Circumferential Thighs Smart Lipo - Glasgow, GB

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I am booked in for circumferential thighs lipo on...

I am booked in for circumferential thighs lipo on 11th June. I will add before photos soon. So far the clinic has impressed me. I am due to go for a pre op appointment on 4th June and will be measured for my garment.

I have previously had traditional liposuction and do not feel this was worthwhile as the areas of fat I really wanted to be removed were left and I feel my saddlebag areas are actually worse than before this lipo. Due to this, the surgeon has recommended that he go over all of the thigh to correct this. I was concerned about having such a large area treated, however, I have been advised that this is not as uncommon as I think it is.

Before Sart Lipo Pics

These photos were taken the evening before Smart Lipo Triplex to my thighs

One Day Post Surgery

Thought I would post a little update. I will do a more detailed one tomorrow. Very positive experience at Elanic yesterday. All staff who dealt with me were amazing. They have it all covered there - including a bag with all things you might need for post op care. I didn't really need pain relief yesterday. I did take one co-codamol and one ibuprofen at night to help me sleep (I'm a bit of an insomniac but didn't want to take my usual cocktail of sleeping aids).

I was very sick last night and felt very nauseous. I had eaten prior to this then I went for a short sleep and when I woke I felt very dizzy and sick. To be honest, it felt more like a migraine with pain on the left side of my head followed by extreme vomiting. My partner phoned the help number he we were given and the nurse suggested it may be a reaction to the sedation/local anaesthetic but to phone back if it didn't improve and to eat something simple - cue the scrambled eggs. I did feel better after this.

I feel stiff today but otherwise ok. I have been up an about and I'm planning to go for a walk outside despite the yucky Scottish weather.

I will update in more detail about my experience at Elanic yesterday because this was truly a 5* service and I left feeling very impressed by the care I received.

Surgery Day

Ok, so I wasn't up to posting much on Saturday evening.

On the day of my procedure, I went into the clinic around 9.15am and I had a pre-op check etc with Peter (the ODP). I had consents etc to sign too. Lisa (a lovely nurse who has been my link) was there too so I was happy to see someone familiar. Lisa was a real comfort and was very positive and reassuring to me as the reality of the procedure had started to sink in a bit (I think because I was going for SmartLipo, I hadn't really considered this to be proper liposuction and almost forgot that I was actually going to have a surgical procedure). Anyway, Lisa chatted away to me and answered all my ridiculous questions. This took my mind off everything. The anaesthetist also came in to have a chat with me and he was really nice and friendly too. I hadn't realised the back of the clinic was so much like an operating theatre and hospital area (modern though and it looks spotless). It wasn't scary or anything like that, just a bit more clinical than I had expected. Vivek (the surgeon) and Lisa did explain that Elanic has two parts to it: the clinic at the front and the surgery area at the back. On reflection, I would have been ore worried if there hadn't been an operating theatre because in my research prior to booking with Elanic, I had come across places in the UK that were more like a GPs so I would have been concerned about that.

So Vivek - the surgeon - also came to chat to me, take pictures and draw the contour maps on my legs. I hadn't remembered Vivek being so friendly and smiley when I first met him (not to say he wasn't, rather I was probably focused on other things). Anyway, he has a ridiculously huge smile and I instantly felt more at ease. There is a real rapport between the staff at Elanic and this reassured me too.

I was taken into the theatre room and was washed down. I was then instructed to lie down on my front and was given painkillers intravenously. An oxygen mask was placed over my nose and mouth (feel like I am cabin crew here) and then the sedative was injected. I was told just to lie with my face to the side and take deep breaths. I quickly drifted off.

I woke up and Peter and Mandy (a different nurse) were in the room. I think the time was around 1pm (I had gone into the theatre room around 10am). I drifted off for a little while again and then woke up and Mandy brought me in some food and drinks. Lisa had organised a fruit salad for me - which was lovely and very refreshing. I didn't really feel much in the way of pain but when I stood up, I felt very nauseous and thought I was going to vomit. I went into the toilet and the wounds were leaking quite a bit. Mandy had explained that all this would happen though. When I came back in, I was given medication to help with this.

