19 Years Old Rhinoplasty with Dr. G - Los Angeles, CA

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I got my rhinoplasty with Dr.G and I couldn't be...

I got my rhinoplasty with Dr.G and I couldn't be happier with my results.
Dr. G is amazing and I'm so happy that I chose him to be my surgeon, I travelled from Canada to get my surgery done with him. I'd recommend everyone to go to him!
My surgery was pretty much painless, just uncomfortable. I don't have a lot of before pictures but I'll post as many as I can and I'll try to post more later I have to find some. Sorry if my nose still looks gross lol I haven't cleaned it that well

More before and afters

7 days post op - did anyone have a nasally voice?

I'm 7 days post op and I got my cast off today, just wondering if anyone had a nasally voice following rhinoplasty? My voice is really nasally/congested. Is this normal?

More before and after pictures

I love my new profile! I'll upload pictures of the front when It's a bit less swollen :)

More after pictures

Took some pictures of the front view. My nose is still really swollen especially from the front view.. hopefully it goes away soon. Dr G told me to only tape it at night so this is the first that I haven't taped it during the day.. does anyone else only tape at night?

Some before & after photos

I finally found some decent before photos which shows clearly how my nose was before. I can really see a difference when I look at my before and after pictures now and I'm quite happy with my results the only thing is swelling. I have a lot of uneven swelling right now thats bothering me but I'm hoping that it will resolve itself. One nostril is currently a little bigger than the other but I hope that it's just swelling and It'll even out with time

Consultation/Surgery day

I decided I'm going to write a short review explaining the process.

I booked my surgery with Dr. Grigoryants 8 months ahead, I wanted to get my surgery as soon as possible but unfortunately they weren't booking until February when I called, tbh I took that as a good sign. So, I booked my surgery and since I was traveling from Canada, my consultation would be the day before my actual surgery. Anyways, I arrived in LA on the 9th of February and checked into the Glen Capri, which is a motel. The office recommended the Glen Capri on Colorado street, but I stayed in the San fernando one which is on the outskirts of Burbank. I was originally going to stay in the Best Western but the trip was getting pretty pricey for me and the motel was actually pretty clean and not too bad in general, theres a good restaurant beside it too called Corner Bistro so that was convenient.

Pre Op: My pre op was on the 10th at 5pm, when I got there I signed a bunch of papers, and then paid the remaining balance, I only waited about 10 minutes before I saw Dr G. When he came into his office he asked me what I didn't like about my nose, I told him that the bump bothered me and my tip, so he told me he would shave the bump, lift the tip, slim the tip and make the nostrils smaller. He also said I had a deviated septum so he would clear the airways. I brought in some pictures of noses that he did that I liked but besides that I didn't have many questions. My pre op was probably about 15 minutes in total, but I feel like It could've been longer if I actually had questions.

Surgery: I wasn't too nervous on my actual surgery day until I got there. I had to be there for 6am so we got up at 5am, got an uber at 5:20am because I didn't know if the traffic was going to be bad. We arrived a bit early and had to wait a little bit. The lady that was helping me check in was super nice, she was telling me what I should do while I'm here in LA, and how I'm in good hands, she was even telling me Dr. G has done some celebrity noses which was kinda cool lol. From there we went into the room, I put my stuff into a locker and changed into the gown, they came and put an IV in my hand (that was probably the most painful part of this whole process). My nurse was Sandy and she was super nice, and there was also student interns and they asked my permission if one girl could watch. After about 20 minutes I got rolled into a different section of the hospital where I met the anesthesiologist, his name was Dr Gilbert and he was super nice as well, and made it a lot more comfortable going into the surgery because I was really nervous about the anesthesia part and waking up in pain. Dr Grigoryants also came in and went over what he would do with my nose. I got wheeled into the surgery room and I moved onto the bed, they gave me a shot into my IV and then next thing I knew I could barely keep my eyes open and I was out.
I woke up as they were wheeling me to the recovery room, but I was so tired. I wasn't in that much pain, it was probably a 5/10 but I asked for pain meds anyways, but the nurse said I had to wait a little bit so I don't throw it up. She gave me something for nausea although I wasn't nauseas at all, and then about 10 minutes later gave me something in my IV for pain. I kept falling asleep I couldn't keep my eyes open, but that didn't last long. I got wheeled into the original room with my stuff, and then got water and crackers and then the nurse brought me an actual pill for pain and I felt fine after that. 15 minutes later I called an uber and a really nice older guy wheeled me out and when I got back to my hotel I fell asleep.
Overall everything was pretty easy for me, I bled for about 2 days and then had some drainage. The most annoying part of the whole surgery was when the blood dried up and I'd laugh or smile, and the fact that I was soooo congested. Definitely get q-tips and vaseline, I went through q-tips so fast and vaseline helps with the dried blood. After about 4 days I started taking tylenol, I didn't have much pain but I was scared I was going to end up having pain when I stopped taking the pain pills

Cast Removal: I thought cast removal was going to hurt so I took one pain pill 30 minutes before. I got there and waited about 10 minutes cause Dr G was in a surgery. I thought the splints were going to hurt when he took them out but they didn't, I didn't feel anything except for when he removed my stitches but that was quick. It felt like a small pinch.

This whole process was pretty easy and so far its been worth it. I'm just dealing with swelling now, hope it goes away soon

How much more slim can I expect my nose to get?

