450L/475R HP mentor silicone

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34 years old, 5'3, 135 lbs. 3 beautiful kids. So...

34 years old, 5'3, 135 lbs. 3 beautiful kids. So today I finally decided to quit smoking! Went in for my first consultation on 1/12/16. I want to get my ba done by end of next month. I've decided on 375cc hp saline implants. My husband had been really supportive and I think I'm at that point in life where I just want to do what makes me happy. I've been on this site for quit a few months and find it very intriguing. Will post more once I go in for my second consult in a couple of weeks!

First doctor...wasn't impressed.

My first consult went really fast. He really didn't explain much to me and I felt very ill comfortable. I feel like, if I'm having major surgery, then it should be with a doctor I trust and feel comfortable with. My second consult with second doctor isn't until 2/2/16. He has great reviews and great outcomes. I think he's the one. Hopefully I don't have to wait long before the procedure. Thanks Realself ! This website has helped a lot. I'm glad I'm not just jumping in the first doctor I see.

A couple days away from second consultation!

Scary things I've read up on. Gosh! Will I be able to get implants?? I'm anemic, I have birth control implanon in my arm and a smoker. I know that I can definitely quit smoking but what about the rest?! Ok will update soon!

Wish pics

2nd consultation

My second consultation went great! PS answered all my questions and now just waiting to hear back from the surgery coordinator to book my survey date! Once that's book I can be a little more at ease and start planning for my surgery. It seems like forever!

Surgery booked for April 19th!

I have about two months to think about size. I keep reading about boobie greed and I don't want to have that feeling after my ba. There are so many helpful reviews and I hope I can do the same. Until then beatific ladies!!

Bloodwork and pre op

Just had my bloodwork done today. I called the other day to schedule an appt for pre op and they told me because it's a special for that month, all pre op will be held over the phone. Which is fine by me. I initially want 375cc saline, now I changed my mind to 550cc silicone. I'm standing by that decision....well so does my husband. Lol until then!

Getting cold feet

It's strange how I've been on realself everyday and and still don't know what to do or how to feel. I'm like numb. I was so excited to go forward and now I'm at a standstill. My surgery is two months away and I feel nothing. Not anxious, not excited not anything. Just a little vent for today. :-/


I just lost my father this past Tuesday and my surgery is about 6 weeks away. I still haven't had my pre op. Haven't fax back paperworks. I'm a mess. I spent my birthday which was Monday laying next to my dying father. Though it hasn't hit me yet that he is gone. Good luck to all you ladies.

Today is IT!

So today is the the day of surgery. I don't have to be in until 10;30 so I thought I'd write an update. I so do not want to do this. Why am I having mix feelings?? Especially on the day of! Anyways. Going 450cc hp on both. Will update after surgery....if it happens. Lol

Yup it's happening

Sitting here with an Iv in my arm. It's uncomfortable and it kinda hurts. Hopefully I can be done before 2pm. So hungry!

Post op visit

So surgery was yesterday. I ended up getting 450cc on the L and 475cc on the R. Didn't realize my boobs was slightly uneven. I'm glad the dr suggested at the last minute. Mentor memory gel high profile. He uses the pain buster that releases into the breast for 3 days. Today we unwrapped and I was like whoa! I hope I didn't go too big. Husband still wanted me to go bigger. Go figure. Oh and I forgot to mention I also had lipo On the outer side of the breast so lots of bruising. I barely get nauseous and my pain tolerance is pretty good. I gave birth naturally with my two girls so you know. Lol. No breast pic yet until these bandages comes off Friday. It's still pretty surreal to me. And I will be off work until next month since I just quit this awful place with awful people I worked for. Talk about stress and depress. But I'm happy now. I got boobies!

Day 3

So I'm counting my surgery day as day 1. So today would be day 3. I have the greatest husband ever. He hurt his back about a week ago at the gym and is still taking care of me and the Kids. Im still a little drowsy writing this, but at least I'm not nauseous. I'm so glad that aside from being able to move around too much, I can still eat and drink whatever I want. I've been keeping really hydrated with water. Tomorrow I can shower! Yay! Husband can't wait to help me. Lol picture update will also be up tomorrow. Happy healing everyone!

First shower and pain pump removed

Omgg they're so square and weird looking. So much pressure. I've been sleeping so much too. I sent hubby to go buy me a sport bras, I wasn't up to it to go any where. Hubby also help unwrapped the dressing and bandages off me and pulled the pain pump tube out. I've been drinking so much water and i think that's what help with the bloating. Implants are so high up. Well here's some pics before I got in the shower.

Day 4 I guess

Feeling a lot better. No more drugs. Just antibiotics and Tylenol extra strength. Woke up with lots of pressure. But it's ease up after a while. I'm loving my boobies so far. I'm glad I didn't go with 550cc. I can't wait until these boobies soften up and drop! Happy healing everyone!

Day 6

Feeling so much better. Not so much pressure. I'm finally stepping out of the house today. I'm happy with my results so far. Even though it's still riding high, I know it'll start to look better. I love my cleavage. I was always afraid that it'll be too far apart but it's not. My incision started to itch a little last night and I got worried so I started looking up questions on here about it. It's normal so I just took two Tylenol and went to bed. I've read a lot on here that women goes through emotional phases because of pain meds or whatever. I however have so much other stress in life to even be emotional about my breast. I lost my dad, my job, and my life was falling apart. Getting these umplants was the only thing that kept my mind of things.

2 weeks

Just saw the dr. Everything looks great. I have to do more stretching of my chest muscles. He told me to do it for 5 mins 10X a day. I totally will because I want these babies to drop. I put some pics up. One side looks more square than the other. No worries, I know it's too early. But I've been massaging and it does helps. Happy healing everyone. Next visit will be in a month.

A lil over a month!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Started a new job with longer hours. So after 2 weeks I felt really good. Was really unsure how I felt about one of my boobs dropping faster than the other but now it's seems ok. The tightness went away. I feel it sometimes and all I have to do is stretch. I've read that a lot of you ladies tend to touch your boobs without even knowing out in public....that was me too. Lol I did it constantly. Everywhere, in the car, walking in stores, working. Lol but I felt like I kept needing to massage it. I can sleep on my sides comfortably now too. Bought a bra from Walmart. 38 C fits good but looked small. I'm going to wait another month to actually get sized. I hope everyone is doing well! Oh and my incisions are healing well also.

7 weeks

Loving my new additions so much! I went 450L/475R hp silicone. It's starting to drop more and more each week. They are also starting to even out. I can say that I can feel like it's a part of me now. The nurse measure me at 30 E but really can be a 32 DD. I'm very happy with my results. I will be out in a bathing suit in 2 weeks. My hubby is also loving them even tho I haven't really let him touch me much. Lol
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