21 Yr Old Rhinoplasty Coming Soon!! - Glendale, CA

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Hello Realself users! Secretly and not so...

Hello Realself users!
Secretly and not so secretly I've been viewing all your nose jobs to get the best idea of what my nose could look like when I get it done. I have my consultation scheduled for January 27th with Dr Grigoryant and I have to admit I'm very nervous. I'm hoping he's everything I've been looking for and more. I'm worried he won't be able to give me what I want, and I have semi realistic expectations but I'm still nervous they all won't be met since I'm a very picky and perfectionist human being lol I'm trying to have a positive mind set but there's always that possibility of someone telling me, "you looked so much prettier before you got your nose fixed" after the surgery. I would be so devastated if that happens and it still worries me to this day, does anyone else worry about that or know what to do in that situation?

This is what I've wanted since I was in high school and started to care about my appearance. I've always been teased gently by cousins and family members (nothing to the extent of bullying but it still got to me) and it would make me even more shy than I already am. To add to the fire, recently (last year) I went to an audition specifically based on looks hoping it would build my confidence (thinking I'd get picked). And, of course, it threw any confidence I had left away when I- not only never got picked the first time but for the next 6 times I auditioned through out the whole year. It crushed me and changed me for the better, I started dieting and lost a tremendous amount of weight (going the healthy way) and started to feel my confidence coming back slowly but everytime I get close to feeling better I look in the mirror and all I can see is the awful nose that makes me cringe.

My expectations to be fixed for this surgery is:
-bump on the bride of my nose
-my oversized nose
-oversized nostrils
-crookedness (how it leans towards my left)
-very droopy tip
-bulbous tip
-possible deviated septum? (My mom says she can always hear when I'm breathing and my little brother hit me with a football while swimming in the pool and my nose was sore for a whole week when I first start high school)

So basically the whole package lol I am counting on this surgery to change my life for the better (permanently) by taking a 180 on my appearance and giving me the confidence I so desperately need. I want to go back to school (College), start my life and feel happier around my boyfriend, friends and family without always having to obsess on my appearance based on my nose.

Does anybody else see what I see wrong with my nose?

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy thinking about my nose on how it looks now, what it could look like and comparing it to everyone else's. I have some ideas of noses I'd love to have on my face but then I'm scared that the doctor won't supply the nose I'd want. I understand that realistically my nose is different than probably the person next to me and that no nose is perfect but I just want:
-the smallest nose for my face
-beautiful profile view
-beautifully sloped nose
-cute little princess nose
I seriously do not want a totally upturned nose like a snobby person or Ms Piggy nose. I get that after surgery your swollen and that my nose definitely will need an upturning but I just don't want it too upturned if that makes sense?

That's one other thing I'm scared of happening to me and it being that way forever. I want to get this surgery done right the first time around so I never have to think about it again and to move on with life and finally enjoy it. I haven't told anybody from work except for my boyfriend and close family and close friends. My family, close friends and my boyfriend especially thinks I'm crazy for wanting to get it done but support me. I'm just so happy that the people I've told love me for who I am even at my worst before I get to become my best for them. I'm a strong enough person to say I'm beautiful on the inside and I just want my outside beauty to match my inside beauty if that makes sense as well? Lol thank you for reading my review so far, I hope to let all of you know how my consultation goes and what the Dr has to say about my nose! This consutlation cant come any sooner!! Lol, Stay tuned! :)

A couple more days til my Consult.!! :)

Ok so the day of my consultation feels so close, its just around the corner and I'm super nervous. I've heard that Dr G doesn't spend that much time with you during consultations and theirs been minor complaints that he seems to kind of rush you or seem to be in a hurry (but who can blame him, he's a busy man lol). I had a 3 (front and back) papers full of questions to ask him but have minimized it since finding out this info. I figured questions that I already know and were self explanatory were irrelevant to ask him. So I made a 1 page paper that have small questions front and back to ask, its actually more of a summery/organization paper to help me keep everything in order of what to ask and when to ask :)

For sure I'm asking some questions I'm curious about Rhinoplasty, about what my future Rhinoplasty will be and showing him some pictures of what I would wish to have. I understand that he'll probably say that no nose is the same, and that my results will be completely different, and that he can't guarantee that my nose will look anything comparable to the noses I want. However, I just want a perfect nose for my face and if it just happens to look anything like these or close I would be even more extremely happy. I've uploaded some pictures of front view and side views (left and right) of what I wish I could have. I also added a photo of me with one of my favorite nose celebrities Eva Marie to show how my nose looks slightly similar to here's and what I imagine what it hopefully will look like. I'm hoping all these examples of what I wish to have aren't too out of reach with someone like a nose like mine?

**Questions for already Rhinoplasty patients**:
Do any of you have any good questions for me to ask my doctor when I go to my consult.?
Anything you wish you had asked before you had your surgery done and wish you'd known?