The front/tip of my nose is still so swollen, how much will the swelling go down? It's super annoying :( It looked the tiniest bit less swollen yesterday but not by much

Hit my nose accidentally

Yesterday while I was driving with my friend, I started laughing and put my hand over my mouth. I accidentally hit my nose while doing so and now I'm freaking out. I didn't bleed and it didn't hurt but thats the second time thats happened to me, I've been so paranoid about this whole healing process and doing something to mess up my results, its really annoying lol.
has anyone done something like this during their healing process?

Had a bottle of wine last night

So last night my friend and I decided to have wine night, I finished a whole bottle to myself and now my nose feels so swollen. anyone else have this problem after drinking alcohol? how long does it last? Its making me paranoid

Passed 1 month mark

I passed my one month mark on March 11th! Sorry I haven't updated for a while, things have been busy. My nose is still swollen from the front but other than that I've been healing well, I haven't been too worried about my nose lately, I almost forgot I had it done. I remember even two weeks ago I was worried about the slightest bump and freaking out about everything but I barely even notice it now (although I'm still careful). I can almost smile normally again but when I smile with my teeth it feels a bit tight still. I've also been drinking more frequently so maybe thats why the front is still so swollen, either way I'm not too worried about it at the moment.. It's still kinda early in the recovery process I think. Also, my skin is so bad right now and the skin on my nose is super dry. Here are some pictures :)

Over 2 month post op

Hi!! Haven't got around to updating in a while. I'm just over 2 months post op. The front of my nose is still swollen :( Although, I'm starting to wonder if it's swelling or if most of the swelling should be gone by now. I still love my nose either way though. My skin on my nose is still dry and flakey but I emailed Dr G and he said thats normal and to try a moisturizing cream, so I bought one and have been using it.. I'm still kinda paranoid to be touching my nose though, even if it is just to rub cream on it (even though It's totally okay at this point). Here are some pictures!! Sorry for the stickers, I just don't feel comfortable showing my face

Got my eyebrows threaded

I'm kind of annoyed, today I went and got my eyebrows threaded at the this place that I always go to. I've been twice since I got my surgery because Dr G gave me the okay, and every time I've told them just to be careful because I had to get rhinoplasty, and they always are. Well today I went and I think it was a new girl, and I explained to her just to be careful not to hit my nose.. but while she was doing my eyebrows she kept bumping the tip and the thread was running across the bridge of my nose. I had to tell her again in the middle of her doing my eyebrows to be careful. At the end when I looked in the mirror, the bridge of my nose was super red and little little dots of blood were on it. My skin burns now, and I'm worried this is going to do something to damage my results, it definitely feels swollen on my bridge. Here are some pictures, I don't know if you can see but if you look closely you can see the redness on my bridge.
I probably sound annoying but does anyone know if this will damage any results? Or if its something to be worried about?

3 months!!

I'm finally at my 3 month mark! It really has flown by. My nose still has flakey skin which makes it look horrible when I wear makeup :( But I bought a moisturizing cream and a spray from Sephora and I've been using it. I think that it's helping. I also *think* that my tip dropped.. what do you guys think? It's been sunny out and I went out once without a hat, now every other time that I go outside to tan I wear a hat and sunscreen.. I don't know if I still have to though. Well here are some pictures! Feel free to ask me anything :)

Just over 4 months

I had my rhinoplasty with dr G 4 months ago, and actually feels like just yesterday.
My nose still feels weird to touch, and I don't know I'm crazy or just paranoid but my dad accidentally hit my nose with his hand which hurt and made my eyes water, it wasn't a super hard hit but my nose is just really sensitive, but now I feel like it's developing a bump (probably just me being paranoid). I'm also sick and have the worst stuffy nose in my life, so my nose looks super swollen. Other than that nothing has changed besides maybe the tip dropping a little bit but I'm not sure, tell me what you guys think :) (sorry for the water stain on my shirt.. just got out of the shower lolol)
I also found this before picture!! What a difference

Just over 1 year post op

I'm a little late updating this, but I have just passed my one year mark on February 11th. I honestly love my nose, I think majority of the swelling has gone down. Dr Grigoryants said it takes up to 2 years for it to fully go down though, so I believe the tip has a little more time to go for it to be all resolved.

I sort of feel like it's maybe a little bit crooked? But I honestly think that's due to the fact that my nose may have been like that before the surgery and that the swelling isn't fully gone. Either way, I love how my nose turned out and I completely recommend Dr Grigoryants.

Here are some pictures :) (sorry for my gross lipstick lol)

Still really bad acne on my nose

It's been a year since my surgery and the skin on my nose is still really bad! I have so many blackheads and I even break out here and there on my nose. On top of that, the skin is super oily and flakey. I tried so many skin care products and not much helped at all and I just recently stopped to see if maybe the products were the problem.. but still no change. I honestly don't know if this is normal so long after surgery, did anyone else experience this? any recommendations? Thanks :)

Got hit on my nose..

So when when my boyfriend and I were waking up this morning, my boyfriend rolled over and elbowed me super hard on the bridge of my nose. This is the first time I hit myself on my nose like this since my surgery and it hurt so bad. It didn't bleed and there's nothing visibly but I'm so nervous even though my nose is apparently supposed to be as strong as it was before surgery. I emailed dr grigoryants to make sure if every thing is okay so hopefully he answers me soon. Ever since I got my rhinoplasty I've been so paranoid about every little thing haha, thats the most stressful part of traveling for your surgery.. not being able to see your surgeon for check ups
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grigoryants is professional and kind and I'm so grateful that I found him to do my rhinoplasty.

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