60th Birthday Present in Arizona. Bad idea.

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I have a noticeable double chin that's getting...

I have a noticeable double chin that's getting worse with age. I consulted a plastic surgeon who recommended a neck/face lift over Kybella because it would be a more complete solution for sagging skin, jawline, etc. But the price, anaesthesia & hospitalization scared me so I decided to try Kybella. I had my 1st treatment yesterday.

I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and was asked if I'd be a "model" for an Allergan Kybella training session! I received this 1st treatment at no cost, but paid up front for my 2nd treatment, since I'll need at least 2. It turned out to be a fascinating experience!

A group of potential Kybella providers - physicians, aestheticians, health care professionals - gathered for their required training at my doctor's office. Her assistant took lots of "before" pics. The Allergan trainer requested even more, in specific positions. As the group listened to the trainer speak and did practice diagrams on each other I was being numbed up in a nearby room. It was a topical numbing solution, spread liberally over my throat and neck. After about 1/2 hour, the area was surprisingly numb.

I was brought into a large treatment room, and onto a comfortable examination bed. The visiting doctors filed in and gathered around me. 1st, the trainer asked them all to touch and examine the fat under my chin carefully. One by one they did this, some asking me to grimace to see my muscle lines or to move my head up and down to see how the chin fat moved and felt. Next, the trainer had them take turns drawing various anatomical points in eraseable pencil on my neck, jaw and throat area, which they'd need to be aware of when administering Kybella. It was very interesting - I was like a human chalk board! The trainer would "erase" me between students or add markings to clarify anatomical points.

Next the trainer placed the Kybella "patch" under my chin, which I'd seen in so many videos myself. When she removed it, although I couldn't see it, I know that it left a grid of dots where the Kybella would be injected. The trainer discussed with the doctors which dots on the periphery of the grid should be included for injections. The no. of dots/injections for me was 18.

The trainer then explained the correct dosages of Kybella, which was quite technical. I was getting a little nervous at this point, so I didn't follow the explanation carefully. The trainer was very kind and professional, and explained to me before she injected precisely what I was going to feel and when I would feel it. This helped a lot. She also told the class that once she started injecting me it would be uninterrupted. You can't stop in the middle I remember her saying. And she did just that. She was concentrated and purposeful and went straight thru the injection points, stopping briefly once or twice to refill the needle. It was over in less than 10 minutes.

I'd read a lot in this forum about what to expect, but my experience has been different. The injections for most people didn't hurt that much but afterwards they complain about a lot of pain. For me, it was just the opposite: the injections were surprisingly painful and I've had very little pain afterwards.

The injections were about 8.5 on a scale of 10 for pain. It's a new sensation to have a needle stuck into your neck and for me it hurt like hell. My dr. applied an ice pack immediately and that brought the pain level right down. But it took about 5 minutes. It still ached after the ice. The observing doctors were all very supportive: "Just think of how great the results will be!" they reminded me! I was fine driving home and there was no swelling as far as I could see.

Based on what I'd read here, I requested a chin strap, which I brought home with me. As soon as I put it on to go to sleep there was no more pain. It really helps! I woke up swollen, but feeling fine. Today, in my 1st 24 hrs., I've felt very little pain - the area feels kind of bruised, but that's all. I notice it's a llittle difficult to swallow sometimes, but that's the only symptom.

As everyone's mentioned here, the swelling is pronounced. My dr. said to expect 1 1/2 times your original chin. Seems about right. But it doesn't look that strange. There are plenty of people who have
chins this big all the time. I was told to take it easy for the 1st 24 hours, which I've done. I haven't needed any ibuprofen or ice - the only symptoms are difficulty swallowing and feeling bruised.

Pic 1 below is before treatment, pic 2 is 24 hrs. later with the expected swelling. This is what's supposed to happen - the swelling means the Kybella is doing its thing - so far so good!

60th Birthday Present! Glendale, AZ

Day 2: still not much pain, but very swollen, and bruises are really showing. In about 4 of the Kybella injection sites, big round bruises have formed. This is what makes it embarassing to go outside. Looks like a vampire got to my neck, or else some really strange hickies. There's discomfort and tightness swallowing. I hope this is worth it!

60th Birthday Present! Glendale, AZ

Day 3: Well, there's not much change from Day 2 to Day 3 - the pics look about the same - so I'll spare you and not post them. I've still got the bullfrog chin, the bruises at 4 of the Kybella injection sites are pronounced and angry looking and I'm having some discomfort esp. tightness swallowing.

I have to comment that this recovery is a little trying psychologically. You hope for your body to heal but that's not actually what it's doing: your chin fat is melting away which isn't exactly a healing process. Starting to realize I can't just stay inside until I feel better because it's going to be a long process.

60th Birthday Present! Glendale, AZ

Day 4: the swelling is starting to go down but there's still prominent bruising right about where my Adam's apple would be if I were a guy. It feels like a needle was stuck into my esophagus. Not sure if it's related but my throat is hoarse and scratchy. Looking at the bruise, I am kinda wondering why I was injected so far down on my neck.