I have some good questions but any other questions I might be missing would be extremely helpful :) thank you!

Lastly, I'm worried about financing and how I'm going to be paying for this surgery. I'm 20 years old with no credit at all, have maybe a grand in savings and that's it. I tried getting care credit when I went to my dermatologist for my upper lip and they denied me saying that, "my age isn't old enough" or something crazy like that. I'm wondering if Dr G is helpful with helping find a finacer to finance me... I'm not sure if my parents are wiling to co-sign or pay for it (which I doubt) so I'm trying to think of a plan B just incase. Any info will be grately appreciated :)

Thank you!

My Consultation

So I just got home from my consultation with Dr Grigoryants and I think it went extremely well. I knew from the start that I would probably have to wait awhile to see him during my consultation and that he would seem to rush through the whole thing so nothing like that was a big surprise for me :)
During the consult. he told me he thought I had a good nose but that it could use refinement and that he would make it less droopy and projected while also taking away the dorsal hump. He didn't seem to notice a deviated septum or that my nose was slightly turned to the left (in my opinion) so that's good news yet bad since insurance won't be covering a partial percentage of the cost. I asked him some general questions including one of them being "Do I have thick skin?" He answer no and said that I have medium-thick skin, and that its pretty average which is great to hear! :D
The staff was very friendly, a little vague on payment plans or what to do before hand, just told me that she had a surgery date open and that she was holding it for someone but will give it to me if that one person ends up cancelling. I didnt even bother showing the doctor inspiration pictures of noses that I liked since I trust him to make my nose beautiful.
Does anyone think that was a bad choice not to show pictures for a reference?
Other than that everything seemed to go good. I only regret not being able to ask the doctor some questions I skipped, (being nervous and all), show him the photos I liked, and letting him know what I desire for me end result. Ex: smallest nose for my face yada yada, just getting the complete feel that we were on the same page. But again, everything was rushed and I already knew that would happen. There's always post surgery when I get to see him again so there's no worries about that :)

Change of events...

Hey Realself friends!
Ok so a change of events has happened... Unfortunately I have been denied credit (having no existing credit to start with) and not enough money saved up to afford this procedure at this time :( it sadens my heart but with only $3000 saved I have awhile to go before continuing with this. I wanted to keep all of you informed with any updates good and bad. Hoping to get a second job to fasten this process so that I may be lucky enough to have it or close to having it done by the end of this year. Lots of yard sales and lots of sacrifices are to come but staying hopeful is key :) any helpful advice or info would be great at this time!
Thank you!

Updated before photos

To those of you who see the reason why I want this surgery so badly I thank you for the great advice, kindness and support given to me from you all! And without all that I don't think I'd be strong enough or courageous enough to handle something as big as this. It's a big step in my life and although this next phase has been delayed temporarily I thank you for still showing you all care and are here to help me in this time of need :)
To those of you who still question my reasoning, age of getting this done and who question my sanity I uploaded pictures that shed a different light on the subject. Yes I am a big enough and strong enough person to admit I'm beautiful. Yes I'm going to say that there is always room for improvement but no- that does not make this procedure I'm hoping to get a "gateway surgery" that will lead to other cosmetic procedures done to myself. I've looked at numerous photos of myself from different positions and have covered my nose to see if it was either my eyes or lips I disliked and the answer was always my nose. I love my eyes, my lips, my face shape, my body, and cheek bones and etc. EXCEPT my nose. So please don't comment things about how it's a blessing in disguise that I'm not able to get this surgery at this time or PM me that I have BDD or that Dr G will ruin my face if I let him fix my nose. I think all you who comment things like this to me do more damage than good and should really re-think what you say. I believe that when you try to send a positive message to me it comes out more negative than you'd think. So please re-think before typing trying to "warn me" because I'm not changing my mind. I'm doing this for me and nobody else. Also thank you to all who say I'm beautiful- what most didn't realize or understand is that I was so insecure with how I looked I posted the best photos of me. So of course I had makeup, good lighting, great positioning etc. Hearing more negative than positive feedback I now have decided to show you the realest me there is. Which is in the lighting I don't let most people see me in. In the photos you will finally see what I see and the so-called "droopy tip" and "hump on my bridge" also the "projection" that bothers me the most.
Hope all enjoy! Thank you to all the believers and non believers for following me. Stay tuned for updates!

Hello again everyone!

