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I always had an issue with my nose being somewhat...

I always had an issue with my nose being somewhat crooked and having a bump on the bridge. So I chose Dr. Grigoryants after a lot of research. He has mostly excellent reviews, and of course every surgeon has a couple bad reviews too. I am overall pleased so far with results, only at 2 weeks post op.


I didn't post on here during the process, but I'll still post what each day was like! POD1 was not bad at all, I had MINIMAL swelling and bruising, it was actually shocking how much I did not bruise. My eyes didn't really puff up at all at this point. The night of surgery was like I never had surgery lol, I felt pretty good.

POD2 - a little bruising as expected!

Sooo I felt.... OK POD2. I got confused because I started counting the day of surgery as pod1 but it's technically day after. Lol... Anyway, now I know. So POD2 was only a little more bruising, but still not much swelling anywhere. I couldn't really do anything with my mouth other than gently attempt to suck smoothie through a straw and drink fluids. My boyfriends mom traveled with me across the USA from Virginia to California, what a sweetheart! She was the best care taker, and made me "bone broth" for my harder recovery days. This was sooo nutritive dense and I really enjoyed it. I think it truly made me heal faster. Just a recommendation! I didn't have any nausea still at this point, my stomach felt totally normal. I just felt like my nose and mouth were stiff and I was feeling weak and tired. I took my pain meds around the clock, MUST do this guys! Even though it is not horribly painful, it is horribly UNCOMFORTABLE. Such a weird thing to explain.... basically tons of pressure in your face and you get frequent head aches from that. Take your meds that the dr gives you! Also remember that it will not totally deplete your discomfort, so don't take more pain med than they say to take. It could make you throw up which during rhinoplasty recovery is NO fun. I could get out of bed to walk around and use the bathroom, but absolutely felt the weakness come on and had to lay back in bed quickly. I had a rooftop patio to go up on, but I felt no desire on this day. Too tired, too weak, and shouldn't climb stairs. Be safe and protect your nose. I have pics from my mans mom, she went up there. Cali is soo gorgeous .

POD3 - WORST day of recovery!

Agh. This day. Just awful. I woke up, dehydrated but didn't realize it, and got sick in my throw up pan. Then started shaking really badly and wanted to just pass out to avoid the nausea I was experiencing. Honestly thought I was dying (maybe I was? do not let your body get dehydrated during recovery, because the anesthesia is still leaving your body. You must hydrate or you get sick and ultra dehydrated....) . My face definitely started swelling this day, and my bruising was alright, and actually was starting to turn yellow already (going away so quick). Guys, just push through it on this day. Let yourself just throw up if you get totally miserable feeling, but at the FIRST sign of nausea, TAKE the nausea pills they prescribed! It took about 30 minutes to work for me, which felt too long. I also called the nurse, and she was super helpful. I asked her why I was feeling so sick all the sudden on day 3, and she said immediately that it was dehydration due to anesthesia still trying to leave my body, and that I needed to drink fluids right away and keep drinking all day. Have a glass of water or gingerale at all times. Especially at night if you wake up at 3 am like I did MANY times, you WILL need to take a sip or many sips of something before you go back to sleep. Avoid dehydration at all costs- trussttttt me on this one. Use a straw if you need to, but you must not stop hydrating. Attempt a gallon of fluid a day. (Get a milk jug and pour from it into glass and that's easy way to measure your daily intake )

POD4 - more swelling

I was more swollen on this day, my cheeks looks very chipmunk like. I felt a little better than the day before, but still weak and tired at this point. I honestly did not leave the house once. I only got out of bed to pee, or go to the fridge. Finally though, my boyfriends mom convinced me to come up the the rooftop patio for some fresh air. I could only handle it for an hour at most, we were coloring paisley coloring book designs which was fun and helped me forget about my discomfort. Staying in bed for this long is quite boring. Make sure you have a cell phone or tablet to watch movies on or just.... have something to do, my goodness I never realized how boring it is to just lay in bed.


I was soo excited to get this awful cast off my face!! The itchiness started and whatnot and I just felt like the splints were the only reason my nose felt so stiff and painfully uncomfortable. He was so nice at cast removal, told me I looked so beautiful, with my new "cute" nose and that I should go be a model now, LOL. He could say this to every patient, but it still makes you feel so good to hear it. He was very gentle with me when removing the splints and sutures(I think that's what he was pulling out with tweezers. ) He pushed on the bones a bit and was feeling it for some reason, maybe to see how soft the bones are or just make sure it's all staying in place, lol idk what pushing down on the bones is for but it was a bit tender and painful, but not too bad. I was super please this day about the results. All seemed to look how I hoped it would, but you have to expect the post op swelling and depression from that...... soon after. This day was ok though...

POD6 - So swollen

This day was the beginning of my feeling depressed because I couldn't recognize myself and my nose was SO swollen like a piggy nose!!!! It was so bad!! I almost cried, but kept reminding myself it's just swollen, and also had my boyfriend texting me all day saying sweet things to reassure me it will all be fine. He really was a major part of my support system during recovery.


Feeling better day by day. Today was okay.. It's really swollen when I first wake up, and still swollen throughout the day. Hydrate hydrate hydrate!!! Don't forget this. It will help... believe me. I still had a difficult time getting energy because for so long I could only have smoothies, or broth.


It got a little better with swelling this day... I was still uncomfortable because it was obviously swollen still. I found that doing a lot of research on swelling after nose surgery really helped reassure me it would get better. I promise, do this!!!


