitely outside your comfort zone, however, its doable! and 5-7 days goes by very quickly!! Just get a netflix account and your golden! ;-)

Cast Off!

i really shouldn't update when I'm feeling tired because sometimes I don't make any sense lol. a lot of this is me rambling on here, so i hope that I'm a little helpful.

Cast OFF! yesterday evening i got my cast off with dr. G and my experience was a little scary to say the least. I was waiting around all day to get it off but I really wouldn't say i was too anxious. I was calm all day and tried to preoccupy myself. my mom and i left our house at 3:30 to get to the appointment at 5:30. i live in the san fernando valley and had to get to glendale and traffic was horrible! during the drive i took a pain medication just in case getting the cast off hurt. i don't really think it was the best idea because it made me feel pretty delirious. finally, i was in the office and ready to go. when dr. G took off my splint, he had me lay down to cut the tape around. he then tweezed out my stitches and some bloody boogers as well. sorry tmi haha! after, he told me to sit up to see it and so i did and saw a totally different and (not too good) looking person staring back. I became very overwhelmed at that moment i felt like i was about to faint. every 2 minutes i would be okay and then suddenly lose all the blood in my face! Dr.G thought i had anxiety haha but i told him i often get very light headed and have faint like symptoms at the doctor all the time. in fact i even almost fainted when they placed the iv needle in me before the operation!! so anyway, what i saw was a pinched nose with a huge line running down the bridge to the tip and was not very pleased. however, the doctor said not to worry since that is just the impression the cast left on my nose, and gave an example of a how a sock can leave an imprint on your ankle. he placed the tape on my nose and said after a day that imprint will go away with the tape. my mom on the other hand loved it and she could tell right away that it looks perfect! the doctor was very happy too and didn't know what i was seeing or talking about and he reminded me that he already told me it will look piggish and upturned when i first see it! he actually said that he loves it so much and he would love to put me in his book to show others. I'm not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better or what haha. he's very honest and i trust him so i believe he knows that it will look better once the swelling goes down. i honestly needed so much reassurance and support from my friends and family last night, i didn't know how to feel about it besides discontent. to me, my nose looks like the bridge and my cheeks are all connected like one flat piece!! my tip looks like it should be a lot lower then it is as well. and when i look straight on i see a flat nose and nostrils.. :/ I REALLY didnt think i would feel this way about it too. I was so positive that i wouldn't let myself be upset about it. my mom did make me feel better and say that my whole face is incredibly swollen and she moved her own nose wider to resemble mine and said "see, its looks like this because of how swollen it is" and that it will go down in the next week or two.I have to be extremely patient and not focus on it so much anymore. on a slightly more positive note, i really do love my nose and face when i turn to the side. my nostrils don't appear at an angle anymore and my columella doesn't hang anymore (which was the whole reason why i wanted a nose job in the first place) . so the changes i wanted to happen did change, but my frontal view which i didn't want to change sort of did. is this a win lose situation? lol

still swollen! day 10

today is day 10 or 3 days after cast removal and i can already see a slight change in swelling. it seems like every day the swelling goes down by a little and i can see my results a little bit better. at least my family and friends think it looks really good and they are saying very nice things about my change. I am starting to see what they mean, but i can tell it will take a long time for the swelling to go down and the tip to drop. overall, it is what i wanted and did picture in my head. my doctor took off exactly what i wanted removed and now i have a smaller, cuter looking nose and a great look from the side! i didn't realize when people said its a slow and long process that they actually meant its a long and slow process haha. not to get all philosophical, but its probably because we come from a consumerism society, where the minute you buy something you expect to feel an instant gratification and since my nose was purchased, i want it to look beautiful instantly! lol just a thought..

i'll update more photos now :)

1 month post op!

whew! this month flew by.. luckily! i am so happy that my swelling has gone down so much already and I feel like i never had any work done! I'm getting used to my new nose and am so thankful and happy i went through with this procedure. apart from the swelling, my nose is still a bit hard and in the first few weeks it felt like there was a hard object sitting on my face, but i knew it was temporary. now that feeling is gone. it is still difficult to make the same facial expressions as i did before lol but it was worse only 2 weeks post op. my consultation on saturday for my post-op went really well with dr. G. he said i was healing way fast and that he was surprised to see how much the swelling went down. he hardly recognize me with my new nose lol :) and he was really proud and happy with the results (but not surprised). i saw before pictures that he took and i was so happy that i went through with it and that i chose dr. grigoryants as my doctor. i don't have any regrets whatsoever! i feel so much more confident now and i don't worry about what i look like from the side profile. my full smile isn't quite back yet, but it will soften once my nose is fully healed. sorry for the delayed update!

post 1 month and 2-3 weeks! yayy!!

i am currently traveling abroad after 1 month post op and everything seems to be fine with my nose! I'm not noticing a lot of swelling anymore, but one day a week a notice that it seems a bit swollen, but nothing too drastic. i actually forget to tape my nose at night very often :/ i hope it will be alright. other then that i am enjoying my new nose and very pleased with the results! i couldn't ask for a better surgery or doctor! thanks dr. Grigoryants!!

i uploaded pictures from my cousins wedding.. my first event where i had my hair and makeup done!

10 month post-op! Wow!

I can't believe it has been 10 months since my surgery! I am loving my nose, I feel like it has always been on my face! Feels/ looks so natural and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend dr. Grigoryants go anyone. I am very pleased with my new look and the procedure was quick and painless, the way it should be! And My swelling has gone so much since 3 months post- op and continues every month!

1 year + 3 months

I'm still very happy with my nose and it's been 1 whole year +. I don't even think about it anymore and my insecurity of my nose is gone. I'm happy to have a more feminine, and smaller nose (I think so anyways). I highly recommend going for it if it's something that you want and have complete confidence in your doctor.
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