Mandy and I chatted for a couple of hours before my partner came to collect me. It was lovely just having someone to talk to as well as having the added security of somebody watching over me. This is what made this experience different. I have previously been left post surgery and it has always felt quite lonely. Mandy was really lovely and really easy to chat to and I really appreciated her company. She also helped to get me into the garment and dressed the wounds. She then went over the post op instructions and gave me the little 'goodie bag' of meds, dressings, pads etc - another nice touch.

I was impressed by the service I received. Unfortunately , I don't have much to add with regards to the procedure itself, however, based on other reviews I have read, I am very glad I was sedated!

3 Days Post Op

I have no pictures to add yet. I am keen not to have the garment off for too long. My legs are VERY swollen and bruised - to be expected. I am a little concerned that I can still see saddlebags, however, I will have to let the swelling go down and allow myself to heal properly. I really, really hope this is just the swelling and these areas reduce in size.

Anyway, pain hasn't really been an issue. I do have occasional sharp pains (in my shin area though). It almost feels as if its the fatty liquid moving down my legs but this might perhaps just be my imagination.

I have been moving about and walking as instructed. I am trying to keep things away from my legs. Never before have my legs been so popular! My cats are lining up to jump on them - from all angles!! When one of them succeeds, it is very painful, so I am ensuring I have my guard up all the time. People seem to be pushing into me... It's crazy! I'm trying to avoid telling anybody what is wrong!

A few of the wounds are still leaking a little - nothing major. I had no leakage on the big pad as of Sunday evening. I am going to find that limiting exercise to waking only quite difficult. I will follow orders though as I really want a good result. I am also going to be a little more careful abut what I am eating as I do have to admit that my diet in the few weeks prior to the lipo was not the best!

4 Days Post Pics

Thought I would add some photos. I am very bruised and very swollen. Bizarrely, it is my right shin which hurts the most and it also looks quite bruised. Still a few wounds leaking.

8 days post op

I had quite a lot of bruising on my feet too due to swelling

11 days post op

some more pics

15 Days post op

Saddlebag seems to be reappearing

I have been trying to be patient and allowing my body time to heal. I have found it difficult to restrict my exercise but have been doing LOTS of walking as per instructions. I have noticed a definite improvement in the overall size of my legs, however, I feel the saddlebag areas are even more obvious than before and this is even with the garment on - which is doing a lot of smoothing out. Right now, I would have to wear Spanx or similar if I was to go out wearing clothes of a certain material and that includes my work wear. I am hoping this will reduce further, however, I have a sick feeling that it will not... :(

6 weeks post op

I had my 6 week check up today at the clinic. I was checked over. Thankfully, the lumps and bumps I have are standard healing so I am hopeful these will cease to exist later. I explained I was upset my the obvious saddlebag, but Nurse Lisa explained that I am still very early in the healing process and final results are still a way off. She did comment on the clear reduction on the size of my thighs. I cannot disagree with this, but to be honest, diet alone will reduce the size of my thighs, however, has no effect on my saddlebags and is the reason I opted to have a second round of lipo.

I am not happy with the shape at present as I feel the saddlebags are very obvious. It is very disheartening, especially when I am still in pain (with my right leg mostly), sitting on the toilet seat is still very uncomfortable, lying on my bed is still uncomfortable and I have had to cope in the awful humidity whilst wearing the garment and compression socks. I can live with the lumps and bumps as I don't wear skirts, but the saddlebags need to go. I cannot believe they are still there. How is this even possible? Fat was removed from that area!!

Anyway, I have two complimentary I-Lipo XCell treatments to receive as part of the aftercare. This cannot happen at the moment due to the pain I am experiencing in my right leg. Hopefully I can have these treatments within the next couple of weeks. Lisa did tell me to be patient, there is further swelling to reduce and the I-Lipo treatments will help. It is hard to feel positive though when I am now going to have to continue to wear shaper underwear...

Before and After pics

I thought I would show the before and afters as best I could. The photo on the left is the night before surgery and the left photo is exactly 6 weeks post surgery. If I was judging the success of the lipo at this stage based on the side profile then I would be ecstatic as I can clearly see the reduction in fat. I am least happy with the image from behind as I seem to have extra fat rolls underneath the buttock and clear saddlebags especially on my left leg.
Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

I met this surgeon for a consultation. He came across as very professional. Pointed out the facts and showed me some before and after photographs of his work. He was not pushy and I did not feel that he was pressuring me into having any surgery.

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