20 Y/o Rhinoplasty for Overprotection Coming in June- Glendale, CA

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So far I've completed my consultation and made the...

So far I've completed my consultation and made the deposit and have had 3 surgery dates yet have rescheduled or cancelled every one due to work. As of right now I have no surgery date in hopes of getting a date in June. I will be out of work the entire month of June due to reconstruction so right now I'm just on the wait list hoping for a June date!!! I call every week, sometimes twice a week hoping to get something, but so far nothing. So if anyone has a date in June and needs to reschedule for any reason please let me know!

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Before photos

June 7th!!

Hey ya'll so I took "ccb1850"s advice and emailed Dr.G seeing if I could somehow find a date in June and right away they emailed me back and then called me to book an appointment for June 7 saying someone had just rescheduled. I had no hope in finding a date in June after calling every week for a couples months but something will pop up so if you are looking for earlier surgery dates, be persistent and you will find something! Also, I am going for my preop appointment the 24th of this month so I will update more after I finally meet the doctor in person!

What do I need for a comfortable and successful recovery?

Hey everyone, surgery is next week and I'm trying to decide what products are really necessary to purchase for after surgery. I know I'll need tape and saline spray but what else did you all use after surgery that really helped and was absolutely necessary? Also where is the best place to buy it all? Thanks!!

Day 2 post op.

Hey everyone, so it's day 2 after surgery. I drove home yesterday from Glendale and I highly recommend staying a day or two in town before driving home (if you're not flying home that is). I've pretty much just been laying in bed relaxing watching tv and icing under my eyes. I look awful right now and apologize for the picture but the swelling isn't too bad so far. I can already tell a noticeable difference in the tip and the length as well. I'm just trying to be patient. I'll update you more as the week goes on and next Tuesday when the cast comes off!

Cast is off!!!!

So my cast came off today and I have to tell you it was not pleasant. Kinda hurt taking the splints out with all the dried blood and what not and my nose is still so sore and feels bruised almost. Also since I have really oily skin, the skin around my nose was sooo rough and gross considering i couldn't wash or exfoliate it for a whole week so be prepared for that. My nose is still kinda numb and stiff and obviously swollen. Doctor G. said the tip is very pointy because of the cast and swelling but the tip will go down and become smaller/shorter and the bridge and the base of my nose (near the columnella) will obviously go down noticeably with swelling week by week. So far I am thrilled with the results besides the fact I look like a pig but with the tape I hardly notice. Such an improvement already!

2 weeks post op

Hey everyone, it's officially been 2 weeks and slowly but surely I'm seeing a difference. It's still hard to breathe through my nose sometimes but it's getting better day by day. The numbness and stiffness is going away up near my bridge but the tip and my upper lip is still very hard and stiff. My smile is still not 100% back to normal. Just staying patient!

1 month post op

Everyday gets better and better. I went back to the gym this week and I think I went too hard too quick because my nose was definitely more swollen afterwards. I also wore my glasses driving home on the 4th and it left me with some really awkward swelling but that went away the next morning. I also noticed if I don't tape at night, the swelling is more pronounced. Getting better every day but definitely gonna be waiting for the final results for a long time. I've also noticed that although the swelling in the bridge is getting better, the tip is obviously still more swollen so now my nose looks sort of uneven compared to where I was at 2 weeks. But still better than before

2 weeks vs a month comparison

Front view 1.5 months post

Sorry everyone who asked for a front view update. Here it is finally

3 month update!

I can't believe it's already been three months but it has been the easiest recovery. I've read a lot of reviews where people say they go through emotional ups and downs where they're unsure if they made the right drivin but to be honest, ever since the cast came off I've been over the moon with my results. The swelling definitely fluctuates and I notice it especially in the morning when I wake up but it's come along so far. My nose is still a little stiff and sensitive( it definitely hurts if you touch it too hard or accidentally hit it) and the tip is still very hard but nothing too extreme. Dr. G is a miracle worker!!

1 year update!

Hi everyone I can't believe it has already been a year! June 7th marked a year exactly since my surgery and I'm going in this Tuesday (July 25) for my one year check up with Dr.G.
I've definitely seen lots of changes over the last year. I feel like a lot of the bridge swelling as gone down and the tip is on its way. Dr. G did say the tip would be the last to heal completely and could take 3 years total to see final results. So as the bridge swelling goes down I feel like it makes the tip look a little larger and my nose a little longer than it did at like 2 weeks but that's expected as I'm still hoping the tip is still healing. But if it doesn't go down any further I'm still happy either way with the results and so glad I went through with the surgery!!
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