Did not have any pics because this was an airport day! I was traveling back to VA! :) home sweet home. Cali is amazing, but there's nothin like coming home to the richmond airport to see your boyfriend in a cute suit and bow tie JUST for your coming home ?????? and had a green tea waiting for me from Starbucks. Best boyfriend Award ???? hehe


Love being home and letting my boyfriend and family see my new nose. Swelling was still pretty intense but not too awful. I had accepted at this point that it's okay and it will change. My surgeon has me taping every night which really helps me not swell.


Swelling goes down day by day! :) just remember that, it will make your worries melt away.

More updates

As the days go on, you'll notice there's uneven swelling, which freaks me out because you think it's permanently crooked or something. Just be patient

Doc sent me my before pics

Doc sent Close up before pics!!

Close ups! He said to post these so you can see the detail better

Pics before

After pics update, 2 wks and 3 days post op

My swelling will be worse some days than others which has to do with me eating something salty or drinking a glass of wine. I don't do this often, but sometimes I just can't resist my favorite things! Days when I behave and have no salty foods or wine, my swelling really goes down. Just being patient with the swelling roller coaster :)


Long day so I look very tired but just another few pics!

Clarifying my before nose ..

Hey guys thanks for all your positive feedback! It really makes a huge difference for me. I know some of you commented how you really liked my before nose, even though you also like my new nose. I want to clarify that I actually did like my old nose in certain ways but there were specific flaws that I don't think you can really see in the pics I posted. Idk why I posted the best pics of me of my before nose when I should've posted the ones that I thought were really ugly lol. I want to show why I made my decision. I did not mind my long hanging columella, because it did add some unique feature to my face. I truly just wanted to fix the bend in my septum causing it to be crooked, and also shave down the bump on my nose too. Now my nose is only a little bit wider, and he narrowed my nostrils a bit because he said they flare out when I smile (I agreed ) . Not many huge changes were made, honestly. I don't think he touched the tip maybe just to make it a little less pointy. He truly is an artist and knows what looks best on each persons face to balance out every feature. Here's some before pics that I couldn't stand of my nose :) it was mostly when I would smile .... The tip of my nose would be pulled downward by my facial muscles I guess and make it look even more like a bump on my nose and I hated that. Also, it was too projected outward from my face and also kind of long. No ones perfect I know but for some reason these things realllllyyyy bothered me in photos. I just don't like that sharp and pointy nose look, I like a more subtle cute nose.


This was several days ago, after drinking wine and eating pizza like a bad girl. :/ oops. Amazingly though, after taping at night when I wake up the next morning it's fine. I just try to chug water before bed and in the morning.

3 and a half weeks update .. Nose changes daily it seems!

Hey you guys!

So I've been going through the stages of, "omg is this crooked?! Why does this side look different than the other?! " but then the next day I don't seem to notice any symmetrical differences. I know that there is uneven swelling from time to time. I also know as swelling goes down you start to see the bones better and inevitably it will not be 100% perfect. My entire skull is deviated which is why my nose leans to one side and that can't be fixed by rhinoplasty. Idk if that can be fixed by anything .. But I haven't researched it yet. Anyway, I'm still happy overall. Just going through the picking at every little thing stage . I read something about septums bending back to crooked state after septoplasty, I'm all ears if you have experienced this! Let me know ... Because that idea scared me. Thanks!

Not perfection but wonderfully improved

I knew from the get go that it would be a struggle for any surgeon to improve my situation, as I am an extremely picky person since its in my nature to notice all small details. With that being said, Dr. G took on a huge task with my nose, and greatly improved it. I know perfection is out of reach, but I will say: I love my profile now!! I love that he was able to upturn my nasal tip so that I have a cuter nose and less pointy/droopy. He shortened my columella thank goodness because that thing was hanging so low.... The one thing I knew would be almost impossible to completely fix was front view being crooked. My skull is not symmetrical and so my nose leans with my face to one side. This can't be fixed, so Dr. G had to pull out the artistry and find some way to give the illusion of straightness. He reconstructed the bones to give it a straight appearance, but because my tip still leans to one side as expected(can't fix), he couldn't completely straighten it. However I am shocked at how much he did manage to give me a closer result to being straight. I don't think another surgeon would have done this well, and for that I am so grateful.

No complaints right now !

I notice every day I become more happy with my results and I am finally feeling like it is naturally part of my face. I have almost all feeling back in my nose at this point too. It still hurts when someone taps my nose too hard. Being cautious still. I feel much more pretty now when I take pictures of myself and also when others take pictures of me it is greatly improved. My nose was horrible to me before at certain angles so far I feel much happier. Obviously waiting the 6 months to see final results. :)

Profile view

Forgot to add a profile view of my nose for my update !

Another update !!

Hi guys !

So my life has changed so much in the past few months and it's just been CRAZY so I am sorry I have not updated in forever!! I'm very happy still with my nose and honestly it was so stiff and swollen that I didn't actually realize how much more it would change and start to look natural on me. About 90% of the feeling is back in my nose where I feel like I can actually move it with my fingers and not be afraid to break something lol. I still avoid touching my nose too much though because I'm paranoid. I'm definitely a perfectionist, so, there's always going to be something I wanna nit pick about my face or whatever but my nose is truly a blessing from Dr. G and I can't thank him enough for the way he changed my life and helped me get that extra confidence I needed so much!
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