Yesterday and last night were so uncomfortable that I wore the chin strap to bed again last nite. This helped. I also got out of the house and worked out for the 1st time post Kybella. Felt better.

Wearing turtlenecks and scarves, which don't totally hide the bruising. Very discouraged about my appearance, afraid to look in the mirror, trying to keep my head held down when I go out. And my throat is still tight and uncomfortable.

Maybe I'm overly sensitive, but the fact that 2 doctors commented on the 25 yr. old's thread here, both offering advice and encouragement was a little depressing. It's as though the medical profession is particularly interested in the use of Kybella on young patients, the rest of us be damned.

Kybella trials were done on patients up to age 65. I figured, at 60, I could still be a viable candidate. My dr. and the Allergan trainer both confirmed that I am. The sense I'm getting in this forum is that any over about 50 should just pull out the rocking chair and get a face lift. The focus appears to be on younger patients. The 2 doctors commenting on the 25 yr. old's case seem to confirm that.

I will keep plugging away at these posts until maybe the 1st wk. is up. But I feel out of place posting here, discouraged about the slow healing process and the emphasis on Kybella as a treatment mainly for young women.

60th Birthday Present! Glendale, AZ

Day 5: Whew! Finally starting to feel normal again. Feels like my swelling has gone down but when I look at my pics I still look pretty bad. Bruising is def. much better. Swallowing getting easier. Today was the 1st day I finally felt that maybe this was the right thing to do!

At last had the courage today to touch under my chin. It feels numb and lumpy, as if it's not a part of me. Absolutely no pain. Tomorrow I go in for my one wk. evaluation. I think I'm doing pretty well!

60th Birthday Present! Glendale, AZ

1 wk: today is exactly one wk. since my Kybella injections and I am finally starting to feel back to normal. Went in for a follow-up today, and although my swelling feels like it's gone down, my dr. says there's still quite a bit of swelling, as the pics she took of me show. The big bruises are almost all faded. I feel much better about the whole experience, optimistic even!

As I'm one of her 1st Kybella patients my dr. wanted to examine my under chin area carefully. I hadn't touched the area myself so I didn't know what to expect. It's a little numb, slightly hard, a bit tender to the touch and not especially lumpy. It hurt a little to be touched.

My dr. reminded me it would take a long time to realize the full effects. She says she's seen strong evidence of skin tightening after Kybella - it can tighten loose skin around and under the chin - which would be great for me, but it could take like 3 mos. to happen.

The Allergan trainer who injected me made it clear that although she knew I'd get good results, that the Kybella would not correct the crepey skin on my lower neck. I asked my dr. today what I can no about that. She recommended a neck cream which is used a lot in conjunction with Kybella.

This past week has been uncomfortable. The injections were very painful for me, although I've had no pain after that. The recovery is far from over. It will take weeks, even months to see the effects. It's daunting to think that I will have to go thru this for a 2nd, possible 3rd set of injections.

I'm a very sensitive person, a worry wart, my dr. calls me. Although the physical repercussions of the Kybella this week weren't actually that bad, I was so apprehensive and fearful that I went off my diet bigtime, basically stopped exercising and starting drinking caffeine and diet colas again which I'd given up. I slid into a very unhealthy lifestyle trying to get thru this week. That kind of makes the Kybella counterproductive for me. But hopefully I can fix that now that I'm feeling better, and get back to healthier habits.

I've appreciated hearing very much from people who encouraged me to keep posting, because they were about to have Kybella and wanted to know what to expect. I think that's a terrific way to prepare yourself - to know fully what the process entails before you do it. This keeps your stress levels down so you don't get as freaked out and fearful as I did.

I also highly recommend a chin strap. They have to be ordered specially and it can take several days, so plan for this if you want one. Ask your dr. what company they order from and have their office order you one ahead of time. You can do it yourself but the dr. gets a better price. They pay $15-$17 whereas if you order one directly it's about $30 or more. I've been using the chin strap at night, that's all, and I think that's why I've had virtually no pain.

Expect the injections to hurt. Ask your injector to describe to you before she injects what she'll be doing and what you will feel. Make sure they have ice ready for you immediately after the injections. You'll be fine driving home but I sure wouldn't want to show up to work for the next few days. I'm on vacation right now, but if I weren't I would wait a week at least.

I think the tradeoff of not going under the knife for Kybella is that the injections hurt and it's a long recovery. You also have to repeat the whole process at least one more time for optimal results, which is expensive.

At this point I can't really evaluate if the results are worth it because my results are a long way off. My feeling is that they will have to be pretty noticeable to justify the discomfort, down time and cost.

60th Birthday Present. Glendale, AZ. Very bad idea.

Over 6 mos. later I can now say that this procedure is horrible & not worth the money and pain. After one Kybella treatment, my underchin area is left with crepey hanging skin which looks worse than the double chin did. Just consulted with a friend of my age who also had it done. She had a similar bad experience, minus the crepey skin. Not pleased at all with the Kybella experience or the results.
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