So some are probably wondering why I have removed all my photos from my review... Truth be told, a friend on here had removed all hers saying that a close friend had been able to easily find out about her Rhinoplasty through here. I'm not ashamed of anyone finding out about my future procedure really..its about what a boss of a job might think especially since the next I want has to do with beauty and it being "natural". I'd hate the ruin my chances or think it might ruin my chances. So I've decided to repost all my photos but with my eyes blocked out. I've also changed my name on here and changed my profile photo. I recommend anyone else doing this procedure to do the same for their own privacy. As far as my procedure is going I'm about 25% from 100%. Everything is still going strong and my plan is still in motion, I've also gained a credit card and am working on that as well.
Wishing you all good luck with your procedure and sending positive vibes all your way. Thank you so much again for the support and great advice! I'll update all of you in the next month :)

Here are the rest of my photos

New Update!!

Hello everyone sorry for my absence as you can see my nose is still my biggest insecurity... I'm here to let you all know I've obtained a decent credit and am 50% away from having the total amount of money to pay for the procedure on my own without apply for the care credit provider the doctors office has offered :) I plan to save a bit more til I'm at 70% closer and then apply for the care credit and then make my apt. This year is the year I'm going to get to book my surgery. I felt like a lot of obstacles have came my way but it'll all be worth it. I'm sorry again for being gone for so long and not updating all of you sooner I've just been busy working really hard. Hope to update all of you more in the future. Expect to hear back from me in 2 months or sooner! :)

Hopeful Outcomes

I'm finally nearing the end of my wait and I'm getting very anxious. Next month in September I'll be turning 21 and finally will have enough credit history to apply for the medical credit card I need for the surgery. I've also saved on the side which will be very helpful in addition to asking for just a minimum amount I'll need to borrow from the credit card lenders. This is something I've wanted for so long and so badly, I feel as though the results will be very worth it.
Although in all my excitement I cant help but feel this overwhelming sense of wonder... I've seen positive outcomes and photos/reviews from Dr G which makes me very hopeful. However there's always some that don't quite work out which is unfortunate but then it makes me wonder if I'll be that 1 in a million where it doesn't work out and changes me negatively forever. I know to only have happy/hopeful thought during this process but has anyone ever had second thought or became increasingly concerned during the wait of their procedure? It's only normal I suppose and I'm not going to back down from this ,its just that I'm worried my "hopeful outcome" will be nothing like it. I guess it doesn't help that Dr G doesn't have the computerized imagery to help you see what you might be achieving. I remember asking why he didn't have it and he said that he felt that it was a lie and that each result will vary- to basically, not put all your eggs in one basket that this picture on a paper will be your 100% guaranteed results (sorry for run on sentences). And I appreciate the truth in that. Dr G is amazing and I trust no other doctor for this procedure on me but behind everything I still worry. Can anyone give me some advice to help cope with this feeling. Please no negative comments or "I think your beautiful and should leave your nose alone your too young" statements. I appreciate those kind words but I'm still getting it done. I just need some inspiratiring words that may of helped anyone of you to help keep my head clear :) thank you everyone- I look forward to continue following each and everyone of your reviews :)

Upcoming Nose Job ??

Hello everyone, so sorry I've been gone for so long! :( Okay, so here's an update for anyone who's been curious about my future nose plans:
I've established credit, yet it's still fairly new. Also, Ive applied for the 2nd option on Dr. G's site for financing and unfortunately got denied for the loan :( Reasons for that is: "too few trades open". My credit doesn't equal enough for the loan company to trust I'll pay it back and with my credit being still so new, its impossible to get approved at this moment...

Almost everyone I know so far has tried to talk me out of this (what they call "crazy") procedure. Its so difficult to get people who don't understand the struggle to see my side. Has anyone had this big of an issue with others??

So far this has been the toughest and longest thing I've had to ever had to do.
It's taken so much patience to get this far and its going to take a bit longer now. Im hoping this doesn't wear me down too much.. I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it just keeps getting harder to do when everyone doubts your judgements. Hardest part is not knowing if what your doing will work out or not. I know Dr. G works miracles everyday and a huge majority of his patients feel and seem better but this is never any guarantee my results will be perfection. I know for a fact there will always be something I don't like about myself, but I know deep down inside that I don't want to change myself entirely. I can't expect perfection and it will never happen, just hoping what everyone tells me they think will happen (that my nose will be ruined, that I could be botched, that I won't be as pretty as I was before, etc.) -- won't.

**Btw, here's some more before photos up above!
Thanks for everyone's support, I'll update again, sooner hopefully than later! :) Also, sorry for all the run-on sentences and incorrect grammer if you've noticed any, was sort in a hurry when writing this out.

Date Scheduled for May 10th!!

I'm finally taking the plunge everyone!!

