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Been wanting a more curvier version of myself for...

Been wanting a more curvier version of myself for years but haven't had the will power to do it until now.had the procedure done and am loving the results so far just hoping that the fluffing stage will occur soon.lipo of my stomach was a plus when choosing this procedure because no matter what exercises that I could have done would have given me any results like this.

Pre op pics

Not the best sorry

These were my wish pics

I knew I didn't have a lot going on back there so I was happy to get as round as I could but still keeping my hips


ive been undecided if I wanted to post my journey because some of these girls on here seem to have better results than me plus as of today I'm less then a week out from having the bbl surgery done so I've been trying to adjust to the hell of being I will be posting the exact post op day with each posting????


Adam summers staff is very pleasant and getting an initial consultation only took about a month to get In and it was free. He took my measurements and explained all the complications that could come of this as well as what was possible.i received my quote and booked the same day for surgery.i do want to mention I have no intention of being supper small with curves I want to look proportionate with curves that had always been lacking.

Pre op pics

Fees for bbl

Including all the things that were bought and the surgery itself was 9,000.i believe the price was actually 8,500 for the bbl and this is high because I wanted to be put fully under which I regretted when I woke up from is a list of the things I did buy:
*arnica gel & lotion
*arnica pills
*bbl pillow
*lumbar support pillow
*assurance pads xl
*4 lipo foam pads(bought 3 at first then two days later ordered another for the gaps that were in the compression garment)
*2 loose shorts
*2 night gowns
*water retention pills
*urinal (never used)
*5 extra firm control camisoles with built in bra wife free

Before surgery

I had plenty of time to lose some weight before surgery for better results but with work,school and my nine year old girl it became impossible.i chose to have lipo from my stomach & love handles not my thighs (my husband would have cried if I had my thighs touched).

Day of surgery part one

My surgery was on July 19,2016 and I wasn't too nervous until I got at the office.they immediately took me in and locked the doors due to the fact I was the first patient of the day but then I sat in the room until the nurse,Doctor and anesthesiologist came in within 20 mins of each other to go over information with me.i was taken into the surgery room around 930(got there at 8) and prepared.the nervousness kicked in as I was getting bathed in antibacterial soap.its wasn't to long I think about 25 mins then the anesthesiologist came in with the good stuff and lights out!

Day of surgery part 2

It's fun going to sleep not so fun waking up.i woke up propped up somehow feeling sick as crap.i struggled waking up which I have never before so note to self no more going fully under unless it's necessary(they had given me antibiotics,pain pills and a pill for nausea pre hand which I was taking the antibiotics and the one pill two hours directed to take before surgery).the nurse was so nice and caring.i got two doses of anti nausea medicine through my iv which helped a little but what really helped was waving alcohol pads in my face,amazing that that helped me more then medicine.after forcing myself to wake up my husband helped me into the jeep which I lied on my side on the way pain at this point just feeling like I wanted to throw up.

Day or surgery part three

I used my pain pills when I got home and walked around once every hour for about 10 mins,ate pretzels and drank ginger ale.still was sick most of the night and then surprise I got my period.getting up to change a tampon every couple hours will cause pain.

Night of surgery

I feel asleep later that night to wake up feeling stiff and in pain.there wasn't much sleep happening because I could not get comfortable and it was hell laying back down after being up.i felt better walking around then I did laying down.thank goodness that I didn't have to wear a full compression garment like I've seen a lot of ladies using nor did I have a drainage tub all I have to wear was a support for my waist.

Day of surgery (after)

Tips 1

If your bed is to high use a small step stool.wear baggy pants they help you scoot back once you painfully are trying to lay back down.carefully lay down and if you don't you will feel sharp pain if you do this to fast.set and alarm on your phone to remind you to walk around and take pain pills if needed.never lay back down if your feeling to stiff it will only cause more discomfort.

Finding a surgeon

My suggestion to everyone when choosing a surgeon chose carefully.use different search engines when looking up there names and use them on different browsers.your body is not to be trusted with anyone and even if you can get a consolation with your preferred Doctor make multiple ones (with decent search results) before deciding.make a list of questions on your notepad on your phone as they pop into your head!

Swelling night one

Because of the garment which I didn't know at the time has to be moved every so often swelling can happen every where including the lady parts

Day after surgery

After going to my next day apointment and given the OK to where the lipo pads I noticed that later on I was experiencing pain where the lipo foams were gapping so my husband and I ordered another one which took three days to get being me and being hard headed over did the walking and felt really bad around the incision area later on.the next day i noticed blood coming from one of my incisions and went right to he Doctor(after calling and getting told to just come in ASAP).i thought I had busted a stitch but turns out from walking around in the heat the bad aid caused irritation plus because I did not have drainage tubes that this was normal,thank god!i was told to use gauze and sensitive tape to place over the incisions as well as avoid the heat so I have been doing sucks that this Garment from getting up and down so much rubs the stomach the wrong way.dont walk to much because you will be as equally as swollen from lying down to much.i started taking water pills three a day spilt up to avoid taking the chance of getting Sermoa.

Four days after

Five days after

Brusing soooo bad with some swelling

Six days after

So not sleeping well minus the other night when I took two sleeping gummies which was a bad idea due to the over stiffness when waking up after four still really bruised and tired of sleeping on my stomach,my arms hurt so bad there is no where to place them besides under you when your sleeping.i have myself on a regular eating,taking pills,walking,bathing as well as arnica rub down schedule to give my body some regularity.does anyone know about this so called fluffing stage I feel like I can see the bump in the top part of my butt and can't wait for it to drop as well as become soft.another idea is to take fiber gummies the day after surgery so that the time you can hold yourself up over the toilet they would have kicked in to let you go naturally.i have the air at 66 because this waist clincher is hot the cooler then better.

Fluffing and waist smaller

Is that true that the butt will get bigger then smaller as well as the waist getting smaller over time????does anyone know the right brand and size for a waist trainer my sizes are 35,37,44 please help I'm lost with the sizing on these things and when is a safe time to start???
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He did my rhinoplasty and I loved my results he has good bed side manners and his staff is very responsive

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