I've called today to set my surgery date. Originally I had my surgery date for Feburary 14th but other arrangements were made that day so I had to reschedule. Unfortunately nothing was open until April. And I had a double un-lucky whammy with the only 3 open dates of that month being booked with my schedule. So as you can see, I had to move to the next month and I am now having that date being held for me on May 10th :)

I can't wait to share my experience and review with all of you. Wish me luck! Xoxo

Happy New Year!!! + More before pics

Okay so here's a bit of good luck for the new year.. I got an earlier appointment date!!! I couldn't be happier. I suppose I just called on the right day at the right time because I'm usually not this lucky. Pre-op is scheduled for Feb. 8th, 2017 in Tarzana. Only down side is that the place is farther than Glendale and in the end it'll be a far drive home, but I'm thinking it'll be worth it and still closer than those traveling from farther places than the same state. To all those who travel from across seas, I think you're very brave and I love hearing your stories! May the New year bring good luck, love, joy and happiness to everyone! 2016 has been a rough one but I'm very hopeful for the new year of 2017! Be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Issues w/ loan application

So if anyone cares or is wondering why all of a sudden why I'm not getting my surgery tomorrow, it's because the online loan application sucks. I'm sorry to say. It's probably my fault for not knowing much about applying.
So Dr G gives 3 options to get financial support on his website. I chose the one best suited for me and it took me to a site that led to another site that involved credit cards recommend based off my credit score and yada yada. I applied to a card I felt suited me and got approved! ...However... it was for not nearly enough I needed. I think the most frustrating part was that in the whole process it never asked for how much I wanted for surgery or how long of a loan I was looking to have. I sadly had to call Dr G's office to cancel/change my appointment date to another. The office staff was extremely kind and understanding. They explained to me that the load process with the credit cards will be different for everyone. It depends on your score and history and etc.
Just a bit irritated. But someone I know informed me that maybe a personal loan would better suite me for the amount I need and to get approved.
Just to also let everyone know- after I got approved for my credit card on Dr G's recommended site- I called for a possible increase (from the bank offering the card to me) in my amount and was denied :( So I truly did everything I could without killing my score I worked so hard to achieve. It truly is a process for me to get this and it'll be so worth it. Really wish I knew more about it so I could of made better choices to pay.
I know now and hopefully anyone else who doesn't can learn from my mistake and make a better example!

Pre-Op on June 6th!!

FINALLY ladies and gents!!!!
I finally have the cash and credit approval to pay for my dream procedure!!! It's taken almost 2 years now but I've finally done it and all by myself with no help from one single person :) Never have I felt more accomplished in my whole life than I do in this moment! :) Dreams are coming true here. Pre-op will be on June 6th @ 4 pm. Wishing all goes well and that my new nose will suite my face :) I once had this ludicrous idea of a "perfect" nose but I've come to the realization that no nose is perfect and that Dr G will provide a great nose for my own face shape and uniqueness. I trust this Dr most of all and just hope that no bad luck is in my way.
For anyone who has gone through pre op with Dr G: do you recommend bringing inspo pics? Any specific questions I should ask him?
* I'd also like to add that I've requested to have my before and after pics to be on Dr G's website! *
So with that being said, does anyone recommend I do my hair before or wait for the big reveal for after? Should I wear makeup or no makeup for my before or after pics? Which would seem the most different? I know they block out the eyes but it can make a difference in some ways.
Please let me know your comments and advice! I'd love to hear them :)
Big updates soon to come!!

Pre-Op ?

**sorry for the late post**
Just had my Pre-op with Dr. G on June 6th!!! Eeek! Like I'm seriously so stoked and can't wait already! The staff was extremely nice and very professional. They answered every little question in detail for me and informed me to call if I had many more questions lol

Dr. G was very professional and seemed a little rushed but he seriously had a whole day of surgery so I completely understand. He didn't rush me, but basically if you have no more questions/comments or concerns he's ready to see the next patient. So I advise to not get a brain fart like me and know exactly what you want to ask him when he's there. I seriously was so star struck that my life changing Doctor was infront of me that I forget to mention EVERYTHING I hate about my nose... But I called his office the next day (being paranoid and all... #perfectionist) and they kindly told me I'd have 5-10 mins to talk with Dr G the day of surgery before he works on me. Feeling a tad bit stressed I didn't already get to have this little chat with him but praying all good luck comes my way. And if anything, I could always email him but I could just wait til surgery day.

I came with makeup on for my pre op but if I could do it all over again I'd come with no makeup on. He wiped my nose with a wet makeup remover towelette when he examined my nose. If I knew in advance, I'd just of came with no makeup on to make his life easier and my pictures better lol

He mentioned my nose had an slight S-shaped to it, that I had a slight "ball" bulbous tip, that he'd fix my droop, refund my tip and fix my hump for sure. I mentioned my nostrils being too big and he said he'd leave them alone until after he's done and decide if I need them to be shortend (which he said he'd do but decided at the end).

I think I covered everything so far. I'll post my items I received/purchased for recovery soon!! Message me if I've left anything out.
Surgery on June 30th. Updates soon to come!
Thanks xx
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